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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby and Children Products Warehouse Price at Puchong

This is busy than morning market ...
  • Today noon .... went to this Cuang Cheng Mao Yi Sdn. Bhd. at Meranti Jaya Industrial Park at Puchong to survey some baby products.
  • People say that baby products here is selling at very cheap and reasonable price.
  • I thought it will be a normal shop with not much of people there .... shucks, I was totally WRONG! .... look at the picture below.
  • I wonder is this happening every day or during the weekend only?
  • This is worse than I go to morning market and crowd with the aunties to buy vege and meat.

Me and Yve took a quick walk thru the warehouse as it was too packed and not comfortable to shop and survey the price there. Anyhow, this is my first time I went to look and understand baby products after yve entering her 5th month pregnancy.

  • Company Name: My Dear
    Location: No 34 Jalan Meranti Jaya 10, Meranti Jaya Industrial Park, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
    Telephone:603 8060 0093
    Location Map ... click here to view
  • Any place selling baby products for reasonable price and good quality?

Jih Ying and Johanna Gathering at Old Town White Coffee

Welcome back to Malaysia ....
  • Feeling happy to meet Jih Ying & Johanna since they back for a week stay in Malaysia from Aussie.
  • For those who not able to meet up for this gathering .... cause it is a last minute notice and they just back for a short time only.
  • Glad to see Nicholas, Mew and Mrs. Mew too ....

JY & Johanna, have a safe trip back to Aussie this coming Monday.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Joke - Professional Beggars‏

Begging can become a truly creative profession if you know how....
  • I got a good laugh after reading this joke .... damn funny!

    Parvinder and Habib are London beggars. They beg in different areas of the West End ..
    Habib begs just as long as Parvinder but only collects 2 to 3 pounds every day.

    Parvinder brings home a suitcase FULL of £10 notes, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend.

    Habib says to Parvinder 'I work just as long and hard as you do but how do you bring home a suitcase full of £10 notes every day?'.

    Parvinder says, .... 'Look at your sign, what does it say'?

    Habib's sign reads 'I have no work, a wife and 6 kids to support'.'

    Parvinder says ' No wonder you only get £2 - 3

    Habib says... 'So what does your sign say'?

    Parvinder shows Habib his sign......

    It reads, 'I only need another £10 to move back to Pakistan '.
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Taiwan Holiday at Taroko National Park

Magnificent and beautiful National Park...
  • Enuff of food post for the moment .... wanna share one of my Taiwan visited places during my Taiwan Holiday trip.
  • So far most of my trip, I never been to National Park before even in Malaysia - Taman Negara.
  • Finally, I experienced the scenery in National Park and I love it so much...the air is so fresh and the scenery is awesome.
  • I spent a one whole day here by hiring a taxi cum tour guide for NTD 2,200 (bout RM 240+) for 6-8 hours tour guide services.

The river water is so clean and clear that u able to see beneath of the river...

  • Taroko National Park is one of the seven national parks in Taiwan and was named after the Taroko Gorge, the landmark gorge of the park.
  • It spans the counties of Hualien, Taichung, and Nantou on the island of Taiwan.
  • The name, Taroko, means the "magnificent and beautiful".

Amazing view ... where to find this kind of view...

  • This is the best place to relax yourself during holiday.
  • For those photo takers, this is a photo paradise for you to flash your skill out.

Manage to see sakura flowers ....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project Siew Mai

Been a long time did not cook already ....

  • Some might wanna know how is Yve doing now? She is ok and alright despite her fall during lunch time since last week.
  • It's the opposite way now .... since Yve pregnant, I did not cook at all and we both been eating outside ... how unhealthy. - what a hubby am I, rite!
  • Normally, the hubby should do the grocery shopping and cook for the wife. - u ppl dun scold me yeah!
  • Guess I must find my cooking mood back again .... esp doing this Siew Mai.
  • Who doesn't like Siew Mai?

Before cooking this...i must find back my recipe book again .... then let me show u my skill in preparing siew mai!
  • Back-fire myself after looking at the Taiwanese Meat Dumplings which I had during my Taiwan holiday ... then thought of Siew Mai suddenly ... will execute this Project soon.

Famous Hualien Meat Dumplings in Taiwan

24 meat dumplings for me .... darnnn .... tasty and juicy
  • Anyone can translate the chinese name of the restaurant for me? Is it called Yee Xiang restaurant?
  • This restaurant in Hualien is famous for one food..... the food that I love very very much ~ meat dumplings.
  • If you are at Hualien, Taiwan ... u got to go eat the meat dumplings here. Got to know that one of the former President of Taiwan ate there before.

Can consider one of the best meat dumplings I ate before .... is a bit different taste from Malaysia chinese dumplings .... is the taste itself .... not so flovoury as Msia ones .... the dumplings here have much more original meat taste.

  • We found our way to this restaurant by asking the friendly taiwan local people.
  • We thought the dumplings come with noodles but it is not .... in each bowl, there is 12 meat dumplings and we ordered 4 bowl = 4 x 12 = 48 meat dumplings!
  • Obviously my parent in law and yve not able to finish all 12 dumplings as they took 8 dumplings each and me ate the rest of the dumplings. I realized i ate up to two dozens of meat dumplings.
  • The meat dumplings were really delicious. The meat was sweet and really tasty and the soup hot.

Imagine how fast they have to serve the dumplings out .... lots of customer! We would need to take ticket number sumore .... the waiting time for me is bout 15 mins.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Talipon Steamboat Buffet at Jalan Kuchai Lama

Maxis Outsourcing Pre-celebration ...
  • Thanks to Yew Li ... the event organizer ... the occasion is colleague gathering and as well pre-celebration for outsourcing.
  • Finally the Maxis IT outsourcing is finalized ... big relief for everyone.
  • We had the gathering last Friday at the famous steamboat buffet - Restoran Talipon at Jalan Kuchai Lama.

I stink like butter smell after the heavy grilling .... gained 2kg that night after weighting myself... the food was fairly good. Nothing to shout about.

The people...
  • Janice, Yew Li, Chee Keong, Thomas, May, Goh, Loy, Yve and myself...
  • We start from 7pm till 11pm .... no wonder 2kg gained ler....damn it

Everyone enjoying the food and chit chat .... nice nice gathering!

My 500th Post for Blogger

Thanks for your support! ...
  • This post is my 500th post for blogger and total combination of 1250 post from my old bravjournal blog (740th post).

I would like to share some of my history how I started blogging...

  • Back in year 2003, I registered a blogsite ( but was not fully active in writing. Writing/Blogging is bit boring for me.... but i still blog anyway.
  • At that time, I was thinking, if i blog ... who will read my lame and boring blog post and can't earn money at all....Waste of time...better find something else to do.
  • Then in year 2004 ... I find blogging can express my feeling and de-stress myself. So i continue to blog ....
  • Until year 2008, where I love blogging and getting serious bout it ... then I moved to and revamp my blogsite.
  • The best part is that now I can earn some money from blogging ads and posting.
  • From my heart, I find is the readers which gave me motivation to blog till now, seriously ... thanks yeah to all my friends and blog friends.

Btw, remember to click on my Nuffnang ads yeah! kakaka...just kidding

Monday, February 23, 2009

HP Pay Cut announcement for 2009

The worse is yet to come ...

  • I can't imagine the worse ... people saying the worse is yet to come and the situation will be 10 times bad than 1997 recession.
  • I feel sad for my friends in HP ... anyway, glad that they have their job in there.
  • Pay cut is always the best choice than retrenchment....agree?
  • Anyway, I will be worrying for my position and career as well ... wish me luck.

HP Staff memo...

February 20th 2009, HP announced first quarter results amid one of most difficult economic downturns that any of us has ever faced. I am proud to say that we continue to execute well in this very challenging environment.

We grew revenue 1 percent year-over-year, or 4 percent in local currency, and you need to look at these numbers a little differently this quarter. For the first time in a long time, the dollar was strengthening, so the currency conversion was actually a headwind for us. We also continued to show strong operating leverage with non-GAAP operating profit up 10 percent year-over-year. This was a solid performance, and I thank all of you for your efforts. But really, Q1 was like a tale of two companies.

HP Services — as a result of EDS and TS — had a strong quarter, delivering virtually all of the local currency revenue growth and more operating profit than any other business. It’s gratifying, because this performance was possible because of the hard work we’ve been doing to restructure those businesses.

When you take HP services out of the mix, it’s a very different picture. PSG had revenue down 19%. ESS had revenue down 18%. IPG had revenue down 19%. In fairness, across IT and even other industries, product businesses are struggling in this economic climate. And we did gain share in key market segments. PSG and ESS gained roughly 1 and 3 points of share, respectively. In IPG, quite frankly, we still have work to do across a number of dimensions like inventory, both owned and channel inventory.

In an environment like this, there’s no margin for error and no tolerance for inaction. To give you a little insight into my world, after we report our earnings, we engage in a dialogue with analysts and investors. They’re going to ask what we’re doing in light of the current environment to right-size these businesses.

The math is pretty straight forward. From a productivity standpoint, you’re supposed to reduce headcount on par with declining revenue. If you believe the environment isn’t going to improve, you should take a bigger cut to get in front of the problems. You can do the calculation, as easy as I can. We have about 100,000 people in our product businesses, with revenue down roughly 20%, and an environment that may not get any better in 2009.

I’ll be asked by investors, “Where’s the job action, where are you taking out this roughly, 20,000 positions?” Well, I don’t want to do that. When I look at HP, I don’t see a structural problem of that magnitude. There are pockets where restructuring needs to happen, and areas where actions will be taken as part of our ongoing workforce optimization process. But at a company-wide level, I don’t believe a major workforce reduction is the best thing for HP at this time.

I think we are fundamentally sound, and when the economy picks up, I want HP to be strong, and to take share and to outgrow the market. I said it last quarter, my goal is to keep the muscle of this organization intact. But we do have to do something…because the numbers just don’t add up and we need to have the flexibility to make the right long-term investments for HP.

So we are going to take action. We have decided to further variablize our cost structure by reducing base pay and some benefits across HP. My base pay will be reduced by 20 percent. The base pay of Executive Council members will be reduced by 15 percent. The base pay of other executives will be reduced by 10 percent. The base pay of all other exempt employees will be reduced by 5 percent. For non-exempt employees, base pay will be reduced by two-and-a-half percent. Additional efficiencies, including changes to the US 401(K) plan and the share ownership plan, will also be implemented. Of course, the implementation of all of these actions is subject to compliance with local laws and regulations. Follow-up communications will detail the timing and the plans in your location.

This does not change our pay-for-performance strategy at HP. If we outperform, and there is a chance we will, then we will increase the total amount of variable pay. In fact, the financial flexibility we’re gaining helps put us in a better position to compete and to win in the marketplace, and fund the bonus program this year based on pre-adjusted salaries. If the company performs well, if our individual businesses perform well and if you perform well, then you could potentially make up the difference with your bonus. I can’t promise you anything, but I tell you…there is a chance…if we get this right.

To be clear, these actions don’t make up for all of the decline in revenues. We’re also benefiting from the tough actions we’ve taken over the last few years. People always asked, “Why are we so focused on getting costs out in good times?” Now…is why that work was so important. We’ve been able to bank some of those savings, and we’re making a withdrawal, which along with the actions we’re taking today, I hope, will get us through this recession.

Again, there are no guarantees. If the environment gets worse, if the downturn lasts longer than we’re assuming, if our performance declines, we’ll have to reassess. But for now I believe this is the right thing for the strength of HP.

I know this is a tough time. But if we get this right, HP can be the kind of company that not only has led, but will extend its leadership. We can emerge from this recession in a powerful position to create value for our customers, our shareholders and our people for years to come.

Thank you.

Sinful supper but yet delicious supper at Melaka

My favourite mi hun kueh for lunch at Melaka ...
  • Had this big bowl of 'mi hun kueh' at Kampung Lapan .... love their chili when mixed with the thick soya sauce ...
  • Thou it is a dried mi hun kueh, melaka style is bit of watery which I like it! Can slurp some of the gravy into my stomach.

Top pic: Before mixing it ... Below pic: After mixing it the chilli and the black sauce! Introduce many friends to try it and they will come and have this when they visit Melaka

My SINFUL supper at 10pm ...
  • I know it is unhealthy to have late supper ... but couldn't help it ... cause I have dinner at 5pm.
  • Then bout 10pm, I start to miss certain Melaka foods ....
  • Here is my supper for the night - small bowl of wantan noodles (Famous Yao Tou Mien), grilled chicken wings and fried oi-chien.

Wantan noodles cost RM 2.50 for small size and one piece of chicken wings cost RM 1.80

Still feeling hungry ...
  • People wondering who is pregnant or yve? Hahahaha .... din know I still feeling hungry after chicken wings and wantan noodles.
  • Finally this fried oi-chien satisfied my stomach.

Small size packet cost RM 5 ... the fried oi-chien taste not bad as well ... first time trying this stall ... there is a famous oi chen stall at the city ... next time will go there and eat.

  • How is your late supper like? as heavy as mine?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Valentine's Day simple gift

Simple and yet meaningful ....

  • A simple gift - bouquet of bears and a v-day card with personal message ...
  • Dat's my gift for yve ...

3 bears symbolize 'I Love You' always...
  • What's your v-day gift you received or present?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CNY: Daniel Open House

Become banker again...

  • Open House visit organized by Daniel at his new house at Putra Heights.
  • No need to intro him as he is famous for his 'ability' in the office.
  • This is my final gambling session for CNY 2009!
  • Got lucky again this time to win some little money.

Got double Ace .... need to pay me triple sumore ... earn some money to buy milk powder liow! thanks thanks.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pei Leng's Wedding Reception at Concorde Hotel

Some pictures of Pei Leng's Wedding reception ...
  • The previous post bout my ex-colleague wedding reception on the Valentine's Day, some people email to me said how come no clear pictures of the bride and the groom & FOOD.
  • Now, share the pics with you. Thanks to Vincent's for uploading in his flickr website and i copy from there.

Imagine 3 guys whacking the whole duck for 10 pax into our stomach ....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lam Mee at One Utama

Missing Lam Mee suddenly....
  • After moving to Puchong ... I miss the famous lam mee at Uptown Damansara.
  • Anyway...during shopping at One Utama ... saw this LAMMEEYA restaurant....went in to give it a try.
  • Those dunno wat is lam mee ... below is the picture of it.

I ordered the original lam mee .... the portion is quite big .... RM 8.80
  • Lam Mee is long yellow rice noodles cooked in a rich gravy made from the stock of prawns and chicken.

I love their lam mee chili sauce...spicy and nice to eat ... their white coffee also taste nice! Got few sauces for u to choose for ur gravy...i did add some vinegar into my lam mee gravy and taste nice.
  • If you asked me if this is the best and yummy Lam Mee, I wouldn't say so ... the yellow noodle is a bit hard and not soft when chew and swallow it .... the gravy taste is ok ok nia.
  • If you asked me the taste is good and edible o not?? ... my answer is below.

I did finish everything including the gravy .... it is edible and taste not bad.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IBM China promotes work from home & flexible job culture

Can IBM Malaysia promote this culture here as well???
  • If you’re a full time IBM employee in China, chances are you’re one of those few corporate people who work from home. If you’re an IBM employee working somewhere else, you may want to cry reading this.
  • In 2001, IBM China introduced flexible job & work programme, which includes working at home, working part time, mobile work programme, leave of absence programme and individualized work schedule programme. To date, about two-third of IBM’s 9000 employees in China have joined the program, which has managed to eliminate restriction of commuting, location and time problems that come together with conventional job.
  • Through these flexible programmes, IBM wants to encourage its employees to find a schedule and atmosphere that best fit the nature of their work and personal needs, thus increasing their productivity and earning their loyalty.
  • Damn, how nice if I can work from home.... I can be much more productive!

What do you think of Work From Home (WFH)..not WTF?

CNY: Behind the Scene

Foods, Black Jack, and Friends ...
  • Guess some of you all remember my post bout my finalle gambling session. After dat, it is not my final gambling session. Click here to read previous post.
  • Here is the uncovered story.
  • Feb 6th, Friday ... 10.30pm ... friends starting to arrive at my place. The time is a bit late due to I have dinner with colleague. So sorry yeah.
  • Yve did cooked some light foods to serve the guests ... after all, it is not light food as I imagine for supper. I din know she cooked all this after work.

I love the dessert a lot and the fried noodles ....
  • We start to chit chat while eating before going to the main agenda - gambling.
  • Thanks to fanny, dae, johny, lyn, shirlyn, netcat, meowsou, edison, pei lee, daniel, corina, alvin, thomas and vic tian to come by my house.

  • Without further delay ... we began the session as everyone hand is itching.
  • Min. ringgit monopoly 5 per bet ...
  • Dae, thanks for your cheque! hahaha....
  • Summary, thanks for the investment to my baby milk powder ... can buy few tins liow. Anyhow, importantly is everyone enjoy it ... losing and winning is not the real matter!

I must say I was very lucky as a banker that night after announcing the 'good news' .... the last few rounds is a real pressure for me as everyone double their bet ... got 21 and black jack at the end of the few rounds ... from losing hundreds ... back to winning hundreds monopoly money!

Lesson learned ... DO NOT GAMBLE! Save your money in the bank...Agree?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jogging at TTDI Park

After big and heavy meals during CNY and Valentine's day .... it is time to burn fats NOT!
  • How to burn fats after jogging and eating nasi lemak rendang??? Anyway, that is Johny's nasi lemak ... I had 2 half boiled eggs and roti bakar ... fattening also ler...
  • Last Sunday weekend, we recruited a new member - Dae into jogging.
  • Hey Fanny, Dae really got potential to be marathon runner!
  • For those who can wake up early in the morning .... meet us at 6.30am at TTDI park to RUN to Burn Fats and have a nice breakfast after dat!

The best nasi lemak in Uptown Damansara .... Village Park Cafe

Monday, February 16, 2009

Be My Valentine at Concorde Hotel

My Valentine's Day celebration at Pei Leng & Kay Kwee wedding dinner ...
  • Firstly, congrats to Pei Leng & her husband on their marriage.
  • This year, I will be celebrating my valentine's with yve at my ex-colleague wedding dinner.

Me and yve .... please dun aim at her belly yeah! hehehe .... aim at me please - Mr. Vialentino on V-day.

4 bowls of shark fin soup for me .... satisfied kao kao!
  • This wedding reception was truly indeed new experience for me ... WHY? Cause the groom sang a song from the stage while the bride was waiting at the door entrance before the groom sang all the way to the door entrance before stepping into the ballroom together.
  • Why I had four bowls of shark fin soup? Me not being greedy actually .... the reason was because there was only 5 people in my table only.
  • Normally I had max of 2 bowls of shark fin soup ....but bcos not to waste it ...everyone of us would have 3-4 rounds of the soup.
  • The halal food served at Concorde Hotel was amazing truly nice to eat for a hotel standard.
  • We manage to whack cleanly the entire dishes except for the prawns, fried rice and the dessert.
  • Imagine us finishing the first hot and cold combination, the whole duck & fish which we left the bones only ... at the end ... I am the one suffered.
  • I must say this ... SAVE THE SHARKS ... dun eat shark fin ... I will do it! When there is no demand, there is no killing.

The bride and the groom come to each table and yum seng....overall, me and yve reall enjoy the wedding dinner!

For those who planning and looking for restaurant for their wedding dinner reception ... I can suggest u to have at Concorde Hotel (Ballroom & Xin Cuisine)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some seafood restaurant at Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Eat until forgotten to take the restaurant name ...
  • I had my college lunch gathering during CNY at Kepong
  • I can't believe until forgotten the restaurant name and did not even take picture of it. No worries... i will come back here to eat again and will tell u the details of the restaurant.
  • Seriously my mind was bout the food only and chit chat with my friends.
  • I tell you....the food here very yummy leh esp the cheese seafood in claypot and the pork ribs ... walaueh!

The big picture at the center ... is the cheese seafood in claypot i mention earlier on .... very very nice and lots of big prawns, squid and fish slice in it .... Bottom right pic: The fried taufu came with crab meat and some small pei nice ler! .....Bottom left pic: the pork ribs .... very huge and we eat till the bone left only.

Eat untill clean clean leh....even the gravy....we din let go ler.... For 11 pax...the amount came bout RM 200+ ... quite reasonable for the food type and the amount we ordered. Oh yeah, we did ordered chicken...seems like the chicken bone also gone ler....can't recognize which is the chicken dish.

Maxis IT Outsourcing to IBM 2009

Maxis and IBM Sign Five-Year IT Services Agreement
  • Finally my company IT outsourcing is announced in the news. Yes, it is true that Maxis IT dept will be outsource to IBM.
  • People out there asked me, am I retrenched or VSS ... it is NOT ... I still have my job and I will be working in the same office and doing same role ... just my payroll and benefits is coming from IBM.

  • Recently been busy attending IBM session to understand IBM company and their benefits.
  • Below is the news from marketwire

    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--(Marketwire - February 13, 2009) - Malaysia's leading mobile telecommunications operator Maxis Communications Berhad ("Maxis") and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Maxis Mobile and IBM in Malaysia have entered into a five-year Information Technology (IT) services relationship.

    This relationship will enable Maxis to fast-track the transformation of the company's IT services and solutions to deliver multifaceted, innovative and enriching experiences to its subscriber base of over 11 million in Malaysia.

    "This is an exciting moment for us at Maxis. We are happy to enter into this historic and strategic relationship with IBM," said Sandip Das, Maxis' Chief Executive Officer. "Our two companies share a common commitment to delivering innovation and bringing contemporary services to our customers. Besides enhancing our competitiveness and strengthening our leadership, this partnership is a vital part of our efforts to propel Maxis to the next threshold of providing future-ready and reliable services that will bring tangible benefits to our subscribers."

    Under the agreement, IBM will support Maxis' transformation of key business processes over the next five years, including customer relationship management, service delivery platform to support value-added and data services, business intelligence and dealer management. In addition, Maxis and IBM will also jointly engage in innovation projects with a focus on extending existing business capabilities to address new market opportunities and drive business process innovation to achieve new benchmarks in service quality.

    "By bringing our deep global expertise in business transformation services and innovation, we will help Maxis continue to deliver value to its customers, enable business growth and boost productivity," said Satish Khatu, IBM's General Manager, Global Technology Services, Growth Markets Unit. "IBM views this as a significant partnership for the company in the region."

    "With our broad range of products, solutions and expertise, IBM is poised to help companies like Maxis improve their efficiency and cost effectiveness through innovation and transformation. The current global economy presents challenges, but we look at it as an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and our clients from the rest," said Ou Shian Waei, Managing Director, IBM Malaysia.

    IBM is one of the world's largest technology suppliers to the telecommunication industry -- more than 90 percent of the world's communications service providers are IBM clients.
    The agreement was signed on January 31, 2009.
  • About Maxis Communications Berhad

    Named Asian Mobile Operator of the Year 2007, the Maxis Group currently operates in three key Asian markets -- Malaysia, India and Indonesia -- with a 5,000 strong workforce collectively serving over 24 million customers and offering a comprehensive range of communications services, including mobile and fixed line telecommunications, value-added data and content services, wireless and fixed line broadband services and international gateway services.

    In Malaysia, Maxis Communications Berhad ("Maxis") is the country's premier mobile telecommunications operator, with the lead in postpaid and prepaid subscriber base. The Maxis Group operates in India through subsidiary Aircel Limited and in Indonesia through PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler.

    Since it began operations in 1995, Maxis has won numerous awards. Recently, the company was recognized as "Malaysian Mobile Operator of the Year" by Asian Mobile News at the 2008 Asian Mobile News Awards and "Malaysia's Service Provider of the Year" by Frost & Sullivan at the 2008 Malaysia Telecoms Awards, due to its clear demonstration of leadership in business performance, brand value, sustained service excellence, network quality and product innovation.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday 13th - Thanks to Le Tour De Langkawi

Smooth traffic for me and worse jam ever for others ...

  • Friday 13th, early morning ... I got sms alert from thestar stating that Le Tour De Langkawi will be using LDP highway route.
  • I was worry that it will cause jam at the Sg Besi Highway and will be late to work ... to my suprise ... it was a smooth traffic flow from Puchong to Bukit Jalil.
  • Then my friend called ... he stucked in a freaking jam due to Le Tour De Langkawi. He was cursing all the way (sei pokai those riders! cause the jam till cannot move).
  • I did not imagine how worse can the traffic jam be like till I read the newspaper this morning.

  • Damn, this is bad .... my friend is like cursing the event and why did they close during peak hour at 8.30am and not much of information to divert the vehicles to alternative route.
  • Anyway, this is the Friday 13th nightmare for LDP users!

  • Friday 13th is a bad day for me and yve too.... Yve got a fall and her knee got cut n bruises during her lunch time and I sprained my ankle a little bit while walking.


Happy Vialentino's Day Everyone

I wish you have a romantic day with ur colleagues, friends, family and love ones ...
  • Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is an occasion celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world.
  • I would like to wish all my friends, colleagues and bloggers ... a happy valentine's day. Below is my personal message to you.

To my colleagues,

  • Wish my colleagues have a romantic day with their work .... kekeke ... just kidding.

Weirdo colleagues ... hehehe .... not a good way to celebrate valentine's day like dat.... nobody will want u with this kind of look .... hahaha

To my buddies,
  • Not everyone of my buddies is in the picture here .... but would like to wish u all have a nice romantic day or night ... for those gays, dun stick ur wood into each other, for those lesbians, dun kiss in front of public and for those straight ones .... don't litter everywhere! hahaha
  • For those single ones .... hope u will celebrate v-day with ur partner next year!

Hope all my buddies will have a nice v-day celebration ... knowing them for almost a decade

To my bloggers and net friends,
  • Happy v-day to u all .... dedicate my love to u all for supporting my blog always.

My college buddies,
  • Make more babies yeah!

Sorry that I did not add other college friends pic in here .... in this picture, they are from different course ... glad to know them for 10 yrs till now

My dearest Yve,
  • Love u always ....

Aiyoh .... I look so romantic and young last time ....sighhh

Lastly, i wanna wish u all HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY and tell me how you celebrate and wat gift did u present to ur loves one . As for those single ppl, tell me how u celebrate it (dun lah tell me sleep at home)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Salesman tricked into investing in get-rich-quick scam

I've learned my lesson before ...
  • Read the story from thestar news yesterday ...
  • I admit I've been conned in of the get-rich-quick scam offered in the internet before. It is my own friends who introduce me this programme and show me her profit statement.
  • I was convinced and start to invest. Obviously me and my friend knows is a huge risk into investing this and I need to exit early to get the profit.
  • However, I was the un-lucky one .... the internet company site not able to login after a month ... guess it is time for them to cabut after sucking millions dollar from people around the world. Sumore, it is in USD dollar!
  • Understand the greed from a human being (like me) .... but how come ppl still dun learn after hearing and reading all this kind of get-rich-quick programme.
  • Stock investment is still the better choice for me.
  • Click here to view
    JOHOR BARU: A 39-year-old cellphone salesman has been cheated of more than RM50,000 in an investment scam.

    Lee Wei Wah was approached by a woman about investing in an alleged Japanese company in June last year, which promised to double the profit of the amount invested. He said the woman told him over the phone that it required a minimum investment of RM50,000 to get such a return.

    “The woman told me not to tell anyone else or I will not get such a profit. Con victim: Lee showing a copy of his police reports and bank slips at the press conference in Johor Baru yesterday. “I paid the RM850 registration fee and received two certificates, which were faxed to me,” he said, adding that the woman promised to deposit the profit into his account after the full investment was made.

    Blinded by greed, Lee said he continued to deposit money into different bank accounts, which amounted to RM56,682, with the hope of doubling his money. But he did not get any returns after a few weeks of making the last payment.

    “I tried calling the woman and even went to her office in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, but I could not locate her,” he told a press conference organised by Johor Baru MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau deputy chief Michael Tay here yesterday. Lee has also lodged a police report at the Johor Baru Central police station.

    Meanwhile, Tay said he would meet with police and bank representatives to help expedite the investigations. He also reminded the people not to be easily fooled by the promise of easy money. Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Zainuddin Yaakob said police were investigating the matter.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentine's Day celebration

V-day = a day to fork out money for expensive dinner & gift and where roses cost RM 10 per stalk!
  • In few days time, Valentine's day is coming (14th February) .... friends asking me how I celebrate my v-day and wat gift I am giving to my wife.
  • To me, not necessary that u need to celebrate valentine's day with ur love ones but with friends also & also not necessary to buy expensive gift to ur love ones.
  • Anyway, below is my plan to celebrate my V-day.

My V-day Plan ...

  • Hmmm, with the money I won from few gambling sessions ... I feel lucky this year thou it is not a good year for me.
  • Now I got the capital to plan for my V-day ....

Money money....thanks people!

  • Because of bad economy, it is time to save money rather spend on fine dining and giving an expensive gift to my wife. ~my dearest wife, you understand rite....hehehe
  • I think girls out there must be feeling unlucky for my wife to have this kind of un-romantic husband rite. ~girls out there must be feeling lucky not to have such bf/husband

No fine dining for V-day this year due to global economy crisis!...wat a lame excuse!

  • Since this year is a bad horoscope year for me, I will do things carefully and will not do any crazy and dangerous activity such as driving a Z4 at 240 kmh on the highway!
  • Will stay at home during V-day .... home is the safest place and can spent 100% quality time with my wife ~ wat kind of husband is this!, can think of this reason.

No speeding .... no high risk activity for me this year! Will do more blogging instead!
  • Will not go for vacation for V-day .... worry terrorist will strike again! ~like dat every place also no need to go ... sure terrorist will bomb the whole world

No vacation this year ....

  • On V-day ... I will stay at home and eat at home and use the winning MONEY to buy MILK Powder. ~from gamblers, we have contributed many tins of milk powder already :p

6 years planning down the road ....

  • Milk Powder???
  • Because my wife is PREGNANT! This is our Valentine's Day gift for each other :)
  • Wishing everyone Happy Valentine's day.

Positive! Father To Be ... :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home Made Popiah

Family Gathering @ my parent house....
  • Once a while, my mom will prepare popiah for the whole family .... cause it is everyone's favourite food in the family.
  • It is not an easy task for my mom to do this as she needs to cook few dishes for popiah. It is different from those popiah sold at the stalls.
  • All is home cooked except the popiah skin and the sauces.

A picture of my family and relative enjoying the popiah .... we have to wrap by ourself.

Top left pic: Home grown cili padi sauce ... it is super super hot! I am a person who can take hot n spicy without problem but i could not stand this chili .... super power hot! Some of the dishes cooked for popiah - mushrooms, vege, long beans, fried beancurd, fried cabbage, carrots, turnips

Some dishes for popiah - fried egg, chicken floss, fried bawang, fried groundnuts ... yummy ler! Told my mom dat she can sell her popiah for RM 2.50 per piece cause got a lot of ingredients in it!

My Popiah ... end result

  • Not bad rite the way I wrapped my popiah ...
  • The funny part is that my relative love to comment each other the way others wrapped ...

I put everything in it except fried beancurd and carrots ... I have 10 rolls of popiah with 1 hour interval break! Tao pao back 5 rolls sumore....kekeke.

Do you like to eat POPIAH? Any recommendation for famous popiah in your area?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lion dance at my office

Lion dance @ Maxis Technology Center, Plaza Sentral
  • My IT department organize a Lion dance performance for the staff and to bless our office place.
  • When the lion dance drum played in the office .... wahliow... can become deaf ler!
  • Anyway, I really enjoy the lion dance performance.
  • Sad to say that this is my first lion dance performance I watched thru out the CNY...finally got the chance to see it face to face.

Two lions blessing our cubical and CIO office .... really fun two watch this lions performing their stance.

Monday, February 09, 2009

My New Found Hobby: Spacewarp

Spacewarp 10000 ...
  • Went to Dae's house and saw a roller coaster rail ... was so curious and fascinated bout it.
  • When Dae roll the ball .... I straight away wanted to get this toy.
  • This toy is called Spacewarp and the version is 10000.
  • This toy only can be found in Japan ... need to import back here.
  • It is not simple to make this roller balls run perfectly on the rail ... u need lots of patience and understanding of little bit of physics.

Dae told me he took a month to make it perfect .... I was suprise as I thought just take a day or two complete it .... it is very complicated to build....can take a month or more to complete it.
  • Spacewarp is line of build-it-yourself toy rolling ball "roller coasters" first made in the 1980's.
  • Users cut lengths of track to the correct size from a single roll of thick plastic tubing, forming curves and loops held in place by plastic track rail holders which attach to metal rods held vertical in a black plastic base.
  • Steel balls roll around the track and on to a battery-powered elevator that takes them to the top to start all over again.
  • So guys and girls out there, you like this ADULT TOY?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Maxis IT Transformation 2009

I Been Moved ...
  • Finally my company outsourcing deal is announced officialy last Thursday.
  • My long awaiting news has granted ... it is a perfect time for me to work in a new company after my 9 years working in Maxis. Yes, it is a great long year for me since I graduated and it is my 1st job in Maxis.
  • I am happy and sad .... a mixture feeling indeed ... happy because moving to a new company for my career advancement and sad because leaving the happy memories shared with my colleagues (9 years leh) ... Maxis is a truly good company to work in.
  • I am waiting for my newemployement offer coming next week and hope to see wat's the package like. I am happy that my 9 years of Maxis will be recognized in the new company.... it is like 9 years working in the new company ... a great deal for me.
  • I will start my new company - 1st April 2009 ... wat a coincidence ... April Fool's day.
  • Will tell you more updates soon ...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lou Sang at Spring Garden Restaurant, KLCC

Thanks to Victor Lee for the dinner treat...
  • Victor is my ex-boss ... a very great and truly respected boss I've worked for.
  • He organized a hoi gong zao with fellow ex-Maxis staff .... gather and chit chat around + gossiping bout Maxis IT Transformation.
  • Since I joined to a new team which called Mobile Data 4 years ago was a totally new field for me..... he guided and give me 100% of freedom n support to manage projects .... only when I hit a problem, I will look for him.
  • I must thanks to him that he have groomed what I am today.

The Spring Garden restaurant at KLCC served very nice dim sum during lunch time ... it is always packed with people. For the dinner I had at here, it was truly nice dishes and yummy-licious ... no doubt bout the food taste and quality and also the waiter services - excellent. To those tried here before, wats ur say?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Finale Fatt Choi Session

My house visit ....
  • I will be having an open house tonight @ 10.30pm with my friends and yve friends .... a finale gambling session for me.
  • Light food will be served.
  • To all my blog readers, how much did you win or lose so far?

To all my invited guess ... remember to bring more cash yeah! ... hehehe
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