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Friday, October 31, 2008

Korean Kim Chi

Spicy and Sour ...yummy!
  • Korean Kim Chi .... i like the spicy kim chi and yve love the sour kim chi.
  • Went to a Korean Mart at Korean Village @ Ampang there just to buy this kim chi and some korean food.
  • When reached home... quickly try the kim chi ... WALAUEH...spicy siul and sour .... i luv it! I was coughing when ate the spicy kim chi .... good to eat with rice!

Top pic: Is the sour taste kim chi ... Bottom pic: Ooo la la, my fav spicy kim chi ... damn kao spicy and nice taste! One box cost RM 9, quite cheap!

IBM GTS Solution Workshop

IBM Workshop @ Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel
  • I just love half day kind of workshop ... simple reasons is the food and sort of work relaxation.
  • Got this invitation pass from IBM and I forward to my colleagues to go along with me.
  • Ok, I did not know that my current company is called Malaysian Mobile Services Sdn Bhd.
  • 40 ppl attended this workshop.

I had a heavy tea break by eating 4 of those mini chicken drumsticks. Me and Amanda love their tea a lot.
  • After the workshop, as usual.... we will break for lunch.
  • Wow, I did not know that it a buffet lunch.

Share some interior and exterior design of the hotel....
  • Here comes my expertise - FOOOD!
  • Sadly to say, the buffet food served here is not that good.
  • Fried tempura got no taste and it is cold ... sashimi not that fresh and colleagues complaint bout the oysters got stinky smell and not clean at all.

Thou the food is not so tasty, but I am hungry on dat day ... this is what I ate....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Melaka Wedding Dinner

Cousin Wedding Dinner at Melaka
  • Rush down from KL to Melaka for a day to attend yve's cousin wedding dinner at Melaka.
  • It was a night to remember cause all yve's cousin were drunk and they did not come and drink with me. YEAH!
  • The last wedding dinner was a disaster for me....finishing nearly a bottle of Black Label.

Pics of my sister in law, niece, nephew ... me n yve ....

Congrats to the lovely couple...I had a full dinner yet again....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VIA Chef - Home cook Pork Rice

More than an ordinary pork rice ....
  • Ok, this meal was meant for my dinner ... suppose to eat light dinner only.
  • Since Yve found there is pork meat and vege in the fridge ... she decided to cook this.
  • There goes my diet plan .... anyway it is my fault cause couldn't resist the smell when she fried the pork .... aiyoyo.

The ingredients in the bowl:- crabsticks, brocolli, pok choy veg, fried egg, pork meat and tons of rice at the bottom ....

VIA GIVEAWAY Series 2 - Condoms and a chocolate coin

Giving it for FREE ...
  • After the first succession of via giveaway series 1, I got 3 condoms and a chocolate coin to give away.
  • All you got to do is sms me to 012-2049325 with your personal details Name, blogsite url and your email address. Simple as ABC.
  • The 10th SMS recipient will get this free gift ... competition ends on 31st October.
  • Applicable to Malaysians only and Malaysia address only. Free postage fee!

Don't worry, all tested and high quality ensured. Not sure the choc u might want to eat it.
  • You will wanna know how I get this supply.
  • One early morning I came into my office. Saw a red ang pow packet laying on top of my notebook ... thought there is something good.
  • When I opened up, I got 3 condoms and a chocolate coin. Furthermore, all male staff got it somemore.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Panic Morning

Nervous and lucky day....

  • It was a busy and nervous and high tension morning to remember. It is also one of the highiest day trade amount for this year for my record.
  • With the asian regional market drop badly esp Hang Seng and Dow Jones dropped this morning. It is a predictable and expected situation that KLSE will drop badly this morning.
  • One of my client insist to invest and try his luck to buy IOICORP. When he told me he want to invest 58 lot @ RM 2.10 into IOICORP.
  • But guess what, I love to buy when market drop badly cause it will rebound (trying luck).
  • Immediately the transaction was done....and it drop to RM 2.08 ... i was shivering and worried might drop to below rm 2....deciding to cut loss at that time....then my remiser told me to hold on for 10 mins more and see .... luckily i got the patient to wait.

Total is RM 122,811.14 ... my record for this year transaction ....
  • Sold 50 lot first at RM 2.27 (profit of +7,887.700) as it rebound back unexpectedly. Damn it, after sold it, in a minute time, it went up to 2.30! --> Shud not feel regret once sold it and shud be happy with the profit.
  • The remaining 8 lot he decided to keep it.
  • How I wish to earn RM 7k+ in less than an hour. Now I believe, rich people will be come richer and poor people will become poorer people.

Even it is a red day, it can be your green day....just invest wisely! Sometimes, it is worth to take the risk to invest to gain ... but it might backfire. Cheers to KLSE!

Takoyaki balls

Whose favourite is this? It is mine fav. for sure ....
  • Introducing takoyaki balls .... you may find it in pasar malam (night market).
  • I had this at Sg. Wang Plaza .... couldn't resist the smell of the octopus!
  • Cost me RM 4.30 for 3 takoyaki or expensive? I dun care, as long in my stomach liow...hehehe.

I simply love this japanese food ... esp when you eat when it is hot ... the octopus juices is like pouring out once u bite it ..... the fried smell also make your nose HIGH! How can I not eat when pass by this takoyaki stall....damn it. I failed not to eat again!
  • Takoyaki is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced or whole baby octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver (aonori), mayonnaise, and katsuobushi (fish shavings), originating from Osaka.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Famous YTF at Ampang

YTF = Yong Tau Foo and not WTF = Wat the Fark...
  • Had my lunch at Ampang Yong Tau Foo restaurant.
  • I remember when my teenage time, my dad brought us to have lunch at this restaurant, we need to wait for quite long before can get a place. YTF used to be a hot famous food in the town especially when comes to Ampang Yong Tau Foo name.
  • Since then, not many people are into YTF and I know why ....

Very quiet and the choices of YTF is very limited .... so this is wat i ordered .... to taste whether their YTF is nice and fresh, we ordered many fish balls but turn out to be a dissapointed one.
  • After having my YTF, I can conclude that their taste standard has dropped and not so nice as last time.
  • The fish meat to make the fish balls is lesser too .... don't have the strong fish taste anymore. The only nice thing is the sui kow.
  • Compare to the famous YTF at Batu 14 Puchong, this is no fight at all.

Happy Deepavali

To my indian friends and those celebrating this festival, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Deepavali. For those enjoying the holiday, have a good rest and enjoyable day. -vialentino

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Tower visit

Fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world ... have you visited?
  • After bringing my parent in law to the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge visit, then we went to the KL Tower. This was my second visit to the KL Tower as my first visit was on a international event duty as the time official for the KL Tower Run.
  • Do you know that it is the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world? and do you know that KL Tower is also the first pit-stop in The Amazing Race Asia 1 and fielded a route marker on the final leg of the same race. This is my lawatan sambil belajar.
  • Not to mention, the passes is not free .... I need to pay RM 45 for 4 pax .... half price for Malaysia citizenship. Yeah, you do not need to queue and wake up early in the morning to get the tickets ... the tickets is available at anytime.

Magnificient view from the KL Tower and I able to see my favourite hangout spot - Genting Highland Casino .... ooops...hehehe. After all, RM 45 is worth it for this experience in a life
  • Some facts of the KL Tower ... The structure is divided into 5 basic sections:
    1. The foundation base houses 3 basement floors for safety purposes, storage and maintenance work.

    2. The touristic building bears the administration office, souvenir shops and the 146 meters pedestrian mall with cascading pools.

    3. The tower shaft comprises 22 levels with 4 elevators and flights of stairs with a total of 2,058 steps.

    4. The tower head holds the public observation platform (276 m) and revolving restaurant as well as the telecommunication and broadcasting stations.

    5. The antenna mast crowns the tower and is specially utilized for telecommunication and broadcasting transmissions.

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge visit

Highest 2-story bridge in the World

  • Welcome to Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge ... the highest 2-story bridge in the world. ---> Malaysia Boleh!
  • This was my third attempt to get an early morning ticket to visit this Skybridge. Thanks to Yve who knows one of the KLCC manager who reserved the tickets for us.
  • I do not need to wake up at 6am and queue for the ticket anymore. If you plan to get 8.30am to 10.30am visiting time ticket, you need to be at the queue at 6-6.30am!
  • Before you are allowed to take the lift up to the skybridge, you will be guided to a small cinema to view their video presentation.

1st row left pic: taking pic of myself at the klcc park early in the morning. Bottom row pics: Amazing view and design layout of the klcc park from the skybridge. Lots of kwai lou there and I feel like I am a tourist on that day itself.

  • Some facts of the skybridge ... The towers feature a skybridge (constructed by Kukdong Engineering & Construction of South Korea) between the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors
  • The bridge is 170m above the ground and 58 m long, weighing 750 tons. The same floor is also known as the podium, since visitors desiring to go to higher levels have to change elevators here.
  • The skybridge is open to all visitors, but free passes (limited to 1700 people per day) must be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. The Skyway is closed on Mondays.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Bursa drop like shit and we are not in recession yet!
  • Our govt not pumping money in to help our economy?
  • Aiih....another red day .... plantation keep on dropping .... sighhh.
  • My advice, stay out while you can ... good time is to buy when recesssion comes ahead.
  • Cheers to our blOOdy market!

There goes my dream bike....
  • With the KLSE condition and losing money, my dream bike gone liow.
  • BABY, I will own YOU one day ..... before that, let me get my 500cc license first.

Must blame my uncle for this. When I am a small kid, he took me a ride of his kawasaki ... and I was thrilled ... since then, I love speed a lot. But after my bro-in-law killed in a bike accident, it change my life again and wondering if I have this bike and ride in Malaysia...will I live for a month more?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lemon Garden Cafe

Can't resist .... darnnn!
  • WARNING - Sorry that I tempt you as well .... don't drool ur saliva in here, just enjoy viewing the pics....kekeke.
  • This is one of my heavy lunch after since a long time. I can't control myself this time cause of the good foods served at Lemon Garden Cafe at Shang-ri La Hotel.
  • Yesterday, went with Johny to eat at here .... we did not make any reservation cuz we thought not many people would not go there for buffet.
  • We are damn lucky that we went there early and got a place to be seated cause it is fully booked --> I thought global economy slowdown, so not much people will eat buffet but I was wrong.

Very nice decorated cafe and the ambience is superbly great to dine at here. They have many food counters such as western, chinese, japan, indian and malay.
  • Below is the pics I've taken and swallowed into my stomach .... my starter always come with sashimi no salad for me.
  • I like their varierty of dim sum choices especially the crab meat dim sum and their pasta! Not forgetting their mouth watering fried GYOZA!
  • and johny took lots of SCALLOPS too.
  • The dish of the moment for me is their steam cod fish (damn kao fresh) and it melts in your mouth and salmon eggs! .... my first time to eat salmon eggs (salty siul) !

Top 1st row pics:- Sashimi is nice as my starter ... then followed by cod fish, fried gyoza, dim sums, fried noodles and salmon fried rice. The salmon fried rice is not so good. Top 2nd row pics:- Took lots of scallops and asparagus, lamb n fried gyoza again. The ginseng herbal soup is nice! Middle 3rd row pics:- Chicken Soup noodles and 3 pasta variety with grilled potatoes. Bottom 4th row pics:- Sushi and bit of sashi with fish eggs and salmon eggs again. Took some dim sums again.
  • Oh man, I will remember this cod fish for life and my salmon eggs experience .... look at their fish meat texture. I did not bluff u leh...told u it is soft and melts in your mouth once u swallow it.
  • I need to queue and rush for this fish as it is hot item in there .... by 2 minutes, the cod fish is gone and luckily I manage to take 3 rounds of it.
  • Later on, the chef change the cod fish dish to another kind of fried fish .... hahaha.
  • Not forgetting the fish eggs ... i always eat this when having sushi and this time, I can take unlimited of fish eggs. Too bad, the caviar also snub quickly and the chef did not refill it....damn it.

Top pic:- Just look at the layout of the cod fish texture! ... perfectly cooked! The crab meat dim sum is delicious....have 4 of that...kekeke. Bottom pic:- My asparagus, salmon eggs and tons of fish eggs .... it is do delicious eating with fresh sashimi.

  • I am too full but I can't miss their ice cream dessert.
  • Finally, I feel bloated and restless after a heavy lunch meal.
  • FYI, for lunch per pax is bout RM 90 nett, thou is pricey but is worth it esp got cod fish, sashimi, scallops and salmon eggs.
  • I will come here again if it is FREE again.

Look at Johny face....see how bloated is him while resting on the chair....hehehe. Total satisfaction for my stomach!

Modelling Clay

Good old times...
  • I thought this is called 'plastersine' when I am a kid. Did not know that it is called modelling clay.
  • I played with my niece and din know she love cam whoring. Gosh, I think i have influenced her to take pics.
  • She keep on pastering me to take pics of her and her clay models.

Obviously the burger is done by me...duh....the rest is modelled by my niece...she told me is a face and some monster .... hahaha....i was laughing ....i can't imagine.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sizzling Steamboat Luk Luk at Solaris Mt. Kiara

My 1st visit to Solaris @ Mt. Kiara
  • Firstly, my intention to go Solaris is yum char at cafe there and to check the place.
  • Sadly, Coffee Bean closes at 11pm and same for Ole-Ole Bali .... the only happening spot is those pubs which many uncles and young PR gals is there.
  • Since I am at there already, we decided to eat Steamboat Luk Luk .... gosh, thought of trying one sticks...end up eating many sticks!

Their portion quite huge and per stick cost from RM 1.60 to RM 3+. I like their gravy a lot.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008 Pictures

UPDATE - Mizuno Wave Run 2008 pics is here...
  • Firstly, thanks to PMTEY for me to download and grant me permission to publish his pics in my blog here. Click here to view more pics from his multiple site. Kindly add him as your friend first to see the pics.
  • You may view more pics at the official site here too.

Top left pic: look at the long queue to the toilet.

Top left pic: Vic's is in the picture with his Oakley sunglasses, wat is he staring wonder got motivation to run. Top right pic: The cool Alvin just running at his own of the medal finisher!

Look at the starting crowd .... 3100 runners! .... I just hate the starting where i kena bang left and right.

Future Malaysia Runner for the World Marathon ... remember his face yeah!

Maxis Raya Open House for Rumah Kebajikan

My first voluntary work....
  • Firstly, this is a meaningful post for me which I want to write more bout it.
  • I must say that I am happy and enjoy this voluntary work for good cause. Sad to say that since I joined my co. community service 3 yrs ago and this is my first participant.
  • To redeem my guilt, I voluntered myself for this charity event @ Restoran Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay.
  • Event starting at 10.30am and the Maxis Community Service team gathered at 9am for briefing.

Took some pics of the event location....very nice Malay restaurant which serving Malay local delicacies (buffet style).

  • It is a Raya Open House treat for the needed ones and few foundation from the Old Folks Home, Half-way Home, Orphanage Home and Blind Association were invited to this Raya Open House. Over 200's of children and old folks came to this event.
  • Me as the Team Lead and host for the TARA Foundation which mainly comprise of Indian orphange childrens. This foundation was setup by Datin Poonam who is very friendly and kind lady.

I feel happy to see the kids enjoying themself so much. Some of the kids were abandoned by their own family cause of their family problem like drug addicts and prostitution. In fact, they are very smart kids .... imagine a 3 yrs old kid able to write their name so beautiful than my hand writing....i was stunned!

  • There is a few moment of sadness I've encountered especially when I talked to some old folks people which they been neglected by their own kids. Secondly, sad to see a disable kid in wheel chair and not able to talk properly and got blind vision. How sad to see a kid condition to suffer this. Many of weird sickness and syndroms I've watch the kids and adults on that day and I can feel what they are going thru in their remaining of their life.... really softened my heart. There is a disable kid told me that he was very happy to be here and saw his tears flowing down ....aiyoh, it nearly makes me to cry ler....sigh.
  • My happy moments:-
    1. I am happy that I able to escort an old man to the toilet for him to do his business while I am waiting outside the toilet door just in case he fall.
    2. Serve food and drinks to the needed ones and fed them.
    3. Chat with the kids and they love to call me 'Uncle'.
    4. Able to wheel chaired the disable people around and bring them for face painting.
    5. Happy to see the kids and old folks receive their duit raya packet ... they were smiling happily.
  • At the end of the day which the event finish bout 2.30pm ... I feel so relief and it reminds me that we should be feeling lucky that we have an almost perfect life and there are many people out there who is much worse condition than us.
  • I plan to join another similar event for this and contribute to the needed community.

I totally have fun and it is a great experience for me. I feel so great and happy after this open up my eyes to another side of their world. They need our sponsor and donation a lot .... do a good deed for yourself, u will have a peace of mind after that.

WhiteWalls Art Gallery

Don't miss out this beautiful art gallery where you can find metal, canvas and van gogh arts here. Simply awesome.

I bought several canvas picture from Bali, but the quality is not satisfying. The White Walls Art Gallery offer a very reasonal price with creative design.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The WIFELESS Networks

Join us the 'Wifeless' networks....Open for membership

  • This wifeless community is applicable for married men only....hehehe....just kidding.
  • I like Dae's shirt a lot when I saw how come he is wearing WIRELESS t-shirt ... want to see which network service provider.
  • When I looked closely, I saw WIFELESS and have a great laugh.
  • Sunday night, yum char at Steven Corner, OUG there....I missed their Cheese Nan and Burung Puyoh a we ordered a lot .... end up, only me and Dae eating.

Dae can wear his Wifeless shirt when Fanny is around...else kena 'tarik telinga' as seen in the picture...hahaha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

FirstStreet USB Turntable

This unique USB turntable allows you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 quickly and easily. It plugs directly into your computer using the included USB cable. In addition, it comes complete with dustcover, and all cables are included.


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KL Mizuno Wave Run 2008 - 10km

Satisfied and happy with my time...

  • This is my second 10km run for this year since I started my first 10km (Adidas) run 2 months ago.
  • Was a rushing day for me cause Saturday night, went down to Melaka for wedding dinner and came back to KL at midnight. Less than 4 hrs of sleep, woke up at 4am, Sunday to prepare myself for the run.
  • Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
  • I completed the run in est. of 1hr 07 mins cause this is run is tougher than the first one cause of the hills esp at Bukit Tunku there.

  • Thou qualification time for this run is 1hr 30 mins.....I manage to complete under the qualification time (big clap for me!). My position is 1024 if not mistaken out of 3100 runners. Will need to wait for my certificate and official time & overall position in 2 months time.
  • Too bad, medals are given to first 300 finishers for each category and overall medals given away is 1300 medals.
  • Thanks to the training I got at Kiara Hill and my jog mate- Johny, muscle not soaring at all and manage to pace myself very good. This time I did not rest at all.
  • Here is my review of the race event.
    1. I am bit dissapointed with the management team on how they manage the finisher runners. We need to queue up and enter one by one to clock your time....this will cause our time not to be exactly clocked.
    2. Only two entry booth at the finishing line, one for Female and one for Male.
    3. Too small drink station booth and need to wait for water to be filled up.
  • I hope to join the Great Eastern 30km run next next target.

Click to en-large the picture for some Marathon Supplementation Guide. This is for my reference.

VIA SPEEDS - BMW 325i Sports

BMW 325i Sports
  • This car is a of the best series of BMW I've driven so far. But I still like the Z4, the horsepower is awesome.
  • But for a Sedan car, the horsepower was awesome too. (Took 2hrs 30 mins from KL to Singapore)
  • The car is equipped with the M Sports Package which includes the M Aerodynamics kit, 18-inch star spoke M light alloy wheels with mixed runflat tyres, M sports suspension and M leather steering wheel.

With the price tag of RM 3xx,xxx .... is like a moving house on the road....I can't afford it. For the rich people out there, this car is awesome and it is really a sheer of driving.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vietnam Holiday - My Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

My Breakfast
  • If u see the below 4 pictures (american breakfast set & bananas), this is provided hotel breakfast...definitely not enuff for me.
  • Then we walked out and search for some cafe.....i saw their beef burger and I ordered seafood fried rice.
  • The seafood fried rice might looks normal to you but it taste good man. Not to mention bout the beef burger, better than McDonald's burger...order second set somemore!
  • Oh yeah, I love their vietnamese coffee and ice coconut milkshake.

Normal back-packers hotel....but the rooms is very nice and clean...lots of kwai lou's stayed in here. It's been a long time I did not have such heavy breakfast.

My Lunch
  • My lunch was simple .... tried some of their local food there....similar to chinese cooking style.
  • Lots of veggies and pork and beef meat.
  • I like their pork satay lilit very much.

Put some nice flower pictures and scenery to cool your food temptation. See I take care of your feelings too so you won't always drooling in my blogsite...kekeke

My Dinner
  • For this dinner, I've over ordered like what I did at the Saigon Cruise ship.
  • Probably is their price too cheap and I just keep ordering nia.
  • Shucks, I din know their pancake is so huge and inside got meat and seafood somemore. It is a bit oily too but taste not bad.

Dinner for 2 pax, mushroom soup (bloody big bowl), pancake (bloody big portion), fried beef noodles (lots of meat & vege), fried pork & seafood spring rolls & beef noodle soup.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maxis Broadband Open House @ Menara Maxis

Yummy Malay foods and kuih raya
  • Last Thursday, all staff were invited to Broadband department for their Open House.
  • Lots of food served there and of course to promote awareness and broadband update to the staff as well.

Everyone really enjoy the open house .... for me, I enjoy the food a lot. :p

What fruit is this?

Anyone know what is this?
  • Found this at Ho Chi Minh Chinatown street.
  • It is furry and soft when I touch but I did not try it. Feeling so regret not to try it.
  • Anyone have try or saw this before? Let me know how does it taste and what is the name of the fruit?

The skin is very shining and very nice to touch .... is like touching your hamster fur.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chu Chi Tunnel & Ben Thanh Market

Chu Chi Tunnel
  • Very long and bumpy bus journey to this famous Chu Chi Tunnel during US-Vietnam war.
  • When the tour guide ask us to go inside the tunnel and crawl....I was like, WTF, can i really go in.
  • After seeing a big fat US lady manage to go in....then I got confidence liow.
  • Damn, the tunnel was so small in width and height and humid. I wonder how people can stay there for long.
  • For more history details, please read here.

I like the traps a lot...that really amazed me a lot. For the tunnel itself, it was a good experience for me to crawl in the tunnel.

Ben Thanh Market - Souvenir market
  • This place is not cheap at all. I recommend if you want to buy stuff, coffee beans or souvenier....go to Chinatown market. Much cheaper price there.
  • At here, you can try many kind of foods and drinks. Foods and drinks here are reasonably cheap.
  • For more details bout Ben Thanh Market, please read here.

We bought the coffee beans here and we find that it is too expensive and we got slaughtered when we see the price at Chinatown market. DAMN IT!

Dare to Drink A not

Healthy Drink ....want a taste of it?
  • Found this at the Ben Than market while I was buying coffee beans.
  • I saw this king cobra in the bottle staring at me with its open eyes. They many sort of other creatures like scorpion, spider and 'lipan'.
  • In fact, this is some sort of a healthy liquor drink which is good for your body health.
  • I dare not to try this kind of drink....i feel pity for this kind of creatures.

Shucks man, when I see this, I feel like threwing up...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My technical team is looking into the issue is expected to get it resolved at the earliest. Any such inconvenience caused is regretted. Your patience and co-operation till then is highly appreciated.

Tian Lai Restaurant at Gelang Patah

Famous Seafood Dining place for Singaporean Actors & Actresses

  • My cousin took us out for dinner at this famous seafood restaurant - Tian Lai @ Gelang Patah, Johor.
  • Seafood for me again....Via, remember ur diet please!
  • According to her, lots of singaporean ppl and actors n actresses come here and eat.
  • It is cheap and taste yummy.

My cousin sis brought us to a seafood restaurant nearby her area. This reminds me of the seafood place at Sri Damansara....always crowded and need to come before 6pm to get a table. Fresh Crab....yummy!

  • Thank God, we came early bout 6.30pm...and it is already crowded with people....manage to find one vacant table.
  • Focus Top Right picture below...fried Sambal Chili Crab .... this is awesome taste and the Big middle picture below - Sauted Egg Crab .... incredible taste. Fresh n Yummy!
  • My cousin sister really love food and love to hunt for food as well....great for me!

The food was awesomely taste good and yummy .... love the cooking and the food taste at here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My resting place at JB + Breakfast

My cousin sister home at Gelang Patah, Johor
  • Last minute, my mom told me that we will be staying at Johor rather than in Singapore hotel to save money.
  • My cousin sister home is located at Gelang Patah, Johor....just 10 mins away to Singapore from Tuas checkpoint.
  • My first time to visit my cousin sister home and I was amazed....her house like a hotel resort nia.

I wonder when I can have this big garden space, koi pond, nice bamboo trees and big living room! Yve and Me was dreaming dat day...

Can your maid cook this?
  • Thought my cousin sister prepare the breakfast for us .... but the breakfast is cooked by the maid itself.
  • I always have negative impression on house maid...but this maid is extremely extra-ordinary. She cooked the mutton curry, fried tiger prawns, fried vege, soup and steam fish.
  • My cousin sister bought the curry chee cheong fun and dumplings from a famous stall at Skudai.
  • IMAGINE MY BREAKFAST at 10am WITH RICE & curry ... this seems more to my lunch + dinner.

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