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Friday, July 31, 2009

Dylan says I want milk

Mouth & eyes open big big cause want milk milk ...
  • Yo, I am back from my teambuilding ... I'm at work now and still left 20 emails to reply out of 80 emails.
  • Dylan is 3 weeks plus old now and I can see his eye brows is forming out ....
  • Need to send Dylan to saloon for haircut this weekend cause his hair is too long.

Bottom left pic: hair style like the dad only .... Bottom right pic: Aiyoh, kena wrapped like in a coccoon ....
  • Till then, will be a busy weekend for me & enjoy ur weekend ahead
  • Next post will be on my teambuilding event. Stay tune to view ...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Insight tour of my office meeting rooms

Very western & modern style design ...
  • The design feel is just like a living room ... all made from wood and was import from Norway and was donated by Telenor.

  • I love this meeting room below a lot cause of the modern feeling and love the couch....very comfortable till u can sleep there.

  • That's all for now .... can't reveal so much. Wanna know more...come and work in DiGi :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Away for teambuilding at Lumut, Perak

I will be away for teambuilding and will be back on Friday. I have scheduled some blog post upfront and do check it out. I will definitely miss my family & Dylan a lot ... thanks for your support & visit to my blogsite and will reply you all back soon.

Confinement foods cooked by my confinement lady

Yummy-licious confinement food ...
  • I forgotten to take the confinement lady cookings yesterday ... cause was thinking of eating her cooking .... yeah, i stole some confinement food from Yve dishes.
  • I have tried my sister in law confinement food cooked by previous confinement lady ... it was not so nice taste for me and can't imagine pregnant women got to eat it.
  • With this confinement lady we hired upon recommendation from Yve's colleagues ... the confinement lady cooks well and lots of variety & style .... can u imagine she cooked chicken chop with confinement herbs and taste and smells so nice and taste good.
  • My sister in law which is going to due in year end, instantly booked her after she tasted her cooking.
  • Gosh, I also into her cooking and came back for dinner most of the day .... very strong in taste as she care very much bout the ingredients and the taste of it...very passioniate in cooking.

Fish and kampung chicken is part of confinement food which Yve consumed....very nice cooking by the confinement lady.
  • She will wake up very early in the morning 7am+ to prepare the ingredients ...
  • Oh yeah, I bought 5 kg of Bentong gingers and seems like not enuff too .... she fried the ginger very tasty till i ate it too....i must admit i hate to eat ginger a lot but this is exceptional case.
  • Aluminium foiled with curry chicken taste in those wines.....the aunty mention that it takes more than 5 hours to cook this.

I love the brocolli with fried gingers and the curry chicken steam in aluminium foil .... my favourite dish ... aunty will cook lots of rice for me when she made this dish.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Via is growing big

Dylan says he is 3 weeks old now ...
  • When me and yve put Dylan on the rocker chair .... we notice he is big now cause previously we not able to put on the chair as Dylan will slide down.
  • Next will measure his weight ... during the next check up.
  • Dylan is doing fine ... greedy boy as he drinks a lot of milk ...

Sleep until very shiok ler ... the pillow on top of him is to make him feel secure (like the feeling in the womb)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lunch at Restoran Fish & Noodle House, Damansara Kim

Food Hunt with colleagues ... Fish Head Noodles
  • Drove all the way down from Subang Hi-Tech to Damansara Kim ... I leave nearby this area and pass by and did not know there is a famous Fish Head Noodles soup.
  • Was recommended by my colleagues and they craved for Fish Head noodles soup, I ended up joining them for lunch.
  • It was packed during lunch and luckily we were early and got a table to dine. It is a very small restaurant only.

  • I must say that their broth/soup was not the taste I was not sour and got the plum taste. It was milky white cause I requested to add milk.
  • The fish meat doesn't seems enough for me and very little only .... i like their noodles, no doubt on this.
  • We ordered side dishes too like fried fish skins and fish paste .... I would say the fish paste is nice.

We ordered the poached fish fillet (RM 13.50) per bowl & fried salmon (RM 13.50) ... not really worth the price. The bowl is big and lots of soup but little in fish fillet and noodles.

  • Guess the bill how much does it cost for 7 bowls of Fish Head Noodles soup?... Answer is RM 137.10 !!! Damn kao expensive.
  • Fish & Noodle House is located at 77, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Opens 8am-4pm daily. Closed 1st & 3rd Mondays.
  • One of the best fish head noodles I tried is at Pandan Indah....can't remember where liow...will hunt back again as my friend brought me for the best fish head noodles in KL many years ago.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maxis to consider re-listing on Bursa Malaysia

A great news for Maxis staff and for the public ...
  • Read from today ...
  • Start to save money to buy and apply the Maxis IPO if really come true ....
  • Maxis staffs will be rich and create some millionaire again ... kekeke
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Communications Berhad will consider re-listing soon following the suggestion by the Prime Minister for the company to re-list on Bursa Malaysia.
    A company spokesman said in a statement released yesterday that a further announcement will be made at the appropriate time.

    She said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had asked the stakeholders of Maxis to consider the possibility of seeking a re-listing of Maxis on Bursa Malaysia to assist in the Government’s overall efforts to enlarge the market capitalisation of the exchange and range of large companies that attract institutional investor interest.

    “When Maxis was privatised and de-listed in 2007, the stakeholders articulated the possibility of a re-listing of the company after internal re-structuring, some time in the future,” she said.

    It is learnt that the initial public offer (IPO) may be launched possibly in October and the company may be listed by the end of the year. CIMB Investment Bank may be appointed to manage the IPO.

    Sources said the listing is likely to be only for its Malaysian operations.
    Maybank Investment Bank senior analyst Khair Mirza welcomed the move saying it was positive for the markets.

    “Maxis needs a legitimate reason to return to the stock market and the call by the Prime Minister is timely. “When it would be listed remains to be seen,” Khair said.
    Last Thursday, Najib urged Maxis, the mobile phone company bought out by T. Ananda Krishnan in 2007, to re-list in Kuala Lumpur to attract investors to the exchange.
    Maxis, 25%-owned by Saudi Telecom Co, was assessing the proposal, Najib had said after returning from the Middle East.

    “It has been conveyed to the management and they are considering it very seriously.
    “Hopefully, it will happen fairly soon,’’ said Najib. Maxis first sold shares in Malaysia in 2002. Before the company was taken private in June 2007, it was valued at about RM40bil on the stock exchange.

    In its listing in 2002, Maxis shares were sold to institutional investors at RM4.85 each and retail investors at RM4.36. On its last day of trading in July 2007, the shares were traded at RM15.20 each.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coffee Break in Office

Best brewed coffee in the office ...
  • It was a restless and tiring day on Friday ... sw, ty and dt went for some free brewed coffee in the office.
  • I am not a coffee addict and a coffee freak ... there is choice of coffee selection like the black coffee, cappucino and latte ...
  • I pressed for cappucino .... gosh, i can have 2 glasses of it as the smell is so strong and the taste is so original and fresh.

Did some cam whoring of myself ... I saw my size expanding a bit ... darn. Had a mazing view and nice sofa to rest on ... just like a feeling in a holiday resort.
  • We have a small chat bout work and guys gossip before going back to work.
  • Enjoy your Saturday weekend! Will spent time with Dylan ...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lunch at Nippon Yataimura Restaurant at One Utama

Life Update - 24th July ...
  • My working life was busy as ever ... was assigned to a new project.
  • As for daddy life, Dylan starts to stay awake longer ... make some funny voices.
Japanese Lunch at One Utama Shopping Mall ...
  • This is one of my fav Japanese food restaurant ...
  • Their food is fairly nice and ok in taste ... price is fairly worth too.

I like to eat Adegashi Taufu ... yummy ler...

The Salmon and Unagi set ... I would say the Unagi set is a bit plain .... but taste not bad too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch at Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade

Buy 1 free 1 ... red plates only ...
  • 10 minutes before lunch time ... May called me up for lunch ... joined my colleagues to Subang Parade for Sakae Sushi.
  • They got sms promotion ... buy 1 free 1 for red plates and minimum order is 10 plates.
  • I can say it is very worthy ... we ordered 18 red plates and is 50% discount since buy 1 free 1....not sure when the promo last till.

May and Kevin ... the married working couple in DiGi ... Daryl not in the picture....busy makan his chicken katsu-don.

  • The food was ok and nice ... enjoy the lunch and listening to their golfing storied .... trying to influence me Golf but nah....dun have the interest in playing golf yet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New born baby experience, cost and advice

This is my parenthood experience as a new daddy and yve as the mommy
  • When got to know yve is pregnant ... we were happy and also worry too as this is our first child and no experience at all.
  • Yve been finding information from internet and we have consulting advices from experience parent and gynae as well.
  • The truth is when comes to the actual delivery date ... can say we are a bit 'kelam-kabut' - messy and not well prepared thou we thought we well equipped with knowledge for new born care.
  • My advice is the first week experience is a tiring week for the dad and mom to settle down.
  • Lots of people saying that to have baby u need money .... yes, u will definitely need some money .... dun talk bout the cost for raising the child but the cost during the pregnancy till delivered. Below is the estimate cost:-
    + Monthly check up with ultrascan (RM 110) per month visit x 9months and last month weekly visit = RM 1,200
    + Supplements for mom (RM 50) per month x 9 months = RM 450
    + Hospital Labour fees (Private and natural birth) = RM 3,300
    + Confinement Lady and ang pow = RM 3,200
    + Confinement recipes, herbs, rice wine, ginger wine, etc for a month = RM 2,000
    + Milk powder (in case no breast milk for the first week) = RM 80
    + Pampers per week (RM 50) x 4 weeks = RM 200
    + Pediatrician monthly visit = RM 60
    + Baby stuff, stroller, baby cot, car seat, napkins, creams, etc = RM 4,000
    Total = RM 15,000 +- needed ...

2 weeks old (19th July) ... envy his long finger nails ... longer than mine ... lots of new pattern and behaviour coming demostrated by Dylan.

  • As for the first week, we are worry bout the jaundice, hiccup and rashes....thou it is a mild one and nothing to be serious a parent should take it easy and listen to the confinement lady advice.
  • Internet has been a very useful source for us to understand more bout baby behaviour and health....if need any baby info, google it!
  • If doing breastfeeding....get consultation from midwive and friends who are doing breastfeeding...very important advice! Most of the mom gave up at the start of the first week! Mom will know this experience soon.
  • My next challenge is without the confinement lady after her one month period over. I am worry when Dylan fall sick like cough, flu and fever! Hope we will notice it earlier and know what to do by that time. Need more advice from experienced parent on this matter.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Best and Famous Tilapia Steamed Fish @ Lan Je Restaurant, Kota Damansara & Rawang

Looking for best steamed tilapia fish ... here is one good recommendation.
  • Had dinner at this Restoran Lan Je since I read some food reviews from several blogs and colleagues introduction. The restaurant are famous for their steamed black tilapia.
  • With the original branch located in Rawang which is a bit far to drive down and not familiar with Rawang area, they have opened this branch in Kota Damansara ... no need to travel so far.

Perfectly steamed ... lots of diced garlic, shredded ginger, and chopped chili padi. The sauce is the normal light soya sauc with some other flavours.
  • My advice is one fish per pax! hehehe
  • Rawang Branch address:-
    Lan Je Steamed Fish
    27-28, Block C, Jalan Rawang
    Gerai MPS, Batu 16Rawang
    GPS: 3.306057,101.591134
    Tel No: 012-227 0037
  • Kota Damansara address:-
    F-50G & 51G Jalan Teknologi 3/9,
    Bestari DE Kota, Kota Damansara,
    PJU 5 47810 Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 012-669 9919
    Opening Hours: 1130am - 3pm, 6pm-9pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My favourite dance club music

Do you love to hear this song in disco?

  • This is my all time favourite dance club music .... The Funk Phenomena by Deejay Armand van Helden.
  • It is a famous dance music in the 90's.
  • Currently listening to this music and exercising by dancing to reduce some weights + while doing house chores

  • Let's shake your body this sunday noon!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

DiGi Blackberry

DiGi launches Blackberry ...
  • It was a big event in the office ...
  • We were distributed a handmade bookmark tied with plastic blackberries and a lucky draw number to win a bberyy handphone.

Media launch at Courtyard ...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Star Village Restaurant at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Trying out new restaurant at Bandar Puteri Puchong ...
  • We wanted to try out the Star Village after passing by many times....finally had the chance to try out their set lunch which the price is reasonable.

  • I would say their food taste is normal and nothing special ... it is edible.
  • The rendang ayam taste quite nice too ... the weird thing is, I don't know why they have deep fried sausages with ayam rendang?

  • The fish filet with the sweet and sour sauce ... taste quite ok ... not sure why got fried sausage too.

  • My recommendation in order for them to improve their business ... it is dark environment to dine at even during lunch time and got mosquito.
  • Secondly, on the food menu and taste, can slightly improve.... the food portion is excellent.

My day at work and life as a new father ...

  • Oh yes, I am getting a better sleep as Yve will wake up by herself to feed Dylan ... while I sleep like a soundly pig.
  • Thou my eye bag is still black and huge ... but got a sign of improving.
  • Dylan is fine and healthy ... last night play with him too much until he cant sleep and he starts crying all night long ... pity the confinement lady.
  • My work in office is getting hectic and busier ... additional new project assigned to me ... this time the vendor is from Sweden ... cool! wonder I got chance to travel to Sweden for meeting a not.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yuen Steamboat Restaurant at Sunway Mentari

Note: I am on leave today ... busy cleaning house and went to morning market @ 7am to buy kampung chickens and some veges, very syiok feeling.
  • Dylan kena skin rashes on the neck ... sighhh.
Love their chicken wings a lot ...
  • Since my college days, every collegemate gathering, we will have it at Yuen Steamboat at their old place (facing Sunway Pyramid) before they move to Sunway Mentari.
  • We got to go there very early else it will be fully booked and no more tables to dine.
  • Right now, it opened up to 3 floors and it still packed .... gosh ...
  • It was a bad timing for me and yve to go there at 7.30pm and we would need to wait for 15 mins to get a table.

Their thick grilled marinate chicken wings is all time favourite, will be gone in a minute or less once served out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Restoran Ayam Penyet-AP at Sunway Mentari

Chicken Dinner ...
  • Brought Edison and Pei Lee to try out the Ayam Penyet AP at Sunway Mentari. It was yve and my first time to try out this chicken stall while Yve still pregnant that time.
  • The first outlet, Restoran Ayam Penyet-AP was then opened on 9 November 2008 at SS15, Subang Jaya.
  • Ayam Penyet is a traditional Indonesian cuisine which originates from Surabaya. It is a popular chicken dish where the fresh chicken is specially marinated with various spices and herbs . The meat is then smashed with a wooden headed hammer and deep fried until golden light brown. One of the unique feature in preparing this funny name dish is the art of frying where it is crispy from outside and juicy inside.

The price is bit too expensive...I was expection like RM 5.90 for the Ayam Penyet
  • Other than the standard Ayam penyet, they have beef, cat fish, prawn, bakso (beef ball), mixed vegetable, and a few types soups too.
  • The soup was ok ok only .... nothing special. Just a small comment on the Ox tail soup ... the soup taste should be much thicker and richer in a bit too watery. The meat was good.

Sup Soto Ayam ... taste normal only and same goes for the Ox Tail soup as well...

  • Don't get frightened by the amount of food we ordered for 4 pax
    - 4 x ayam penyet
    - 1 x Empal Penyet
    - Soto Soup
    - Ox Tail Soup
    - Taufu
    - 6 x bowl of rice
  • The ayam penyet was a bit small and not filling for me and Edison, so we ordered 2 more ayam penyet to satisfy our stomach.

You get a quarter crispy chicken, a piece each of fried beancurd and tempe, some boiled kangkong, fresh cabbage, blazing hot sambal belachan and bits of crunchy golden brown fried fritter topping on the chicken.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am 1 week old

Yve & my nightmare started ... read it
  • When Dylan born out, he was a very quiet boy and seldom cry for the first 3 days except bathing time. Me and Yve thought it was easy to take care but we got it wrong ... dun say too early...
  • Our nightmare started (day 4) after coming back from the hospital from routine medical check up. Dylan started sneezing and flu ... maybe due to the cold air conditioning in the hospital. From there onwards, he just keeps on crying most of the hours. Luckily the confinement lady was there to take care Dylan.
  • Since Yve is doing breast feeding for Dylan, we got to wake up every 3 hrs to feed. Now I know it is not easy for mommy's who doing breast feeding for their kids!
  • I went back to office on Friday thou I am still on paternity leave and my colleagues saw my big dark eye bag ... yeah, hardly have enough sleeps.... need time to slowly adapt it.
  • Below is the picture of Dylan growth for a week. Hope I have responded with the request of Dylan's close up image.

Dylan is one week old now ... for past few days, he suspected of Jaundice as he got some minor sign of it... hopefully he is fine after a week where it should subsize after a week. We are very sorry to our friends who wants to come and pay us a visit but it was a busy, tiring week for us to settle down and furthermore with Dylan 'lau kai' sorry.

  • With all those nightmare experiences ... it was a good and happy moments for me and yve to remember and enjoy the experience as a new mommy and daddy. Guess the worst nightmare will begin once the confinement lady leave end of this month.
  • Thanks to Dr. Ng SP (Gynae) from Columbia Asia, Bdr Puteri Puchong who present a gift to Dylan. No need much intro of this Gynae as he is very famous in the hospital and some web forums.

Thank you Dr. Ng for your advice, for delivering Dylan and a good doctor care and monitoring for yve speedy recovery.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home cook Wanton Sui Kow noodle

I love Sui Kow a lot ...
  • Thinking of sui kow and in the mood to make own sui kow.
  • The best is the sui kow cook with yee mee noodles with 'pai kwat' bones + enchovies soup.
  • Smells nice and taste delicious ...

Home cook sui kow ... the ingredients is very simple ... minced pork meat, egg, garlic, chopped prawns, daun bawang ... add with some sauces, soya sauce, sesame oil and bit of pepper.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicken Rice Shop at Bandar Puteri Puchong

I like their Fried Butter Chicken ...
  • Chicken Rice Shop was having this promotion on their Fried Butter Chicken ....
  • Since it is one of my fav dish and would like to try out.
  • I would say it is nice for this kind of fast food shop .... wouldn't say the best compare to outside chinese restaurant.

Seems like over ordered ... but me and yve able to finish it ... this time was when yve is still pregnant ... now i know why my baby weight is at 3.5kg at 37 weeks.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to my Grandma

Happy Mother's Day to my grandma ...
  • I know it is a little bit late to post this up since Mother's Day is in month of May.
  • Since with my new born baby in the Tay's family, he is the first Great Grand Son in the family ....

  • The bouquet of flowers is given by Uncle David & his daughter Susan Jean (my cousin) ... she is a young aunty now since she got a nephew now.
  • She is very happy that she got to eat the cake ... oh yes, she can eat fried and oily stuff and even ice cream!

We love you Grandma ... she is still strong and kicking ...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yve & Via Junior update

Junior Update:-
  • Yve and Dylan both are doing fine .... he's been drinking milk and poo-ing (smelly siul)
  • Tomorrow morning, will be doing normal routine check up with the gynae and baby doctor.
  • I am on paternity leave for this whole week.....will try my best to reply your comments and cbox messages.
  • Will update regularly with picture. Thanks once again for your concern and wishes :)

Best mushroom soup and pasta in town at Pizza Uno, Centerpoint

Dinner at Pizza Uno ... still served one of the best mushroom soup
  • This Pizza Uno outlet in Centerpoint is my 'pak toh' place with yve since 2003. Most of the time, we came here to dine when we still live in PJ last time.
  • I miss their pasta and mushroom soup which is very famous dish in Pizza Uno.
  • Came with Johny and Wan Lin to celebrate our KL Marathon achievement.

They should served with some bread to dip with it...just a suggestion!

  • Their thin crust pizza was a specialty there too ... must try and order to taste it.
  • Very cheesie and lots of ingredients ... just simply love thin crust pizza!

  • Homemade pasta is a must try, just top up additional RM 2 for it! ... a must try out their grilled prawn homemade pasta (RM 30) and garlic prawns homemade pasta (RM 30)!
  • I can it worth the RM 30 u pay for this meal!

Look at the huge prawns ... worth it and the portion of the pasta is huge too...
  • Anyone tried out this outlet before? Do feedback if you have the same comment as me.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Welcome Dylan Tay aka Vialentino Junior

Rewarding pain and unfold drama ...

  • Guys and Gals, I did not went for my teambuilding this morning instead witness my arrival of my new born baby at Columbia Asia, Bandar Puteri Puchong.
  • The mother and the baby both are doing fine ....
  • It was an unexpected early delivery (37 1/2 weeks) ... cause we did our gynae visit last Saturday to confirm that my baby will not deliver early so I can go for my teambuilding safe and sound.

The details of Dylan Tay ... natural birth .... 3.5kg ...53 cm long ... head size 34.5cm... Yve doing the victory sign after delivered.

The Drama...

  • But everything is possible and unexpectedly happened ... was on my way to my office with my colleagues .... got a call from Yve that she suffer major water beg spill .... in fact, she did told me middle of the night that water been dripping.
  • By right, yve should be admitted to hospital immediately when the water beg burst and need to deliver within 12 hours ... I slept like a pig and just nod my head .... we also did not bother much since we got no experience at all.
  • I woke up at 5am and waiting CT to pick me up. Luckily was 10km away before I reach office, my colleagues who heard my conversation with yve and gynae ... immediately he make a u turn and send me back home quickly (car pooling)
  • Arrived home, and immediately took our luggage and rush to the hospital at 7.20am ... by the time check up and everything is almost 8am....we did some cam-whoring before Yve been induced.

Dylan, come and cam-whore with daddy ... and Dylan yawn (I am sian liow, everytime daddy take my picture...boring leh)

  • Thanks to the Gynae (Dr. Ng SP), Midwife (Indra) and Assistant Nurse (Jacqueline) for their caring, constant monitoring and profesionalism ... no doubt in their experience .... Yve did not suffer much pain and able to walk after that ... the labor took 10 mins with one push...and Dylan was out 11.40am ...
  • Me and Yve wanna say thanks to friends and relatives who came and visit us and Dylan....thanks for the gift too. Would like to say thanks for the lovely sms wishes to my friends, school friends, college friends and colleagues (DiGi, IBM & Maxis) ..I am sorry that I not able to reply all ur smses ... thanks thanks.

My experience in the labor room ...

  • The labor facilities is no doubt and yve very satisfied with their service and everything. Very well equiped and cleanly sterilized .... even the gynae who perform the delivery would need to wear a high white boots ....

Very high tech now...use notebook to monitor Yve progress .... very nice labor room!

  • The midwife is knowledgeable and experience .... why I said that, for preggies, they will know when a full hand insert to the pxxxx to check the baby position....
  • For those not scared to see bloods spilling out and all over the floor .... u can come and witness it! I watched the whole process and was amazing ... now i know the great sacrifice of a mother!

The ward is excellent ... nurses there are very friendly too...

  • The ward was a resort ... some people wanna labor there too after looking at the hospital and the ward room.
  • The damage (total bill) still unknown yet....
  • Till now, I need to get some good rest ... been nearly 24hrs I got no sleep....adioz.

Note: I will train him to become a famous Baby NuffNanger!

I am away for my teambuilding

Not able to reply your comment and cbox messages till Wednesday.
I will be at Lumut, Swiss Garden Hotel for my teambuilding.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lunch at Little Penang Cafe, KLCC with Brian and Cherlyn

@ Little Penang Cafe, KLCC...

(This is a scheduled post as I am at Lumut for my teambuilding event)

  • I wonder how come I did not post up this post .... this was taken early this year or last year? Brian, when was this taken?
  • Met up with Brian and Cherlyn who just came back from UK long time back.
  • Worry that I not able to join their gathering on 16th Jan @ OUG Steven's Corner ... better to meet up with them before they go back to UK.

  • We went for lunch at Little Penang Cafe @ KLCC ... very nice penang authentic food served here.
  • We had a good lunch and good chat for very long too ... thanks for the souvenir too.

  • We have known for many years from Internet Gathering till now ... until we both got married too ....
  • Hope to see u both this year or coming CNY!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 at Dataran Merdeka

Pictures and personal review of KL Marathon 2009 ....
  • Sorry for my late post on this main event as I was tied down with work. Firstly, I am glad I am 21km finisher. Secondly, very suffering and painful run for me .... read thru my experience...
  • It was my first time to participate a real 21km half marathon after my great achievement in 20km Great Eastern run (2hrs 10mins) early this year.
  • Anyway, without a proper & sufficient training and preparation for this KL Half marathon run .... it was a suffering and painful moment for me. Imagine I had a real training with Johny for once ... that was a week before the KL Marathon event.
  • Furthermore, I had company party with foods and beers ...bad timing ... i know it is my fault and face my consequences during the run.

Position 1300 out of 2800 21km runners...not bad result for me thou I cramp at 18km and walk n slow jog back to finishing line. I am dissapointed with the finisher medal quality ... dun feel like a pewter and the string is sew to joint it ... wtf for international marathon quality!

  • This is my story of my running experience
    3.15am - woke up and have light breakfast and massage my leg with yoko yoko.
    3.45am - left house to Dataran Merdeka
    4.10am - parked at Lake Garden...
    5am - watched the 42km flag off ...
    5.30am - start my warm up
    6.15am - my 21km flag off
    7.20am - pass by Berjaya Time Square (approx 10km mark - 1hr 5 mins)
    @ 18km mark - suffer bad cramp and got to rest and look for first aider for aid. Continue to walk and slow jog to the finishing line.
    - Finish my 21km with timing of 2hrs 36mins ... off my target of 2 hrs 15mins.

  • Worse part is walked back to carpark at Lake Garden ... even old folks asked how am i doing cause was limping all the way back to the paiseh ler!

42km or 195km finisher? Not so nice and confusing 42km finisher t-shirt ... Johny prefer his Great Eastern 30km finisher shirt which is much better quality and nicer design...

  • Here are my comments and review on the marathon after my run
    Good stuff:-
    1. Nice weather
    2. Good traffic control
    3. Comfortable running vest

    Bad stuff:-
    1. Finisher medal very low grade and 'laubeh'
    2. Refreshment only 100 plus drink and banana ... expecting for more than that
    3. No queue for bag and medal collection ... saw some people can take more than 1 medal.
    4. 42km runners complaint no water at water station ... some need to run to petrol station and restaurant to buy water.
    5. Very bad guidance after crossing the finishing line, don't know where to go and what to do.
    6. more blunders ... please read TheStar article here

Friday, July 03, 2009

Eating fried worm, dare you

Wonder what kind of worm is this ?
  • My uncle who came back from China, told me to try this exotic food from China ...
  • Wondering it contains melamine a not cause is China product.
  • When I open the container....damn it, why all looks like fried worm only.

  • The worm looks huge and at first I reluctant to take a bite ... but when my Uncle told me it is spicy taste one .... ooo la la, i love spicy food.
  • Took my first bite and guess wat, it is crunchy like Twisties only ... and ate a few more.
  • Really enjoy this so called fried worm ....

  • Anyway it is a Fried Ginseng Root ... hehehe.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DiGi annual party event

Shake It, Move It

  • Above was the theme 'Shake It, Move It' for my annual company party event ... we don't have any annual dinner at Hotel or watever ... but DiGizens do party a lot ... this is consider our annual dinner.
  • Happened last friday, was consider like a day off to the staff ... that's where in the morning my department gathered at Bukit Cahaya for team session.
  • We all back to office at 2pm for this event ... this was a close guarded and secret event when they mention this theme, dats why we are not allowed to come into office in the early hour ... no one knows wats going on cause we are told to clear our lockers.

top left pic: Johan (CEO) officiate the event ... rest of pics: We need to remember those words in the tunnel when we cross by ... lots of other fun and challenges ... time for group pics for rememberance.

  • It was a real fun day for the staff ... we explore the entire office by completing a task in every station at every floor and corner of the office.
  • We need to get a stamp from the booth for every task completed as a team in order to allowed to enter to the Town Hall.

One thing I notice, lots of Digizen love to be in camera and love to pose for pics .... what I can say, I truly enjoy working here ... really have fun and din bother to think bout work at the moment.

  • Basically we are divided into groups and lots of fun ... we had roti canai making, dance class, balancing, face and skin painting, iq solving and etc....imagine 30 booths of task to be completed.

bottom left pics: Meg (in orange scarf) in action ... finally met her after working 2 months.
  • I must say that I am over enjoy and totally forgotten bout my KL Half Marthon run ...
  • Was running up and down the staircase ... gosh tiring ler.

top right pic: my group leader ~ celeste ... after completing the 30 challenges ... we gathered at the Town Hall ... we are served with ice cream and muruku!
  • At 6pm , the whole session ended with the speech given by our CEO - Johan.
  • Everyone break to the parking lot area to start party ...
  • U know the first longest queue is which stall .... BEER stall and not food stall ... darn ...
  • You can see my CFO in shorts (below pic) ... cool right ... this is how casual we are!

Stefan (CFO) in shorts ... very cool and friendly person ... thanks for approving my Capex in IC meeting! Let me introduce my big boss Ole (CTO), standing at the most right side, which grilled me in my first presentation and second presentation, he is friendly and love to laugh ... top right pic: the performance by the digi management team.

  • We have Mumbai as our performer and DJ Joey G to play the music for the night.
  • Oh yeah, we have our local DiGi staff talent competition... damn kao cool man!

We thirst for beer ... it took me almost 30-40mins of waiting time to queue to get 2 mug of beers ... Mumbai in action and the hakka dancers...

  • Introducing all the funny and happening Digizens ...
  • We work hard and we play hard too ... beer is the motto of the company ... ooops, is the staff motto.... hehehe

Deejay Joey G (correct name ah) spinning the table and we got local HAKKA dance dancers .... CEO takings pics with the staff ...
  • As usual , start to cam whoring and taking pics with my colleagues ....

top pic: the beauties in my team .... rest of pics: my dept members ... all kaki makan, kaki minum and wet kaki

  • Check out the coolest and funkiest band on earth .... by DiGi.
  • With the consumption of high liquor and beer intake ... everyone start to party and dance ... imagine ppl brought in thodi as well ... power ler!

I dunno where on earth the band came from ... everyone is enjoying the performance ...

  • Pics with my buddies in DiGi.

top left pic: clarence lee, well known to nuffnang team ... top right pic: Kevin and May Wong, husband & wife in DiGi second row left pic: introduce Casey Mok , not Karen Mok yeah, important person for my projects ... from procurement third row left pic: macam couple lah when Jasprine feed Yun Loong bottom right pic: Shereen, damn kao good drinker ... bottom left pic: May Wong, my first DiGi colleague I know when I were still in Maxis....we know from clubbing ...

  • The best part for me .... FOODS .... my most sinful thing I have done ....
  • Now I know why I cramp at 18km ... maybe due to my weight and alcohol

Drank a lot of beer and makan a lot...very guilty ler....

  • Worse thing is they brought in luk luk van and thousands of satays ... how to resist ler!
  • Damn nice variety of food here ... and it is buffet style ....unlimited food.
  • Compare to my previous annual company dinner, u might asking which food i like ... i prefer this kind of food ....

Popiah ... and Nasi lemak & lekor kerepok .... yummy ler ... the lekor very nice to eat while drinking Heineken beer!
  • Any other company have this kind of big and crazy party? ... do share with me please ... I might want to apply a job there ... :)
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