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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss my blogsite seriously

Busy Life Ahead ...

  • I know I am out from blogging for a very very long time ... Seriously I miss blogging and photography especially food and events. Sighhh, of course thanks to my readers and blog friends who is supporting my blogsite always.

  • Yes, life as a dad is exciting for me especially I see my Dylan Boy grew up and he is 22 months now ... ppl say him like 3-4 yrs old kid ... aiyoh!

Dylan @ 22 months old now ...

He is so so notti now but adorable especially he calls me Daddy ... kns, melt me down when I am angry at him ...

  • Of course busy with my new career at bank ... life in bank is much tougher than working in a telco ... no doubt on this and I believe all bankers will agreed on this.

Coffee Art at Coffee Chemistry Cafe ...

  • I am busy helping yve in her coffee business too ... parenting + working + business is a new challenge for me. I need to thank to all my friends and bloggers for your support, thanks once again from my heart ... do visit and click LIKE to check out the happenings day ... daily update!
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