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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Nyonya food in Melaka

Lunch treat for Yee Wooi & his Thai gf ....
  • Yee Wooi came down from Penang to Melaka with his Thai gf name Moi ... we decided to take them to try some of the best local nyonya food.
  • There are two famous nyonya restaurant (Ole Ole Sayang and Makko) at Melaka Raya ... but we prefer Makko cause of the strong nyonya taste and cheap price!
  • Oh yeah, u need to go Makko earlier or make early booking else you would need to wait.
  • As usual, we went there early bout 12pm to get a place.

Not in the pic - Curry Rendang chicken .... all the foods (cencaluk fried egg, nyonya taufu minced chicken, sambal petai, assam fish, fried sambal vege and curry rendang chicken) came up to RM 110+ rite!


LuLu said...

Spicy nyonya food! nvm been there...ok, take note to go nxtime.

Moi looks "paise"~

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Makko was too packed the last time I was in Melaka. Ole Ole not badlahh but next trip I'll try this one you went to! LOL

vialentino said...

lulu: yeah...nyonya food very strong in spices taste....a bit different taste from KL one...

gorgeous: yeah, ole ole not bad but the taste there slack a bit and price also expensive.....makko much preffered by the local ppl there

Christine Coralline said...

wow... i got tempting by ur nonya food pics haha.. i like the Sambal Petai.. haha..just knowing that Melaka have that kind of food. Hope the taste it as good as the pics.

Nice and interesting blog.:)

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