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Friday, April 30, 2010

Kinky Lingerie @

Nice, cheap and highest quality lingerie selling in Malaysia now ...
  • As I mentioned before, there is a distributor from China approach Yve to sell this lingerie items after her success on number of sales for .
  • Yve got thought will Malaysians buy this and wear for their hubby to see ... I say , why not ... the mindset and openess of the society now is very open. It is worth a try to sell it and see what is the response.
  • When Yve opened her blogsite to sell this very sexy and kinky lingerie ... guess what ... on the first day opening of her site and facebook, she got over 15 orders ... and now got daily order ... some orders even came from Brunei, Indonesia and UK (one guy bought 10 pcs for the wife), willing to pay the courier fees of RM 100+ ... I wonder why UK did not sell this meh?

  • Let me show some of the customers order ..... very nice quality n I think all the husbands will melt in their wife hands if they see this clothing on them.
  • Got people ask me, why your wife sell all this kinky lingerie ... I just say, very niche market and u know lah, some people very shy to buy from shopping mall and that's why people prefers to buy online.

  • Lots of customers feedback that they like this police uniform a lot!

  • Now you don't have to worry your husband or bf flirts outside ... wear this and show to them, they will come home very early one! kekeke.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

TGI Friday's Tex-Mex Food Promotion

The Taste of Texas, The Passion of Mexico @ TGI Friday's, Hartamas Shopping Complex
  • I have an aunty who is living in Austin, Texas and when she is back in Malaysia once a year, she will cook some Texas and Mexican food for us to try ... it was awesome and the taste was different.
  • Now I don't have to wait for my aunt to be back here as the TGI Friday's chain of restaurants nationwide is turning up the heat with a new, zesty Tex-Mex menu featuring four entrees and an appetizer.

Note: You might want to check out the Mexican theme decorations at TGI Friday's outlet @ Hartamas Shopping Complex.
  • Just for your info that this is the first time TGI Friday's is running a Tex-Mex promotion.
  • The Tex-Mex promotion will run for three months until end June.

  • To create additional excitement and offer the guests a truly Tex-Mex dining experience, all TGI Friday's restaurants are decorated with a Mexican theme from 15th April until 14th May 2010.

Introducing you the very own TGI Friday's TEX-MEX Flavours ...

Quesdo Fondido (RM 14.90) - Melted Monterey Jack cheese, crisp bacon, jalapeno, roasted peppers, onions and pico de gallo. Served with crisp corn tortilla chips (picture below).

Crisp corn tortilla chips, comes with Quesdo Fondido dish - Demostrating the way how we ate it ... this is a freaking good stuff. Warning, once you have the first bite, your fingers will be none stop taking the chips and filled it with the Monterey Jack cheese.

Chicken Ranchero Tacos with Roasted Potatoes and Peppers (RM 22.90) - Tender slow slimmered chicken mixed with spicy Ranchero tomato sauce, Monterey Jack cheese stuffed in soft tortillas and topped with corn, black bean pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with Roasted Potatoes and Peppers.

Chicken Ranchero Tacos with Grilled New Orleans Corn Cob (RM 22.90) - Tender slow slimmered chicken mixed with spicy Ranchero tomato sauce, Monterey Jack cheese stuffed in soft tortillas and topped with corn, black bean pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with Grilled New Orleans Corn Cob.

Chicken Ranchero Tacos with Herb Rice (RM 22.90) - Tender slow slimmered chicken mixed with spicy Ranchero tomato sauce, Monterey Jack cheese stuffed in soft tortillas and topped with corn, black bean pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with Herb Rice.

SOL Beer Ribeye Asada (RM 47.90) - Tender chargrilled ribeye steak marinated in SOL beer served with chipotle lime butter and oven roasted potatoes, onions and peppers.

Tilapia Vera Cruz (RM 25.90) - Sauteed tilapia fish fillets slimmered with tomatoes, sweet & spicy peppers, capers and olives. Served with herb rice.

Gold Mango Margarita (RM 17.90) - A refreshing blend of ripe mango pureed with tart lime juice and shaken with tequila and triple sec. The cocktail is also available without the alcohol to cater to the non-alcohol consumers.

The all time favourite TGI Friday's A La Carte Menu ...

Beef Ribs (RM 52.90) - This full rack of beef ribs is expertly cooked to ensure they're fall-off-the-bone tender. Then it will be fire-grilled and glaze it with Friday's own tangy barbeque sauce and serve with crispy fries.

Friday's Three-For-All (RM 35.90) - Friday's very own big-enough-to-share platter features a trio of their most famous appetizers: Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella and Friday's own spicy Buffalo Wings, complete with sour cream and green onions, marinara sauce and celery sticks with Bleu Cheese dressing.

Brownie Obsession (RM 13.90) - A warm brownie covered in chocolate-fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and pecans.

We end the dinner session with some very yummy desserts ...

  • My favourite taste ... like the cappucino flavour a lot ...

  • Don't miss the boat to try out TGI Friday's Tex-Mex promotion from 15th April until 14th May 2010.
  • The Tex-Mex promotion is available at all TGI Friday's outlets throughout Malaysia. For more information, please visit or join TGI Friday's Malaysia Facebook fan page at to receive updates.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kimchiharu Korean Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard

Dylan wants Korean food a not ...
  • That night since Dylan got discharged from the hospital ... wanna bring him out for some views rather than let him stay at home only ... will be very boring for him.
  • Then Ah Mew and Meowsou wanna see the baby swimming suit ... so we decided to have dinner together at Puchong.
  • I have been reading many reviews about IOI Boulevard ... got some new restaurants there and I would like to check it out.

  • When I reached at IOI Boulevard, very nice and spacious area ... but not much of restaurant choices ... then saw this Korean restaurant and thought of trying it.

  • The service was so-so when the place getting crowded ... very very slow service (drinks and food).
  • The food price was a bit pricey for this kind of cuisine actually.

  • Yve ordered the Cheese Bulgoki Bibimbap RM 18 ... to me is like a mixture of veges and meat and u stir together with the rice ... I would say the taste of it is not bad at all.

Yve helped me to setup the dish for photo taking ...
  • Then came this dissapointing dish ... looks nice from the outside ...
  • I ordered the Cheese Ramyun (RM 10.70) ... when I opened it ... it was just noodles and a layer of cheese on top of it ... damn it ... no seafood or meat at all and it cost me RM 10.70.
  • Is like maggi mee with cheese only ... darn, I also got cook this dish at home ler ... wrong order!

  • Then meowsou ordered this Pork meat dish ... the taste of the pork meat is soft and like the flavour a lot. Must eat together with the kimchi and cabbage + white rice ...
  • I enjoyed this dish a lot.

  • Overall, it is a nice experience to dine here ... just a note to the owner , they would need to improve their service timing on the drinks and dishes.
  • Another thing is to reduce the price esp my Cheese Ramyun ... a very standard normal dish and to me, it should not cost RM 10.70 but RM 4.90 at least!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hypercubes Night Homeowners Preview @ Verve Suites

Free makan + night preview ... truly amazing view ...
  • Thanks to BKP for organizing this event for the owners prior before opening to public for viewing ...
  • You may view my previous post here on the Hypercubes Lounge preview during day time.

  • Awesome night view of the kitchen with the lightings .... look more like a bar to me than a kitchen ...

  • Alright, this view really amazed me ... strong natural wind blowing thru u with the splendid view of KLCC and KL Tower ...

  • Finally a free game of pool and foosball for the invited guests.

  • Due to the strong wind at the roof top ... Dylan caught cold from here ... parents mistake ... sighh ... din know the wind is so strong and breezing during evening ...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Wanna Get Out of Here

Dylan latest update ...

  • Dylan wishing to get out from hospital soon ... been 4 days and 3 nights stay in the Columbia Asia hospital ...
  • All the nurses and medical officers also know Dylan very well ... they really like him a lot cause of his chubby cheeks and fairness of the skin ...

Dylan says I wanna runaway from this prison ... too bad, he din watch Prison Break series ... dats why he bang himself to the window ...

  • It's been a 4 days pain for Dylan during the Pneunomia treatment ... if I post the video, you wouldn't dare to see ... even Yve told me don't post it cause too geli and painful for people to watch ... only this crazy daddy can take and watch the video ...
  • Even I show it to Dae, he just look at it for a second and doesn't want to continue to watch ... Imagine, 3 people holding down to Dylan so he doesn't move and physio starts patting and slapping Dylans back very hard for few minutes (I beat Dylan also not that hard and pain), and then follow by a long thin tube cucuk into his nose and throat to suck out the phelgms out ... sometimes blood can be seen ... geee.

Mommy wipe and wash the room floor very clean so Dylan can play on the floor as well ...

  • The Paed and nurses there salute Dylan that he doesn't seems to be under Pneunomia treatment as he is so active and cheerful and can stop crying after the treatment ... cause normal babies under this treatment, they are restless and cries a lot ...
  • Nurses keep on pinching his cheeks and says he look like a Korean cause he is so fair ... is it?

Should do food review on Columbia Asia Hospital cafeteria ...

  • Me and Yve been trying all their fried rice types (Thai Seafood Fried Rice, Chinese Fried Rice and Malay Kampung Fried Rice) and it taste so tasty and value for money compare to other restaurants ...

Thai Seafood Fried Rice ... well decorated too .. cost Rm 6.50 per plate with 3 medium size prawns ... very yummy!

  • As a summary, Dylan phelgms no more and his lungs is clear, his appetite regains ... thanks to everyone for your support & prayers and visit to Dylan ... appreciate it very much.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Behind The Scene - Restoran Chi Ka Yin

I simply love Behind The Scene pictures ...
  • This is the group of food reviewers attended the Restoran Chi Ka Yin for food review and interview.
  • I love to take candid shots of the group ...

Top picture: Lionel and Ken sharing some jokes ... must be some dirty jokes! Middle picture: Why Sidney and Andrew look so serious one ... Bottom picture: First time meeting Ah Bok at this event
  • Notice this group, when the dish is served out, everyone will be focus and serious taking the best shots of the dish .... shows how committed are us.
  • Another thing is the camera Pros will share the camera settings like Ken Chan (Nikon & Canon instructor) and founder of

Jiak Pah Pah (eat till the fullest) .... every dish we licked till cleanly ... ho chak!
  • Me officially start taking M mode now and will improve my shooting skills.
  • As summary, we did enjoy the hospitality of Chi Ka Yin's service and thanks to Mr. Book for a detailed explanation about Hakka Food.
  • The best Hakka Food in town can be found in this restaurant.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Venezuelan Cooking Workshop @ School of Culinary Arts, Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Awesome Venezuelan cooking experience with Berjaya School of Culinary Arts students ...
  • I honestly must tell you that I regretted study and graduated as a Computer Science graduant after spending my half day in the kitchen @ BUCH (Berjaya University College of Hospitality). I never know cooking is so that fun and so many recipes and methods to learn and study ...

  • This time, I had the opportunity to experience Venezuelan cooking workshop and thanks to Chef Tamara, Mr. Carlos, First Secretary of Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Mae, Chief Operating Office of BUCH for giving me this awesome experience.
  • Do read below for my wonderful venture of throwing flours here and there :)

  • The dishes will be Venezuelan food .... oh yes, I just simply love Venezuelan food now ...
  • I am going to have the first hand to know wether is it simple or hard to prepare Venezuelan food with my own fingers! I will share the end result of my experience at the end of my post.

  • Strict to the kitchen rules, you bet that you wouldn't want to see my hair on your dish ... therefore, due to cleaniness hygiene, I would need to wear the apron and hat.

  • Everyone been assigned with own duty and dishes ... as for me, I need to understand the usage of each pan and work and learning the ingredients ...
  • Thanks to the friendliness of the students guiding me and answering all my questions ... they are so helpful even the BUCH demo to me how to cut vegetables ...

  • Their ingredients and veges and prawns is so fresh than the morning market nearby my house ...
  • Me and Sidney are assigned to prepare Creamy Pumpkin Soup with tangarine juice and coriander ... first step is to collect all the listed ingredients from the food shelves.

  • At here, I got to experience and learn the proper method to peel, squash, grind, cut, slice, bake and hammering! ... unlike I learn during my college time in Comp Science where I spent 12 hrs typing at the keyboard only ...

  • I must tell you one thing I love cooking at here ... cause I just sweat a bit as I love the powerful aircond cooling down the kitchen ...
  • Me truly focus in my pumpkin soup! Really can't wait for the end result of the soup taste ... no worries at all cause I have the help from Chef Tamara to guide me.

  • Chef Tamara brought her own secret recipe specially for the Basmati Rice ... I would like to share with you the Tonka Beans
  • Tonka Beans - originated from Venezuela. These seeds of the large tropical Tonka tree have the fragrance reminiscent of newly mown hay or a freshly cut meadow. They have a high coumarin content, which provides a sweet, herblike fragrance. Tonka beans were and may still be used as an adulterant to vanilla.

  • I admired Chef Tamara on her cooking passionate in Venezuelan cooking ... she is so friendly and giving many advice to us to perfect the Venezuelan dishes.
  • She will demo to us the right method to cook and how the ingredients was to be done. I am not a cooking expert but I really find it is quite easy to cook a Venezuelan dish.

  • Sidney showing his cutting skill while Chef Tamara examines his art of cutting ... thought Sidney just knows how to bake only :p

  • Another snap shot of the cooking workshop in this state of the art kitchen ... I wish I have this type of kitchen in my house ...
  • Oh wow, I love the fire scene flaming out from the pan , this is called real hardcore cooking!

The food we have prepared and cooked ...

  • Let me introduce you the dish below;

Chicken Breast with Chocolate and Ginger sauce

Green Plantain Cups Stuffed with Cheese or Chicken

Shredded Salad - Cabbage, Carrots and Pineapple

Sidney & mine signature dish - Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Tangarine juice and Coriander

Stuffed Avocado with Shrimps

Basmati Rice with Tonka Beans ... this taste better than our traditional coconut milk rice (Nasi Lemak)

Coconut custard topping a Genoise
  • Finally at the end of the workshop, we got to taste every of the cooked dishes during the workshop.
  • Honestly, this is the best cooked food I have ever cook for anyone and even to my wife ... everything taste so good and yummy.
  • Cooking Venezuelan dishes is easier than cooking any other dishes ... the taste really suits Malaysians taste bud. A big round applause to Chef Tamara for the wonderful and excellent job well done in introducing Venezuelan cooking

  • At the end of the workshop session ... every of the students included Sidney and myself were presented with a Certificate for completing cooking a Venezuelan dish.

  • Mae just love our dish so much ... thanks once again to Mae for the invite for this event.
  • I really had a great time cooking with Chef Tamara and the BUCH students ... really give me motivation to try to cook the dish at my own home kitchen.
  • I really hope that I can come back to cook here again or host a cooking class one day.
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