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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute Collectibles Toys @ Coffee Chemistry Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall

Original Android Mini Collectible Series 02

Rare collectible Android Mini Series 02 figures by Google, Andrew Bell, Jeff Yaksick, Scott Tolleson, Doktor A, Gary Ham. It comes with 14 unique designs based on the Android mascot!

Ratio of Designs possibly included in a case:

•Greeneon by Google - 2/16
•Bluebot by Google – 2/16
•Hexcode by Andrew Bell – 2/16
•Iceberg by Andrew Bell – 2/16
•GD-927 by Andrew Bell – 1/16
•Racer by Jeff Yaksick – 1/16
•Blackbeard by Andrew Bell – 1/16
•Noogler by Jeff Yaksick – 1/16
•Bernard by Scott Tolleson – 1/16
•Rupture by Doctor A – 1/16
•Cupcake by Gary Ham – 1/16
•Secret Design by Jeff Yaksick ?/??
•Secret Design by Google ?/??
•Secret Design by Gary Ham ?/??

More details can be found at

Friday, April 08, 2011

Serving the World's Finest Coffee in Coffee Chemistry @ Cubic Platforms, Sunway Giza Mall

New coffee art revolution & world's finest gourmet coffee at very cheap price!

  • Friends been telling me there is a new coffee cafe called Coffee Chemistry Cafe ( opened in Sunway Giza Mall.

  • This cafe is extra-ordinary where it brings in and serving the World's Finest Coffee in Malaysia. They are the first cafe in Malaysia to served Graffeo Coffee. - Graffeo named as one of the world's best coffees in National Geographic'c book "The Ten Best of Everything". - Leading culinary guide ZAGAT ranks Graffeo #1 in both coffee quality and service in its marketplace guide, and calls Graffeo "the best coffee around", and "absolutely perfect".

  • You will find a bit difficult to locate Coffee Chemistry Cafe, but just look for Cubic Platforms as Coffee Chemistry is located in there ... situated above Movida Bar and next to Full House restaurant.

  • You can find DiGi service area and HTC gadgets and phones ... very nice concept store indeed.

It used fine quality ingredients such as this swiss choc drinks using this Swiss Premium Chocolate brand to serve to their customers for a very low cheap price ...

It comes with very creative coffee / latte art by the Barista ... lovely isn't it ...

I never seen such a nice and creative coffee art ... this Coffee Chemistry Cafe will be the leader in new coffee art revolution in Malaysia ... The coffee is properly made and served by trained professional Barista ... Not just the coffee but the foods at CCC is one of the best and delicious such as this Beef Bacon Fried Rice ... rated the Best Fried Rice in Kota Damansara & Klang Valley!

  • Do join their facebook fan page ( to view more pictures and details. Coffee Chemistry Cafe Located in Cubic Platforms Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara

Monday, April 04, 2011

Busy LIfe Ahead

So sorry that I left my blog dead for few weeks ... will be blogging back soon once I've settled down with my new job and life :)

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