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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Kampachi @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Allow me to drool you with the yet another awesome Japanese restaurant that I went to @ Pavilion ... no other than the well-known Kampachi Japanese Restaurant ... The restaurant offers varieties of fine Japanese food selection with a price to pay for ... All I can say it is not cheap to dine here.

Kampachi Restaurant @ Pavilion KL

The dining section ...

The other side of the dining section ... nice ambience ...

The table setup ...

We ordered Sencha "Okuseto" which recommended by the staff ... It is not cheap, for a pot of tea will cost RM 18 and per packet of this tea leaves (50g) will cost you RM 75!

Sencha Tea - An authentic Sencha from Fujieda City of Shizuoka prefecture. It is made ofYabukita cultivar. It tastes mellow with sweer after taste and gives a flowery flavor thanks to the cold environment of mountain weather.

Excellent Sencha Tea regrets to order this tea

Dylan enjoying his starter and tea ...

Ordered the Shake Aburi Maki - Seared Salmon Roll topped with Grilled Eel ... recommened by the chef ... very good and tasty and delicious. The size is huge for one full bit. Too bad couldn't order their Fresh Sashimi as Yve is pregnant now.

Ordered this Satsuma Age Homemade - Deep-fried Homemmade Fish Cake for Dylan ... Taste normal to me but Dylan enjoy eating it ... maybe he is hungry.

Ordered their Soft Kano Maki - Soft Shell Crab Roll with Fish Roe and Cucumber  ... all I can say that I love their sushi here.

This is mine - Ten Zaru Soba - Cold Noodles with Deep-fried Seafood and Vegetables tempura ... excellent and tasty!

Freshly Fried ... loving it with my Soba noodles  ...

Here comes Yve's Kakiage Don - Deep-fried Shredded Vegetables and Seafood over Rice ...

Love the amount of fried onions ... tasty and delicious.

Location Address:-
Lot 6.09.00, Level 6,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2148 9608

Opening hours : Daily10.00 am - 10.00 pm

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Re-visit to Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

On the second day of my holiday trip at Ipoh, I went back to Pusing Public Seafood restaurant again to savour other dishes ... do enjoy the food pics. By the way, I truly enjoy my dishes in my second re-visit to here ... thumbs up for their delicious food!

You can read more on my first dining experience at here -

Stir-Fried Rice ala Yong Chow style ... a must order and highly recommended ... very fragrant and love the rice texture and the taste ... simply enjoying this dish very much.

Ming Har Prawn Noodles ... I am amazed by the size of the prawns ... the taste is absolutely delicious ... ordered 4 prawns which cut to half ... price for this dish if not mistaken is RM 28 only .... consider super cheap compare to KL where you may pay probably above RM 50+

A must order dish when u come to visit this restaurant ....

Hahaha, i just love taking pics of this dish .... yummy-licious!

Half cut prawn measured in the soup spoon ... look at the size ... one mouth-full!

The prawn is fresh and tender ... loving this.

Another unique dish which recommended by the restaurant captain was the Steamed Taufu with Fish Paste ... my family and even Dylan love the taste and the taufu texture ... it was so soft and white ... it looks like Yong Tau Fu version but trust me, once in your mouth ... this taste far better than Yong Tau Fu version ... Execellent and delicious dish!

Highly recommended ... must order!

We finished and licked cleanly by 2 adults and 1 small boy ...

Overall my bill came cheaper this time round about RM 49 (less than RM 50) ...

Location Address:-
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy
Ipoh, Malaysia
Tel. +60 (5) 2419348
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