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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ajisen Japanese Restaurant and Noodle Bar

My experience at Ajisen ....
  • Went to this Ajisen at One Utama for lunch. Btw, is not my first time eating at here.
  • Ordered the Spicy chicken ramen and chicken teppanyaki.
  • I would like to say their food taste so-so and not so tasty as expected. The chicken is not fresh at all cause it is hard and like over night kind of texture.
  • The teppanyaki sauce and gravy taste a bit weird ... doesnt taste well with it.
  • I am bit dissapointed with the Spicy chicken ramen.... expecting the soup will be nice but is just a normal soup with chili spices in it.
  • Anyhow, I really enjoy their noodle.

Nothing special bout their food.... price is reasonable .... ambience is nice ... they just need to improve in their food tasting.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kluang Station & Dong Zen temple

What I did on Hari Raya Haji holidays? ....
  • Early morning, went to Ikea for shopping ..... Johny joined us as well.
  • Then had breakfast at Kluang station @ Ikano.
  • Went to Dong Zen temple at Jenjarom to bring yve to do some donation and pray for the coming year. Wish everyone healthy and happy.

I like the white xmas tree.....Johny calling the waiter "Hoi, cepat ambil order!" .... he is too hungry.

It was so quiet and so few people visited this temple. But when comes to CNY, it is fully-packed! I realize, is it a good manner to cam-whore at holy place?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Merry X'mas for those celebrating this festival and those who is not celebrating, enjoy your holiday & have fun!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Limited Edition RM 50 note

RM 50 Commonwealth Games Limited Edition ...
  • Share some of my wife's limited edition collection since 1998 ....
  • Her dad got it for her in 1998 which costs RM 80 thou the money value is RM 50 ... not sure how much it cost.
  • Any buyers for RM 10k? hahaha...just kidding.

Very beautiful design of the RM 50 note ... comes with nice cover and booklet as well.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to become very rich in Malaysia

Connections and the ability to flip assets can get you going places
  • Sources from thestar news ... like this article. For those who did not read, just share it with you all.
  • If you have ever wondered how to get rich in Malaysia – fabulously rich and very quickly at that – here’s a model that you might want to look at very closely. Not easy to do but if you do have a couple of projects in the bag, it will set you up for several lifetimes.
    First you need connections – strong ones, the higher the better and if it goes right up to the top all the better. You need this because you need to convince the powers that be that your projects are good.

    But you might ask if your projects are so good, why do you need connections? Why don’t you just go out and execute? Good questions, those. Here’s the answer - you need the state to give you something to do the deal that will help the nation.

    Still can’t figure it out? See, it’s like this. You want to help the country, right? The country needs say a port. But you can’t build a port just like that. You need land to build a port. You tell the state or federal government you need land – cheap land, preferably free to build the port.

    Or to take another example, you want to help the country by building a power plant. But look, you need land too and not only that you need the power to be sold. So you want an agreement – an iron-clad one to sell the power to Tenaga Nasional and to pass through all costs.

    You see, that’s your reward as an entrepreneur – you get someone else to build the power plant, they guarantee the performance of the plant and someone else guarantees to buy your power and pay for all your costs. Nice deal? You bet. Billionaires have been made that way.

    Or you may want to start an air hub. If you are persuasive enough, you can even convince the government to compulsorily acquire the land and sell it to you cheap. Once you have cheap land, lucrative contracts and concession agreements, the sky’s the limit.

    Let’s take it a step further. If you want to realise the value of all of these things that you have and still keep control of them, it’s nice to have a listed company into which you can inject them. Inject one asset for shares and you gain control of the company.

    And then inject others over the years for cash, taking the money out of the company. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

    Do it right and get a flow of assets to inject in (you can do anything with discounted cash flow valuations – just change the discount rate, and presto, the value changes!), and you get a tidy flow of profits and cash into your personal accounts over the years. I mean a really tidy flow.

    Just how much can you make this way, you ask? Why don’t you take a guess first? Did you say RM500mil? Guess again. RM1bil? How about five times that and you may be getting into the right order of magnitude.

    One Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary actually made some RM4.5bil that way - actually more because he still controls the listed company. (MMC’s latest RM1.7bil deal irks investors7) We are not saying he is the only one, which makes your chances of joining the ranks better – if you are connected to high places that is.

    But then again, if things change – and that’s still a big ‘if’ – you might not find it so easy anymore.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tesco Fruit and Fibre

My secret recipe for my body ...
  • Yeah, for those people who is health concious ... this post is suitable for you to read.
  • This is my real life experience and you can see my end result.
  • Ws trying hard to lose weight and I am a lazy and big eater .... I dislike taking those expensive diet supplements or purposely to go on diet course.
  • I know oat is very good in absorbing oil and fats ... but i can't take natural oat cause I don't like the texture and the taste.
  • Finally found this brand which I luv it....this is the cereals by Tesco which I am taking it for my lunch. I just change my regular lunch meal to this oat meal!
  • It goes well with instant milo or cold milk. Very nice taste and is quite filling toou !
  • By taking this, make sure drink lots of water and exercise! Is a must...

Furthermore, it is cheap ...cost me RM 8.90 only and can last for a week for my lunch. I saved up my lunch money a lot and is a health benefit to me as well.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

From 38 to 35

Share with you my greatest achievement for the year ...

  • 38 to 35 ????.... my waist line size lah....hehehe
  • Ok...don't be shock bout me and my waist size ... yes .... i was size 38 previously...UNBELIVABLE LEH!
  • Fanny Tan must be real damn happy when i was at size 38...juz too bad!

Will send my size 38 pants to donation bin .... maybe will keep one or two pants in my closet just in case I gain weight again .... touch wood!

  • And now I am proud to be at size 35.. actually i would say I am size 34 actually cause i leave a 1 inch gap just in case i gain weight back again.
  • Last few weekends ago, went to One Utama to change my warddrobe pants cause it looks beggy and huge for a clown man only when I wore it.
  • Then was trying size by size cause I don't know what is my actual waist size that time. So took size 37 then still very loose. The try 36, still loose for me and 35 as well.
  • Then size 34 is just nice for me but thinking to get one size bigger cause I know gaining weight can be a real quick thing.
  • People say, i've been eating a lot lately by looking at my blog site and how I can maintain my body somemore.... see my next post for my SECRET!

My next year target is 33 inch! Will set as one of my 2009 resolution!

Note: Pray hard for me that I won't eat so much during my Taiwan trip

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I am away

I will be away eating at Taiwan for 11 days...

  • Dear friends, readers and bloggers .... I will away for my long and year end holiday. A holiday which I am looking for since 3 months ago.
  • Yes, I know once I am back .... I will become a fat-so back cause Taiwan is a food heaven.
  • Don't worry, while I am away .... i have scheduled some blog post to keep you peeps accompany.
  • I will be back on 31st December, therefore, able to visit, reply and blog back on 2nd Jan 2009!

Yes, my first three days will be at Taipei before the remaining 8 days I will travel by myself (free n easy).

I hope to visit The Love River at Kaohsiung. Very nice night scenery there rite!

Part of my itenary, I will be at Alishan Mt. .... will be freezing up there.

Sun Moon Lake .... can't wait to see this scenery .... since I am so bored looking tall buildings at KL.

Lastly, how can I miss this item ....wat else - FOOD lah .... kekekeke.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Melaka Yong Tau Foo & Assam Chee Cheong Fun

Tried assam chee cheong fun before? ...
  • Went to Uncle Oh kopitiam at Taman Asean, Melaka. In fact, not those cafe kopitiam but sort like foodcourt.
  • Definitely must try the yong tau foo as heard it is quite famous too.
  • For sure, will order side dishes like 'chu kiok chor' and curry chee cheong fun.
  • Suprisingly the curry chee cheong fun turn out to be hot and assam sour chee cheong fun. Wah, me and yve like it a lot....this is something new taste for chee cheong fun. Will they have tomyam chee cheong fun soon?
  • Note: Don't got shocked over the amount of food we ate for two people only ....

Top pic: The chee cheong fun was the real big suprise...thought it will be a normal curry chee cheong fun but in fact it taste like assam sour chee cheong fun which is nice too. Look at the red color gravy ...imagine how sour is it. The plate cost RM 3 only with some foo chuk and slices of fried eggs. Below pic: The 'chu kiok chor' taste normal only....not so sour taste as the chee cheong fun. This one is bit expensive...RM 7 for the bowl of it.

The yong tau foo, we ordered two portion as well ... very cheap....two bowl cost RM 7.50. When the kuew teow came to my table, I thought, plain looking kuey teow ...once mixed it, wow....yummy ler...! Yes, it's bit oily!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ISD Shirt Designer Winner

Thanks to those voted me ...
  • My shirt design has been selected as the winner.
  • Would like to thank to my colleagues who voted for me.
  • Design Number of vote (%)
    ===== ==============
    A 19%

    B 55%

    C 26%

Got my prize during the Xmas party .... got money to shop now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Department Xmas Birthday Cake

Nice christmas cake leh...

  • Those deco is real deco on top of the cake....not eadible.
  • A 2kg cake.

Everyone took picture of this beautiful cake.

Personal life talk
  • Met up with a supplier at Starbucks a free coffee due to their starbucks promotion. We chit chat from 11.45am to 2pm. Very long long chat.
  • Feeling excited bout my Taiwan holiday this weekend.

Christmas Party Foods

Here comes the food .... yummy yum.
  • A very simple finger foods and yet tasty.
  • I purposely skipped my lunch for this party .... and i love the cream puff so much. I think I whack more than 6 pieces...uncountable ler.

Yes, we have the xmas birthday cake which I am going to post bout it later on....cause the cake is beautifully decorated. The green color item is jelly ..... I did not manage to try it cause my stomach too full after eating so much.

How nice if there were a turkey for the food....I did not eat turkey for this year xmas .... probably won't for this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wishes being granted by Santa... got one?

Can't celebrate Christmas with your family this year? Are you scratching your head to buy a gift for your loved ones? CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frames™ are the perfect gift for staying closely connected all year long.

There's always a dream in everyone's childhood, which is get Christmas present from Santa Clause. Now, you have chance to sit on Santa's lap right in the comfort of your home and tell him what your Christmas wish is for this year. You can also upload a picture of yourself and sent directly to North Pole through Santa's CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame.

The CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame is super cool. You can send pictures directly to this frame from any computer. If your grandma wants to have updated picture of the kids on regular basis here it is! You don’t have to print out the pictures and attach in the mail to sent it over to your grandma. What you need to do is just place the frame at your grandma's house and you send pictures directly to the frame. Your grandma will receive them in seconds! She does not even have to have internet access or a computer. This is really awesome, isn't it?

I wanted to enter his got a wish Sweepstakes to see if I could win one of the coolest virtual photo frame that he has to offer.

I sat on Santa's lap and told him what I really want. During tough economic times, it’s difficult for Santa to manage all the wishes he gets, so he suggested I find a back-up. That's where you come in. Check out my video:


ISD Christmas Party 2008 - The People

Everyone is laughing, smiling and enjoying ....
  • The dress theme for the party is red, orange, gold and green.
  • See those cute little head piece on their head.

Middle right pic: Wat the heck, Karthi wore the fire floor warden west cause he is not in his dress code ... by covering himself with the orange vest, this makes him manage to avoid the dress code punishment. Bottom left pic: Brendon with his MU jersey + with his own embroided name .... oh yeah, MU jersey is red color! Go Red Devils ... too bad none of the assenal and liverfool fans wore their red home jersey...

Middle left pic: Standing with CK and Jason is a big pressure, I look big compare to they both... i wish to be in 60's kg in their category, then only match mah. Bottom left pic: Dato K ni naik miang ... kena shouted by Raymond ask him to remove his hand and not to grab Datin K so tightly ... else macam couple lah .... hahaha

Top pic: Having gift exchange and everyone seems excited when they open their pressie. Middle left pic: Chiew, luckily the dress code punishment is not severe....just sing Ding Doll bell....ooops, I mean Jingle Bell. Bottom left pic: We have bday celenbration for those born in the month of December.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party Decoration

Are you in the x'mas mood now? ....
  • Ho Ho Ho .... actually I am in xmas holiday mood liow .... how bout u?
  • This is another deco did by the organizing team .... beautifully decorated x'mas deco in the office leh ....
  • I like the x'mas tree very much ... thou this year I will be celebrating xmas at Taiwan, so din setup my xmas tree at home.

I must admit that the santa claus figure at the bottom pic looks scary a bit...esp with his messy beard.

Yippie, we got x'mas present socks too .... wonder there will be present put in the sock a not .... hehehe. The best thing bout xmas is the decoration and gifts!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Snow Art

A glimpse of my IT Division X'mas Party 2008...

  • This is one of the ISD event I've been waiting for ... the X'mas Party.
  • The whole organizing team put in a lot of effort in the deco especially Wai Yee and Frances .... even during bbq party at my house, they took the time to do those deco in my house.
  • Oh yeah, food and food .... oh yeah, I can't miss this out for sure ... will be posted up soon.
  • Lot's of fun event such as xmas gift exchange, sms voting competition for best dress & best headpiece and also punishment for not following the dress code which I kena too...

I must say that this is so real and nice rite .... love the snow tree and the house with the smoke coming out from the chimney....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nilai Hometown Tim Sum & Lotus Leaf Rice

Best and yummy lotus leaf rice ....
  • Before my journey to Melaka, suddenly thought of the lotus leaf rice since long time did not eat. This restaurant is famous for their lotus leaf rice.
  • This place served nice dim sum too esp their fish ball and har gao ... very fresh and strong taste.
  • Price is definitely cheap too ... for all the dim sum food below cost me RM 25 only including 3x lotus leaf rice!
  • Location: Nilai

The lotus leaf rice is quite a big portion ...inside got egg yolk and chicken meat and mushroom too. Love their rice so much and the strong fragrance from the leaf itself. No doubt 1 lotus leaf rice will be enough for you.

Top left pic: The fish ball you must definitely try it....very fresh and strong fish meat....and the har gao too....super-licious. For the rest of the dim sum, so-so only ... taste normal and nothing special bout it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Melaka Thong Shui House

Sweet dessert @ Thong Shui House , Tmn Kenanga branch ....
  • Mei Chen & Denis who came back from their honeymoon trip at Germany ... took this opportunity to meet them and yum char at this dessert house. ~ thanks for their souvenir gift!
  • If you ask me is this the best thong sui place at Melaka, I can't admit yet cause I tried very few dessert places in Melaka.
  • I previously quite like the dessert stall at Kota Laksamana there.
  • Anyway, the dessert at here is quite nice too and the food as well.... very packed at night too.

The fried wantan noodle with medium size prawns and big noodle portion is yummy ler...must say, a little bit oily too. For the price of RM 5 for the worth it for a food price in a cafe. My sea coconut kekwa dessert only cost me RM 2.50 per bowl.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melaka dim sum - Ban Hong Xiang Tea House

Best & famous dim sum @ Melaka ....
  • This is my FAVOURITE dim sum place of all time. I won't eat dim sum at KL / PJ and will have dim sum whenever back to Melaka.
  • The lady owner is friendly and nice lady....give some discount to us cause of my dad in law been a faithful customer for many years ago.
  • The first time I eat here, they only have one shop to sell.... then they expand to another shop and now 3 shop lot in a row!
  • I remembered I brought my parent to eat here, my dad love the dim sum and big pau very much.... he always wanted to go Melaka to have dim sum but was too far away.
  • We brought yve colleague's (13 pax) few years ago and they love it so much ... what suprise them is the bill cost RM 70+ cause that time per plate is bout RM 1.20 only.
  • Price per plate: RM 1.50 for normal dimsum!!
  • Stall GPS location: N2°12.524 E102°14.567

This is the most happening dim sum place in Melaka ... I would say it is better than some famous PJ and KL dim sum stalls ... nothing beats here especially the PRICE and the meat and fishball taste and the freshness itself. They have lots of different dim sum variety too. Middle left pic: My nephew look stunned looking at the people rushing for the big pau. Top right pic: Very early morning at 7am, people will be politely lining up to get the big pau .... once the queue is too long, ppl lost patient and that's where u can see queue vanishing and everyone will crowd around the big pau area with their long hands asking for big pau. Bottom right pic: The bill came up bout RM 20 for 6 pax yeah.

Best freshly made Big Pau ...
  • Have you ever see people crazy over for big pau before???
  • I've seen it and it happened at this dim sum house every morning. Worse still esp during public holiday!
  • I even been pushed away by those uncles and aunties who trying to get the big pau.
  • What so special bout the big pau .... first is the pork meat which chopped into fine pieces which makes easy to bite and swallow. Secondly is the pork meat itself...very soft and juicy. Lastly is the soft nice dough and the juicy juice pouring out from the pau!

I think this dim sum stall sold more than 500 big pau's a day. Look at the juice I am talking about....once u bite, make sure u get ready a tissue! How much it cost? I think bout RM 1.80 only if not mistaken cause everytime the bill came is too cheap to be true.

Melaka Taiwan Mee

Famous Taiwan Noodles at Jalan Gajah Berang @ Melaka ...
  • During my melaka food hunt adventure, yve brought me to this famous Taiwan Noodle stall located at Jalan Gajah Berang.
  • Yve been eating at here since her schooling days till now. The owner of the stall were originated from Taiwan when he married to a taiwanese women since more than 30 yrs ago and brought this recipe to Melaka.
  • As usual, good food always packed with peoples especially lunch time.
  • There are two versions of the taiwan mee ~ dry and soup (ppl say the soup is hot and spicy, will try next time!!). But we both ordered dry one.
  • The fried pork ribs is nice and yummy when eat with the noodles! You will love it!
  • Stall GPS location: N2°12.571 E102°14.557
  • Oh yes, hope I can find similar food at taiwan and make a comparison since I will be going there next weekend!

Love the taiwan noodles a lot....looks like pan mee but doesn't taste like pan mee....and don't taste like kuey teow too....dats why u got to try this taiwan mee! The chili was nice and look at the deep fried pork ribs. For the food (2 pax) above include drinks, cost me less than RM 9 if not mistaken.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet-up with Ee Lain

Pak Li kopitiam @ Kota Damansara...
  • Last Sunday weekend, met up with Ee Lain who came down from Singapore for a short trip.
  • Been nearly a year we did not see each other since the last gathering meet up with Brian & Cherlyn at Mt. Kiara coffee bean.
  • Ee Lain is my ex-colleague and also Yve - ji mui .... also clubbing kaki last time.

My face looks tired after arriving from Melaka and rush for this yum char session. Too bad 'meowsou' is not here as she is in the US .... dumping 'netcat ~ white shirt' for us to teman him to makan his dinner at Pak Li here. To FANNY TAN, see netcat is bigger than me rite .... guess ur xmas wish will come true next year ler!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Melaka Food Hunt - Best Seafood Rojak

Eaten seafood rojak before? ...
  • This whole week, it will be bout food post as me and yve went down to Melaka on the weekend to eat Melaka yummy and cheap food.
  • Location: In front of Sekolak Keb. Tun Tuah at Kampung Lapan (Fri - Sunday)
  • Yve recommend me to try the seafood rojak .... i was thinking of a few seafood combination mixture like prawns, fish, crab and squid mixed with the traditional black rojak sauce.
  • Darn, I was wrong, it was in a form of fishballs with dry fried tauhu, cucumber and the indian fried crispy kerepok which u can find in indian rojak one. Then it come with sweet & sour sauce to mix with it!
  • The uncle was very friendly and give us food tasting before purchasing it. He even let me to cut my own cucumber.
  • We tao pao back home to makan....guess what, my in-law say also know this uncle which selling seafood rojak cause he apparently came out in newspaper before.

I must say this is a very nice and yummy seafood rojak. Fresh seafood fishballs and nice sauce combination... It cost me RM 6 only for the packet as it's very worth and cheap for the huge amount of food. Remember his bike number plate MJ (Michael Jackson) 8972. A must try for rojak lovers!!

Monday, December 08, 2008


Attention to all crab lovers...
  • Bangsar Seafood promotion is back especially on their crab.
  • RM 38++ per kilo ... and for the month of December only. Worth it ler.

Seriously, I miss their crab a lot....really nice and the price is reasonable for the crab size and dining place. The picture was taken last year with yve's ex-college mates gathering at this restaurant.

Don't think I got the time to go here to eat crabs cause will be away for my holiday trip...miss it. Yes, must order their butter crab! Yummylicious....

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Ah Kau Story

Don't look down on others and don't be over self-confidence!

  • You might have reading it before from fwd email.
  • But this is still meaningful to me and wanna post this to share it for those who havent read it before.
  • Read the story:-

    Ah Kau is a guy who sells newspaper every morning next to
    your apartment, and you are one of his daily regular
    customers. Before dashing off to your office every day,
    you will go to his small stall and buy The Star
    newspaper. Wearing a newly pressed shirt, a tie, and a
    pair of Clarks shoes, you grab a copy of The Star, pay
    RM1.20 and exchange smiles with Ah Kau and greet him.

    "Apa macam Ah Kau ini hari? Bisnes ada baik?"

    The normal greeting like you do every day. Yes, Ah Kau
    doesn't speak English. He speaks Chinese and knows a
    little bit of Malay. He speaks a little bit of Malay but
    with a very thick Chinese accent.

    "Biasa saja! ini bisnes aa, kadang kadang baik, kadang
    kadang tada untung."

    "Biasalah hidup. Kadang kadang ok, kadang kadang tak
    ok." You give Ah Kau a pat on the back. You smile and
    walk away and get into your car. You start the engine and
    start driving to your office, a multinational
    semiconductor company located in a premier industrial
    area. You are a young and promising finance executive and
    the future looks bright for you.

    A year goes by and things look pretty good on the track.
    You decide to marry your fiance and have your new wife
    moves in to your place. Both of you feel happy because
    you can save more money as the two of you will be sharing
    one apartment and can live as one.

    Ah Kau is still selling the newspaper as usual. Sometimes
    in the morning your wife gets the newspaper from Ah Kau
    instead of you.

    A year later a child comes along, and you decide to buy
    and move into a newly developed condominium just across
    the street. This place is bigger so it will be perfectly
    fit for the 3 of you. But since both of you are working,
    you decide to get a maid to take of the household and
    your kid.

    By this time you're offered a managerial job from
    another multinational; the remuneration package offered
    is much better in terms of the pay, contractual bonus,
    medical benefits, ESOS scheme and a few others which make
    it impossible for you to decline. So you join this
    company happily.

    You get busier. You realize that you spend less and less
    time with your family. When your department is busy
    preparing for the next audit, your working hours become
    more and more ridiculous. Any internal issues arising in
    the office means you'll be stuck in the office until 8
    or 9 pm. Sometimes, during the weekend, you'll spend
    your time in your office, buried under paper works and
    documentation's, instead of taking your family for a walk
    in the park.

    One morning, on your way to get your copy of The Star,
    you realized that Ah Kau is no longer in his stall. So is
    his rundown motorbike. Instead, there's another young
    Chinese guy at the stall.

    "What happen to Ah Kau?" You ask out of curiosity.

    "Oh, he is still around, but he is no longer taking care
    of this stall as he has opened up a new grocery shop down
    town. I am running this newspaper stall for him."

    "Ok." you smile. You feel happy for Ah Kau. At last
    he manages to improve his life.

    Your normal life continues. A year passes by and at the
    end of your company's fiscal year, you're rewarded for
    your effort with a 5 months bonus pay-out by your
    employer. Wow. Now that is a very handsome reward. You
    feel your effort has been equally compensated. To
    celebrate, you decide that it's time to trade your
    5-year old Proton Wira to the latest Honda Civic model.
    It won't be much a problem to you to get a loan scheme
    from the bank as your pay slip will provide you an easy
    gateway to access financial help from any bank.

    One day, the hardest reality of life hits you right on
    the face. The company that you've been working for years
    announces that they're moving their business to China
    for cost and competitive reason and has asked you to find
    a job somewhere else. "What?" You scream out cold. "I
    got a lot of liabilities on the card! Who's gonna pay
    for my mortgage? My car? My credit card? My gym fees? My
    bills?" You yell like there's no way out.

    This is the first time you feel let down by your own
    employer. All your hard work seem to go up on the smoke.
    You feel sick. You now hate your company. On the way
    home, you stopped by at a mamak restaurant for a cup of
    teh tarik while pondering about your future. Alone.

    Suddenly you saw this new, shiny BMW 3 series being
    parked nearby. And to your surprise, it was Ah Kau. Yes,
    Ah Kau who used to sell newspapers nearby your old
    apartment. "What happened to old Ah Kau?" You whisper
    to your self.

    Ah Kau still recognizes you, and sit next to you, and
    shared his story.

    To make it short, Ah Kau had accumulated his money from
    selling newspapers to open more stalls, one after
    another. Every new stall is run by his workers so that he
    focused on opening more and more stalls, which in turn
    give him more and more money. Over the years, he had
    accumulated enough cash to open up new grocery store
    while at the same time buying more assets to grow his
    wealth. And his current wealth and success is achieved
    without any loan or financial help from banks and other
    financial institutions.

    There you go. That's the story. While Ah Kau is set to
    become financially free, you're back to where you're
    started before. Ground zero.

    Before leaving, Ah Kau gives you a familiar quote,

    " Biasalah hidup. Kadang kadang ok, kadang kadang tak ok."
    He gives you a pat on the back and walks away.

    In reality, if you're observant enough, there are a lot
    of Ah Kaus out there, that you will see every day and
    every where you go. The names are different, but inside
    them is every character of Ah Kau. They might be Uncle
    Dorai, Ah Chong, Pak Abu, Makcik Gemuk, Pak Man nasi
    lemak or others.

    They look to be struggling on the surface, but if you
    look carefully and compare with you life, many of them
    are living with little or no liabilities. They ride an
    old kapcai bike. They live in an old rundown house.
    They don't have credit card to swipe. They wear a
    10-year old shirt and short. No new, shiny Toyota
    Harrier. In short, their living means are far below than
    yours. But what you don't realize is that many of them
    can save more money than yours, and over the years
    generate enough money to expand their business, or invest
    in properties. Their asset columns are much thicker than
    that of yours.

    So the next time you see Ah Kaus, never look down on
    them, and never under estimate them. Or else you're up
    for a harsh reality lesson.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Blogging can earn money - best evidence

Who says blogging can't earn money...
  • You are wrong if you say that blogging can't earn money. Best evidence is from Kenny Sia .... there are many bloggers which earn money from blogging but kenny's one capture my eyes big BiG....look at the amount! Mine need to be divided by 100 times....hahahaha
  • This is the cheque he withdraw from NuffNang.
  • I would like to personally thanks to NuffNang for showing me this opportunity.

If I have this money, I will buy a DSLR (Nikon D90) and a Sony Vaio lappie and Samsung Omnia!

Friday, December 05, 2008

My lunch at Restoran Sin Kee

Introducing my favourite Seafood Steam Rice ....
  • Today, my colleagues let me to decide where to eat cause I did not join them for lunch for quite sometime.
  • Suddenly thought of walking to Restoran Sin Kee at Brickfields ... actually in my mind, I was thinking of prawn one.... then this Seafood Steam Rice came across my mind cause the dish really comes with lots of prawns.
  • Need to go there early cause during lunch time, it is always packed!
  • Btw, this restaurant came out in newspaper...selling over 200 bowls of steam rice per day, not sure their business were good as last time but definitely I will not get bored eating their steam rice.

Top pic: Introducing my fav dish - seafood steam chinese, known as 'Hoi Sin Man Farn'. It cost RM 7.00 for seafood steam rice which loaded with prawns and squids. Bottom pic: chicken steam rice ... cost RM 6.50 per plate.

Note: the pics above is taken from other foodie blogsites and not from my camera, but it is the same food I've eaten as per the picture.

Malay cuisine at Arza Tomyam

Syiok-ka-la-ka malay dinner...

  • Suddenly thought of eating malay food. Then thought of this Arza Tomyam restaurant at Batu 14 Puchong (nearby the famous Puchong Yong Tau Foo restaurant).
  • This restaurant was introduce by my neighbour (CK) who brought us there to makan and we love their dishes and tom yam soup.
  • Me and yve feeling hungrily and don't be shock of the amount of food we ordered for both of us only.

I wonder malay peoples love to eat late is it? When I went there 7.30pm ... not much of people and after 8.30pm, ppl coming to dine in here. Sometimes you need to do reservation during peak season. Below pic: Eat until clean clean...yummy ler.

We ordered 2 plates of white rice, thai fried rice, seafood tom yam soup, ayam paddrik, kangkung sambal belacan and sotong goreng. All for this dishes plus 2 drinks only cost us RM 25. I admit, me and yve feel bloated after this heavy went to Tesco to jalan-jalan.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Alvin and Chui Ni's Wedding

Congrats to the newly-wed couple....
  • Dinner reception held at Loon Sing Restaurant located at Nilai. Malaysia Awards Winning Chinese Restaurant famous with Buddha Jump Over the Wall.
  • Chui Ni is Yve very close friend in college and they knew each other since then. Best of all, she shifted nearby to my taman kaki minum liow.
  • My first time to this restaurant and one of the best yummy wedding food I've eaten. After looking into few reviews from food forums, it is highly recommended!

There is a laser performance too during the dinner presentation. Very nice dining hall.

Took some pics....sorry for the blurr quality ... forgotten to set to high res.

Post little of food pics....dunwan to turn my blog to a foodie blog...anyway, these 3 dishes is a must order if u dine in this restaurant .... refer to the chinese menu. Looked at the fatty and oily pork .... eat few pieces of it...goes well with the soft white bun....the fats really melt in your mouth. Because most of the people in our table left before the coconut dessert is served, I got to whack one whole coconut for myself....yummy!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Maxis Annual Dinner 2008

Reflection of my company Annual Dinner 2007...
  • Firstly, let me show u my previous year annual dinner.
  • Held at the same KLCC Convention Hall.
  • The theme was smart casual wear.... hmmm, i wonder how come I wore a tie.
  • Doorgift: Phone voucher RM 700
Taking some pics with my colleagues....and yes, Haris Iskandar is the emcee but now move to Celcom as their ads representative. Is ok, we manage to sign up Datin Siti Nurhaliza from Celcom and she gave a stage performance during the dinner.

Every year, the interior deco and stage is is similar as it follows chinese 8 course cuisine. Yes, luck draw prizes the same too .... Sony PS3, Wii, Home Theater, Handphones, Digital Cameras, LCD TV, etc and Grand Prize is Free Trip to any country you wish to go.

Year 2007, I am plum and fat and chubby .... so wait till u see me in 2008....the re-branding of myself....hahaha.

Maxis Annual Dinner & Dance 2008 ...
  • Firstly, no food pics this time. So let me tempt you by showing u the text and imagine the food....
    + Five treasures combination platter
    + 'Szechuan' hot & sour seafood soup with
    shark's fin
    + Oven-baked chicken with bbq sauce and sesame seed
    + Crispy grouper fish with piquant chili sauce
    + Stir-fried fresh water prawns with curry and belacan 'Kum Heong' style
    + Braised 'tau ken' beancurd with Ling ZI mushroom and nai pak choy
    + Wok-fried fragrant rice with assorted meat in lotus leaf
    + Double-boiled chinese fig with sea coconut and chinese pancake
  • Thou this year is a bad year for economy and recession, luckily Maxis still carry on to organize this annual dinner for the employees.
  • The theme for this year is Rolling 60's & 70's.
  • Date: 29th November 2008
  • Doorgift: RM 500 Parkson Shopping voucher
  • Held at the same place again KLCC Convention Center.

As usual, we have face painting, costume make over, cocktail reception, dance performances and those bouncers checking your entrance wrist band. Below pic: The supper area is for those who stay on to party & dance after the dinner, they can have nasi lemak, mee goreng and teh tarik from the food stalls when they feel exhausted and hungry back again. There is some famous club deejay to host the dance event. Can see people drinking and brought own liquors to party kao kao.

Check out some of the colleagues in their 60's & 70's outfit .... Middle pic: Dato K in his coat, sesat a bit...he is from 80's one. Below pic: Sandip Das (Maxis CEO) & Theva with his red bow tie ... Theva seems like having his own wedding ler. Even the CEO mention that he looks like his boss....hahaha.

Nice table setup .... yes, there are over 280 - 300 tables setup for this annual dinner. And not all fully occupied at all .... some tables sat by 2 people only and the food also being served to their table...wonder they must be super full that night as I should joined them to help them to makan....kekeke

Once again, check me out .... the new rebranding of 'me' ... slimmer than 2007 look leh. Truthfully, when my colleagues saw me, the first thing they say "What happen to you??? and you look so thin" .... hehehe.

Yeah, took some shots of my colleagues ... till then, this will be my last Maxis Annual Dinner, really had a great night and fun taking pics around with my colleagues. Lastly, I tao pao two boxes of nasi lemak back home for my breakfast....hehehe.

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