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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Uncle Peter's Birthday @ Restoran Summer Palace

To celebrate 70th Uncle Peter's birthday ....
  • It consider another family gathering to celebrate Uncle Peter's birthday. I am suprise that this restaurant we used to dine, manage to survive till now.
  • Best of all, they have re-renovated the entire restaurant.

Middle pic: a group picture of Tay's cousin brothers and sisters .... Yve and Dylan not able to make it cause Dylan got fever due to vacinnation.
  • So happy that Vanessa was still around in Malaysia before she flying back to UK in the next morning.

Uncle Peter blowing all the 7 candles ... wish him healthy always and long life ...
  • The food was seriously excellent ... I really enjoy all the foods served and the food presentation. Not sure is it because of the dinner package is different.

Scallops and shark fin soup was awesome....and the slice of fish .... damn kao chun ler...i cant remeber the fish name already.
  • ANYONE DINE AT THIS RESTAURANT BEFORE? Do give your food review and feedback.

Sea cucumber with abalone .... yum yum .... everyone gets one abaloney only ler....

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mystery Food ... Give a guess

Guess what food is inside there ????
  • Give you some hints:-
    1. It cost RM 35 for this dish.
    2. Taste nice!
    3. Located at Sri Petaling
    4. Taste superbly good!

  • The answer will be revealed in my upcoming post ...

Waterfront @ Desa Park City

Meet up with old long lost friends ....
  • Been many times I heard from friends about The Waterfront at Desa Park City. Finally, I went there to have coffee to experience myself.
  • Seriously is a nice place and community to live in .... you will feel very high class and much safer.

It is a nice place to jog ... really like this lake a lot...
  • Anyway, the main objective is to meet up with Alexzis and May Leng ... both been many months did not meet them. We plan for a hang out at the Coffee Bean.
  • Before coffee session, I had my dinner at Kluang Station. What I can say is the otak-otak taste not bad but the spicy fried rice is horrible and tasteless ... maybe they forgot to add in salt into it.

For me, will not come and try this cafe again at Waterfront. Many nice dining restaurant at here.

  • Let me introduce two leng luis to u all ... May Leng (top pic), she is my collegemate in INTI last time. She was a PM in Shell Co. before she quits and run her own tuition center in Puchong. Btw, she is married!
  • Alexzis (below pic) ... name sound canggih ... got to know from a project as she was a vendor ... then we got to be good friends. Happening and adventurous girl .... btw, she is single and available.

May Leng, Alexzis and Via @ Waterfront, Coffeebean ...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

DiGi: Lunch @ Tenji & Movie @ GSC Cinema Team Outing

SPMO and SP-Apps team outing ....
  • It is a quarterly and it is time to get together again ... this time we have something luxurious .... Japanese buffet at Tenji, Solaris and Surrogates movie at GSC Cinema at Tropicana City mall.
  • This month, I totally don't dare to look at my weighing scale machine ... seriously! Even Yve asked me about my weight and I kept quiet bout it and she already knows the answer...

  • Suprisingly that Friday, Tenji Restaurant was crowded with people too .... everyone willingly to spent RM 77++ for a lunch .... banyak orang kaya around.
  • I am not sure, this time the service was ok and the tables was cleaned fast. The food taste much better than my previous dining at here since last month.

  • The main dish attraction is the Steamed Cod Fish ... seriously fresh that day!
  • The sushi was ok ok only.... nothing great about it.
  • Same goes for the Sashimi too ... it is fresh and doesnt have the stinky smell.

  • Lots of dessert and ice cream .... don't have the space to fill that in.
  • Dunno how many coconuts I whack it....

  • I love the scallops with black sesame seed and the black squid ink pasta so much ...

Time for cam-whoring ...
  • Taking pics with my fellow colleagues ...

Coconut as starter first .... very nice group picture ...
  • Everyone seems enjoying their meal .... yum yum!

Can see everyone with their bloated face ....

After lunch, time for movie ... wat a relaxing day at work ...
  • Continue the team outing by watching Surrogates at Tropicana City Mall ... quite a nice movie to watch ...

  • I plan next makan trip (sorry, team outing I mean) at BubbaGump ... kind of miss their food.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Esos, a way to reward

To me ESOS is a good way to reward, what do you think?

  • WITH the continued brouhaha over big bonuses for corporate head honchos globally, it is more pressing than ever for institutional investors to ensure that their interests are well aligned with the way the executives are paid or compensated.

    That being the case, such investors must adopt a broader view for remuneration that covers proper alignment, good corporate governance and incentives to pursue optimal capital allocation.
    To this end, a leading investor network, which represents assets worth about US$9.5 trillion, has adopted guidelines that reflect the views of long-term investors worldwide on all major aspects of remuneration, including employee option schemes.

    Well-designed remuneration programmes have a noticeable positive impact on the long-term performance of a company. Conversely, poorly designed or poorly executed executive payment plans can have a serious negative impact on shareowner value.

    Such critical impact, positive or otherwise, lies in the hands of each company’s board of directors, which is responsible for, among other things, deciding how much executives should be paid, disclosing clearly and fully the details of such programmes and explaining to shareowners the how’s and whys of its company’s overall remuneration policy.

    In so doing, boards of companies should explain fully the relationship between such remuneration programmes and performance measures, which should include specific performance targets or hurdles. The key point here is that the ways in which the boards go about doing so should be independent, transparent and fair.

    Drilling down further into this, a plan design for good compensation programmes should cover the major elements (cash and other short-term incentives, equity and other long-term incentives, as well as post-employment and other benefits) and carefully construct it to suit the peculiar needs of each company. For example, many organisations today believe that the use of benchmarks or peer analysis to set compensation levels should be kept to a minimum. There is a similar belief that companies should restrict the use of employment contracts, severance agreements as well as change in control agreements unless the overall remuneration policy justifies it.

    On our recent visits to some companies around Malaysia, we had extensive discussions about their overall remuneration plans and employee share option schemes (Esos) in recent years.

    In principle, we welcome their performance-based incentives, which are relatively new to corporate Malaysia.

    To our minds, companies need to consider two main issues about Esos.
    First, we strongly believe that Esos should be awarded in the long-term and be linked to appropriate performance hurdles because doing this will help align effectively the interests of all corporate stakeholders, be they managers, shareholders or investors and drive up shareholder value in the long term.

    Second, given that Esos dilutes the value of existing shareholders, it is imperative that a company’s board be transparent through appropriate disclosure to them.

    With these issues in mind, we believe that the current Listing Requirements need to strengthen the existing Esos framework so that companies will be made more accountable to shareholders. In particular, we would like to raise the following issues:

    ● Pricing and terms.
    We note that the current Listing Requirements allow the setting of an exercise price for options at a maximum discount of 10% to a five-day weighted average market price when the share options are offered to employees. We are skeptical about such discounts because they weaken the link between reward and performance, ergo, the alignment of interests of management and shareholders. This is especially true if there are no additional performance hurdles. We would also welcome further clarification on when and how these options may be exercised. If options can be exercised at a discounted price when they are offered, such options should not be allowed to exercise for at least a couple of years.

    ● Improving impartiality and transparency.
    We understand that the board of directors may determine the eligibility of employees for, and allocation criteria of,Esos under the current Listing Requirements. While all on the board should approve and take responsibility for any Esos plan, to ensure greater impartiality, we would encourage the boards to delegate deliberations for design and administration of Esos to a specialised committee.

    Also, to avoid any conflicts of interest, we believe that anyone who is to benefit from an Esos should not take part in making decisions which may affect how much he or she is to be paid. For fullest transparency, we welcome details of such Esos discussions in the annual reports of companies.

    ● Deepening disclosure to shareholders
    Besides the above suggestions, we believe that disclosures on Esos can be enhanced further by, among others, the regulator introducing a disclosure requirement in which the total share options granted to an employee should represent a significant percentage (say, more than 5%) of the total amount of available share options. Shareholders should be notified of such shareholdings when they vote on an Esos as well as in company annual reports.

    All told, a company’s remuneration policy, and ensuing programme(s), is a crucial component of its ability to recruit and retain the talents needed to ensure its success and sustainability. Thus it is critical for it to balance well its timing as well as appropriate performance measures. To do so, a company’s board should seek and maintain constructive dialogue with its shareholders, including their views on the ways in which company employees are being motivated and rewarded, including its Esos, if any.

Maxis IPO price at RM 5.20

Finally RM 5.20 a share ... sigh

  • Hoping for RM 5.00 or below for a Maxis share .... but would need to read the prospectus bout their strategic investment.
  • MAXIS Communications Bhd., Malaysia’s biggest mobile-phone operator, offered to sell as many as 212.3 million shares in its Malaysian unit at RM5.20 apiece to retail investors. The final price will be subject to the result of a bookbuilding process, the company said in a prospectus published on the New Straits Times newspaper in Kuala Lumpur today. - Bloomberg .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penang Village @ IOI Mall, Puchong

The Malaysian's Best Choice ...
  • Ok, I somewhat agrees to the tagline. If you know me and yve, we both love Penang food very much.
  • Luckily, at the new wing of IOI Mall, have this Penang Village restaurant .... cool.
  • Brought Dylan along to smell some Penang food also ... luckily he behaved well when we dine.

Ambience and deco is perfectly designed ... a nice place to dine indeed.
  • I was impressed with the ambience and decoration ... plus good staff service ... maybe I am the only customer there at 6pm.
  • Now, just can't wait to try their Penang Char Koey Teow ... taste yummy ... just the portion too small for me.
  • We ordered the Fried Beef Noodles with Basil .... taste ok for Yve but not for me cause of the basil leave smell and taste.

food is excellent ... no comments ... just the portion too small for me only.
  • Feeling hungry, we order one extra Fried Tom Yam Rice ... very nice dish too. Love their marinated fried chicken ...
  • Of course we had th sirap bandung ais cendol and soya milk with cendol.

Would like to comment on the soya bean milk with cendol ... too watery and dun have the soya bean taste....sirap bandung ais a bit too sweet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jason's Wedding at Emperor Garden Restaurant, Kepong

It was my second wedding dinner at the same restaurant ...
  • Firstly, congrats to my ex-Maxis colleague - Jason and his lovely wife - Joey ... a joyous day of wedding celebration for they both and I really feel happy for them.
  • The food in the restaurant was great and nice ambience.
  • I really enjoy myself till the max untill I feel sober till next morning after drinking wine (7 bottles). Long time never drink this crazy again after retired long time back from drinking.

Most of us forggoten next day would need to go back to office to work .... and we drank is like tomorrow is a off day ...

  • Just want to introduce the couple .... Jason & Joey .... happy to see them tied their knot together ... hopefully they will start their human production soon and will hear good news from them soon.

  • As usual, since did not take food pics, will post and share the pictures .... some are candid shots.

Yum seng only ...

  • I am happy to see my ex-colleagues ... had a great chat with them.
  • I simply love to attend weddings, is sort like a gathering for me other than celebrating the couple's big day.

  • Another wine minum gathering for Maxis gang too .... gosh ... this bunch of people really come to drink wine.

  • A family picture .... DiGi, IBM and Maxis people ....

  • More pics coming up soon with a better and sharper quality ....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chef Via back in action

Introduce my new creation ... Straw Mushrooms Cheezy Pasta ...

  • Oh boy, Yve told me she must buy lottery ticket .... why? Because I cooked dinner for her for the first time since Dylan is delivered ....
  • Seriously, I miss cooking a lot ... I agreed with her, should buy a lottery ticket cause we have been eating outside food most of the time.
  • Yve and myself have stop cooking since baby Dylan is here ....

My fridge really empty ... luckily got some garlics and black pepper ...
  • With my empty fridge ... I found this two cans ... prego cheese and straw mushrooms and pasta.
  • With limited ingredients to cook ... came out with this dish ... taste not bad with garlics and black pepper taste .... most importantly, it is covered with creamy cheese!

Damn kao lots of mushrooms and cheese gravy ... chun siul ... and fattening too! darn...
  • Everyone says, to cook pasta is easy .... let me test you ... do you throw your pasta to the water before it boils or after it boils?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Swimming is good for baby development

Baby Swimming Pool ...
  • I came across this blogsite ... ... sharing about why is swimming is important for babies.
  • Secondly, didn't know baby swimming pool are so canggih (hi-tech) now.
  • This pool is the ideal size for me and like the depth of it...deep enough for babies!
  • Without doubt, Yve already place an order with the seller from that blogsite. Very good service and explanation by this baby boutique shop! Can bargain about the price and cheaper than the distributor itself!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New toy for baby Dylan

I am 3 months plus now ....
  • Dylan says " Hi Everyone!" .... am I a big boy now?
  • Me and yve still cant figure who he looks like???

New toy for Dylan ...
  • We got Dylan a 3 in 1 Gym with toys .... he prefers cheap toy and china made toys than this ... sigh.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery

Project celebration continues at Jogoya ...
  • It is time for the big celebration after the system has been migrated successfully. The team has worked hard and it is time to enjoy and laugh all out. The celebration venue was a big agenda in closure meeting ... at the end, the team decided to have our celebration at Jogoya.
  • It wasn’t that difficult to locate the restaurant, which is at the Relish Floor (Fifth, I think.) of Star Hill Gallery. However, before we even managed to step our foot inside the restaurant, we were required to pay first. Yes, pay first, eat later.
  • The price was RM78 for the lunch session, not inclusive of tax and 10% service charge. The price is different for each session, lunch, late lunch, dinner and supper, with the most expensive session is the dinner at RM88 per pax. We went for the dinner one!

  • Oh boy, we got a big dining room for ourself to cater 20pax! too bad for those who can't make it for the celebration.
  • Ambiance is nice and the whole restaurant is very spacious and huge. They opted for the open kitchen concept and you can see the chefs in action, from the first step like preparing the ingredients up till the dish is ready to be served. Basically, you just have to take what you want to eat and that’s it. For those that need to be cooked, place your Jogoya clip into the bowl and wait for the dish to be brought to your table once it is done.

  • There are many sections in the restaurants, mainly the Japan’s, India’s, Taiwan’s, BBQ’s, drinks, pastries, desserts, clay pots, teppanyaki and many more. You will be greeted with lots and lots and lots and lots of food.

  • I love the variety food served here especially their sashimi, shark fin soup and fragant coconut! Oh yeah, their white wine taste great too!
  • The crab was delicious ... it was fresh compare to the last time I came here. Damn kao huge baked cheese oyster too.

  • Did not manage to take many food pics ... mainly busy chit-chatting and sharing our past experiences and moments we experienced during the project.
  • Enjoy the pics taken during the dinner time ...

  • Pics and pics ....

  • Smiles and laughters ... we hardly see it during the project time ... imagine the stress and tireness we are facing.

  • Everyone wonder how we can meet the rollout date with the tight timeline given ... still a big question how we achieved that!
  • A toast to the team for their big contribution and sacrifices made ... hope we can get bigger bonus for this quarter! kakaka.

  • Finally, my life is back to my daily routine lifestyle. The biggest change is that I have been gaining weights from this particular project itself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Restoran Chi Ka Yin @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Book's restaurant ...
  • It's a ex ISD-MAS Alumni gathering as organized by Raymond Lim to come and makan at one of the restaurant opened by our Maxis ISD GM - Mr. Book ...
  • Heard he cooks very well ... and dats where he decided to share his Hakka cooking to the public.
  • During the dinner time, he really cooks in the kitchen. He is the chef over the weekend and GM @ work during the weekdays.

  • Because it is opened by own ex-colleague and boss ... I think it is better for you to come and try and give ur feedback.
  • Else i will be flattering about this restaurant .... give it a try.
  • Let the food pics do the talking and to tempt you ...

top pic: hakka yong tau foo...

below pic: yam chicken

my fav dish ...

bottom right pic: the coconut jelly dessert was yummy!
  • At the end of the dinner, we present Mr. Book a lucky cat so it will bring wealth and prosperous to his new restaurant business.

Janice paying the bill...

  • You can see all the plates sapu cleanly ... and you know how nice the taste is.
  • I wish to open my own cafe one day (my dream) if I still got ESOS from Maxis ... darn.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fion's Wedding @ Emperor Garden Restaurant, Goldhill Club

Congrats to Fion and her hubby ... my 1st DiGi colleague wedding dinner ...
  • Wedding dinner marathons began for me this month of October ... have 4 wedding invitations!
  • Of course is a joyous event and I feel happy and delighted to attend despite my weight keep on increasing.
  • My first time to come here and dine at this restaurant ... very nice ambience setup and the food was great.

Very nice settings ... the exterior deco was splendid ...
  • Talking bout food, no time to take food pics, the food was way too delicious and also partly busy chit-chatting ....

My colleagues ... and some took the chance to take pics with the bride-Fion of course...
  • Of course, this is a good opportunity to take pics and cam-whore ...
  • The ladies all dressed beautifully ... very different look when I saw them in office casual attire...hahaha.

Shucks, I look so huge one...cannot stand to Jasprine to take pic ...
  • Till then, I will be visiting back this restaurant coming weekend ... Jason's wedding.
  • Those interested to try this is the address:-
    Emperor Garden Restaurant
    Gold Hill Club
    No18 Jalan 7A/62A,
    Bandar Manjalara,
    52200 Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My birthday celebration with Dylan @ Kim Gary, The Curve

Outdated post: My 1st burf-day celebration with Dylan ...
  • Do not get mistaken on my birthday ... my birthday was way due in last month September ...
  • Now only have the time to share my simple birthday celebration with Yve & Dylan.

  • Yve tried to plan to have a nice dinner but she knows that I am tied with project during that month and I've been working till late night. Ended up, we have a earlier celebration ahead of my birthday.
  • We ordered quite a lot cause I will get a member birthday 50% discount off for Kim Gary's member.

  • I feel very happy to celebrate with my family ... thou it is a simple celebration at a normal restaurant. Luv Yve & Dylan so much ...
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