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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Korean BBQ experience at Restaurant Daorae @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Original Korean BBQ experience ...
  • Greeted by the owner with a smile ... here is my 3rd re-visit. The first time, the owner served us a free pan cake to try.
  • Very friendly and efficient customer service.
  • The food here is very delicious ... seriously yummy! Till now, I am not bored eating korean bbq.
  • The other best Korean BBQ restaurant is at Korean Village at Ampang there....not sure the name of it ... it was one of yve's korean friend who brought us there to eat.
  • Pics taken by Samsung Omnia.

Okay, don't get shocked ... the amount of food shown in here is for two person .... the seafood kim chi soup is very good and delicious. What I like bout korean bbq is that the side dishes is free re-fillable. They got bali-tong ... yum yum...refill it many times.

We ordered the pork and beef marinated meat ... it was huge portion .... luckily we manage to finish it. Eating korean bbq is not u can expect the price for it....but is worth it!


Ashleyteng said...

wah via.. you always willing to spend much in food!
but then must take care body ya.. food from outside always oily....!

Reanaclaire said...

hehe..via..after running to lose calories, so fast replenish back already with korean food..
ok to live, right??

have a sumptious chinese new year!!


Josephine said...

are those Balitong?
Nice ar?

Unknown said...

you should try those in the korean town at ampang. excellent!

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