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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Round 2 Farewell treat

ValueLabs farewell treat for Naveen...
  • After my treat for Naveen, this time it is time for ValueLabs to organize a farewell for their staff.
  • Yes, same indian banana leaf restaurant again....
  • Just enjoy the food pics! Oh yeah, the Manggo lassi and cow's milk milo is a big recommendation for drinks item!

This time I ordered the chicken briyani .... chun ler....damn huge drumstick! Two days eating the same food...still ok for me cause taste very nice .... can eat for a week too but very fattening for me!

Dunk the YELLOW MAN and Shooting down the BLUE BIRD

MNP Day @ Maxis ...
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.
  • Maxis recently organised Mobile Number Portability (MNP) days on 17, 19 and 21 November in Menara Maxis, Sunway Annexe and Plaza Sentral respectively.
  • The MNP days were fun-filled events to rally staff and to educate them about MNP.
  • Staffs were also encouraged to switch their friends and family to Malaysia’s favorite mobile service provider.

The MNP days were a hit as more than 1,500 people gathered at the various venues for enjoyable activities. Left pic: Employess dunking down the Yellow Man. Right pic: Employees shooting down the blue bird.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ho Chiak - Fried Nyonya Chicken Rice

My mom's recommendation....
  • 12 years ago, my mom tao pao this nyonya chicken rice back home for me after my schooling at a nearby food stall outside my parent house...
  • Since ever then, I always ask my mom to tao pao it everyday cause I am not bored of eating the same food as it really taste so good and delicious.
  • Even sometimes when I go back to visit my parent, I will have lunch at here despite my mom's lunch is ready.
  • Venue: Section 19 Food Stall, situated opposite Preston office building nearby Rothmans roundabout. This stall is situated along the road leading to Restoran Green View and Menara Merais.
  • During lunch time, it is packed with people coming to eat at the stall. As usual, brought some friends to try this...after that, they ownself also come and eat.
  • Oh yeah, it is a bit hot and humid and bit dusty cause it is situated next to a busy road side.

Oh yeah, Malay people also come and eat this chinese nyonya chicken rice.... it cost RM 4 per plate! .... worth it! Next to this stall, there is a mixed rice stall, very famous too cause it cater for Jackie Chan's crew members to eat when they shoot a movie in Malaysia.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Working life - Losing a staff is not easy

My treat for Naveen's farewell...
  • 30th Nov will be the last day for Naveen which will be leaving back to India. He is one of my consultant to manage and support Maxis Wap services.
  • Oh yeah, my team is all Indian consultants.
  • He is a great support to me ... without him, I would need to entertain complains and service & server downtime during midnight.
  • With the new business requriements and last minute changes coming from the product and marketing team, he and the rest of my team been helping me a lot to deliver it. Thanks to the team for the hardwork and full commitment to me.
  • Losing a staff and a resource is not easy especially when there are many new request coming in during year end and festive season to drive millions of revenue for the company.
  • Now u know why I hardly online n chat in MSN and even facebooking!

Ajak Daniel along to join in the farewell .... here are some of the indian consultants from Valuelabs which is in my team. Naveen is on front right one with specs. The price is reasonable too!

  • His last farewell email:-
    Dear all,

    I suppose this is more of a thank you to all of you for creating a great workplace, rather than farewell. It is my pleasure and honor to work with each and every one of you.
    I have found working here to be inspiring. I have enjoyed my tenure here and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you all.

    I would like to thank all my ISD MAS Team, especially: JOHN, JOHNSON & ALVIN for their support & encouragement that they have given to me during my time at Maxis. It has been great being a part of that dynamism and forward momentum.

    My Special thanks to JOHNSON for the farewell treat, RAYMOND & DANIEL for sparing your valuable time with me. I hope that my new workplace will be interesting and look forward for a new position that brings new challenges to my career.

    Terima Kasih,

This indian restaurant is their favourite and I have the treat at here....really, one of the best indian food in will be crowded during lunch time and sometimes, u have the chance to see some famous MIC politicians coming here to eat. Lastly, I simply love indian banana leaf!

My BBQ chicken wings and lamb shoulders supplier

Meet Tiffany ... thanks to you for the fresh chicken wings and lamb shoulders....
  • That's why I love to read blogs and do blog hopping ... can get many info resources and know new friends.
  • I got my chic. wings and lamb shoulders from a blogger which I know for my BBQ party recently .... fresh and cheap!
  • I known Tiffany aka from blog chat via cbox only .... from there got to know her that her family is running a frozen foods business.
  • Her family shop located at:-
    Hock Ann Foods Supplier
    L1-4, Block C, Jalan TK1/11E,
    Taman Kinrara, Sek. 1, Batu 7 1/2,
    Jalan Puchong, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel/Fax: 03-80753116

Visit her at

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Department Shirt Design competition

My submitted design ...
  • My very last minute submission ....
  • What's the prize if selected as winner? still unknown.
  • Every division in my company has their own department shirt and finally my IT division will be doing one.
  • Can't over design it cause of budget constraint....else my design will be like a Formula 1 shirt...hehehe.

Dark grey as the base color and red to represent one of the maxis branding color. Can be wear for casual and work as well. Do you like it?

My 7th Years Anniversary of Romance

Happy Anniversary .... 7 years of togetherness till now
  • Yes, I successfully manage to court Yve on 27/11/2001 and 'force' her to accept my love .... ngiak ngiak ngiak.
  • We face and share many sad and happy moments together from a love couple to a married couple.
  • Don't worry my fellow readers and blogger friends, won't say those smoochy and romantic words here....will sayit to my wife personally....kekeke

Our first meet up, was at SS2 Murni mamak ... brought my photo album along too... from there it started.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BBQ Party 2008 - The People

Having great time ....

  • Once the fire light up and ready for bbq, everyone just rush to place the food on the bbq pit.
  • We manage to finish most of the food except the fishballs which eventually some of my colleagues tao pao and given away to neighbours and security guards.

CK, the bbq fire expert ... thanks to him for lighting up the fire. First time we use the liquid gel to start the fire.

Everyone very enjoy bbq-ing and eating .... Bottom pic: After the clean up session, it is time to chill in my house with the cold aircond + wine + tea. Thanks to Janice for sponsoring the red wine.

Pose pose....picture time.....

Group picture of the day..... BBQ PARTY 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BBQ Party 2008 - The Food

With my colleagues @ my house....
  • Venue: Via's house Date: 22nd November 2008 The people: Yew Li, CK, Frances, Peng Tuck, Wai Yee, Thomas, May, Jason, Brendon, Janice, Yve & Via.
  • Finally, I am back into bbq-ing again .... it's been quite sometime I did not have any bbq party at my house due to problem of finding tables and chairs rental service.
  • This time, it is a bbq session with my fellow colleagues ... thanks to Yew Li for organizing it.
  • By the way, I love to organize bbq and love to marinade stuff, cook bbq food and start bbq fire. I have 3 bbq pits but given 2 away.

Top pic: New bbq recipe ... stir fried white mushroom and crab sticks with CHIVAS, butter, herbs, soya sauce, bit of pepper .... the taste was fantastic and was a hot demand. Middle pic: Bbq-ing lamb chops, chicken wings, sotong balls, prawn balls, ham, bacon, corn and garlic. Bottom pic: The sauces and ingredients use for marinating.
  • Here is the best part.....the bbq foods.

Sihum also in the bbq food menu....hams, bacons, prawns, sangria drink (by CK), lots of beer, chicken wings and lamb chops....

Salad (by Wai Yee) with avocado, sotong balls, white mushroom, cameron highland corns, crabsticks, pork sausages and prawn balls ... the salad with self made dijon mustard sauce was a big hit and supreme delicious.
  • Got the salad sauce ingredients from Wai Yee:-
    - 4 tablespoons or 1/4 cup Dijon mustard
    - 2 tablespoons honey
    - 1/3 cup lemon juice
    - 1 cup olive oil
    - 1 teaspoon Maldon or kosher salt, or 1/2 teaspoon salt
    Put all the ingredients into a jam-jar, make sure the lid's on firmly and shake like mad.

With nice bbq fire in control, here is the perfect bbq-ed chicken wings....

hoola hoola....look at the perfectly grilled lamb shoulder....yummy yum

  • More bbq pics to come in my next post...

Monday, November 24, 2008

HOA Restaurant - Vietnam Noodle

Brought Yew Li and CK to try out vietnam food in Puchong....
  • After, we've done our bbq shopping at Tesco Puchong.....then I brought them to eat vietnam food at Bandar Puteri Puchong.
  • This is my fav. vietnam restaurant in Puchong.
  • Thomas and May joined us for the dinner too.

Yummylicious vietnamese food served in this restaurant....they change their food menu...nice nice.

Car aircond broke down

My cousin car workshop at Sunway Damansara
  • Been suffering a week plus without car aircond .... finally got the time to send it for repair.
  • Recommended lots of my friends to service their and fixed their car if got problems.
  • Cheap, honest and good workmanship .... for normal car service (Kelisa) change car engine oil (Castrol), filter and etc....cost RM 50-RM 60.
  • He able to fix any car from Toyota Harrier, Honda, Toyota, Mini, Volkswagen and etc....
  • Good location, next to OldTown White Coffee....while waiting for ur car repair, can drink coffee and lepak there first...... and opposite beautiful Aman Suria houses.

Below pic: My new aircond compressor (red arrow).... took 3 hrs to fix everything ... cost, don't know yet as given a week to test it out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steven's Corner Yum Char session

When was this taken?
  • Found this pic from my notebook .... wow, everyone looks so young in the picture.
  • Wondering when was this taken and how come dun have my face one!

Sam, doesn't change much till now.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's time for me to call it a day

My retirement from Maxis Basketball team
  • It's time for me to announce my retirement from my company basketball team. :(
  • After a great twist on my ankle during a rough game last year and I needed 6 months to recover from it. Since then, I've been stop attending training and play friendly matches.
  • So it is time for me to hang my lucky No.15 basketball jersey and I will cheer the team from the sideline.
  • I've really enjoy playing game with the team .... everyone is so committed to the training .... that after working hour, we will rush straight to the Mt. Kiara Club.
  • I love the training venue, indoor basketball court with wooden flooring. I am playing Power Forward position.
  • And yes, I am a tough defensive player and emo one ..... imagine I did a soccer sliding tackle to bring a player down .... ooops....too emo!

Oh yes, I am active in badminton now ... lower injury risk than basketball.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Latest Christmas carol for 2008

Let's sing it along....

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Defend yourself against recession

Recession is happening now ....
  • Since Japan and few other europe countries like Germany declared RECESSION already, it is best to prepare ourself to overcome this hard time situation esp those who have financial commitment.
  • Things I need to prepare myself for the worse since I am tied up with huge loan and debt.
    - Save 6 months of money to pay shop loan - yve duty ~ hope my tenants won't go bankrupt.
    - Save 6 months of money to pay house loan - my duty ~ i dunwan to sleep on the street out there.
    - Save 3 months of money to pay club membership - my duty
    - Save money from eating outside, buy and cook at home.
    - No travel plans for next year 2009.
    - Window shopping only & less party! .... wonder how long I can tahan.
    - Stay sideline from stock market, hope wine investment will gain...else pokai.
  • Few tips to defend and safeguard yourself:-
    1. Get a firm grip on your INCOME. Find out exactly where every penny you make comes from and protect those sources. This means showing up on time and doing a good job at your job. It also means looking out for a possible layoff.
    2. Scout out other income sources to hedge your bets against hyper-inflation or a job layoff. Everyone right now should have second and even third sources of income. You do not want to get stuck without ANY income right now.
    3. Save your extra money. Put as much money into FD account. Build up your extra resources to smooth out any potential financial hick-ups you might encounter.
    4. Shop less and buy what you really need.
    5. Spend less on your fine and luxury dining. Go to foodcourt and street stalls to eat.
  • For more details bout recession and tips, read here

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My first meet up with blogger

Meeting up with Ju Ann @ Station One cafe, Subang Jaya
  • This is my first meeting with a blogger actually....
  • Supposingly me and yve will go & meet up with Ju Ann but bcos Yve just recover from her fever and need to sleep early, then I went there myself to meet with Ju Ann who came down from Singapore.
  • Really have a great chit chat time with her. C u next time again when u r back to KL again.
  • Wanna know who is she....see her pic below and her blogsite.

Ju Ann aka

Kim Gary membership card

The benefits you will get....

  • Eating at KLCC and KL Sentral can come nearly to RM 10 everyday for my lunch. Mixed rice is not cheap at all as it will come bout RM 5-7 and not included drink yet.
  • Therefore to save cost a bit and have a better dining ambience, I applied Kim Gary HK membership card few months ago .... and enjoy some discount on my lunch.
  • Of course I dont eat at Kim Gary everyday, will get 'jelak' very fast too.
  • Since the Avenue K branch was closed down .... I need to travel all the way to Midvalley branch for lunch there.

Went lunch with Johny to Kim Gary @ Mid Valley ... my fav. spicy korean pork chop noodles ...and as for month of November freebies, we got a bowl of fried mini pork chop in a bowl.... Top pic: My nice black color membership card and the forever crowded people at Mid Valley branch.
  • What do benefits do I get enjoy from the membership card:-
    - Pay RM 15 for lifetime membership.
    - Enjoy 10% discount on your bill (weekdays only)
    - Monthly Lucky Draw to Hong Kong and a chance to win a car!
    - Every month, you are entitle for a new food item for FREE!
    - 50% discount a week before and after your birthday
  • What so special bout their food , errrr ... just an ordinary HK food flavour and style and is edible. Price is reasonable too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Nyonya food in Melaka

Lunch treat for Yee Wooi & his Thai gf ....
  • Yee Wooi came down from Penang to Melaka with his Thai gf name Moi ... we decided to take them to try some of the best local nyonya food.
  • There are two famous nyonya restaurant (Ole Ole Sayang and Makko) at Melaka Raya ... but we prefer Makko cause of the strong nyonya taste and cheap price!
  • Oh yeah, u need to go Makko earlier or make early booking else you would need to wait.
  • As usual, we went there early bout 12pm to get a place.

Not in the pic - Curry Rendang chicken .... all the foods (cencaluk fried egg, nyonya taufu minced chicken, sambal petai, assam fish, fried sambal vege and curry rendang chicken) came up to RM 110+ rite!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Duck King Restaurant

Note: Sorry, lately I am busy with my personal matter and no time to blog over the weekend....I am back now.

Ordered whole Peking Duck for 4 pax ... walau!
  • Johny & Wan Lin introduce me and yve this restaurant cause of their famous roasted duck and duck dishes.
  • Duck King, already a household name in Indonesia, flew into Malaysia barely few months ago.
  • Venue: Duck King Restaurant @ Jaya One
  • People: Johny, Wanlin, Yve & me.

We went there bout 6pm cause it will be fully seated by 7pm and will be a long queue to wait.
  • We were a bit over greedy and kiasu....wanted to order half duck but worried it will be too we decided to order whole peking duck which is normally for 10 pax .... but there is only 4 of us.
  • Guess what, we able to finish all the dishes cleanly.
  • The bill came up over RM 300+.

Overall, the best is the peking duck (RM 62.80 for whole duck) with one cooking style for the meat and the soup (RM 12 per bowl) ... marvellous taste and will come back for it definitely. The fried live tiger garupa fish (RM 144 for 800g) and claypot vege (Rm 13.80) taste normal only.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Grinder Competition at Maxis KL Sentral

I did 20 reps with my personal best time of 7.27 secs
  • Some of our colleagues erased the Malaysia record of 6.66 secs for 20 reps and the best time was set by Maxis staff was 6.27 secs ... that is a second slower than mine....amazing, wonder how he can do it.
  • Anyway, it was a good feeling and I know my arm will ache tomorrow morning cause I did 5 rounds of it.
  • Thou I din win the phone but I got free Polo T-shirt.

  • Ericsson is a sponsor and participant in this year's Volvo Ocean Race, the sailing world's top around-the-globe event. The race is being used to highlight the challenges, uses of technology, and teamwork required to succeed in today's competitive environment.
  • In conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in Singapore in January 2009, Ericsson will be hosting a technology pavilion showcasing the role of communications in the lives of today's consumers, and addressing key telecom trends and their impact on our business.

  • The "Grinder" is a mechanical device for raising and lower the sails on boats, requiring speed and agility.
  • There will be prizes offered to the first 200 participants who compete for the grinder or correctly answer a short quiz, and SonyEricsson mobile phones awarded for the very top competitors.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Discount - RM 1680, CASH & CARRY!....1 unit left!
  • Submit your name and contact number to me at 012-2049325. Will contact you bout the payment. First come with the full payment will be eligible for this discount laptop.
  • Not included the maxis broadband package, just the laptop only!
  • More details, click here to read.
  • Laptop specs:

    Processor: Intel® Atom Processor® N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache)
    Operating system: Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
    Display: Glossy 8.9 inch LED display (1024X600)
    Memory: 1GB2 DDR2 at 533MHz
    Hard Drive: 8GB Solid State Drive
    Webcam: 0.3 Mega Pixel Integrated Webcam
    Video: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950
    Sound: Integrated Stereo Sound
    Wireless LAN: Wireless 802.11g Mini Card
    Wireless WAN: Wireless 5530 HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth® Internal (2.0) mini-card
    Battery: 32WHr Battery (4 cell)
    System Colour: Alpine White
    Service: 1Yr Ltd Warranty


Amazing power...
  • I am totally awesome with the Head-Up Display projected on the windscreen when I took my first drive on it.
  • Powered with 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine which develops a dynamic 200 kW/272 hp.
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h comes in 6.3 seconds and top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h.
  • Very comfortable and nice interior finishing.
  • It is key-less start stop engine .... cool!

The red arrow pointing is the head-up display projected on the nice if it can project porno movie on the windscreen while driving .... hehehe

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

East Garden Cafe at Melaka Raya

Brunch at Melaka ...
  • Seok Yan & Wan Sin took us to East Garden at Melaka Raya for brunch ...
  • We ordered base on Seok Yan recommendation which is the fried noodle and special stewed pork rice....
  • Not bad taste...the only thing I am not satisfied is their drinks .... the food was nice!

Me having the fried noodle and Yve having the stewed pork the end, me as DBKL, sapu half of her stewed pork rice....

The fried vege was nice too....cause they add in chili padi ... spicy siul...!

Denis and Mei Chen's Wedding @ Denis's Room

The bedroom .....

  • I like the folded bedsheet into a chinese fan shape....
  • Wish them happily ever after....

Hope Denis will add extra performance for his future!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Denis and Mei Chen's Wedding @ Equatorial Hotel

Wedding Dinner Reception ....
  • Venue: Equatorial Hotel @ Melaka.
  • I am not going to post any food pics....else really become foodie blog already. So just enjoy the pics of the dinner reception.
  • Yve is on duty that night at the receptionist table. She was exhausted to manage 700 over guests. While I just taking pics around for fun only.
  • Obviously my main duty is to eat .... my review on the food, nice & yummy! superbly delicious taste for a halal food. Imagine female took 3 bowls of the lotus rice and all the dishes sapu cleanly! Me and the other two guys were stunt that 7 females in my table ate more than us.

Took some pics of the dinner setup ... very beautifully decorated....the live band was sang whole night without stopping, wonder how much he paid for it....

The main stage is perfectly arranged and beautiful main table with the lightingaround it...

Here comes the cam whoring session when we are waiting for our food to arrive....

Top pic: Denis giving his 'yam seng' toast .... Yve at the receptionist table. Bottom pic: Told you so...normally ladies will stop eating the last dessert dish....but this was an exceptional case .... the food taste really good.
Next --> Denis's Room picture post coming up soon

Monday, November 10, 2008

Denis and Mei Chen's Wedding @ St. Francis Church

Church Wedding...

  • Denis & mei Chen will be exchanging their vows at the St. Francis Church, one of the oldest church in Malaysia, on the 8th. Nov’08.
  • After the morning tea ceremony at the bride side, we rush to the church at 9.30am.
  • This is my first church wedding experience @ Melaka ....

I really enjoy the church wedding ceremony at the church ... Me and Yve feel happy for Denis & Mei Chen ..... Middle Pic: Denis with his new Mercedez as his wedding car, car number plate 878! cannot buy 4D ler...

I just love to see the end of the day where can see the couple is finally official known as Husband & Wife and lots of laughter and well wishers from friends and family.

Next --> Dinner Reception @ Equatorial Hotel, Melaka post coming up soon!

Denis and Mei Chen's Wedding @ Mei Chen's house

The morning - door bashing! ~ 8th November 2008
  • Firstly, congrats to my buddy Denis & Mei Chen on their big big day.
  • Woke up early at 5.45am and get ready to go to Mei Chen's house.
  • While Yve & the ji mui's discuss on the tricks to play on the groom, I took the opportunity to take some pics.

Me & Yve suppose to be on the heng dai side but the army of ji mui's is too small for 30 heng dai's .... so we joined the ji mui's side.

Top pic: Mei Chen's dad hand over a big steel lock to the ji mui to lock the gate outside. While the ji mui's draw up a plan how to make Denis suffer and how much ang pau money they wanna suck from him. Middle pic: Pity Denis & the heng dai's that being played badly by the ji mui's. Bottom pic: group photo of leng lui ji mui's.

Next --> Church Wedding post coming up soon!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

My first newspaper ads

I am a model for Kiko, Kiti Kat, Gotcha, Ladybird
  • When I was small kid, my parent took me and my cousins for a newspaper ads for MetroJaya.
  • I remember I was so piss off and not happy that I need to change so many clothes and pose for whole day. Sumore, I was a small kid (5 yrs old) that time only leh.
  • This The Star newspaper was so old (since 1984 November) till now ... and i need to preserve it.
  • Oh yeah, I can't remember i received money for my ads....need to claim from my parent liow....hehehe.

All the 3 kids in the newspaper are my cousins - Michael and Amy.... can recognize me wor? which one is me?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pink cute ducks

Cute pink ducks and flowery car....

  • I know this ducks is for charity one but dunno which charity is it for....
  • Yve was so facinated with the car and she wanna cam whore with the car.

At Jaya One .....

Hoegarden Beer - Luv-in it

Brussels Beer Cafe
  • Venue: Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One
  • Occasion: Casual yum char during weekday
  • People: Johny, Wan Lin, Yve & Via
  • Ambience: Packed during weekdays, very nice beer cafe and cosy feeling.
  • Food & Drinks: Fries & 3 pints of Hoegarden beer

Johny brought us here to his regular drinking place .... very nice place for a drink and chit chat. Good place to watch live football match too. Not forgetting, many OL there too....kekekeke.

Johny posing with hoegarden beer ... me and yve was very shock that Johny brought us to drink beer .... i thought drink coffee at kopitiam .... mana tau, drink western tea pulak...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Dining at Fairy's Garden Cafe

Eating in a fairytale garden....

  • Ambience: Customers can relax and savour the food in a cafe surrounded by flowers. The small yet cosy setting is popular with customers celebrating occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and for office get-togethers. My occasion is to celebrate good week of the stock market....with that, tend to spend a little bit to eat nice food.
  • Venue: Damansara Uptown ... nearby the Mosque.
  • Summary: The potatoes is a bit hard to chew and very dry to eat without sauce on it. Secondly, the chicken mustard sauce is too little and by eating half of the chicken, there is no sauce on the plate left. The mushroom soup is a bit pricey RM 11.90 for such a small bowl. Anyhow, the mushroom soup taste excellent. Overall, we enjoy eating the special red wine rib eye and taste really good ....something taste differently from normal steak.

Took some pics of the surroundings before the food is served. Waiting time is short and friendly service staff. Fresh is the key word. They use fresh herbs, such as thyme and oregano. Many of the dishes in the cafe are flavoured with herbs. Very nice mushroom soup....

Top pic: The Red Wine Rib Eye (RM35.90), made with the chef’s secret sauce, is the best-selling item at the cafe. Many restaurants offer steaks or rib-eye, but what makes it special is the sauce. The sauce, made from beef bone and herbs, has to be cooked for 12 to 18 hours. Bottom pic: The Dijon Mustard Grilled Chicken Drumstick (RM19.90) is a good choice for the health-conscious as it is not too oily.

Aside from the cafe, Fairy’s Garden also offers a variety of flowers to cater for different occasions.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Home Cook - Har Lok Prawn....

My favourite dish of all time ....
  • My mom's cooking. Able to eat more than a 2 dozen of this tiger prawns.
  • Taste: Absolutely delicious.
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