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Friday, October 28, 2011

New Zealand 2011 Itenary Holiday - Excellent & Best Farmhouse Stay @ Dusky Ridges, Te Anau

The best farmhouse stay & accomodation in New Zealand ...

  • Just back from my New Zealand holiday recently with my family. I would like to share that this is the best moment for my family bonding and happy to see my little Dylan boy ( 2 yrs 3 mths) enjoying himself with animals and nature.

  • Below is my simple itenary for New Zealand South Island for 8 days and 7 nights :-

    Day 1 - Arrived Queenstown from Christchurch.

    Day 2 - Rent a Car for 5 days. Drive and walk around in Queenstown. Visit Kiwi Bird Park.

    Day 3 - Depart from Queenstown to Te Anau ... bout 1.5 hrs drive if kena saman like me ... else 2 hrs 20 mins. Arrive Te Anau Dusky Ridges. Explore Te Anau town ... very small but nice and relaxing.

    Day 4 - Depart from Te Anau to Milford Sound (is a must destination for ppl who come to NZ). Spent half day there before driving back to Dusky Ridges to spent another night.

    Day 5 - Depart from Te Anau to Queenstown. Drove to Wanaka (1 hr drive from Queenstown) to visit the PUzzling World. Stay a night at Queenstown.

    Day 6 - Depart from Queenstown to Christchurch via flight. Spent two nights in Christchurch.

    Day 7 - Spent a night and explore the Christchurch city.

    Day 8 - Depart from Christchurch to KL.

  • Dusky Ridges ... A Farmstay bed and breakfast accommodation only minutes from Te Anau offers guests the opportunity to experience a working 200 hectare farm with breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Te Anau, the Kepler, Murchison and Takitimu Mountain ranges.

Comfortableand spacious living room ... Dylan loves it ...

A welcome gift ... thanks to Win and Henrik for every detailed effort to keep your guest happy and comfortable. They even prepared marinated sausages , fresh juices, milks, eggs, peach, and etc for us.

Best of all is the freshly baked bread from Win ... she gave it to us when we arrived ... very delicious bread!

We can't wait to check out our rooms ... looks who conquered the Master Bedroom before I could ...

A 6 star hotel treatment!

Love their toilet heater in the toilet to keep you warm at all times ... told Win that her toilet is so much beautiful than mine.

The other bedroom ... beautiful and comfortable and during night time, you can see the stars dazzling at night in the sky.

They even provide dish washer ...

Oven and washing machine available too ...

Microwave and Plunger as well!

Dylan feeding the lamb with grass ... he love sheeps and lamb so much that every morning when he woke up, he said he want to see 'mek mek'

Taking a walk and wondering in the farm ...

Win and Yve feeding the deers in the farm.

Ok, the sheeps are charging towards us now ...

Now is the lamb chasing Dylan and he is afraid and went for cover!

Fresh Air ... smiling all the way ...

Is freaking huge huge huge farm ...

Sunset view

  • Do bring your family and kids to Dusky Ridges ... I bet you have a wonderful time and you will never regret it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finest Coffee and Food at low price @ Coffee Chemistry Signature in First Subang Mall

Something is brewing and cooking in Subang Jaya - Coffee Chemistry Signature

  • Brought my Dylan boy and family to try out this new and happening cafe just newly opened in First Subang Mall at SS15, Subang Jaya ... Coffee Chemistry Signature.

  • Heard they served more food variety and beverages at LOW PRICE for its quality!

  • Yes, they are serving one of the award winning and worlds finest coffee - Graffeo Coffee which currently is serving in Coffee Chemistry at Sunway Giza Mall and First Subang Mall.

Very large signage and cannot be missed. Located at very strategic area at the Ground Floor of First Subang Mall.

I love their modern kitchen design concept ... very unique and one of its kind.

Very happening indeed for a new cafe restaurant opened in a new mall ...

Dylan enjoying the ambience :)

Freshly squeezed orange juice with no sugar added ... the barista show me their oranges ... wat else can I say how fresh it is ...

Fresh Orange Juice ... just for RM 6.90 ... wow! taste absolutely fresh and original ... they do not add sugar into their juices.

If you are in Coffee Chemistry, you should have a cup of their coffee ... no joke at all, it is one of the smoothest and finest coffee you will ever taste ... full, rich and NEVER BITTER ... see how finest it is and their price is so CHEAP!

My Graffeo Cafe Latte at RM 7.90 only!

They have beer offerings and it is cheap too ... Tiger at RM 8 per pint ; Guiness Stout at RM 10 per pint , Heineken RM 10 per pint , Kilkenny RM 12 per pint , Strongbow RM 12 per pint , Paulaner RM 17 per pint only!!!!!!

Love their Smoked Salmon Wrap so much especially is wrapped with warm Tortila Bread ... you will love their signature mango salsa sauce ... all just for RM 13.90!

Had their Wok Fried Seafood Kuey Teow Mee ... just @ RM 9.90 for many seafood in it. They chef told me they fried it with their own made paste to make it different from outside. Very yummy-licious and my family love it so much!

I got to know their Al Funghi Olio Pasta is very special and different from others ... highly recommended as this is their signature dish. Just for RM 13.90 only for this huge portion!

I think this is the only cafe selling this luxury Black Cod fish for very very cheap! The meat is so soft and it melts in your mouth. Nice to goes with the spicy mango salsa sauce and butter herb rice ... absolute nice combination. Once you ate it, you will order second one! You can't believe that they are selling it at just RM 29.90 where outside small portion of Black Cod fish are sold at RM 40 - RM 55 per dish! This is their hottest selling dish.

The Chef came out with the Butter Herb Rice to replace the normal white rice as it gave very nice rice herbs fragrant. This Butter Herb Rice with Teriyaki Chicken & Brocolli (RM 8.90 only) is their own define recipe ... the chicken meat is soft and tender and the sauce is amazing flavourful!

  • Has a splendid time with the food, coffee, beverages and friendly staff service ... Love their ambience as I believe they are revolusionizing to set a new standard ambience for a coffee house.

  • The beer is superbly cheap and very nice to have drink and chit chat with your friends.

  • Do find more about Coffee Chemistry Signature @
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