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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

  • 29-09-2008 ... my big day!
  • Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me and Happy birthday to ME....
  • Yippie, I am officially 2x yrs old ... still young and energetic!
  • I am away on leave to celebrate my birthday ... will blog more bout it once I back tomorrow!

My last year bday celebration....wonder how is this year bday celebration....

PS: this is a scheduled post

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buffet Dinner with Acision Malaysia

Food week - Buffet Dinner again....
  • Don't get my blog wrong, my blog is not a Foodie Blog yeah. It is just recently this month, I got lots of buffet invitation. I even did not attend some of it cause I am worry bout my weight before my 10km run.
  • This is my second time in a week to dine at this Gobo Chit Chat...previously was with Ericsson and this time is with Acision. Thanks to the Acision Management team for the invitation.
  • Won't talk much bout the food except this time they served Fried Soft Shell Crab ... basket, have to rush for this food cause in within seconds, it will be gone from the tray and would need to wait again.

Traders Hotel...sound like a low budget hotel rite....but it is a 4-star hotel. Nice design...and if u been to their Sky Bar at top is a nice lounge for a drink and view.

  • Took some pictures of the hotel interior and their main lobby reception.
  • This time, took a new dish....tom yam soup noodle....seems to be dish of the night cause everyone seems to like it and ate it.
  • Best thing is dat we can add watever seafood u want and the best part is my big BIG prawn...hahaha.

This time took a bit too much cause was too hungry that night. Even took two scoops of ice cream and ice kacang...not in the picture...yummy ler....darn.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Destressing myself at KLCC

When you feel pressure and running out of working motivation, just take a walk!
  • Recently, this month is a hectic month for me ... other than just enjoying life and eating ... my work been getting much more.
  • Since after the re-organization .... lost half of my staff (from 15 to 4) and now involving in Prepaid and Billing project ... major headache for me.
  • My other current role is managing the portals such as (mobile), , and others.
  • Found a new way to relax and de-stress myself ... take a walk and enjoy the view around you.
  • After that, I feel so nice and calm and re-juvenated .... my inspiration and motivation is back.

Took some pics while was walking around KLCC. Love to see the fountain at night....very very nice. Bottom pics: took the Suria mall rooftop and some pics of the KLCC park from my office.

Homecook - Fish Head Noodle Soup

By Chef Yve
  • Finally, this is the perfect taste for fish head noodle soup.
  • The soup is just nice and taste like outside one and it is much taste better than outside.
  • Put lots of fish, sauted veges and noodles and veges ..... HO CHIAK!

Homecook is always the best and healthy ....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Maybank 48th AGM + Raya Cookies

Raya cookies from Content Provider
  • Finally first raya cookies arrived from CP....
  • Comes is a nice packaging too .... contain few variety of cookies
  • I sapu one box of the cookies liow....ooops.

Many of my colleague booked this box liow....hahaha.....everyone just want the box but I want the food inside it....hahaha.

Maybank 48th Annual General Meeting @ Shangri-La Hotel
  • While claiming my road tax rebate of RM 625 at KLCC post office, Johny called me and remind me of the Maybank AGM.
  • Did not plan to go at first but when he mention for FREE BUFFET VOUCHER at Shang Hotel.....damn it....he say the MAGIC word ler.
  • Was a bit dissapointed with the food they served for this AGM...nothing as grand as previous Maxis AGM.
  • Speaking of Maxis AGM, it reminds of how un-civillised and un-educated of Malaysian's people...people bring their own boxes to pack the food (where they are not allow to) and they also push people to grab foods ... gosh .... like hungry ghost nia....and worse than beggars on the street.

I just took the voucher and walk around the hotel and cabut ...

PS: sorry for the blurry and low quality pics....taken from handphone camera...awaiting my 3g iPhone.

Food Bash at Kim Gary Beyond

Too many food for 3 pax only....
  • Because of 50% discount, we ordered as much as possible despite the price.
  • Poor thing to my tummy, I added more weight to myself again.
  • I feel so pai seh when the food served to our table .... people at the side of table look at our table with their big open eyes.

Fries also ordered two bowl with different taste and each one of us ordered our own main course meal.
  • For all the food and drinks...cost less than RM 40 for 3 pax.....
  • Too much cheesie stuff too - Baked Cheese Chicken Chop rice, Baked cheese brocolli, baked cheese assorted mushroom.
  • Sorry for the blurry pics...taken by handphone camera.

We manage to finish all the food include the cheesie gravy...nothing left on the bowl. With that, that night....I gained 1.5kg! DAMN IT!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am the stranded victim

LRT accident causes me extra RM 6

  • Don't worry, I am fine ... just part of the stranded victim of this accident. Should feel lucky that I left office late a bit else I will board on that train.
  • Yesterday night, left my office at 6.20pm .... then reached Masjid Jamek lrt station bout 6.35pm ....
  • Then heard an announcement that train will be no longer service and will stop at Tasik Selatan LRT station. All tickets will be refunded.
  • Saw a Sri Petaling route train coming.... hopped in .... thought I am lucky to board the last train.
  • When reach Tasik Selatan lrt station, the train lights switched off and announcement sounded to ask all passengers to get off the train.

Read here for more details.

  • Damn it .... it was so crowded! and there is only one farking bus to fetch passenger to Sg. Besi, Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling station. Saw people need to pay for the bus fare sumore and being squash like a ice blended in the cup.
  • I rather take taxi and it was a long wait for taxi too. It cost me RM 6 extra to reach Bukit Jalil station where I paid for mine monthly travel pass for RM 100.

Mini Cooper

Awesome power and driving experience for 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder, 16V engine
  • Before that, this car is not mine yeah .... I don't own any luxury car at all ... just Kelisa and Iswara only.
  • I am enjoying driving the mini cooper all week long. I like very small and compact car .... coz it is easy to park, cornering and over taking. And yeah, easier to wash the car also.
  • When I got this Mini to drive .... I like their interior design and exterior .... it like give you a 'dumb dumb' kind of look and feeling ... but u still like it.

Very nice interior and it is comfortable, the main thing is comfy!...give me the modern and aerodynamical design feeling. I like their huge speedometer display....awesome ler!
  • With the top speed of 203 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 9.1 s .... it was awesome. I am suprise by the power of 1.6 litre engine.
  • I manage to drive up to 170km/h and still very stable.

Those buttons, really give me an aircraft cockpit kind of feeling where you need to turn the switches on and off. Cool design!

  • For fuel consumption, I would say it is like drinking water very fast. Maybe is the way I drive and speed most of the time.
  • Need to pump RM 100 for full tank cause got small fuel tank capacity. Need to pump RM 100 within 3 days ..... and a week cost me RM 200+.
  • It comes with SPORT mode same like the Z4 .... beware when you step on your accelerator.

I like their car key .... need to slot in the key and just press the Start Stop to start the engine. The car key comes with a hidden door key just in case your car key battery run flat. Bottom right pic: The dazzle-free headlamps with bi-xenon technology offer twice the output of standard lamps as well as a longer lifespan.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pak Li Kopitiam

Cheap and nice kopitiam....
  • Went to Sunway Damansara for yum char ..... stumble to this new kopitiam which me and yve did not try before.
  • When we saw their menu, found their drinks is reasonable cheap for a kopitiam.
  • Yve and meowsou ordered the cendol (RM 2.60) .... it turn out to be a very nice cendol with the free flow of gula melaka.
  • Must try their cendol and feedback to me if you like their cendol.

For the thick mango ice blended, 2 x cendol, my cham ais...cost less than RM 10!....shock me. According to netcat, the mango taste is very strong .... good recommendation too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Buka Puasa Dinner with Ericsson

Gobo Chit Chat @ Traders Hotel, KLCC

  • Thanks to Ericsson for their invitation to invite me for this Ramadhan buffet dinner at Traders Hotel.
  • This is my 3rd time to this Gobo Chit Chat dining restaurant .... what I like here is their sashimi and fried soft shell crab.
  • Too bad, that night, they did not serve fried soft shell crab.

This time, I have four small rounds of food....mainly japanese food like sashimi, pasta, fried tempura, california hand roll and some dim sum. I eat a lot of desserts, no pics taken on my dessert and ais kacang!

  • I try not to eat so much cause there is few more FOC dinner coming along.
  • The ambience of this dining place is very nice and modern kind of feeling.
  • Let me share with you some of the pics taken and you might probably want to bring your family or friends to have buffet.

Lots of selection of local, western and japanese an international dishes served there.

  • Must recommend you all to try their lamb kebab! and seafood tom yam noodle a must try!

Lots of cold seafood selection, desserts, fruits and ice cream selection for you to choose. And not to miss out the sashimi bar counter.... my favourite food item! Heard that their oyster is very fresh according to my colleague....he whack a dozen of oyster!....darn.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hiking at Sungai Chiling

They don't call Chiling Waterfall for nothing!

  • I did something amazing over my weekend....I went for HIKING!
  • Sunday, me and yve joined Johny and his group of friends for hiking expedition to Chiling Waterfall at Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor.
  • Total hikers for this expedition is 23 of us.
  • Firstly, share the beautiful waterfall picture below.

  • My brief summary of my trip:-
    - 6.50am, left Kelana Jaya LRT Station (meeting checkpoint) to Kuala Kubu Bahru.
    - 7.50am, arrived KKB and have breakfast at town.
    - 8.30am, continue journey to Sg. Chiling.
    - 9.00am, arrive Sg. Chiling and start hiking.
    - 10am+, reach waterfall.
    - Noon, hike down.
    - 1pm, left Sg Chiling.
  • It is a very adventurous trip as we need to cross 6 rivers. It was so fun and good experience for Yve since is her first hiking trip after many years ago.
  • What struck me is when I reach the waterfall and got my first glance of it....WOW....amazing beautiful waterfall and I can feel the strong wind and midst blowing towards me.
  • The water temperature at the waterfall is 22 Celcious....dats why it is so chilling and cold!

  • Share some hiking experience and useful tips if you are going to hike to this waterfall
    1. Footwear :- Crocs, Sandals and Slippers will do. Shoes is fine too but you will find uncomfortable when you cross the river where sand will start to suck into your shoes.
    2. Attire:- T-shirt and short pants
    3. Toughness:- It is a easy hike....errr....should be DAMN EASY. Good for beginners!
    4. Water n Food :- Just bring 1.5 liter and sandwich will do.
    5. There is toilet at the entrance, ladies can change there.

Really enjoying my view of the nature....we took a 5 minute rest near the river stream.

This is the different 6 river rapids crossing ... certain point, there is strong current and slippery rocks below ... luckily no one got injured. My experience, my balls shrink when the water goes above my belly while crossing the river. It sure helps to refresh my leg and my body.

Finally, arrived the destination ... u can imagine how powerful the waterfall falling down and the wind. No regret and I will recommend more friends to come to this place. I wonder why those people are leaning on the rock....doing Rock Spa is it???

Me and Yve really enjoy to swim and play with the chilling is too cold to stay in the water for too long and to stay up, we have a problem with the strong wind blowing towards you. It is better to get yourself dry up when u get out from the water.

My recommendation, bring watermelon or can drinks and dip in the waterfall water .... you will get a cooling and cold watermelon and drinks from it. Oh yeah, don't bring eggs there cause your eggs will be raw and will not be half boiled eggs cause this is not Kolam Air Panas!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

vietnamese beef noodle soup + key chain

Craving for this!
  • Suddenly thought of this food - Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup .... hahaha.
  • Need to puasa ler...must control myself not to think bout food.

Simply miss the Hoa vietnamese beef noodle soup.... i wonder how i came across of suddenly think of vietnamese food.

What is this? Key chain?
  • When Yve brought this item back, I thought it is some Mini Souvenir she got...
  • I thought it is just a key chain only.
  • Ooops, I was is a freaking CAR KEY .... cute and weird car key!

Will write a review on the mini cooper soon ....

Lets go to WAR

Want to get bruise? Play Paint Ball then...
  • Manage to dig some old pictures and never publish before.
  • If you love pain, running, shooting and killing....then Paint Ball game is the best one for you.
  • After back from the game, I notice there is a few bruises on my body .... damn it, next day starting to feel the swelling.
  • The girls did not want to play anymore after their first paint ball experience.

After the game, everyone seems to be exhausted and tired .... freaking hot sun!

Divided into 2 groups .... it is capture the flag game mode ..... everyone with their gun and protective gears on.

Dunno who is the fool with the army jacket? hahaha

Get interactive with your voice

Maxis Voice Portal

  • MAXIS recently took the wraps off its Voice Portal service, which it hopes will advance the field of voice interactive services. The service is designed to respond to voice commands for easy access to news, ringtones and jokes. This is done by dialling a five-digit number from any Maxis line and following the instructions.

    “Interactive voice services are a huge success in countries such as India and Australia. This is due to the user-friendliness and easy-to-follow instructions of the service.” said Maxis head of product development and infotainment services, T. Kugan.

    Maxis representatives have said that this service has been innovative in recognising different accents and filtering out background noise. “This service gives our customers quicker, easier access to our large catalogue of content-rich data products. We are happy with the high user acceptance of the service.” said Maxis head of strategy and head of new businesses Nikolai Dobberstein.

    Maxis claims to have hit the 150,000 user mark since the service was launched early last month with over 300,000 calls made to the portal.

    To access the service, Maxis customers can dial 13232 from their mobile phones.
    The services are charged at RM1 per minute and downloadable content will be charged extra.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort - Discount Room Rate

Discount more than 50%! RM 170 per night for 2 pax (Room Only)

  • As a member of Berjaya Vacation Club.... i want to sell off my free night stays.
  • I've 15 nights available more ... email me at or leave a comment here with your email address. Let me know your check in date and check out date and how many room(s) you want.
  • Room type = Deluxe Garden Chalet
  • Last year, sold to a Dubai-an resident who bought 7 nights straight away.
  • This promo is applicable to Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort and Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort at the same price. But I would recommend to go to Redang Island (the best!)

It is my 5th time to this beautiful is a private beach....the sand and beach is the best, white and smooth! Food is at reasonable price and you can just walk out from the resort to mamak stall and have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a cheaper price.

  • This tropical island resort, located 45-kilometers off the coast of Terengganu, is close to 30 popular dive spots. Guests will enjoy a tropical ambience that is unique to Redang Island. The location offers guests unprecedented access to a myriad of amazing natural recreation areas, including one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, ideal for sport divers.
  • Within a close proximity of the hotel are the dive sites of Big Mount, Pulau Paku Kecil, and Boulder Dash. The hotel also features a vast selection of on-site dining choices that offer a compilation of international and authentic local dishes in a romantic ambience. The Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is the perfect property for travelers who want sensuous tropical atmosphere, a vast selection of on-site facilities, and a myriad of recreational areas near by.

The room condition is excellent and very stylish. It is a nice place to relax and sun bathing. Look at the sea and the beach and you will know what I am talking. It is better and cleaner than Kuta Beach at Bali.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to my SISTER

Special bday post to my dearest sister...
  • This is my first time remembering my sister birthday .... thanks to Facebook birthday reminder... hehehe. (such a bad brother am I, huh)

  • To my sister, can't get you a cake or present to deliver to Aussie ... too costly, so here is my virtual cake to you .... refer to the picture above yeah .... saw it? ok....consider received it liow. (such a kiam-siap brother, huh)
  • Anyway would wish her happy go lucky , stay healthy and happy always. It is a sad moment for my sister cause this year, she could not celebrate her bday with her husband cause my bro-in-law died early this year in a motorcycle accident at Sydney. ~thinking of my bro-in-law :(
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU .... be strong yeah!

We hardly take picture since young till now....lucky manage to find this picture which taken few years ago .... don't focus at me .... focus on my sister....see how big size compare to me...ngiak ngiak ngiak. Please look at her picture below compare to previously.

Way back year 2000, my sister (middle) .... was so slim you know why I say her big size (plum) ... got proof of evidence! kakaka.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Puchong Neway Karaok

People sing, I eat and drink.
  • Last Saturday, went for Karaok singing at Puchong Neway. Was introduce by netcat.
  • One of the main reason we went there cause we can extend for an hour if no customer.
  • We start from 1pm till 6.30pm. We took the lunch set package and cost per pax bout RM 25++.
  • The lunch set comes with any drinks include Kampai and Beer....worth leh!
  • The food is absolute the best amongst other Karaok like Redbox. The food is cook instantly and huge portion and the taste is yummy.

Everyone is holding the mic and I am holding my drink. I admit that I can't sing well but I love to listen to people singing. I don't feel bored at all cause there is some great funny moments.

Superstar singers - Sam, Netcat, Meowsou and Yve. Food eater - Via.

I must say that the moment I walk into Puchong Neway, I was like a NIGHT CLUB ambience .... I feel like going for a high class karaok!. Even the toilet is so much beautiful and clean than my own toilet!

My Favorite Great American Seafood Recipe

Are you a seafood lover? Have you ever wanted to cook a fine and pleasant dish but not knowing the right recipe? Are you looking for the perfect recipe now? People always have a perception that cooking at home is a tough job from preparing the food to washing the plates. Friends who know me, know I am a seafood lover and one of my dream is to own a restaurant. Before my dream comes true, here I am inviting you to visit cook off for their best recipes prepared by best chefs.

My chosen chef and recipe from cook off is Chef Brian Landry from Louisiana with his specialty is "Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet". The dish definitely looks tempting and I had tasted it in my own kitchen! Since I do love eating shrimps, I like the way he prepare it and would like to introduce you this recipe.

The Great American Seafood cook off, presented by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board featured top chefs from around the nation cooking with domestic, sustainable seafood from their home state.

If I would take a step in altering such recipe, I would recommend using domestic seafood. It is not only sustainable but also fresh and it has great taste that suits local taste.

Head to the and click on the red box “Vote and enter to win a Trip to New Orleans: RECIPE CONTEST!” to join. You'll stand a chance to win a "Trip to New Orleans" prize package including two Southwest Airline roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more! It is absolutely easy!


Superfoods for weight loss

My weight loss reference.
  • Found this from internet and seems very useful to me especially eating good foods and can make u lose weight too. Remarkably!
  • Just post here for my reference and read it if you want to know more.
  • It's time for a new slim-down mantra: Eat more to weigh less. No joke! The right foods help you drop pounds by revving your calorie burn and curbing cravings. Add these eats to your plate today and you'll be slimmer and healthier in no time!

    Eat more Serve quinoa instead of rice with stir-fries, or try Krieger's take on a scrumptious hot breakfast: Cook 1/2 cup quinoa in 2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup orange juice for 15 minutes. Top with 1 tbsp each of raisins and chopped walnut.

    Beef has a rep as a diet buster, but eating it may help you peel off pounds. The protein in steak helps you retain muscle mass during weight loss. Try to consume local organic beef; it's healthier for you and the environment. Eat more Grill or broil a 4-ounce serving of top round or sirloin; slice thinly to top a salad, or mix with veggies for fajitas.

    Dig in to eggs, yolks and all: They won't harm your heart, but they can help you trim inches. Women on a low-calorie diet who ate an egg with toast and jelly each morning lost twice as many pounds as those who had a bagel breakfast with the same number of calories but no eggs. Egg protein is filling, so you eat less later in the day. Eat more Omelets and scrambles are obvious choices, but if you can't cook before work, bake a frittata on Sunday; chill it and nuke slices for up to a week. An easy recipe: Vegetable Frittata.

    Long sidelined as a lowly garnish, this green belongs center stage on your plate. One raw chopped cup contains 34 calories and about 1.3 grams of fiber, as well as a hearty helping of iron and calcium. But kale's earthy flavor might take some getting used to. Spinach, another nutrient powerhouse, is a milder-tasting option. Eat more Mix chopped raw kale into cooked black beans. Or slice kale into thin strips, sauté it with vegetable broth and top with orange slices. Make it a meal by tossing the mix with quinoa.

    Goji berries
    These chewy, tart berries have a hunger-curbing edge over other fruit: 18 amino acids, which make them a surprising source of protein. They also have more beta-carotene than carrots. Snack on them midafternoon to stay satisfied until dinner. The calorie cost? Only 35 per tablespoon. Eat more Mix 1/4 cup of the dried berries (from health food stores) with 1/4 cup raisins and 1/4 cup walnuts for a nourishing trail mix. Or for dessert, pour 1/4 cup boiling water into a bowl with 2 tbsp dried berries; let sit 10 minutes. Drain, then spoon over 1/2 cup lowfat vanilla frozen yogurt.

    Buckwheat pasta
    Swap plain noodles for this hearty variety; you'll slip into your skinny jeans in no time. Buckwheat is high in fiber and, unlike most carbs, contains protein. Those two nutrients make it very satiating, so it's harder to overeat buckwheat pasta than the regular stuff. Eat more Cook this pasta as you do rice: Simmer it, covered, over low heat. For a light meal, toss cooked buckwheat pasta with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and onions. Or make buckwheat crepes using our tasty recipe.

    Almond butter
    Adding this spread may lower bread's glycemic index (a measure of a food's effect on blood sugar). A study from the University of Toronto found that people who ate almonds with white bread didn't experience the same blood sugar surges as those who ate only the slice. The higher blood sugar levels rise, the lower they fall; that dip leads to hunger, causing people to overeat. Furthermore, blood sugar changes cause the body to make insulin, which can increase abdominal fat. Eat more Try it for a change from peanut butter in sandwiches, or make a veggie dip: Mix 1 tbsp almond butter with 2 tbsp fat-free plain yogurt, Iserloh suggests. Or add a dollop to oatmeal for flavor and protein.

    The juice gets all the hype for being healthy, but pomegranate seeds deserve their own spotlight. In addition to being loaded with folate and disease-fighting antioxidants, they're low in calories and high in fiber, so they satisfy your sweet tooth without blowing your diet.
    Eat more Pop the raw seeds on their own (many grocery stores sell them preshucked) as a snack at your desk. Use them in salads instead of nuts. They're especially delicious on raw baby spinach with lemon–poppy seed dressing. For another take on the seeds, use our easy recipe for sweet and spicy pomegranate salsa.

    Oatmeal has the highest satiety ranking of any food. Unlike many other carbohydrates, oats—even the instant kind—digest slowly, so they have little impact on your blood sugar. All oats are healthful, but the steel-cut and rolled varieties (which are minimally processed) have up to 5 grams of fiber per serving, making them the most filling choice. Instant oats contain 3 to 4 grams per serving. Eat more "Instead of using breadcrumbs, add oats to meat loaf—about 1 cup for a recipe that serves eight.

    Lentils are a bona fide belly flattener. They're high in protein and soluble fiber, two nutrients that stabilize blood sugar levels. Eating them helps prevent insulin spikes that cause your body to create excess fat, especially in the abdominal area.

    Wild salmon
    Not only do fish fats keep your heart healthy, but they shrink your waist, too. Omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity—which helps build muscle and decrease belly fat. And the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns. Opt for wild salmon; it may contain fewer pollutants. Eat more You don't need to do much to enhance salmon's taste. Season a fillet with salt and pepper, then cook it in a hot pan with 2 tsp oil for 1 to 3 minutes on each side."

    An apple a day can keep weight gain at bay. People who chomped an apple before a pasta meal ate fewer calories overall than those who had a different snack. Apples are high in fiber—4 to 5 grams each—which makes them filling. Plus, the antioxidants in apples may help prevent metabolic syndrome, a condition marked by excess belly fat or an "apple shape." Eat more Apples are the ideal on-the-go low-calorie snack. For a pielike treat, chop up a medium apple and sprinkle with 1/2 tsp allspice and 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Pop in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.

    All berries are good for you, but those with a blue hue are among the best of the bunch. They have the highest antioxidant level of all commonly consumed fruit. They also deliver 3.6 grams of fiber per cup. Fiber may actually prevent some of the fat you eat from being
    absorbed because fiber pulls fat through the digestive tract. Eat more Instead of topping your cereal with fruit, fill your bowl with blueberries, then sprinkle cereal on top and add milk or yogurt.

    One reason to spice up your meals: You'll crank up your metabolism. A compound in chiles called capsaicin has a thermogenic effect, meaning it causes the body to burn extra calories for 20 minutes after you eat the chiles. Eat more Stuff chiles with cooked quinoa and marinara sauce, then roast them. To mellow a chile's heat, grill it until it's almost black, peel off charred skin and puree the flesh. Add the puree to pasta sauces for a one-alarm kick. Or stir red pepper flakes into any dish you enjoy.

    Dietitians often refer to plain yogurt as the perfect food, and for good reason: With its trifecta of carbs, protein and fat, it can stave off hunger by keeping blood sugar levels steady.

    These tiny fish are the unsung stars of the sea. They are high in protein and loaded with omega-3s, which also help the body maintain muscle. And they're low in mercury and high in calcium, making them a smart fish pick for pregnant women. If the flavor doesn't appeal to you, soak them in milk for an hour; it will remove any trace of fishiness. Use sardines in recipes you like that call for anchovies, including Caesar salad and stuffing. Or make a sardine melt: Toss whole sardines with chopped onions, fresh herbs and diced bell peppers. Put the mixture on top of a slice of pumpernickel or rye bread, cover with a slice of cheddar and broil.

    You can use this herb, a staple in French cooking, in place of salt in marinades and salad dressings. Excess sodium causes your body to retain water, so using less salt can keep bloating at bay. Plus, tarragon lends a sweet, licoricelike flavor to bland foods. (Use the French version of the herb when possible; it's sweeter than other varieties.) Eat more Rub 2 tbsp dried tarragon on chicken before baking or grilling. Or make a tasty dip by mixing 1 tsp chopped fresh tarragon into 4 oz lowfat plain yogurt and 1 tsp Dijon mustard.

    Drop that rubbery lowfat cheese and pick up the real stuff. Women who had one serving of whole milk or cheese daily were less likely to gain weight over time. Lowfat-dairy fans didn't experience the same benefit. Whole dairy may have more conjugated linoleic acid, which might help your body burn fat. Parmesan is so flavorful, it's easy to stick to one serving. Eat more "Grate Parmesan over roasted vegetables. Or snack on a 1-ounce portion with an apple or a pear.

    Don't let the fat content of an avocado (29 grams) scare you—that's what makes it a top weight loss food. The heart-healthy monounsaturated fat it contains increases satiety. And it's terrific summer party food. Eat more Add avocado to your sandwich instead of mayo for a creamy texture and a shot of flavor. Avocados do contain a lot of calories, so it's best to watch your portions. One easy way to do it: Try Wholly Guacamole's 100-calorie fresh guacamole packs. They're easy to pack in your lunch and pair with chopped vegetables.

    Olive oil
    Like avocados, olive oil has healthy fat that increases satiety, taming your appetite. But that's hardly its only slimming feature. Research shows it has anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation in the body is linked to metabolic syndrome. Eat more Drizzle your salad with olive oil and you'll increase the antioxidant power of your veggies. Or toss pasta with a few teaspoons of olive oil, fresh basil and sautéed garlic. Add this oil to your summer menus for a flatter tummy by fall.

Friday, September 12, 2008

UK Job Offer

Will you accept this job offer - GBP 10,550 per month?
  • I did submit my CV to a few job online recruitment agencies to look for job in Middle East, Singapore, Europe and UK.
  • Finally I got a response from one of the job recruitment company.
  • I got a job offer letter too from them to work in a Oil and Gas company in UK.
  • Here are the details and the benefits of the job offered to me.

  • Guess what, I've REJECTED this offer!
  • Not to say the offer is not luxury but it is a JOB SCAM!

  • I sense that it was a scam when I get this job offer letter without a job interview.
  • So I forward this to Yve and she was replied me that this might be fake and we both were laughing. Dunno y we laugh also.
  • Then I email and call Brian and Cherlyn who currently living and working in UK to check the address details. Thanks for their help!
  • Find their email address is fake too cause it is a personal email address ( The UK Immigration House address is real cause it belongs to a Law Firm but weird that both carry different telephone and fax number.
  • Oh yeah, they send me the working visa application form too...but it is ESPANA form, why not from UK? Asking me to pay the fees to them....NO WAY!
  • Thou the job offer is interesting to me cause this company willing to buy me out by paying my ESOS in a form of monthly salary and in POUND STERLING ..... too good to be true!
  • SO I told Brian, I will play along with them....and if they ask me to make payment or give bank details, i will sign a tortoise signature to them and give fake details - Dato Vialentino bin Abdullah!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nokia Siemens Network Buka Puasa Dinner

Chun dinner at KL Hilton hotel!
  • I was invited for the Nokia Siemens Network buka puasa dinner which held at the KL Hilton, Grand Ballroom last night.
  • Been doing projects with NSN related to Provisioning and IN-Prepaid....therefore, I am part of the project team.
  • I love KL Hilton buffet cause they serve the best food and taste. No doubt I am going to miss this buffet dinner.
  • Lots of food variety (western, japanese, chinese, malay and spanish) food are served.

One of the best buffet dinner I've went so far...coming up next week is the IBM and Ericsson, will make a comparison and see.

I am trying to control myself not to eat so much but at the end I failed (5 rounds of food).
  • There are so much food sumore which I manage to avoid like curry chicken, rendang chicken, noodle soup and etc.
  • I love their sushi, murtabak, scallop, PRAWN esp the fried sambal petai prawn, oyster, chinese stewed beef, beef n chicken satay and sambal squid!
  • I need to skip the dessert and fruit part cause my stomach could not take it anymore!
  • GAINED 2.5kg out of this dinner! wtf!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pork meat and spare parts

Melaka Famous Pork Meat and Yam Rice
  • Located in the Kedai Kopi Teck Wah Heng at Melaka Town.
  • Dad-in-law brought me there to eat pork yam rice.
  • This place is crowded and hard to get a place to sit at all unless you willing to wait for 15-30mins.
  • Yes, I love their yam rice and the pork meat but I am not a fan of pork spare parts. The soup was nice too thou it is not healthy, but I drank it finish...yum yum!

Yummy pork meat and yam rice ....reminds me of Penang Bukit Mertajam famous yam rice....both oso taste good but I prefer Melaka taste.

I am normal and healthy

My 2008 resolutions achieved!
  • Last year, I set my 2008 resolutions by setting 2 goals only which related to my health.
    1. Reach 80 kg! - ACHIEVED!
    2. Obtain normal blood pressure. - ACHIEVED!
  • I must admit that my health in year 2007 is very very bad thou I don't feel sick.
    - My blood pressure is at moderate hypertension (Systolic 165 , Diastolic 108) and even my family ask me to take some medication from the doctor which I didn't at all. I don't want my life to live by eating pills only.
    - My weight reached over 100kg before! Highiest =
  • In order to prevent from getting stroke and heart attack.... I am trying hard to change my lifestyle which is impossible cause I love food a lot....that's the main problem!
  • I did not diet at all no I am going on diet and missing out the nice foods out there ..... I still whack food and buffet dinner which my friends will know bout my eating habit. The love and passion for seafood, nasi lemak, indo mie, roti sardin, fried chicken and bbq lala.
  • My secret is drinking a specialized tea every morning (which reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and appetite) and start to active back in sports esp badminton.
  • Thou it take longer period to reduce weight and obtain a normal blood pressure, I am still happy and did not suffer at all.
  • Many direct sales product out there to achieve similar things but you need to follow their programme and cost lots of money! Don't want to waste my money on all this.

Bought this blood pressure mearsurement to monitor my blood pressure everyday. 4th September, measure it in the evening after work. 5th September, measure it in the evening after work ...the lowest. This OMRON blood pressure measurement cost RM 228 (promo price). Get one now for your health benefit!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Friends Cafe at Melaka Raya

Coffee drinking @ Friends Cafe
  • My fav. hangout spot at Melaka....not bcos of their coffee or food, but love their ambience and the crowd there.
  • Nothing special with their coffee or tea ..... the price almost same as KL price.
  • Dennis join in later .... we talk bout his wedding plan .... the clash between the chi mui's and heng tai's .... darn, nearly call heng tai's as hentai....oopsy.

Wondering what is the green color drink, it is hot honey dew milk ....taste too milky and creamy.....

While the girls some cam whoring myself....people at the side table look at me, why this guy taking picture by himself....weirdo!

Moon Cake Festival + Melaka LCCT Site

Moon Cakes - got so many flavour now!
  • Last time, I used to love to eat moon cake with egg yolk when I am young....but now I seems to dislike it....not sure why....maybe bored of it.
  • Anyway, I can see that moon cake is now elvolving to a business.....very nice packaging from the olden days where it use to be a paperbox only.
  • Now got many flavours especially the hottest flavour now is the Mango flavor. Got durian flavor sumore and got ice cream moon creative people are now.
  • Anyway, just want to wish you all Happy Moon Cake Festival!

Yes, now moon cake is not cheap! It is bloody expensive!

Melaka LCCT site visit
  • Dennis got a project to make the roads leading to the new LCCT airport at Melaka.
  • So after my satay celup dinner, he brought us to visit his project site. Long time I did not go to construction site since my uncle passed away.
  • He used to bring me when I am a kid to visit Genting cause he is the one who makes the road up to Genting....yes, 20 yrs ago and I can remember clearly till now.
  • Can see they are clearing the land and making a pathway to the LCCT site.

Behind me, will be the new Melaka LCCT.

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