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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Restoran KTZ at SS2, Petaling Jaya

One of the best chinese fast food around ...

  • When I was still living at PJ last time, I frequent here for their mango loh and sticky rice and their dry sour noodles .... damn kao chun.
  • Over the hot weekend, I drove down all the way from Puchong to eat the mango loh to cool down myself and to satisfy my tongue taste!

  • Crowded as always during weekend and night time for supper ...
  • How come they did not open one branch in Puchong! Please think bout it else I will franchise to open one....kekeke.

My fav ... the sticky rice and mango loh! still the best mango loh in town! love their fine snow ice!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please bookmark this date in your calendar

29.09.2009 ... my big BIG day!
  • Happy Birthday to myself ... btw, just bookmark the date and the month and not the year ... not born in 2009.
  • FYI, I am born locally at Universiti Hospital, K. Lumpur ... when I am a baby, I look very fair and when I grew older, people thought I am mixed chinese with malay blood. That's where during puasa month, ppl will look at me at one kind ... 'Ini orang melayu pun boleh makan kat puassa' .... hmmm.
  • Anyway, 1 age top up .... this year is special ... got to celebrate with my little Dylan.
  • Lovely present from my sweet lovely wife - Yve ... (dun bulu roma naik yeah!)

She knows I like Nautica polo shirt ... my present from Yve...
  • Actually I almost forgotten my big day ... cause so busy with projects ... days passed by very fast too. Luckily Yve present me this present in advanced and it reminded me of my own birthday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Customize L-shape leather Sofa

Good bye to my old cotton sofa ...
  • The story is when I bought my house 7 yrs ago and move in 2005 ... I had no money to do major renovation and to buy furniture cause need the cash for my wedding on the same year.
  • For that year, my house got a queen size bed and 2 door wardrobe and 1 aircond in the masterbedroom. My living room was empty ... just a few plastic chairs and a plastic table where ppl usually used to play mahjong or a study table for students.
  • Then we went to look for a cheap normal sofa at Semenyih and we got it for a good deal. Imagine my new warddrobe came in 3 yrs and new king size bed came in 2 yrs after I moved in and kitchen cabinet installed after 2 years.
  • I slowly upgrade and buy new furnitures for my house. That's why I had a few phases for my house expansion plan in place.

The pic above shows the normal L-shape leather sofa. We extend the length of the sofa to 10 feet and diameter is 8.5 feet ... 4 inch raised from the ground for easier cleaning when mopping underneath the sofa ... full leather bond (normal leather grade), comes with 6 years warranty ... neck cushion raise up to 41 inch so our neck can rest comfortably ... classic and modern design for the cushions. All for RM 3.5k ... cheap or not? I am not sure cause I din really hunt around.
  • My current sofa was a bit old and dusty ... due to my laziness to clean ... of course I, eerr Yve actually did clean twice a year and vacuum twice a month.
  • Since baby Dylan are here, need to think bout his health in future when he climbs the sofa and reck the sofa .... as dust can cause asthma .... so we decided to change our sofa which is easier to clean and dust clean. One thing, it is not easy to maintain for sure.
  • We saw many L-shape leather sofa around but none of it we like it. At the end, we manage to find a shop to customize a own leather sofa.
  • Just can't wait for the new sofa to be delivered in 3 weeks time!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Fever temperature, sharing knowledge

Parenting experience ...
  • It is very natural that you will take extra pre-caution when baby fall sick especially got fever.
  • As a daddy, Yve always said I am over worried and taking his temperature regularly.
  • Oh yeah, by the way ... Ear thermometers should not be used in newborn babies and young infants because they tend to give inaccurate readings in the very young. Ear thermometers can be used over age two years.
  • Anyway, this is for my reading and my knowledge and would love to share with the rest of the parents.
What is a normal temperature?
  • The following is a guide, to give you an idea about the range of possible body temperatures your baby may have, what they can mean and what you may be able to do. Be aware that these are not strict rules and if your baby seems very unwell, or is not responding to your actions (or appears very unwell, even though their temperature is low), you should seek medical attention.
  • If you try some measures to lower your baby's temperature, take care not to lower it too much. For example, do not place your baby into a cold bath, as this can cause them to shiver. Shivering raises the baby's core body temperature. If your baby is very young, they may not have the physical capability to shiver, but instead may 'shut-down', becoming drowsy and not interested in feeding. You can read more in class 10 on a newborn baby's temperature regulation.

When taking your baby's temperature, they may have a:

  • Normal temperature.
    It is normal for a baby (or child or adult) to have a body temperature of about 36 to 37o Celsius (or about 96.8 to 98.6o Fahrenheit). Lower than 36o Celsius (or 96.8o Fahrenheit) means that your baby needs to be 'warmed up'.
  • Low-grade temperature.
    A baby is said to have a 'low grade' temperature if it is between 37 to 37.5o Celsius (or 98.6 to 99.5o Fahrenheit). This is not regarded as a fever, but may be caused by your baby being overheated, overdressed, having too many (or heavy) bedclothes on, being over-wrapped, or being in a hot car, particularly in warm weather.
    If your baby has a low-grade temperature (and there are no other physical signs of a cold or an infection), then it is likely that they will respond to having some clothes or bedding taken off. Unwrap them, and/or take off any heavy or thick clothing, only place a sheet or light cover over them when sleeping. If their temperature comes down, then nothing else required. If it is still slightly elevated, strip them down to their singlet and a nappy and cover them with a light sheet (depending on the weather).

  • Elevated temperature.
    A baby is said to have an 'elevated temperature' if it is about 37.5 to 38o Celsius (or 99.5 to 100.4o Fahrenheit). This may be caused by the baby being mildly unwell, or as a side effect from routine immunisation (often making the baby irritable). This may not require any medications to bring their temperature down (unless the temperature continues to rise). You can try sponging them down with tepid to lukewarm water, or bathing them in a tepid bath. Again, keep clothing and bedding light and to a minimum.
  • Fever.
    A baby is said to have a 'fever' if it increases to above 38 to 38.5o Celsius (or 100.4 to 101.3o Fahrenheit). This may indicate an infection or viral illness, and will normally be accompanied by other physical symptoms. Babies with a fever will usually need some form of medication (such as infant paracetamol) to help bring down their temperature (follow the recommended dosages). You may want to have them checked by your doctor, (when convenient) to rule out the need for any further treatments.

    Many parents will keep some infant paracetamol handy in the house, or take some with them when on holidays. It is amazing how quickly babies will develop a fever (invariably at inconvenient hours). Administering paracetamol to young babies can be a bit tricky. You will usually be provided with a dropper, or you may need to use a measured spoon or medicine cup, or use a small syringe (purchased from the chemist). Often administering it into the side of their mouth can make it easier.
  • A very high temperature.
    A baby is said to have a 'very high temperature' if it is 38.5 to 39o Celsius (or 101.3 to 102.2o Fahrenheit). If your baby has a very high temperature, they will definitely need medication (such as infant paracetamol) to reduce their temperature. While you wait for the medication to take effect, strip your baby down, and possibly give them a tepid bath. If there is no improvement after an hour or so, you should seek medical attention.
    Extremely high temperature. A baby is said to have an extremely high temperature if it is between 39 and 40o Celsius (or 102.2 to 104o Fahrenheit). If your baby has a temperature that is this high, they need infant paracetamol and urgent medical attention. They may be in danger of experiencing a 'fit' or a 'febrile convulsion'. This is discussed in the next section under 'fitting and fevers'.

    If you are concerned at all, it is always best to see your local doctor. If your baby has a high temperature and the medication is not lowering it, contact your doctor, or if after hours phone a Children's hospital for advice. If you are concerned because your baby will not take the paracetamol (spitting it out) or they seem to vomit it up (within 30 minutes of taking it), seek advice about giving further doses, or whether to look at obtaining an alternative, such as a prescription for paracetamol suppositories

Friday, September 25, 2009

Canton-i at Sunway Pyramid and Putrajaya Visit

Dinner with Shin Yin at Canton-I at Sunway Pyramid ...
  • Last week, Shin Yin who came down from Singapore to visit Dylan and stay over night at my place.
  • We brought her to dine at Canton-I at Sunway Pyramid cause Canton-I served good food.
  • I seriously missed their Char Siew so much ... this time ordered a whole plate filled with Char Siew only and no combination at all.
  • Sorry that did not take much food pics cause me busy taking care Dylan.

Putrajaya & Cyberjaya Visit ...
  • After dinner, we brought Shin Yin to see the night scene at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.
  • It was first time to Dylan there and take some pics with him. He seems enjoying it!
  • Shucks man, I did not know that at night it is so crowded and no car park space ... so many people pak toh there one!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Food Delivery, how sad

No time to cook dinner ...
  • Solution is, ordered a pre packed food delivery to your door step.
  • For the past few weeks, I have been tied up with work and working late and have no time to tao pao for Yve to eat.
  • Therefore, decided to go for food delivery which is not cheap at all.

My friend told me this looks like Penjara food only .... niabeh...
  • For 11 days and for 2 pax ... it cost me RM 148.50 which is RM 13.50 per day.
  • Thou the food is delicious but as you know that outside food is not healthy and full of MSG.
  • Pity Dylan ...

Suprise meet up with Yap CK at DiGi ...

  • My buddy who came back from Dubai for a short holiday...came and visit me at DiGi.
  • Been a year we did not meet .... CK is growing big now! hahaha ... sure kena screw by him when he reads this post.

We are both Maxis Basketball players when we both still working in Maxis ... my clubbing kaki and my lepak kaki last time ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Axian Dim Sum at Bandar Puteri Puchong, bad review a bit!

A slightly NOT so good food review ...
  • I have read many food bloggers comments commenting very good and tasty! Let's see my verdict and review base on my own taste bud.
  • For those who doesn't know, this restaurant is owned by Axian, with a couple of business partners.
  • Axian's name is Jason Yeoh (you can see his picture at the sign board) and he is the host for a few talk shows and food shows on Astro AEC. No doubt I love to watch his food shows.
  • This was my first time visit to this dim sum restaurant while was second time for yve. Brought my parent-in-laws for morning dim sum.

We reached there bout 8am ... luckily still many tables around. With the nice, cloudy and cool weather, decided to sit outside.
  • The steamed dim sum at Axian’s Dim Sum is generally good but comes with a more expensive price @ RM4.50 each.
  • It is the most expensive dim sum restaurant around in Puchong you can find. Maybe because of his name ... guess everyone will come here for his name.
  • The ingredients used were really fresh especially the prawns. So fresh and and the meat s bouncy when u have a bite on it.
  • It is said that Sakura Pork (antibiotic and growth hormone free) was used to produce the dim sum at Axian, which resulted in a healthier and better tasting meat. Errr, to me taste the different at all.

I am not sure what Pau is this called ... sound like 'Siu Lai' pao with the ingredients will spill out once you bite. This is not bad!

Food Review ...

  • Everyone say very good and tasty .... I would say some food is really tasty and some taste very normal only and some excellent taste.
  • If Axian is reading my blog for some bad comments, I hope he can improve some of the dim sum tasting cause I wish to see his shop will survive long enuff here.

    The bad stuff:-
    1. Most of the dim sum served are cold esp the fried radish cake, fish balls and some prawns dim sum dishes.
    2. Can see many floor serving staff which is good, but guess is the Kitchen process which is very slow and need improvement. I have ordered Xiu Long Bao which I have waited 20 mins and it doesn't came at all. Very fruzz with the waiting. I can see my next table, the customers left after paying bill and their chee cheong fun only came!
    3. Price is very expensive for this kind of dim sum selling in shop lot and in Puchong ... of course not comparing with Ah Yat, Oriental & Tai Thong dim sum price. Shud reduce cheaper a bit. I can see that people will come for the first time to try cause of his name ... if u tell me to come second time, I would think twice as there are many nice dim sum served in Puchong for a cheaper price.
    4. Please ensure the fried stuff and dim sum are kept heated and hot when served to customer. I hate to eat cold dim sum!
    5. Should improve the Siew Mai - when I first bite it, I don't have the wow feeling like it taste siew mai at all .. the taste is like less porky taste and plain. Secondly, is the fish balls, totally less fish taste and smell of it they mix fish and pork meat? I am happy they served very big fish balls and 3 pcs somemore!
    6. The Prawn Chee Cheong Fun ... RM 4.50 per plate fo the plain taste and small chopped prawns was way too expensive and not worthy. Furthermore, the soya sauce gravy is watery as you can see from the picture below.
    7. They doesn't sell Lotus Leaf Rice but they publish the food item at the roof stroller. If don't sell, then don't put it ... big dissapointment when I ordered that and is not in their menu anymore.

    The good stuff:-
    1. The prawns are very fresh! Must try and order their Har Mai (their signature dish).

The porridge was good. The fried radish cake is fried till perfection ... problem is I had a cold fried radish cake and not that fresh when I ate it. Maybe I am the unlucky who kena served with cold fried radish cake.
  • It is worth for the first time trying it here. Give it a try since it is very popular dim sum place in Puchong now.

Top pic: The Siew Mai is really so so only....doesn't have the wow effect when u first ate it. Need some improvement but read from some food bloggers, they commented it taste very good, you try and let me know. Below Pic: One of the prawn filling dim sum...delicious. I love all their prawns steamed dim sum.
  • Actually I have read many good reviews and nice dim sum pictures taken by food bloggers ... dunno that somehow it is over selling.
  • Anyway, there is way for improvement to make the best dim sum in Puchong. Overall msot of the dim sum taste good.

The Har Mai and Har Gao .... very fresh and nice...a must ordered. Thumbs up for this!

  • As I mention in my food review, not sure this chee cheong fun makes you drool a not. RM 4.50 per plate is way too expensive for this small portion and plain taste. With the soya sauce is so watery.

Prawn chee cheong fun is my favourite dish ... but when I ate it ... felt dissapointed a bit. The price and the taste is not worth paying for.

  • I will come back again if Axian improved some of the dim sum quality and reduce the price a bit. Else difficult for me to come for a second time unless I bring friends for their first time or someone treat :p
  • Anyway, don't because of reading some of my bad reviews on Axian Dim Sum, you don't want to go and eat ... do try and you may comment about it if you have the same expectation as me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims in Malaysia

Happy Raya to my relative, friends and colleagues ...
  • Oh yeah, I have a muslim cousin in my family ... Happy Raya to Iskandar (my cuzzy) and hope your mom will bring some beef rendang back here.
  • Anyway, do enjoy the long Raya holiday break and drive safely! Hope to see everyone in one piece after the holiday. Selamat Hari Raya ... Maaf Zahir Batin if I have offended anyone in my blog post.

Tomorrow 22nd Sept, will not post up anything, will take a day break to eat Rendang! hehehe.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun and Fun in DiGi Teambuilding 2009

DiGizens in action in Technology Teambuilding 2009 ...
  • Take a sneak preview of some nasties action and scenes .... oooops. Got some pics from the organizer and wanted to share with you people ... how DiGi people play hard and work hard!
  • I was lucky to join in time before I miss this big event .... I really had a great teambuilding experience in DiGi ... really lots of fun and activities to enjoy.
  • Importantly, is teamwork and getting to know new work mates.

Presenting you the Hot Mama's in DiGi....kekeke
  • Lots of activities comprises of team work, leadership and planning ...

  • We had some own talentime performance too...damn kao funny ler!

  • All these activities is organized for 2 days 1 night in Swiss Garden, Damai Laut ...

  • Fantastic experience! By looking at the pics ... enough to describe it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not EDGE, Not HSDPA but WCDMA DiGi Broadband speed at My Area

A Happy DiGi Broadband user ...
  • Finally, my area Taman Puchong Hartamas, postcode 47100 is WCDMA coverage or is it for trial? Hope not!
  • I was browsing the internet to login to and and I felt the page loading is extremely fast in a matter of seconds.
  • Thought it was cache from my computer and did go and see the DiGi Internet console and it shows I am on HSDPA & WCDMA network .... awesome!

Hope HSDPA & WCDMA broadband coverage stays in my area and I can blog online from home ...
  • I hope DiGi will keep on improving the coverage in my area especially broadband and network coverage to be upgraded to 3G soon.
  • With that, I can tell and share to my neighbours to switch back or subscriber to DiGi Broadband cause previously the broadband coverage is pretty bad.
  • My complaints is answered! Thanks to DiGi
  • Goodbye SlowyX ... Time to Change! ...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Kedai Makanan Sinki @ Dengkil

Celebrating Jason's farewell ...
  • Once again is my boss Raymond aka 'sek san' suggested this place. We had to travel all the way from Subang Hi-Tech to Dengkil for some local famous food.
  • A big troop of yellow man staff conquering the small Dengkil town ...
  • We went there very early just to get a place cause Raymond mention that it will be packed during lunch time. And guess what, by 12pm ... everyone is flocking into this restaurant and no tables vacant.

  • While waiting for the rest ... my boss ordered 'char siew' & chicken liver as appetizer.
  • As usual, while we are waiting for the food ... I took some pics ... still must be wondering who is Jason, right ... stay tune and read further below.

  • Introducing Jason ... the one holding the phone below and taking video ...
  • Great buddy in the office ... will miss him for sure especially loss one good badminton kaki.
  • Anyway, he is moving for a better career ... I wish him all the best in his new career.

  • Finally I manage to escape from my UAT testing and had a time to go outside from DiGi to eat together with the team.
  • Without further delay, let me introduce my favourite part which is the food pics.
  • This is the highly recommended dishes by Raymond .... you really must try their 'sang har' prawns ... darn, in english call what already??? and secondly, the fried stewed pork noodles ... super yummy man.

  • And of course their otak-otak and the chillies fried fish ... excellent taste ler ... no wonder so many people come and makan here ...
  • I was so enjoying the food till my tummy can't take no more ....

  • To those of my other colleagues which not able to make it, u all really miss the 'sek san' food recommendation.
  • Once again, this post is not about the food but about my fellow colleague - Jason farewell lunch.
  • Address details:-
    Restaurant SinKi 成记海鲜饭店
    Address: No.96,Jalan Besar Dengkil, 43800 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    Tel: +603-87688268

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dylan loves Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh

Where am I again? ....
  • Oh boy, I have been missing again and not able to write daily post...forgive me bout this.
  • For me, posting up daily post is a way for me to de-stress myself and not to think bout work a while ... but the main problem stopping me doing that now is I am too tired and sleepy.
  • Anyhow, here I am back again ....

Unhealthy dinner food yet delicious ...

  • Been a while that yve and myself did not cooked once we both started working.
  • How sad....miss my wife's cooking a lot and her soup ... anyhow, understood how tiring she is and how busy is she with Dylan boy.
  • For the past few days, I have tao pao outside food ...

Nice fried hokkien noodle, wan tan hor and loh mee .... very oily, lots of pork oil in it which makes it taste delicious.

Dylan loves the Bak Kut Teh smell ...
  • Last weekend, Yve got a good friend visitor from Singapore, Shin Yin ... she came all the way down from Singapore just to visit Dylan. She stayed over at my place.
  • After picking her up from LCCT, we went for lunch at Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh at Puchong Utama.
  • Me and my wife love the dry and soup bak kut teh .... I would say the dry bak kut teh not the best I had but it is ok.

Dylan awakes suddenly when I put a spoon of bak kut teh soup at his nose ... he is just loving it. Then suddenly I burp out with my garlic smell on him and his eyes closed and mouth showing discomfort sign....darn.

  • More review about this restaurant, read here
  • Who doesn't love bak kut teh right? I mean for non-muslim since it is a non-halal food.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Giving the best service and experience to DiGi customers

44 hrs working round the clock ... the team working hard to migrate to a better system ...
  • Hip Hip Hurray .... it was such a big relief and joyour moment that the team members and vendors that the system migration completed on time at 6am.
  • We shook hands with each other when it was successfully completed. Wanna hug each other but the place was too crowded...
  • I have been sleeping 4 hrs only for the past two days .... while spending 44 hrs at work ... same goes to my team members and tech lead.
  • For all DiGi u should know that DiGi is ensuring that all our customers have the best experience and usage in mobile services.

It was freezing cold in the Data Center to stay there for the whole entire morning from 12am to 6am. Vendor taking a short nap after completing his task. Thanks to SA and DBA support too.
  • Completed one of my project. This is one of the best project experience for me which I handled so far. In Maxis, I did not have the chance manage a Data Center related activity.
  • With this project experience, I have worked with so many vendors and internal parties involved. For the first time, I raised so many PR's and PO.
  • Witnessing such activity like laying network and fiber cables, power installation, server and storage setup and etc ...really satusfy me ... I feel so happy all this comes to place after months of planning and to see this project acoomplished 3 days ahead of the scheduled date. Thanks to Tech lead and my team members!!!
  • Overall this is a damn kao nice job experience for me

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project Manager special privillege

Free buffet lunch and tea break at DiGi for projects ...
  • Oh yeah, being a PM in DiGi got a very special benefit .... which you can order breakfast, lunch and tea break for your team members during project meetings or discussion.
  • Cool rite ... furthermore, the process is so simple to place an order for an amount of pax.
  • The food will be served to your meeting rooms and for lunch buffet, it will served at the cafeteria.

One of the lunch, my team members requested for western food cause we are bored with chinese foods. We have grilled chicken chop, pasta, wedges and some vegetables.
  • They have may variety of menu and you can place what kind of food you want and they will try to accomodate to your request.
  • The reasons I ordered the lunch is for the team members to have a quick lunch and continue to do our testing. Cause if we drove out to eat, we will need 45 mins instead we can have 20 mins lunch in the office. Save a lot of time!

For one of the tea break ... I have ordered some finger foods .... yummy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pimp my notebook with DiGi stickers

Yippie, got the new DiGi Unlimited Music sticker ...
  • Gosh, seems my notebook front cover got no space to add new DiGi stickers anymore.
  • Got the latest DiGiMusic sticker ... damn kao cool leh...

DiGi Music ads .... youtube video
  • Nice ads and music! must view!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Project team working hard and current status

Hanging ourself to our dear life ...

  • Nice drawing by KK to describe our current project status ...hehehe.
  • Anyway, the truth is not what you think ... we are working hard to meet the timeline.
  • We are too bored to camp in the same meeting room for weeks. That's how KK ended drawing this picture with the word - mati (die).

Damn cute right this drawing ...

Dylan working hard to drink milk every morning and project team members working hard till late morning ...

  • The team & vendor is totally wore out and exhausted due to work till late night for most of the days. Weekends and public holiday also need to come back to work.
  • Pity my vendor got to work till next morning 5am and come back to office at 9.30am to support our testing.
  • Yeah, basically this is my life now same as for my team members.

Top pic: Dylan starting to feel sleepy after drinking milk while the daddy work like hell Pic below: Jerry & Nicholas taking a short nap cause they work till next morning every day. Anyway, great commitment and support shown by the vendor and the team! Mesti boleh to meet the dateline!
  • Anyway, we are enjoying to work in this project and we will make it happened!
  • Stay tuned for more behind the scenes update...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Negaraku by DiGi Management Team and DiGi Central

DiGizens very patriotic!

  • Check out the youtube video ....
  • DiGi boleh!

Negaraku by DMT ...

Negaraku by DiGi Central ...

  • Time to go back to sleep and take a quick shower after night migration .... need to rush back to office at 9.30am for team meeting and testing continuation!
  • Enjoy the last video clip below

DiGi Central sings 31 ogos 1957 ...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dory Fish at DiGi Reload

Dory Fish promotion @ RM 7 with free flow cordial drinks ...
  • Actually this Dory Fish promotion was quite a while ago in my company cafeteria.
  • Saw may people having this and was tempting to try it.
  • Now I know why many people love to have this during lunch time.

Cooked on demand .... served it hot and fresh! RM 7 .... quite worth it.

  • Huge Dory fish meat x 2 pieces ... lots of fries. And the sauce is excellent!
  • Kind of worth it!

9-09-2009 ... nice date but bad day for me.

  • Nice date but not a good day for the team and myself too ... sigh.
  • Early morning received a call from the Top ... why down ... I also blurr and stunt ... luckily not involve and cause by my project.
  • As I know, I will perform my migration activity from 12am - 6am on Thursday... and yes, I will be working midnight and will come back to office at 9am cause got many meetings to attend.
  • Till then, peace to my team and everyone out there! Takes and solve things one at a time.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Education Savings for Dylan

Great Junior Advantage Series by Great Eastern insurance ...
  • Signed up an insurance plan for Dylan for his education in the future. Knowing that me and yve not able to support his education fund in many years to come when the inflation rate rised.
  • Mine is just purely on savings. Once withdraw the lump sum ... GE will pay me guaranteed 4% and another 4% non guaranteed of the sum assured of RM 30k till age 87 ... sounds good?
  • For parents, do you subscribe an Insurance plan for your children?

Can pay a monthly car loan already ... darnnnn ... there goes quarter of my Benz dream car .... thanks to Eric for helping me all this.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Dylan went shopping at Sunway Pyramid and Kim Gary restaurant

Ignoring H1N1 ....
  • Despite advicing friends not to bring childrens to shopping mall due to H1N1, it seems myself and yve ignore that caution.
  • Really cannot put our butt still at home ... decided to shop a while at Sunway Pyramid and dine at my favourite Kim Gary restaurant ....

As usual Kim Gary food ...except the free dish for month of August - Ying Yong wanton soup (bottom right pic).
  • I was shocked to see the crowd at Sunway Pyramid, so packed ... it starts to make me worry and don't want to linger in the mall for so long.
  • Now I know why Dylan gained weight so fast ... by smelling the food! hehehe....just kidding.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Vaccination, Fever 38.2 celcious and heavy boy at 6.7kg for 2 months old

A worry night when Dylan caught fever at 38.2 celcious ...
  • At 2 months old, it is time for his second immunization for 1st DTP, Polio, Hib and Hepatitis B. We went for the optional immunization for Pneumococcal and Rotavirus vaccine at the same time too.
  • The first jab he doesn't feel anything and did not cry. Pity Dylan when he took the second jab which is Pneumococcal vaccine which is very painful cause of the needle size is a bit huge.
  • Paed told us that Dylan might catch fever ... and it came true, during night time when I measure his temperature at 38.2 celcious. Immediately fed him with the fever medicine.
  • He doesn't cry and no signs of him having fever. Till now, he havng fever on and off and now he is fine.
  • All the immunization jabs cost RM 633.55 ... luckily it is covered by insurance.
6.7kg and 64cm length for 63days old Dylan ...
  • Dylan's paed said, your boy is very big and huge ... but is OK.
  • My last week post, I thought my baby will weight at 5.9kg and yve guess it will be 5.7kg ... we are both so wrong when we saw Dylan's weight at 6.7kg! Walau.
  • No wonder my arm biseps is getting harder and bigger.

All his dotted lines above the normal growth line except for the head size ...

  • Dylan says to daddy via and mummy yve, I am growing boy and greedy like the daddy, so I eat more mah.
  • Fanny and Dae came to visit ... saw my run down and tired looking face....geee. When your baby is sick, you will monitor every 30 mins of the night.

My heavy boy...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Picture and Background not display

My domain is down due to data center maintenance....
  • FYI, TM Data Center Brickfield has re-scheduled a new migration UPS 200Kva activity where it involved the whole Data Centre as part of an ongoing effort to ensure the integrity and reliability of the electrical power system of the exchange at all times on that respective Data Centre.
  • Maintenance Description:
    Start Date : 5th Sept 2009
    Start Time : 22:00 (GMT+8)
    End Date : 6th Sept 2009
    End Time : 03:00 (GMT+8)
  • Estimated downtime : 4 hours
  • Data Centre Effected : Brickfield Data Centre

Friday, September 04, 2009

Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Nice dining experience at Ole Ole Bali ...
  • After a tough tiring week to take care Dylan, we decided to self reward ourself by dining at this Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris.
  • Actually we made a wrong choice, we thought Ole Ole Bali is a different management from Bumbu Bali, that's why we decided to try. Mana tau, we saw their uniform and food menu, it is similar to Bumbu Bali ... since Ole Ole Bali is a sister restaurant of Bumbu Bali @ Bandar Puteri Puchong (they are owned by the same management), the menu is very similar.
  • The outlet here has two floors and a pretty huge dining area outside the restaurant (smoking area) And if you are sitting on the ground level then you could have a full view of the kitchen in action.

Splendid interior design and nice ambience to dine at ... very pack with crowds as we need to wait 10 mins to be seated.
  • Most of the food on the menu are grilled and main courses menu have been tried and tested except for seafood.
  • So, as an attempt to try something new, I had a Seafood Platter @ RM32 ... simply love the Dory fish a lot + with big watermelon fruit on the plate.

My portion ...
  • The Seafood Platter comes with a very generous portion of Grilled Dory Fillet, two fresh prawns and squid. Side dishes are a bowl of salad, some spicy fries and a slice of juicy, sweet watermelon.

Yve's portion ...

  • Kambing Bumbu if not mistaken this dish name @ RM 28 ... besides the minced kambing (lamb) meat, yellow rice, sauteed kangkong, traditional Balinese crackers and a few other condiments are also included in this dish.... very huge portion for a person to dine....very worth it.
  • Cucumber Lime Drink with Chilli @ RM11 ... very refreshing ... not spicy taste at all.

Thou is expensive ... but is worth to try this exotic drink!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

DiGi - Project team members in serious business

Stress, Under pressure, Work madness to commit to timeline ...
  • To my readers, I am busy for this whole month as u can see from the pics below. Will try my best to reply ur message and comments asap. Thanks for your support!
  • Counting to the launch date in few weeks time ... the team feel the heat and pressure.
  • Vendor and team members working hard during User Acceptance testing ... lots of challenges ahead and we are optimistic to meet our timeline - cross finger.
  • Thanks to the team and vendor (work till 5 am) for their commitment and 100% support to this project.

Top pic: Everyone is serious in their assigned task. Bottom pic: Vendor and team member giving training to Customer Service in our DiGi Studio Hall.
  • Since the testing kick-off, we have been camping in this meeting room and been isolated from the outside world. Dunno when is day and night, sunny or raining or even a bomb blast exploded .... no contact with the outside world.
  • Anyway, wish us all good luck to meet our timeline.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why I gained 1.5kg after each Melaka visit (Part 3 of 3)

Been Busy with User Acceptance Testing for my projects ...
  • I am very sorry that I not able to reply your cbox messages and comments. Really tied up with work and work till late night ... exhausted
  • Thanks to the project team members for their dedication ... we stayed up till late night and having dinner very late just to complete a testing on a module.

Work aside, comes to my favourite topic ... Food ...

  • Taiwan Mee noodles anyone? This is my favourite taiwan mee noodles which introduce by Yve. She love it since young. They have a branch in Damansara Uptown.
  • Had it for breakfast ...
  • See the picture also make myself hungry only.

  • Few hours depart...comes to lunch ... miss the chicken rice ball so much.
  • Went to the famous chicken rice ball stall which visited by Jason too ... is located along the street at Jonker Walk.

  • Ordered 15 rice balls for 2 pax .... oooo .... yummy!
  • For the chicken taste normal to me....prefer Kong Sai white chicken ...much softer!

  • Till then, back to work again. Enjoy your lunch!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Not One Night Stand BUT 3 Nights Stand

Hmmm, adult topic ... dun think sideways!
  • It was a long weekend plus public holiday on Monday due to National Day celebration.
  • Is time for Yve to rest and for me to take over the job to take care Dylan from Friday to Monday while Yve recharge herself in another room.
  • It was OK and I don't feel tired for the first 2 days while taking care of Dylan at night ... can wake up the next morning at 9am, go to tao pao breakfast and do house chores... nice experience for me to sleep and take care of him alone.
  • Since I am fine, I told Yve that let me take care of Dylan for one more night ...

Top pic: Took my niece Yuki Tai with Dylan at Melaka home... Bottom pic: My dreadful and tiring look...
  • When it comes to my 3rd night with Dylan .... gosh .... DISASTER struck! He spitted milk twice (even the milk flow out thru Dylan's nose) at 2am and 4am cause he wakes up every 2 hour for feeding .... it took me 1 hr to soodle him and to clear up his mess.
  • I got 1 hour of sleep instead of 3 hrs sleep cause normally it takes 30 mins to feed him and to change his pampers.
  • Then during the 3rd feeding at 6am ... after his feeding, he did not spit up milk ... good sign ... then I change his pampers & wipe the shit off his ass ... during the process before I wore him with new pamper ... Dylan 'wee wee' and shoot over the changing mat and spray onto my bedsheet and the floor ....
  • Not that only ... after that, he releases his poo onto the changing mat .... real HEADACHE for me .... need to change his shirt and pants and wipe his whole body with my half eye open!
  • By 8am, I surrender and pass back to Yve to take care ... it was an awesome 3 Nights Stand with my baby boy alone!
  • Question: Does your baby spit milk thru his nose? Is it over fed or anything wrong? Please advice for those who experience this situation before.
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