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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Look Back & 2010 Resolution

2009 Review ...

  • I set my 2009 resolutions previously with 2 action items only
    1. Complete a Full Marathon (FAILED) - Completed 2 Half Marathon only
    2. Achieve 70kg body weight (FAILED) - reached 77kg from 98kg
  • Anyway, there are many good things happened in 2009 for me and yve
    1. BABY Dylan (biggest gift & achievement)
    2. New DSLR camera & new wedding photograpy online site for me
    3. Verve Suites unit
    4. Yve's new baby online shop
  • My dissapointment for this year are:-
    1. Lost Google Adsense income as being banned by Google :(
    2. Wrong investment decision into Wine

My 2010 Resolution ...

  • I set one resolution for myself ...
    1. Achieve 77 kg body weight and maintain for half a year.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DiGi CS Tech Week 2009

Charity Car Wash for Shelter Home for Children ...
  • It is a joint Customer Service together with Technology Group effort for this Charity Car Wash.
  • At RM 10, you get your car being wash and polish and best part is you get to park inside the office compound. You can get the DiGi CTO to wash your car at RM 50.
  • All money will go to charity ... and believe it a not ... it was fully booked and the response were too good that all car wash tickets being sold out ... more than 100+ hundred cars being wash.

  • It was a team effort shown by CS and Tech group helping each other to wash the car ...
  • As a photographer by taking pics ... i feel the joy and the heat too from the sun ...

  • Everyone have fun and good laughter ... this is the DiGi spirit!

  • All of us can be professional car washer ...

  • Have you been doing charity ??? Set as one of your 2010 resolution ... it is not too late!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Layer Tea and Pork Noodle @ USJ

What a nice combination of food and drink for my lunch ...

  • Went out for lunch at USJ ... guess what, my mistake did not take pics of the restaurant name ... focusing on the pork noodle and 3 Layer Tea recommended by my colleague - Kean Siang.
  • Maybe I am bit 'sua koo' that did not try this special 3 Layer Tea before ... It's known as Teh C Peng here. I tried teh c peng but is ordinary one.
  • 3 Layer Tea is a popular drink from Sarawak. This drink has a very unique taste and F&N Evaporated Filled Milk is proven to be the best Evaporated Milk to compliment the richness of the tea and the sweetness of the Palm Syrup, creating the perfect blend of aroma, texture and taste
  • Guess it's a big hit now.

This is how it look like. Bottom - Palm Sugar ; Middle - Evaporated Milk, Top - Tea ... cost RM 2.50
  • Our main objective is really the Pork Noodle ... the soup is very sweet and got porky taste ... not bad ler ...
  • This was my second time to eat here with my colleagues as this time, we brought our manager 'God of Food' to try out ... he gave thumbs up ... certified taste good!

Lots of pork balls and pork meat ... chun ler ...
  • Sorry for my absence and slow in replying my comments ... busy month for me!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Caroling

Where is Yve's present? ...

  • The Thermos is a gift by Yve to baby Dylan since he already started to eat solid food @ 5th month old.

  • Below is my X'mas present from Yve ... Belgian Chocs ...

  • For Yve's present, I give my full heart of love and kisses to her ...

X'mas Caroling @ my parents house ...

  • Every X'mas eve, my grandma will call her church members to come to my parent house for caroling.
  • This year is fun as it is Dylan's first X'mas caroling and most of my aunts are back from Texas and Melbourne to come and join this caroling.
  • My parents house will decorate the Christmas tree kao kao with decos.

X'mas tree in da house ...

  • Dylan so enjoy this X'mas eve ... so many aunts and uncles take care of him and lots of candies and toys for him.

We wish u a merry x'mas ...

  • The carol group came at 10.30pm ... wat a big big group ...

Dylan snoozing off while caroling ... kesian him ... pass his bed time

  • Till then, ho ho ho to you next year ....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Via @ James Bond Island, Krabi

The famous James Bond Island @ Krabi ...

  • This is where for the first time of my life, I need to abandon boat due to engine malfunction halfway cruising thru the mongroove river.
  • Luckily it was not sinking ...

  • James Bond Island, known originally and locally as Ko Tapu or Nail Island, found fame through the 1974 Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun".
  • The film starred Roger Moore and Christopher Lee (as the three nippled arch-villain Scaramanga) but it was the scenic topography that helped make the film into a firm Bond favourite.
  • It also turned the previously unknown Phang Nga Bay into a major tourist attraction.

  • This is one of the paradise place for photographers ... very nice isolated islands and scenery to be taken at here ...
  • Do enjoy my pics below :-

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Chai Kueh

This is my favourite kueh ...
  • I can eat many of this in one go ...

  • Made by my mom ... I just tao pao some back to home and steam it only.
  • It is not easy to make the skin itself. Wonder how my mom can make it so soft and tender ...
  • With the fillings inside , so juicy and tasteful!

  • Thougth of selling my mom's chai kueh outside but don't have the time to execute this business yet.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Angie Pre-Wedding Dinner

Congrats to Angie and her hubby on their marriage ...
  • Ho Ho Ho ... it is Christmas day today ...
  • I will be busy this weekend as I am hired as their major wedding photographer for morning tea ceremony and night wedding dinner reception.
  • When she told me there is bout 60 tables during the wedding night, I was like ' Wow' ... great for me that I can take many photos!

  • Brought Yve and Dylan along to celebrate Angie's pre wedding night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dylan Christmas Party @ Taska Ria

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends & readers ... from Via & Family ...
  • I would like to wish Merry Xmas to all my friends, family and colleagues and of course my blog readers ... wish u all have a wonderful X'mas celebration and great holidays.
  • Dylan had an early X'mas party organized by his nursery at my place here.

  • So sad that I not able to join thru out the session as I got Wedding dinner to attend. Yve told me got lots of event like magic show, clown, guitarist and etc.
  • Dylan became center of attraction again ... carried by different nannies and mommies ... he seems enjoying it.

  • With that, don't drink and drive yeah ... think of your safety first! Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vogue Tower, Verve Suites @ Mont Kiara

Concentrico Concept ...
  • Me and Yve been thinking about our retirement days when we hit 55 yrs old. We need a smaller place to maintain ... dat time already old, tulang also karat already and no energy to clean the whole house.
  • It is difficult to find a single storey house now ... therefore the only small living space for couple is condominium or service apartment to be consider only.
  • Went to have a look at Mt. Kiara area ... just for the fun. We got to know of the 1 Payment Plan where u just pay 2.5% of the property amount and another 5% rebate given by the developer and bank loan up to 92.5% ... sounds interesting! Imagine 1 mil property value and with 2.5% DP is just RM 25k to own a place at here.

  • VERVE® Suites is a daring new approach to contemporary living for the fast-paced professional, featuring innovative living concepts. Life here is about thriving beyond the space of your own home. The four towers which make up VERVE® Suites combine fully-furnished designer suites, sky lounges and an adjoining retail centre, VERVE® Shops; all within the same vicinity. With the sky lounges located at the peak of the towers, all residence can enjoy the penthouse view.

  • The Viva and Vibe fully sold out! Now they are selling the Vogue tower which is 70% sold out now.
  • Got to know that the Viva Tower (Block A) that residents have start moving in. The transacted rental is RM 3.8k per month for a 400+ sqft only!! That time the unit was selling at RM 400k - 500k depending on unit type.
  • If i calculated correctly, if your unit is RM 500k and monthly loan installment is RM 3k after BLR - 2.2% ... u have gained RM 800 extra per month. Ooops, just deduct 30 sen per sqft monthly maintainenance is bout RM 135 ... you still profit that if you got tenant to rent your place!

  • I love the experience whenever I visit their Sales office. When we arrived there, we were guided by a 1-1 sales person ... they are very friendly ... serve you drinks and light refreshment.
  • The last time me and Yve came to BKP Sales Gallery was about few years back when they are launching the Hijauan Kiara. We came again to see this new concept.

  • By looking at all the facilities, you be tempted to purchase one! Serious shit ... darn ...
  • Hand itchy but pocket empty ...

  • It is developed by Bukit Kiara Properties Sdn Bhd (BKP) is one of Malaysia’s specialized property developers headed by the widely experienced and renowned Dato’ Alan Tong Kok Mau, the visionary behind the success of Mont’Kiara, and his son N.K. Tong.
  • We were told that it was fully furnished! Wow...wat a great deal.

  • Last time me and yve dreaming to own a place in Mt. Kiara, cause we never thought we can own one and now we are still continue dreaming ... it is good to dream, who knows one day the dream will come true. Work Harder!
  • Anyway, this is a place worth to buy for own stay and to invest! What do you think of this place?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

Germs: I can't penetrate you .... WHY!
  • Dylan says: Doink, because I am protected by Frisoshield. I am healthy cause I got all the nutriens from this milk powder and I swim regularly to build up my immune system.

Beef Noodle Soup @ Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Zuan Kee

Very good Beef Noodle Soup @ Bandar Teknologi Kajang ...
  • Went to my bro-in-law place in Bandar Teknologi Kajang to visit my new born niece ... then me and yve dropped by at one of the restaurant to have lunch.
  • We saw many people patronised this restaurant and everyone seems eating the beef noodle. Sure must check it out.
  • Imagine 3 pm and it was still so crowded.

  • I ordered the Tai Poh Mee 'green noodles' just in case the beef noodle soup doesn't taste good.
  • DAMN IT, feel like swapping with Yve's beef noodle soup after I have a taste on it. The soup is thick and strong with beef meat taste. Guess from the color u can see the taste of the soup.
  • I will consider one of the best noodle soup in my food collection.

  • For the Green Noodles, it taste not too bad ... just the taste is not strong enuff. Overall it is still edible.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Family Proud Car ...

My dad been a taxi driver since I born ...
  • Let me introduce my family proud car ... my Dad's Taxi
  • My dad does work two full time jobs previously before he retired few years ago. But till now, he still kept the taxi and doing part time now.
  • Now he does not go and pick-up customer from the street but only fetch customer to the airport only. According to him, it is good decent pay and not so tiring as my dad got some back bone pain problem.

My dad's very clean taxi ... he doesn't allow me and my brother to drive his taxi even we want to drive taxi as our part time. Sometimes he got few clients which clashes his schedule, he will assign me / my bro to fetch my dad's client. During the time I am working in Maxis, he is a driver to one of the Network HOD ...

  • I can guarantee you that u can't find any other cleaner taxi as my dad's taxi. Seriously! Cause my dad is a very particular towards his own taxi cleaniness ... interior and exterior as he washes his car every night after he drove ... no kidding me!
  • He always got angry and nagged me when he saw my car condition compare to his ... hehehe.
  • I can still remember till now when I'm studying in primary , secondary and college ... my dad came and fetch me after my curricular activities ... damn kao yao ying, everyone thinks I am so rich to take cab everyday to go home!
  • Sometimes when he is at work, I will walk to school (20 mins walk from my house) or take public bus.
  • Ok, now u know I am not from a rich family.
  • Anyway, I want to say to all my readers that never never despise or look down on people especially your own dad on the job he is doing ... as long he got a decent job and earn his money from an honest way ... we must appreciate it!
  • I won't be able to study in college and complete my degree if not because of this taxi ... I feel proud of my dad that he manage to work hard last time in order to fund our education till my sis and brother graduated from college :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas @ One Utama Shopping Mall

HOHOHO ... X'mas coming soon ...
  • Me & Yve went to One Utama for some shopping ... we went our own seperate ways ..
  • While Yve went for her shopping, I went and took some X'mas deco pics in the concourse area.

  • Did some test shots with my new toy ... trying to take without flash and just playing with the ISO, and Exposure settings ... here are the results.

  • Not sure what is the candy above called already? ... I used to call Tongkat Candy ... cause the shape of it looks like a tongkat.

  • Lots of toys and candies selling there ... perfect place to take some close-up shots.

  • I love the black n white effect below with the illuminated lights is the main highlight in the picture.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

TGI Fridays dinner @ IOI Mall

It's a Friday ...
  • Yeah, it was a Friday and we wanted to go to TGI Fridays for dinner as me & yve did not been to TGI for a year already.
  • Brought Dylan along too to enjoy the food smell and see us eat happily ... kekeke.

  • How come Dylan look so small one? This was taken in October ... my outdated post as got many old post been pending for publishing ...

  • Really miss the TGI friday food ... below are the foods we have ordered ..

  • Till then, have a nice weekend!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Grade A+ milk in the world

No other milks beats mom's breast milk quality!
  • The nursery caretaker told us ... Dylan's mom milk is the best ... why?
    1. Thick in color ... others mom's milk very transparent and watery.
  • We told Karen (nursery owner) that maybe we wanted to wind-off slowly on breastfeeding. Immediately, she said NO , and even if YES, she want us to supply for her daugther (in a kidding way).

Full of breast milk supply for a week ...
  • We will continue to feed Dylan with breast milk for 1 year. For mom out there, do continue to breast feed and give the best to your baby.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check your Car Tyres please

Car Tyres is very important for your safety ...
  • Received a sms from Yve early in the morning ...
    Yve: I nearly had accident otw to office
    Via: Wat happened???
    Yve: U lah, told you to change the tyres ...
    Via: Yeah, I know it is botak a bit, this weekend will change.
  • The next day, I immediately send the car for tyres change. This tyre shop is recommended by my Dad for the price and quality.
  • Many taxi drivers came here to change ... how my Dad know this place ... cause he is also the taxi driver ...

  • My dad always gets his Michellin tyres from here at a good price. Too bad, Michellin does not provide tyres for kelisa tyre type.
  • My dad warned to be there early else u need to wait. Ok, I followed his instruction cause previously when I went there at 12pm, I need to wait freaking long. This time, kiasu a bit, I went there at 9am. I'm the 1st customer there ...

  • After I waited for 10 mins, suddenly all taxi cars and normal cars came here to change their tyres!!!
  • Did my car alignment (RM 10) and balancing (FOC) if you purchased their tyres!

  • Along the street, many spare parts shops ... got to know here they sell original parts for a cheap rate ... yeah, they do have some re-con parts too.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

F4 Steamed Fish Head, USJ 1

Yummy Steamed Fish Head ...

  • 12pm ... lights off in my office ... time for lunch ... Darren want to bring us to makan some nice steamed fish head at USJ 1.
  • This Fish Head Restaurant is located near Giant Hypermarket in Subang Jaya. The lot that this restaurant occupies is rather large and it can accommodate at least 60 to 70 tables. It situated next to the USJ badminton hall in the industrial area.
  • This place serves one of the freshest & yummiest steamed fish heads in town. It might not look much on the outside, but the food is really good.

  • It was nearly packed during lunch time and was told that dinner will be fully packed ...
  • The steamed fish head with ginger and garlic (not exactly sure the type of fish used) was very delightful and fresh.
  • The fish meat is so soft and super white ... till my handphone camera capture like over expose picture only.

  • We ordered some side dishes too to fill up our tummy.
  • Guess what, it is not expensive .... the damage cost us below RM 33 only...

  • F4 Fish Head
    Lot 776, Sub Lot 3, Jalan Subang 4
    Subang Jaya Industries Park,
    47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

    GPS Latitude 3° 2'46.08"N Longitude 101°35'44.91"E

    Tel: 012-315 3891
    Opening Hours: 11am to 2.30pm and 5.30 pm to 9pm

Monday, December 14, 2009

Janice SM Celebration @ Restoran Chi Ka Yin, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Double celebration - Janice's Job Grade Promotion and Book's Birthday ...
  • Firstly, I left my Olympus camera behind and below are the pics taken by my new DSLR camera ... a grand opening ceremony for my new camera and hope you people will enjoy a better quality pics now. (btw, i need to resize and reduce the pic quality due to bandwidth issue)
  • Back to the main topic post ... thanks to Janice for the dinner invitation ... it is a great moment to celebrate her big Senior Manager promotion in Maxis and also a great gathering with all my ex-Maxis folks.
  • If you don't know Janice ... she is one of my hired part time caretaker for Dylan during Dylan's fullmoon ....

Mr. Book, specially cooks for Janice guest and the dinner ... straight back from office to the restaurant ...
  • We have a suprise birthday celebration for Mr. Book itself ... the chef and owner of the Restaurant ...
  • Let's the cam whoring session begins ... I am very sorry if I left out anyone ...

Alamak, I think I am the sesat Yellow Man there ...
  • Pic below ... another famous blogger ... Miss Uli ... my photo kaki!
  • Uli, you really can become cover girl for Canon ler! Macam advertising your Canon camera only ...

CANON Cover girl!

  • Playing with filter effect and fish-eye lens effect ...

Ex-Maxis staff also invited ... Wai Yee and Frances came too ... Sorry Wai Yee that not able to attend your farewell, I was at Krabi!

Here comes my favourite session ... FOOD Pics!
  • I must honestly tell u all that since I got my DSLR, I really did not took and test out shoots on food ... hope this one looks fine as I am playing with the settings ...
  • If you want to know more bout the dish name, please visit Uli's blogsite.

The recipes ... thanks to Mr. Book for allowing us to snap his kitchen ... it is freaking HOT inside there with the Heat and smell of cooking oil ...

  • Shucks man, when writing this post at midnight and looking at the food pics ... my stomach grumbles loudly inside ...

  • More food pics not posted in here due to bandwidth issue ... DSLR image file size is so huge!

  • It was a great dinner celebration event ... Janice, can't wait for wine drinking session in the next Sao Gong Zhao event! No more 17 bottles of wine anymore!!!
  • BRB ...
  • At the end, I cooked a maggi mee and eat first before I clicked on the Publish Post ... aiyer!
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