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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Higher Base Lending Rate, 6.05% per annum

New BIG burden ...
  • Due to the previous interest hike of 0.25% on the BLR, no choice as Yve would need to raise the rental fee to the tenants. Actually we have been very nice to the tenants as during last year economy crisis, Yve did not raise any yearly rental fee as we understand their situation to survive during the economic crisis. We do not want to lose good tenants too.
  • As Yve busy taking care Dylan, so I represented her and went down to met up with the tenants and explain to them on the rental increment. Thank God they all accepted it and understand and appreciate our support during bad times.

I have not been to BPK for few months to survey the progress of the area. Finally the new 3 storey shop lot is completed and even got a police station and petrol station which still construction phase. AM Bank, Hospital, 7-eleven, Clinics, Car Show Room, Super Market and Sports ToTo also moved in. 1km distance from Aeon Jusco Bandar Bukit Tinggi.
  • Let me share some advice when buying commercial lot than residential lot. For commercial, always look into this few areas

    1. Developer background.
    2. Look at the developeer master plan of that area and also future development proposal by the Majlis Perbandaran.
    3. Must visit the actual site. To me, I prefer a much empty land around the commercial area which can cater for future development which eventually will drive the property value up.
    4. Do not invest in very 'ulu' / desserted place even the price is cheap.

    Note: If you have lots of money, then just buy a shop lot in a hot commercial area with a very good rental return.

Yve's Shop lot ... developer by IOI Group ... hope this area will boom like Bandar Puteri Puchong one day ...

  • With the BLR rate increased, any impact to your financial spending?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I admitted into Food Galleria Hospital @ Prince Court Medical Centre

The best place to dine @ without fearing your health condition ...

  • Sugar level ... checked OK
    Blood Pressure level ... checked OK OK only
    Cholesterol level ... checked NOT GOOD

    Anyway, what the heck, if anything wrong happened to me when I am having a fine dining in this Food Galleria @ Prince Court Medical Centre, I got many medical staff and doctors around me for my aid.

    So I can properly dine and have a peace of heart when eating some delicious food here ... in the hospital of course!

  • It's been a big talking topic of the town about the Food in this luxury hospital ... I read many reviews and comments that everyone love the food here served in Prince Court Medical Centre ...
  • Of course, not everyone love to dine in hospital but believe me for once, you will change this perception and will crave for more.
  • Do let me take you a short tour of this Medical Centre before stepping into the Food Galleria

Very modern looking interior design ... they have many facilities and also Coffee Bean in here ...

I love the black leather sofa ... so comfy and cold ... I did take a 10 mins nap here ...

I am amazed at this architecture and the sculpture of the statue ... snap a pic of it.
  • Ok, me not going to blog about the Medical Centre , so let's not waste time and just walk towards to Food Galleria as my stomach is feeling hungry ...

The Food Galleria sign-age at the entrance ... very creative! Food Galleria, located at Basement 1 at Prince Court Medical Centre.

Open kitchen concept

Nice comfy sofa for the diners ...

In conjunction with the World Cup, they have jerseys in the picture frame hanged at the wall ... spotted my team which crashed out of the WC ... ITALY.

Anyway, I have my second favourite team in the World Cup ... Argentina!

The dining area ... very spacious and comfortable. Food Galleria provide two private dining room with seating capacity over 20 seats each room. To add to that, there are two LCD TV allocate at the main dining area and two LCD TV in each private dining room connected in house perfect for presentation and slides. As such, customers can enjoy their meals and have WIFI internet connection to meet their business needs.

The simple table setup for diners ...

Some decorations in the Food Galleria ...

Oooo, I love this this ... chilli spices .... good stuff!

I love this coffee making machine ... this is what I am looking for ... with lights sumore!

Variety of Soft Drinks soda taps ...

The complimentary oat biscuit provided to the patient with a simple "Get Well Soon" message. Very healthy biscuit indeed ... I shall need more of this ... hehehe.

Let me introduce the team of cooks who will cook for us ... with their Executive Chef ~ Adam Gaffey below.

Introducing you the Executive Chef ~ Adam Gaffey, originated from Australia and a person who is very passionate about Malaysians food. He told us that food quality and ingredients is very important in his cooking!

Our first appetizer dish - Antibiotic Pills of herbs, curry power, salt, sugar and pepper ... seriously that those pill contains all the ingredients mentioned above ... kekekeke. Just for decoration purposes only!

My drinks - Iced Mochacinno (RM 9.50) - very strong mocha flavour, love it so much!

Fresh Squeezed Carrot Juice (RM 10.00)

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (RM 10.00)

Fresh Squeezed Starfruit Juice (RM 10.00)

Sangria (Spain) (RM 11.80) - A tangy, fizzy sipper with a great blend of fruit taste.

Molly (Netherlands) (RM 11.80) - Cranberry smoothies in vanilla flavour, blend to perfection.

Lemon Grass (Uruguay) (RM 11.80) - Lemongrass juice with a plash of blue curacoa

One of their most sellable drink, Mystic (Cameroon) (RM 11.80) - A mixture of pineapple, mango & passion fruits.

Imperial Punch (Nigeria) (RM 11.80) - A fancy fruit juice with pineapple & mango flavour.
  • Let's move to some Appetizers & Starters ...

The warm and healthy bread with butter spread on your own choice ...

Salade Fermière Tiède aux Lardons (France) (RM 14.50) - Warm salad of frisèe, beef bacon, potato & poached egg.

Escalibada (Spain) (RM 12.50) - Spanish Red pepper and aubergine salad

Sopa De Caracol (Honduras) (RM 12.80) - Honduras fish coconut cream soup with cumin.

Sopa De Caracol (Honduras) (RM 12.80) - Another top angle shot of the dish ...

Soupe d'avocat abidjanaise (South Africa) (RM 10.80) - South African chilled avocado soup with dash of yoghurt & Tabasco

Albondigas soup (Mexico) (RM 11.50) - Classic Mexican soup made with meatballs & cabbage

Really juicy meatball ...

Prawn & vegetable tempura (Japanese) (RM 14.50) - Tempura King Prawns, carrot, egg plant, capsicum & dipping sauce
  • Let's move on the Main course ... you will be blast!!

"Moqueca" Kaka (Brasil) (RM 28.80) - Bahia Seafood stew in rich tomato broth & rice

I love this dish a lot, like a pasta dumpling ... Gnocchi con auburgine arrabiatta (Italy) (RM 18.50) - Aubergine, potato dumpling in spicy tomato sauce

Lahm Lhalou (Algeria) (RM 38.80) - Algerian lambs with saffron, turmeric, almond & prunes with white rice.

This is one of the best lamb I ever had ... the meat texture is so nice and very strong in flavour.

Deungshim Gui Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Republic) (RM 35.00) - Korean style grilled beef sirloin on vegetables & rice

The beef is so tender and juicy ... grilled till perfection as described in the picture above.

Carbonada Criolla (Argentina) (RM 26.80) - Argentineans Beef stew with sweet potato, tomato, corn & dry fruits.

Carbonada Criolla (Argentina) (RM 26.80) - Another top angle view of the dish ...

Chicken Souvlaki (Greece) (RM 24.50) - Oregano & garlic marinated chicken grilled over charcoal, Tzatziki & pittaa

Chargrilled Salmon (New Zealand) (RM 38.90) - Salmon w sun dried tomato, cucumber cream & spinach.
  • You will love the desserts very much ...

Summer Berries Pudding with Mixed berries Coulis (England) (RM 8.50) - Slice bread in mixed berries coulis with fresh berries & berries compote.

Baked pavlova Fruit Salsa (Australia) (RM 9.80) - Freshly baked meringue with almond mixed fruits salsa & balsamic strawberry.

Rueblitorte (Switzerland) (RM 10.50) - Swiss Traditional Rich Carrot Cake & orange caramelized walnuts

Gebackener Kasekuchen (Germany) (RM 8.90) - Baked cheese cake & spices marinated grapes.

  • Do you believe me the food looks delicious and tasty and most importantly, it is cooked in a Hospital?

Adam getting his photography advice from Ken and try to take food photo with DSLR camera ... oh yeah, we have injected DSLR cameras poison into him and he likes to join us for photography session next time.

  • Oh boy, coming till the end of the dinner session ... all the staff and even the chefs are amazed by our camera gadgets.
  • I really want to thanks to the Prince Court Medical Centre and Food Galleria staff and management for this special invite. I really had a great dining experience and definitely will be back for sure! Special thanks to Mr. Martin for this opportunity.

Mr. Bernard also want to have a hands-on on the DSLR camera ...

  • Location address details:-
    Food Galleria (Prince Court Medical Centre)
    Level B1
    39, Jalan Kia Peng
    50450 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: +603 21600000
  • Better call to book to avoid dissapointment as lunch time they are packed with people.

    Note: Outsiders are most welcome to dine in at here ... not just for the doctors or patients only.
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