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Friday, May 29, 2009

Project Nasi Lemak and Ayam Rendang

By Chef Yve and Via as the eater only ....
  • Nasi lemak and ayam rendang has been me and yve's favourite local food.
  • We know eating a lot of this is not good for our own health as the cholesterol is very high.
  • This time, Yve tried to cook from home as it is much healthy.

Ayam Rendang.... yummy ler....thou is a big portion for two person but we both manage to finish this half chicken.....kekeke.

The best part of nasi lemak is the coconut milk rice and the sambal .... yummy ler.

The extra spicy sambal ... chun ler!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog it all out

My personal life update as of today
  • Oh boy, I have been missing out lately and really miss blogging so much.
  • Probably u notice I have not been replying my cbox messages so frequent and post comments and even new blog post ...
  • Firstly, I would like to say sorry to my wife cause even at home, I got no time to take care of her and talk to her too (imagine how pressure am I)
  • Secondly, sorry to my readers that I did not blog and post it everyday and help u to give u some smile clicks.

What happen to me recently ...

  • Entering my 3rd week of work in my new company ... here is my weekly update:-
  • Week 1: Was a honeymoon period for me in DG.
  • Week 2: Was a hell for me .... taking 3 projects and one of it is a major project with tight timeline.
  • Week 3: Was a nightmare for me ... preparing for presentation and vendor negotiation.

Why Hell & Nightmare for me ...

  • Been assigned to manage this big Project X ... tough dateline and big cost and high expectation
  • My first management presentation with the project team was a disaster. I have been roasted like a suckling pig during the presentation.
  • With that, me and my project team have to work daily and weekend and late night to negotiate with the vendor and to prepare the facts for the next management meeting.
  • For the past 1 week, I can tell u none of us can sleep and eat properly as we cannot fail to get approval to get the investment.
  • I have been conferencing with the foreign vendor and bosses been emailing each other during morning 2 - 5am....imagine that!
  • Everyday when my colleague saw me, they say I look so stress and busy with meetings....they pity me as a newbie here.
  • Sad case, this is one battle I have won and there is the next big battle which is to present to the CEO for his signature.
  • I really expose and learn a lot by leaving my comfortability in Maxis previously .... this is something I have not experience as a real PM to present your entire project to the top management to get their buy-in.

The feeling of winning ...

  • After today's presentation ... I did nearly want to cry cause of over joy.
  • Many praises and makan treat throwing towards to me and the team. Firstly, my big boss treated me & team for lunch.
  • Anyway, most importantly, this is not my personal glory but is the team glory ... really appreciate and wanna thanks for their support from procurement, commercial, marketing, technology strategy group, service planning platform & PMO who supported me from behind and helping me out. Thank you to my team

Monday, May 25, 2009

My mini bonsai

My newly bought mini bonsai ...
  • Got a new things to occupy my weekend
  • I simply love bonsai cause of the toughness to withstand all the weather.
  • By looking at bonsai plants, it really calm me and make me feels relax.

  • Anyone of you have a bonsai plant in your home?

I am busy at the moment

Sorry to all my fellow readers, I am busy with my work. I will try my best to blog and reply all my cbox messages and comments.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lunch at Shanghai Ten, Avenue K

Lunch with my band of brothers in Maxis....
  • Missing my ex-colleagues and had a lunch with Alvin, Daniel, Loke and Raymond ...
  • It was crowded with people during lunch time and we can't get a table for five people.

  • Anyway, we have a splendid food and dessert as recommended by Raymond.
  • Below the food looks like a bird nest rite actually it is a dessert. The fried avocado dessert is awesome!
  • The mango sago dessert with ice cream in it taste nice and refreshing! A must try!

  • The handpull noodles (lai mian) was superbly nice....the texture of the noodles is so smooth to swallow into your mouth.

  • I love this prawn pancake .... lots of prawn inside and it is nice to eat when it is hot. The prawn is fresh and love the taste very much!

  • My favourite...Xiu Loong Bao....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yve's bday celebration with Sharon at Imperial Restaurant

I miss all the dim sum food ....
  • Sharon brought Yve to Imperial Restaurant at Puchong for dim sum in conjunction to celebrate Yve's bday.
  • I was not there cause busy with own personal matter.

  • My eyes staring at the Har Gao only....
  • According to Yve, the dim sum taste fresh and nice ... not to say the best dim sum but is edible.

  • Anyone tried this restaurant for dim sum before? I myself would like to go and try for myself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Queen's Birthday


  • Firstly, I wanna wish my Yve aka my wife ... Happy Birthday to You.
  • Of course (readers ~ cover ur eyes) ... I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

We still look young, don't we? hehehe....
  • We have a small celebration only.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration at Kim Gary Restaurant, The Curve

My mother's day celebration with my beloved mom and family ...
  • Ooopsie, this is a belated post and it happened last Sunday weekend.
  • I remembered that my dad and mom would not spend money on themself for fine, cafe or any expensive dining cause they will save every penny to support our studies. Imagine I had my first sushi king during my college time and I need to fork out every cents from my savings box just to eat sushi king.
  • I told myself that once I got my job and start working, I will bring my mom and dad to celebrate at their dream restaurant to dine at.
  • My mom did not tried any Hong Kong cafe food before and I thought of bringing them to Kim Gary restaurant since I am a member and I got 50% discount for Mother's Day.

  • With that discount ... we ordered different kind of food variety and recommend my mom my favourite drink - Iced Ying Yong!
  • We arrived early at 11am and guess what, left only two empty tables and it was packed within 10 minutes later. Luckily we went there early cause I did not make any reservation.
  • We ordered lots of cheesie stuff since my dad and mom luv's to eat cheesie food a lot.

  • Yve ordered a mixed grill set since I myself did not try any western food in Kim Gary before....wanna take a bite from Yve's plate.
  • The assorted mushrooms taste nice too ... just the cheese is a bit watery only.
  • My dad and mom totally enjoy the food very much and believe me, they really can eat a lot like me....kekekeke

  • My favourite HK Cheese baked rice with white sauce .... is a must have when u dine in Kim Gary .... lots of other nice food such as the Fried Rice too! My mom's love it when she tried it. She takes every bite of the food!

  • Lastly, what ever food or place we eat and celebrate at ... as long our mother feels happy, that is the most important thing! Don't you agree with me?
  • Happy Mother's Day to my mom and I love you :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My favourite hangout place in D' House

Nice view from my work space ...
  • I like my work space very much .... each time I look out from my window ... i see food and waterfall and nice green hill .... really feel relax and calm me down.
  • That's the cafeteria where normally I have my breakfast early in the morning and lim teh session during noon ... the cafeteria has it's name 'Reload' ...nice name rite, just like reloading my stomach every hour.
  • Is operated by the owner of 'Uncle Ho' foodcourt

I wish to jump down to the water from my draw back that it is hot at Reload especially in the afternoon. No air cond ler...
  • Took some of the Reload cafeteria ... nice and clean place to eat.
  • What ever drinks, ice cream, food (chinese, malay, indian, western) u want also can order from there.
  • The price is reasonable cheap.

I like to eat here...very clean and windy. I still can remember my experience at Plaza Sentral cafeteria, my shirt stinks with oil and cooking smell after few minutes in there.
  • Had my Hotdog with egg ... guess how much for that portion ... RM 2 only... cheap leh.
  • Damn kao nice also with those mayonaise and chilli sauce.

Yummy yum hot dog ... RM 2 only...wat u can ask for sumore! Wanna try their Pan Fried Dory Fish next time ...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nuffnang CTR Bonus

Extra easy money from Nuffnang .... good job to Nuffnang!

  • I have no regrets to join in the Nuffnang Blog Advertising Community ... in fact I regretted that I did not join in earlier ....
  • I was so busy for the past weeks and do not have the time to view my earning stats and visitor stats in Nuffnang dashboard.
  • Then I notice how come my blog ads money increased a bit.

Every dollar and cents count for my living especially for my new born junior soon ...
thanks to my readers support!

  • Till I read this ....

    CTR Bonus
    To reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

  • Wow, this is so cool as it add extras money to my milk powder money savings!
  • Got my another cheque from Nuffnang ....

Thanks Nuffnang! Who says blogging can't earn money ....

  • Most importantly, THANKS to my readers and friends who helped to support my blogsite ... really appreciate that.

Friday, May 15, 2009

House of Zen's, My Cuisine at Bandar Puteri Puchong

31 dishes for 7 hungry eaters ... all just for RM 28.80++
  • Me and Yve passed thru this restaurant many times and we saw there is chinese ala carte buffet promotion ... RM 28.80++ per pax.
  • The ambience and interior design for this restaurant is modern and nice .... u feel comfortable when dining here .... a fabulous place for family dining.

The order receipts looks scary ler.... very long list of it ... the ambience is perfect for dining.
  • I would talk bout their waiter service ... need some bit of improvement on their serving and attention ... overall it is still ok.
  • Decided to go for it and called the hungry ghost people like johny, steven, linda, netcat, meowsou, yve and myself. I made a booking, luckily, else it is packed with people during dinner.

The hungry peoples ...
  • About the food taste ... we got no complaints bout the food taste at all except for the Seafood Shark Fin soup which is bit tasteless .... overall, the food taste is excellent!
  • You only can ordered the Shark fin soup once only .... when u dine in, they will served u a complementary duck dish ... taste yummy!

My favourite seaweed taufu is in the menu list .... yummy ler...we ordered two of this cause not enuff.
  • Till now, I still can't believe we sat there and eat for 2 hrs non stop and ordered 21 dishes.
  • My tummy really expanding fast now and how am I going to run for the KL marathon coming this June.

The sweet and sour 'Ku Lok Yuk' .... taste good ... the chicken dishes taste excellent too ... the meat is soft and cooked perfectly with the sauce.
  • Because most of the dishes taste so nice ... we keep on repeating some same dishes esp the steamed white fish, fried vegetables and prawns.

The noodles is a must try ... u will not regret it .... for the claypot taufu, it is filled with many seafoods like squids and prawns .... thumbs up!
  • We are delighted with the freshness of the food especially the fish fillet and the prawns ... big and fresh ... yummylicious ler!

Obviously, these are my two favourite dishes .... prawns and steamed white fish .... damn kao nice ler...
  • What I can say, it really worth your money for this kind of chinese cuisine dishes. Imagine you have to pay for a steamboat buffet or Shabu Shabu buffet which cost u RM 25 per pax and this is just RM 28.80++ per pax only.
  • Guess this restaurant has improved a lot after reading some bad comments bout it. Give a try and let me know your feedback.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My new job life experience in DIGI

My process becoming a Digizen ...
  • I better put my post in form of question format or else it will be a lengthy post.

    Q1: How do I got approach?
    Ans: As I mentioned earlier on, thru a Head Hunter.

    Q2: How was the interview process?
    Ans: Firstly, I met with the head hunter agent for 1 to 1 interview. She then sends my profile to the hiring company for review. Dg called me up for an interview. After my interview, they contacted my head hunter agent to inform the interview result. In fact it took a few days n less than a week that I got my job confirmation....I was in shock.

    Q3: How do I feel when I got the YES answer from DG?
    Ans: Oh boy, when my job agent call n told me that I was HIRED (unlike Trump always mention YOU ARE FIRED) ... I felt very happy as this is my first time after 9 years to go thru the process of getting a new job. Of course, I jump up and down and the first thing I did was to call yve to inform her about this good news. That night, I couldn't sleep at all till 4.45am where Yve woke up for a while and saw me still awake n smiling ... and she say 'I chi sin one' - I'm crazy.

    Q4: My first day of work?
    Ans: In fact, I reached there very early, just a 30 mins drive from my home (15km distance between my office and home). Had breakfast at the cafeteria ... then went for Orientation. Went to meet my colleagues and my HOD, I was introduced to my colleagues by LN. Collected my notebook as well. My HOD organized a welcome lunch for me with my other colleagues at Shah Alam. At 6pm, people start to cabut liow. I took 40 mins to get home...reach home by 7pm. My first day was good and busy cause I was assigned to manage two projects.

My starter kit ...

  • During my orientation, I was given a tool box which comes with the MP3 stereo headset, a water bottle and multiple handphone chargers.
  • Normally, this tool box is kept in your personal locker as we don't have a fixed workstation.

I am not sure what I wanna do with this toolbox .... probably store my stationeries in my home.

  • The HR and Corporate Admin was so efficient that my first day at work, I got my new sim card, RM 1k phone voucher (given every 2 years) and my ING card.

Yippie ... don't need manually to submit claim form for phone calls during working in IBM.

  • Wow, I was wondering why the staff were given headsets .... was told by my colleague that when you work, u need to be relax and happy as they believe you can produce better work quality .... so they allowed you to listen to songs and watch movie during your free time.

Tested and the quality not bad ler...
  • I feel so energized and looking forward to come here and work every morning.
  • I would like to share bout my first departmental meeting ... it was a total different experience for me.

    Closed to 40 team members from Application, Platform and PMO team gather to listen monthly update from my big boss. We had a short break for refreshment ... makan makan again. Then we continue with the session.

    There is 3 invited speaker from our team to give a talk about anything. One of them presented financial planning and huh, at least share something which is not related to work only and it seems that all Dg staff are stock and forex investors for side income....kekeke.

    We have monthly birthday celebration too and once again, I was introduced by my big boss to the department.

The tummy of the yellow man, looks like mine now....darn....i am gaining weight in DG....darn.
  • Yes, I feel strong and energize to full bar like the Yellow Man! And yes, I gained 2kg after a week working at here .... too much makan ler!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinner at Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant, Sri Petaling

Fusion Food in conjunction to celebrate my new Digi job
  • Me and Yve craved for Fusion food suddenly ... Yve did some search and found this restaurant in Sri Petaling.
  • Roughly I know where is it located. Taking the guts to drive without the map to the cafe ... was a bad decision ... I drove two rounds passing the restaurant without noticing it cause the signboard light is off and not noticeable.
  • The cafe and restaurant served different flavor of food from few countries like Vietnam, Russia, Japan, Korea, western etc. Once you stepped into the cafe, they will greet u in Japanese to welcome u.

  • I ordered the Pan-Fried Dory Tower as it is their signature dish in the cafe ... it cost RM 18.90 only ... cheap rite for the beautiful presentation and portion below. It's also recommended in Ho Jiak!
  • The dish came beautifully presented, layer by layer to form a tower. The foundation is made of Onigiri rice, a little bit like sushi rice. Between dory fillets, there are 2 pieces of biscuits, similar to cream crackers.
  • The dory fillets were nicely done...soft and feels the meat is very fresh.

Pan Fried Dory Tower ... the decorations are entirely edible as well, there's a piece of tempura'ed leaf, pastry stick, onion ring, deep fried lotus, potatoes and brocollies.
  • Vietnamese Baked Mussels ... this is one of Yve favourite dish and mine too ... consider as one of the best baked mussels in town.
  • The taste was so uniquely and the top was crispy when u bite it. The mussles is superbly fresh!

Vietnamese Baked Mussels ... RM 11.90 only... cheap and nice ler!
  • Just want to talk bout their Onigiri Rice, some sort of japanese sushi rice which is fried in a cube shape.
  • The taste of the rice was tasteless but u can feel it taste like sushi rice. You can find the Onigiri rice in most of the main course meal.

Onigiri rice...can find in every main course meal ... quite filling...not bad taste too.

  • Yve ordered Japanese Grilled Smoked Duck (RM 19.90) as her main course.
  • The appearance itself already raise ur appetite. The taste is good, and uniquely special .... the duck meat was not oily or greasy at all.
  • When you have the first bite into your mouth with the sauce ... the feeling is like, you will definitely ask for more

This dish is feeling ... verified by Yve aka pregnant mom ...
  • We ordered this Unagi Rice Noodle Roll for our appetizers.
  • The Unagi Rice Noodle, superbly yummy and me & yve love this a lot.
  • Nice! There's no real unagi though, I suppose it's just a name to depict the dish as it looks like Unagi....furthermore, when u eat it, the sauce will makes u feel like eating a real Unagi.

There are shredded carrots and rice noodles wrapped with seaweed, deep fried and topped with a dollop of mayo and some ikura.

  • The dishes are very affordable with its lunch menu from RM 5.90 to RM14.90. Other ala carte items are less than RM20 for the main course.
  • I really like the effort of the people behind Fusion Haven trying to offer fine dining food like 5-Star hotel for normal cafe price.
  • It's just what we need in these times where "cost-cutting, global economy crisis, no money..." are the most commonly used vocabulary in our daily lives.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am a Digizen

Your final answer is here ....

  • Firstly, I got to thanks to my Head Hunter agent .... she really did a great job hunt for me and did a good negotiation for me. Treated her Sakae Sushi as a return and she is nice back to me that she will treat me back once I am confirmed (wonder how much comission she will get for this)....hehehe.
  • Anyway, I will tell more bout the experience how I got this job & my new colleagues in my next post.
  • With that, let me share some pictures of my new company. I copy and paste from some sites and some pics took from my handphone camera ... sorry for the low quality pics.

Office Night View ...

  • I love the lightings and those modern glasses architecture ... in fact, when I was first interviewed here, I was totally impressed!
  • The people here wear very casual and no dress code here .... in fact u can wear anything u like!
  • It's a different feeling to work in this kind of environment.

This is so awesome view! Doesn't looked like a local Malaysian company, right!

Some snapshots of the D' House

  • Got a huge indoor basketball court and badminton courts (air conditioned)
  • Top left picture, this is the pathway I mention that it filled with lily's fresh flower smell.
  • Oh yes, they have a nice bakery stall with fresh brewed coffee.

I love the open concept style and the best is you can work from home with your manager approval. We worked hard everyday to provide you a better service and coverage ... with the modern interior designs, it reduce the pressure and calm the staff in some way ...

Another inside company tour ...

  • Every Friday morning, there is a basket filled with fresh fruits at the pantry for the staff.
  • The meeting room which made out of wood is so cool ... the woods is specially imported from Norway as it was a present by Telenor to Digi.
  • Bottom picture, there is a mini waterfall at the back of the office and the cafeteria is located at the rocks there.

I love the meeting room name , MAFIA ... when you worked at here, you feel young, happy and energetic. I am looking forward to come here to work everyday.
  • WILL THIS BE YOUR IDEAL OFFICE ENVIRONMENT YOU HOPING TO WORK AT? Do share with me your ideal office/company environment you wish to work.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Job: Hint 04

Hint 04: I feel I am in a art school when I walked this staircase .... this is quite a obvious hint actually.

By Art Attack ... another half of the stair case is drawn by the staff childrens itself ...
  • Final answer will reveal after this hint .... maybe by now, you would know the answer by looking at this picture....

New Job : Hint 03

Hint 03: Another art display .... cool rite.

Not Lim Kok Wing University or One Academy!
  • Basket Via, don't be childish ... faster tell us ler!!! - relax people, one more hint to go only...

New Job : Hint 02

Hint 02: It served free Milo, Mocha and Nestea ...

My favourite drink ... Milo ...
  • Wei, faster tell us ler.... don't keep us suspend ler! -no no, do stay tune for more...

I got a JOB

Ended my housebusband career and part time trader ....
  • YES, I am working now ... SUPRISE? ... nah, few people find out that I am working much earlier. Guess it is time for me now to make an official announcement bout my current status that I got a job.
  • My reasons not to broadcast out cause I don't want to put pressure to myself as I am still under probation and anything can happened. I want my job to be stable before I announced it.
  • Sorry friends & my ex-colleagues for keeping it away ... hope u all understand.
  • Next question ... some of you are eager to find out where I am working ... of course, let me play a guessing game before I reveal the answer out.
  • Giving u my first hint, every 6 hrs there will be a new hint, total 4 hints only ... so stay tune.

Hint 01: I love to work in a Green Environmental company ...

I love to walk this path way.... u can smell the strong lily's flower and the leaves smell ... very refreshing. This flowers are real and they change it everyday ...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home cook Fish Noodle by Chef Yve

Healthy meal ...
  • Yve cooked this meal as this is one of my favourite healthy meal.
  • Like the fresh fish we gotten from Melaka ... the fish is so sweet and the meat is so tender.

The soup is tasty with tomatoes and fresh vege gotten from morning market.

Hair Cut with my Stylist at Monsoon ID, Tropicana City Mall

He is the stylist who changed my traditional hair style too new modern looking
  • I remembered few years back where I stick to one hair style (chow yun fatt style, like God of Gamblers) since my school days.
  • 5 years back, when I go and cut my hair at this Saloon called Monsoon-id at One Utama Shopping Mall.
  • My wife choosen this hair stylist called Jimmy to do her hair and yve recommend me that his service and styling is good. So I let him to cut my hair.

Jimmy is a Stylist Director now ... he works his way up to lead the new Monsoon ID branch opened in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya. He is very famous as he involved in few International events doing styling for few artist. You need to book his time in advanced ... and now, he is not cheap (RM 80) .... if not bcos of the 49% discount promotion, I would not come to cut my hair ... deng, I need to find new stylist liow (Jimmy, just kidding) ... hehehe.
  • I remembered he said this to me and till now he mention it to me ... "Time to change your Chow Yun Fatt hairstyle" where I used to comb back my hairs all the way up and gel it!. He mentioned why not try the lastest Andy Lau hairstyle - short, spiky and comb front ...
  • I said, OK ... go for it and time to change .... till now, I love it ... less maintainance and looks young with it....hehehe.
  • FOR THE MEANTIME, I WON'T POST MY NEW HAIR STYLE DUE TO MY CHUBBY FACE >>> added 2 kg and now weight at 84 kg from 77kg ...gOSH!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dinner at Pho Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant, Tropicana City Mall

Vietnamese Food craving ...
  • Since the Hoa Vietnamese restaurant closed in Bandar Puteri Puchong ... been a while me and yve did not ate any vietnamese food.
  • We found this restaurant thru blog recommendation.
  • Drove down all the way to Tropicana City Mall thru the bustling traffic jam on weekday just to try this out.
  • It was not a dissapointment after all.

Nice interior deco...price is reasonable and fairly price...

  • Vietnamese Lemon Grass Chicken as the appertizers ... delicious and yummy when you dipped and ate with the sauce.
  • Just wanna complaint bout the a bit small portion.

My only comment is that, they should fried longer a bit so it is a bit cripy... then only taste nice.
  • Me and Yve ordered two large mixed beef noodle .. rm 17++ per bowl for large one.
  • In fact, a large bowl, is enough to fed for 2 people ... seriously huge ... lots of noodle and thin sliced beef.
  • The soup is nice...strong in basil taste and reminds me of eating beef noodle in Vietnam.

Me and Yve were shocked to see the huge bowl and it filled up to the top of the bowl ... worth it!
  • I will definitely go there again whenever each time I visit Tropicana City Mall.
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