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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cheap & Fresh Seafood at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Sepat

Fresh and Cheap Seafood to savour ...

An hour plus drive away from Puchong – Tanjung Sepat is that place in your heart once you allow the charm of this old fishing to sink into you for fresh and cheap seafood!

To get to Tanjung Sepat, get on the Kesas highway and exit at Banting. Continue south until you pass TUDM and Morib Beach. Tanjung Sepat is right after this. Look out for the signboard which will lead you to turn left into a new village.

I have read many food reviews on this Ocen Seafood Restaurant or Ocean Seafood Restaurant which is situated just next to the famous "Lover's Bridge".

The Lover's Bridge ...good place for photography ... saw many photographers took sunset pictures ...

The Ocean Seafood Restaurant ...

The sunset view @ Tanjung Sepat ...
Took some potrait shots of Dylan Boy ...

Better to come to this restaurant early to get a table ...

Enjoying his keropok ...

The crab taste so sweet and simply love the smell of the fresh crab! I will come back here in 3 weeks time ... no joke!
Seriously, when this dish came, I thought it is gonna be expensive with the amount of large prawns given ... 9 large prawns. This dish is absolutely delicious the prawns is cooked with chinese rice wine in claypot.

Look at the size of the prawn ... The prawn taste so sweet and the meat is so tender ... yummy.

One of the best teohchew-style oi chen I tried ... the oi chen is fresh, no smell and very juicy !

For a meal with 1kg of crab, 1 claypot of large prawns (9pcs), 1 stir fried vegetables, 1 fried oh chien, 3 x white rice and 1 packet of keropok ...just cost me RM 93 only where I am holding RM 150 in my hand to pay the bill. Seriously cheap!

If you have some spare time, look around as there are many good eats to be found here as well. The Hai Yew Heng coffee shop at Lorong 5, is said to have good pau and coffee.
Ocean’s business hours are from 12 to 9.30pm. Its address is 109, Jalan Laut, Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat, Selangor. Tel: 03-31974443. Non-halal.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fresh Seafood @ Restoran Golden Sea, Morib Beach

Fresh and Delicious Seafood @ Morib ...

Yes, it was 3.30pm and was a freaking hot day at the beach. After checked into Morib Gold Coast Resort, went to this nearby Seafood Restaurant which was introduced by my colleague - Prasad for good and fresh seafood. I just hope that the restaurant is opened during this weird hour.
Thank God, it is opened and amazingly, there is quite a number of people dining seafood at this hour too.

While waiting for the food, Yve and Dylan boy took a walk at the beach ...

He just love this see saw so much ... keep him accompany a while ...

Fried 'Kam Heong' Lala ... my verdict: I didn't expect the lala is so huge cause I worry of the juice in the lala meat will smell ... I asked the boss got smaller version like venus clams ... the boss told me to have a bite of it first ... suprisingly, it was very fresh and trust me, lots of juice pouring out from the lala ... the boss told me that the lala clams just brought out from the sea an hour ago ... no wonder it is so fresh and the meat is so tender. The Kam Heong sauce is delicious!
When come to Morib which I read many good reviews of their fresh seafood ... wat else, I cant resist to order Fried Bihun with Crab ... when the dish searved, I was wondering where is all the noodles ... it is all hidden at the bottom of the crab ... gosh, me and yve got shocked with the huge amount of crab served ... wonder this whole meal will cost us above RM 80! Anyhow my verdict on this dish: Must try the crab in Morib ... seriously fresh, meat is tender, the crab meat taste sweet!

Lastly, a must order their fresh fragrant coconut when u dine under the hot weather ...
Guess what, the whole meal just cost me RM 47 only. Seriously cheap!
Address :
Restoran Golden Sea
Lot 13045,
Batu 20 ½, Kanchong Laut,
42700, Banting

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Photography at A Famosa Portuguese Fort in Malacca

The surviving gate of the A Famosa Portuguese Fort in Malacca ...
Was blessed with a hot sunny weather for photography shoot in Malacca with my colleagues.
Let me share with you part 1 @ A Famosa and followed by part 2 at Red House + Melaka Original Assam Pedas food! Having some difficulty to adjust my camera settings as been out from photography for quite sometime.

Do enjoy my pictures ...

Monday, May 14, 2012

My favourite Din Tai Fung at Empire Shopping Gallery

I simply love this place as most of the weekend, I will frequent here to enjoy eating their dishes below. Yve always complaint to me, aiyoh ... Din Tai Fung restaurant again ... not bored meh!!! HAHAHA ... to me, good food won't be bored for me.
Dylan enjoying his biscuit ... trying to act smart to eat the biscuit with the spoon ...

Daddy, see Dylan mouth with whole biscuit in it ... *fainted*
Here comes my favourite dish ... Shrimp Fried Rice ... looks very simple dish but I can guarantee u this is one of the best fried rice I enjoyed so far with the amount of fresh shrimps they cooked with it.

If you don't like rice, you can order their noodles ... very delicious too!

This is one of their signature and famous dish too, stir fried baby french beans with minced pork ... a must order dish and nice to go with rice and noodles too.

Note: Picture taken with iPhone 4s
The Story of Din Tai Fung:-
In 1970, Bingyi Yang, the founder of Din Tai Fung started his business selling cooking oil in a small shop. The name Din Tai Fung was a combination of two other shop names. One was Din Mei Oils where Yang bought his oil from. The other was Heng Tai Fung, a shop where Yang began working in when he first arrived from China. Business was good until canned salad oil was introduced to the public, and shops like Din Tai Fung became obsolete.

Yang converted his business into a restaurant selling dumplings and noodles in 1980 and toiled through the years to refine the secret recipe of Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Bao. The end result is a delicious soup-filled dumpling with at least 18 delicate folds. Today, the original outlet still stands on Xinyi Road in Taipei and there are more than 40 Din Tai Fung outlets in 10 countries.

Din Tai Fung has been voted Top 10 Restaurants in the World by The New York Times and has garnered 1 Michelin Star.

Address:- Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya, G15, Ground Floor .

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sang Har Noodles at Restoran Sang Kee, Lorong Yap Ah Loy

Food Street Hunt during Friday lunch hour ... all of us are craving for the famous Sang Har Noodles (Fresh Water Prawn Noodles) ... enjoy my food street hunting experience @ Restoran Sang Kee ...

It was tucked in a very secluded area ... the best experience, you have to walk through this filthy and smelly back lane to get to this restaurant ... i love this experience :)

Darn, we were early and the restaurant already full house ... luckily manage to find a table for 3 pax ... by the way, my advice is that this place is hot and heaty , do try to wear something thin and comfortable!

I like the natural lighting here ... never regret to come here :)

Finally, the main dish is here which is the Sang Har Noodles ... with 6 giant water prawns, this meal cost us RM 87 for 3 pax, basically RM 29 per pax ... wow! The gravy of the noodles is excellent with the juices flavour is mixed with the gravy and the prawn red eggs was soaked into the noodles. Taste wise is good for me except the water prawns is not so fresh but we still clean it cleanly.

This is a must order dish , stir fried beef noodles ... the beef meat is so soft and melts in your mouth. It doesn't taste much of flour taste which is excellent. This dish cost us RM 17 for 3 pax. I love this a lot!

Thanks to Benjamin for bringing us here and dine together with Sue Lyn :)

Note: Picture taken with iPhone 4s

Address: Restoran Sang Kee, No. 5, Lorong Yap Ah Loy, 50050 Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dinner at Mezza9 Restaurant Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas

As promise, I am back with Food Photography after years ... went with friends to dine here to chill out as we spotted a very new place at Desa Sri Hartamas ~ Mezza9. Is a very nice ID Concept Restaurant Bar to explore and to dine here.

Experience the ambiance and the conceptual design of the whole restaurant paired with food cooked and prepared by our award winning Chef (Sentidos Tapas, Starhill).

As usual, let the pictures do the talking ... enjoy viewing my pictures.

The ground floor is non smoking to make your dining pleasure more comfortable, however smoking is permitted on the mezzanine floor where you can enjoy a smooth glass of wine or a shot of Single Malt whisky where the bar is centered.

Play with camera settings without flash ... by the way, I love their lightings here.

The moment we are waiting for .... the food!

Mezza9 Caesar Salad ...

Garden Salad with Balsamic dressing ... very tasty and healthy indeed

The Salmon Bruschetta comes with 2 pcs ... must eat it when the bun is hot and simply love the freshness of the smoked salmon.

Ok, this is a must order dish when you are Mezza9 ... Braised Oxtail! the meat is so tender soft, flavourful and melts in your mouth!

Sound simple but packed with a oomph of the tomato flavour ... Meatball in tomato sauce.

Everyone simply love this Mushroom Bruschetta ... the mushroom flavour is strong and nice to go with the bun when it is hot. I can ate this dozen pieces if my stomach permits :p
I love this Salmon when it is charred a bit especially on the skin part ... Honey and Grain Mustard Glazed Salmon accompanied with Zucchini and Asparagus.

The taste caught my suprise which I like it very much ... the Mint marinated Rack of Lamb Fondant Potato and Roasted Cherry accompanied with potato and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Yum Yum ... King Prawns Spaghetti Aglio Olio ...

The Black Angus Rib Eye served with mediterranean vegetables, jacket potatoes and corns.
Dessert time - Profiteroles which served with vanilla & chocolate ice cream ... nice!

A must try of their signature dessert - Chocolate Lava cake with Orange Cream Anglaise.

Hope u all enjoy it :)
Location: B-G-03A, Glomac Galleria, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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