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Saturday, August 30, 2008


How nice if I got you NOW

  • What am I doing now? I'm cleaning house now ....sweeping and mopping floor. :(
  • I wish I could have an iRobot
  • The iRobot Roomba series of vacuum cleaners revolutionized the way people vacuumed, making it more of a passive chore than an active necessity. The automated robotic vacuum allows people to schedule their vacuuming as it's convenient for them and ensures a clean floor upon return home from work or a day out.

How nice if it replace my duty to clean the house....while I lay back and enjoy watching TV...

Friday, August 29, 2008

I am Patriotic! Happy Merdeka!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

  • Yeah yeah, the last time I am so patriotic is way back 2003 .... came out to Hartamas Square and celebrate with the crowd and friends.
  • Since then, I really did not see the Merdeka parade live telecast or bother bout Merdeka Day.
  • What I do really enjoy our National Day is because it is a public holiday on coming Monday!...yippie!

Last time was so enjoy when comes to Merdeka Day....

Wonder if Hartamas Square still happening as last time during the eve of National day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

my LifeTalk - Work + myself

my LifeTalk
  • Been busy with work lately especially on Wap Portal stuff and Blackberry Bold launch.
  • Plan to go swimming later evening.
  • Watching Death Race movie tomorrow.
  • Resorts on the jump due to nett profit report! Woola!

TMI second quarter income down to RM366mil

  • TM International Bhd’s (TMI) net profit for the second quarter ended June 30 fell 37.7% to RM366mil from RM588mil a year earlier, despite a RM556mil, or 23.4%, rise in revenue. In a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, TMI said its pre-tax profit declined to RM575mil from RM750.5mil and earnings per share (EPS) fell to 10 sen from 16 sen before.

    For the first half, net profit slumped 17.7% to RM769mil from RM933.5mil while EPS declined to 21 sen from 26 sen. However, revenue for the period jumped 20.6% to RM5.65bil from RM4.68bil. “The appreciation of the ringgit against our respective subsidiaries’ reporting currency has, however, unfavourably affected the group’s translated revenue in ringgit by approximately 3.7%,” TMI said in the notes accompanying its financial results.

    It added that other operating cost increased by 27%, primarily due to macroeconomic conditions in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia, which witnessed high double-digit inflation, had direct and indirect impact on its total costs. “Profit after tax and minority interest (PATAMI) reported in the current quarter had been adversely affected by the lower profit from associate and jointly controlled entities from RM26.8mil recorded in the second quarter ended June 30, 2007 to RM18.2mil,” TMI said.

    In a media briefing yesterday, president and group chief executive officer Datuk Jamaludin Ibrahim said the previous quarter had been very challenging for the group given the current economy backdrop and increased competition. “The lower PATAMI was due to one-off gains from a disposal of Dialog Group shares worth RM194mil and dilution of shares in Spice Communications Ltd of RM18mil which were included in our second quarter 2007,” he said.

    Jamaludin said for the first time, the second quarter reviewed recognised a RM44mil interest cost arising from a Telekom Malaysia Bhd loan post the demerger. On a normalised basis, PATAMI improved by 9% to RM411mil. “Our first half revenue growth of 21% was mainly from PT Excelmindo Pratama Tbk (XL), Celcom (M) Bhd and Dialog Telekom in Sri Lanka,” Jamaludin said, adding that the growth was driven by higher subscriber additions and usage.

    “The recovery of Celcom’s postpaid as well as increased demand for mobile broadband services led to continuous revenue growth,” he said. For the second quarter ended June 30, Celcom posted a net profit of RM321mil on revenue of RM1.4bil.

    During the quarter, TMI managed to increased its total mobile customers to over 50 million, a 57% increase from 31.9 million inthe previous corresponding period.
    Jamaludin said its regional assets outside Malaysia contributed 53% to the TMI’s revenue in the first six months compared with 48% a year ago. He said the strong momentum built by XL and Celcom should be favourable for the group going forward.

    TMI executive director and group chief financial officer Datuk Yusof Annuar Yaacob said TMI had yet to determine the size or the price of the shares of XL that it intended to place out. “It is an on-going process. We do not know what is the size yet but its reasonably chunky. XL will be seeking shareholders’ approval on Sept 3,” he said.

Petronas Retains No 1 Position In Malaysian Brand League Table

  • National oil corporation, Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has retained its No. 1 position again in the Malaysian Brand League Table compiled by London-based independent brand and intangible asset valuation firm Brand Finance plc."Petronas has a brand value of RM8.3 billion.

    The 'A-' rating indicates its brand strength," Brand Finance chief executive, David Haigh, told a media briefing on 'Most Valuable and Hardworking Malaysian Brand for 2008' here Friday.Haigh said Genting Bhd has emerged as the most highly-rated Malaysian brand, with an 'AA+' rating while its value has gone up close to 12 percent to RM4.17 billion, from RM3.73 billion previously.

    "This year also marks Resort World Bhd's first entry into Malaysia's Top 10 Brand with a value of RM2.3 billion and ranked No 10 on the list," he said.He said Malaysian companies could do more to leverage on the value of their intangible assets and brands such as those involved in the palm oil industry which had vast opportunity to grow.

    "Those involved in the palm oil industry should consider a long-term public relations activities to put additional brand value's proposition to this great commodity," he said.The Top Five rankings after Petronas are Genting Bhd, Malayan Banking Bhd, Maxis Communications Bhd and Tenaga Nasional Bhd.

    Brand Finance Consultant (Singapore) Pte Ltd managing director, Lucy Gwee, said Malaysia's top 50 brands had been valued at RM64.8 billion in 2007, a nine percent increase from RM59.1 billion a year before."The brand value for companies rose compared to the previous year, except for the banking industry due to sub-prime crisis and credit crunch that affected global financial market," she said.

    Gwee said Malaysia's top 10 most valuable brands and brand portfolios were worth RM36.3 billion, representing approximately 56 percent of the total brand value of the top 50 Malaysia brands.She said Malaysian companies were still clearly undervaluing their tangible assets."If Malaysia wishes to compete effectively in the global economy it has to step up efforts to recognise and invest in intangible assets.

    "It also has to equip companies with the management know-how and pertinent skill sets," she said.

Tip: Hot water weighs less than cold water for a given volume

Quote: My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right

Did you know: The first credit card was issued in 1951

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 clubbing life

Good old times ....

  • Been months did not go clubbing since early this year. 'Notti' friends been asking me to go clubbing but got no mood for clubbing...maybe is my low season for clubbing. Sorry yeah for my rejection.
  • Enuff of drinking and be a second hand smoker.... time for a change to healthy lifestyle. ---support me yeah!
  • Some of my great drinking records & profile:-
    1. My fav. liquor:- Chivas, Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, Black Label, Blue Label , Green Label. I dislike beer & vodka!
    2. Puke history:- In my drinking life, puke TWICE only! thanks to mixture of beer + wine + whisky + graveyard!
    3. Fastest finishing:- One bottle of Chivas, on the rock, by 3 person at The Chills.
    4. To knock me out:- 1 1/2 bottle of any whisky before I get drunk and act stupid.
    5. On the spill to my mouth:- 15 secs drink from the bottle bottoms up. Stomach and throat burning like shit only...dun ever try this.
    6. Current status:- 3 shots of whisky, will dizzy liow.
  • Posted some clubbing pics dated since 2002. Shared some most memorable clubbing day of my life. It is nice to think and look back at old pics when have original fun and crazy times.
  • To my clubbers friends, hahaha...suprise to see your look when you are young and wild!
    Note: The picture of me is quite fat dat time, please ignore that, now much better looking...ahemz...

Having a great time at Passion, too bad i can't find kissing pictures (girl to girl)...damn it, where the photo gone to?

Is a mixture of party and clubbing pictures.... I think most of us stop clubbing except for one...Mr. Sam!

Celebrating Elaine's bday at Sunway...i think is at Cafe Flame? ...correct ah... dat time everyone look so young and energetic ler...

Introducing the real clubber friends...u still can find them in some most happening clubbing places at KL...

The Ladies....having fun time....

Cheers to you...wishing those still clubbing, enjoy ur clubbing life while u can....

Good-bye CLUBBING LIFE .... errr, maybe will take back my words soon...hope not!

10kmMizuno Wave Run 2008

Signed up for it!
  • After my KOTR run, I am prepared for this next run.
  • Won't start my training so fast yet cause got many buka puasa makan makan session....hahaha.
  • Qualification time for this is 1 hr 30 mins and heard it is a tough run cause got lots of hill.
  • Come and join this run, lots of freebies!

KOSE Model - Yve

Model for a day...
  • Went to Sunway Pyramid to take photo shoot at the KOSE booth.
  • Entitled for a free photo shoot when you purchase their product.
  • While the actual camera man taking Yve pictures, I am practising my shooting skills too....
  • Not bad huh....anyone wanna hire me? hehehe... FOC!

Pai seh ler, so many people looking during the photo session....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thai Thai Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid

Nice ambience , food so-so, service not so friendly...
  • Was recommended by a friend that the thai dishes served at Thai Thai restaurant is nice and yummy. So we went there for lunch and check it out.
  • Firstly, the waiter took our order he doesn't really know english well and we need to repeat 3 times!
  • Moment later, he came back to our table and inform that the dish we ordered is finish, and I was like, you got the wrong order cause I din ordered that dish. He went to check with his captain, he came back and told me that all starter dishes is finish.
  • I was so fruzz, if finish, then you should inform me earlier and what a bad inventory planning. How can starter dishes finish so fast when I am the 3rd customer to dine in during lunch time (11.45am).
  • Anyway, most of the food is not available, so just ordered the tom yam kung mee hoon and pineapple fried rice. Food was normal and the ingredients is too little....mine pineapple fried rice consist of 3 prawns only and cost me RM 15 for a small portion only. Same for the tom yam noodle soup ( 1 prawn, small slices of squids) and cost RM 15 ...kena cheated... Secret Recipe Tom Yam Kung is way much better!

No comment on the ambience as it is beautifully decorated.

When the waiter serve the tom yam kung in a big and high bowl...i was thinking, is it practical to serve in such a big and high towering bowl?? People need to lift up both hand and eat (can see people's bulu ketiak).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Andana Spa at Glenmarie

Relax , eat, relax and eat! + My ass buns has been rubbed!

  • When I told my friends that I am going to spa to relax. They replied me back, "Spa, your wife know a not?" .... "Got China mui a not?".....gosh, this friends really think serong one.
  • I went to a proper and clean spa with wife ler...hehehe.

The Andana Spa lounge and jacuzi...a very nice place to doubt bout it

  • Nestled in the serene surroundings of the Holiday Inn Glenmarie and Glenmarie Golf and Country Club.
  • Andana Spa Glenmarie offers a sprawling retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    Andana specializes in two massage techniques – Aromatherapy and Shiatsu. Aromatherapy is an aromatic massage, using essential oils, to heighten the senses and rejuvenate the mind and body. Derived from Japanese theories of pressure therapy, the Shiatsu technique is a pressure point massage.
  • Me and yve went for aromatherapy massage. The therapist stand up on top of my back body and using their foot and weight to massage me. Very nice and at certain point, pain could be feel.
  • Oh yes, they stripped my buttock nakedly and guess wat...they massage my two solid ass know this package include this massage.
  • I really enjoy the 40 mins massage.
  • I enjoyed their hydrotherapy and jacuzi and nice if they got gym and fitness equipment there. Can do some light workout.

The ambience and aroma smell in there really makes u so relax....

  • To my suprise, the place was fully packed with people esp lunch time. Lots of youngster and all sort of age group came to here for relaxation.
  • I enjoyed watching movie and reading newspaper and sleep there as well.

No need to intro...their food taste average good ... the main item is the haagen dazs ice cream and rendang chicken! yummy ler!

  • A taster of the menu include Malaysian favourites like satay, pai tee, chicken wings and cuisines from abroad like fish and chips, chicken chop and Haagen Dazs ice cream. There is also free flow of freshly squeezed fruit juices (no sugar and water added) and hot beverages.
  • This is the list of food I've eaten from 2pm till 8pm!
    - 4 cups of double scoop haagen dazs ice cream.
    - Countless water melon, green apply, carrot milk, orange juices.
    - chicken rendang and spagetti
    - fishballs, thai taufu, tuna mayo sandwiches, caesar salads
    - teochew porridge
    - 8 bowls of waterchess nut soup!
  • It worth the money! Planning to come back here again after my Mizuno 10km Wave Run

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chef Via Delicacies

Got the time to cook finally...
  • Finally, got the time to cook during weekdays. Else all this while only Yve been doing the cooking.
  • I did some research and do some reading from internet bout gravy and sauce.
  • Try and mix around and create new taste....I am a person who loves new food and taste.

Fried vegetables with eggs .... weird rite, but trust me, add eggs and u will know the taste how like! This dish is very simple to cook and nothing special bout it.

Fried Grey Oyster mushroom with daun bawang ... the special bout this dish is the gravy sauce ... try and mix butter and tobasco sauce! ... u will love it!

This is the best dish in my life which I've cooked! Stir fried teriyaki pork with honey .... OMG, the honey with teriyaki taste and pepper ... best combination ler!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barclays Premier League Diary and BPL Guide Book

Finally 2008 / 2009 diary is out!
  • Come to office this morning, saw a diary on my desk .... wow, is my company diary...this year, they give out the diary so fast and it is BPL theme.
  • Inside the diary, they have the match fixtures by months, along with interesting football snippets and famous quotes.
  • Best thing is hard cover sumore...guess all the staff increment / bonus dump into this diary.

Love the bookmarks, like red and yellow card! The cartoon and the quotes below is really funny.

Barclays Premier League Guide Book
  • Then came along the BPL guide book where it contains the history, players, club details and etc.

Too bad, this season I got no interest to catch up with BPL matches unless it is MU vs Arsenal, MU vs Chelsea and MU vs Liverpool.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Famous Chilies Fish Head and Lip at SS 2

Friday lunch at Restaurant Cheow Sang
  • Thanks to CS Tan who introduce us this famous chilies fish head and lip at this Restaurant Cheow Sang located at SS 2 Chow Yang area.
  • We did ordered some side dishes such as bak kut teh, oil vege, taufu and salted vege. The bak kut teh is not recommended cause the soup taste is very light only.
  • Main dish is the Chilies Fish Head and Lip .... is spicy and the gravy sauce is super kao!
  • The gravy sauce we sapu cleanly and now feeling so thirsty.
  • Oh yeah, it was packed and luckily we did reservation a day earlier.

I will bring my friends and family to this restaurant to try. Even I've been staying at PJ for 20 years, I did not know there is one famous chilies fish head ... thumbs up!

My colleagues who can't wait to go for lunch for this famous chilies fish head and lip. For the dishes and 9 pax, it cost us RM 145 .... errr....i would say reasonable fair price to pay for such a dish.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

myLife Talk: Pak Lah at Masjid Jamek LRT station

myLife Talk

  • Early morning, saw TV crew rushing our from Masjid Jamek lrt station...wondering why, then saw many bodyguards and saw Pak Lah (Malaysia Prime Minister) taking public transport .... wat a suprise. Manage to wave hand at him. ...came out in the online news this morning... read here!
  • Register for Mizuno 10km Wave Run.

Tip: Melons, citrus fruits and pineapple do not store starch that can be converted to sugar, as most fruits do. This means they will not get sweeter after they are picked, but they will improve in texture

Quote: All my life I've wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific .

Did you know: Malaysias Menara Kuala Lumpur is the 4th tallest tower in the world, standing at 421m.

Take a peep - my company meeting and reception center

Sneak preview - my company reception center and meeting rooms
  • Feeling free today, therefore, take and snap some pics to share with you all.
  • Working in a corporate company is a nice feeling and you feel classy too.
  • It is a show case for the rest of competitors out there that how success is the company is.
  • Here serve the best teh tarik as pro-claim by some vendors and people who came here for the free tea and coffee.

Take a outside look of the meeting room and the lounge. Wat amazed me is the fish aquarium.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maxis Badminton Tournament 2008

I'm a referee

  • Not joining this tournament ... firstly, no time to train for this tournament cause got 10km run and secondly, many ex-state players ... dunwan to be trash 21-0....hahaha.... kidding only....
  • Main reason is being appointed as the game referee for this tournament. This is my 1st experience being a badminton referee.
  • It is a two weekend of tournament where last weekend, is the 2nd, 3rd round and quaterfinals match for men's doubles and single.
  • This coming weekend will be Men's doubles and Single semi final and final round and begin of Women's round.

After the game, had lunch together with some players and organizing committee.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi-tea with Eric Leong - Malaysia Interior Design King

Eric Leong - Funny, Friendly and like a brother to me
  • Thanks to Maxis for organizing another great Hi-tea with Malaysia entrepenuer and celebrity. The previous hi-tea session is with Malaysia's First Astronaut - Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.
  • This time, it is Eric Leong, the Malaysia Interior Design King. It was a full crowd of staff to attend this session again at Maxis Auditorium at Level 24.
  • Thank you that I got the invitation to attend this session as it is first come first serve basis.
  • Why I say Eric Leong like a brother to me .... you look at his big smile and bald head, like a laughing buddha face right.
  • And focus to my ear, people say I got a long ear like the buddha one too. hahaha...if both combine, we are like a brother.
  • I really enjoy his talk a lot especially when he share his past experiences and his personal life. He really remind and acknowledge me of package branding combine with commercial. Won't talk bout this so much.
  • Summary, he is a real funny and humor guy, talkative and friendly.

Eric Leong is so approachable that I able to chat with him after his autograph session and at the end, we took a picture together. He is 100kg before before he slim down to before 65kg and currently above 70kg! Below left pic: Picture with Delanie - HR Asst Manager, my basketball cheerleader and facebook addict. Below right pic: The state of the art - Maxis Auditorium

This Hot Spot restaurant is located at Level 24, Menara Maxis....public people can come here for lunch and dinner. The master chef is specially hired by Ananda Krishnan and yes, the food is not that cheap but it is guarantee 100% delicious! It is my company main cafeteria but no one can afford to drink a normal coffee there. Below left pic: I just love the warm hot choc and banana spring roll and kebab lamb wrap in fajita bread

MyLife Talk - Piss off with a player during badminton game

MyLife Talk
  • No matter how late now, need to online and blog bout this incident before going to bed.
  • My first time that my anger exploded during badminton game in my entire life...this Mr. S where nobody likes to play with him cause he love to complain bout people playing style.
  • He is not a good player sumore, I dun mind a good player give me advice and complaint bout my game....but this Mr. S is too much....while playing, he keep complaining that I holding my racquet too low....I wondering why he said that.
  • WTF, I can take smashes and run to return shots while he just like a sissy.... people smash and he runaway .... i feel so tired to cover him and run all over the court.
  • Till one time while was playing, he ask me to hold my racquet up....NIASING him, I stop the game and shouted at him.

    My conversation:-
    Me: F word, can you keep your mouth quiet.
    Mr. S: Leave your racquet up, your way is wrong.
    Me: This is my style and not your style.
    Mr. S: But wrong style (this time he trigger my boiling point liow)
    Me: F word, what is wrong with that, I still can take smashes and not like you....bloody pussy!
    Mr. S:
    Ok ok, you like. (I wanted to take my racquet and smash his head!)
    Me: I can beat you 21-0 with my style.
    - we continue the game and loss.

    After the game, the opponent players and the rest of people came to me and calm me down. They too dislike him .... really pek chek playing with a player who thinks he is good.
  • There are 1 or 2 which is not a good player but I don't mind playing with them cause they want to improve their game too. I won't shout at people who did mistake or wat, we come here to play and to sweat only.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stir Fried Onion Prawn by Chef Yve

New dish by Chef Yve - Stir Fried Onion Prawn
  • Sorry ler, all this while Yve been doing the cooking....Chef Via is taking a break from cooking.
  • As most of my friends know that I am a seafood lover especially when come to is my No.1 fav and my No.2 seafood fav is Crab.
  • I am a garlic and onion lover too...kekeke.
  • This dish is easy to cook only....from the picture, you will know the recipe already.

The prawn is so fresh and big and looks yummy, love this recipe so much and the taste....add some crabsticks sumore....ooolala.

BlackBerry Bold

Coming soon - BlackBerry Bold
  • I like this new BlackBerry Bold model, super clear pixel quality.
  • Easy to use and much slimmer compare to the previous BlackBerry models.

Wish to own one BlackBerry ....

Olympic Silver Medal for Malaysia

Malaysia 1st Gold Me1dal dashed by 'Super' Dan
  • Jaguh Kampung! A true statement and prove that Lee Chong Wei not able to handle the big pressure to secure Malaysia 1st Olmpic Gold medal.
  • Don't mind that he loss but he did not put a good performance like the previous matches.
  • Really angry and fruzz to see how Lin Dan tame our No.1 Malaysia single player.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Enterprise Business Division (EBD) Open Day

EBD Open Day
  • Enterprise Business Division had their open day.
  • It is to introduce the departments in the division and the department job function.
  • My purpose to attend this Open Day is two reasons only....Lucky Draw and food.
  • Lots of food and ice creams sponsor by supplier and vendor.
  • Main important is the lucky draw that they are giving out 10 Blackberry Pearl handphone.
  • Got no luck, just won a notepad and Amanda got a 2gb thumdrive.

Each department would need to deco their booth....I like the chinese tea house...very comfort feeling when come to their booth.

Lots of attractive prized to be won and lots of people dropping by for a visit.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yum Char @ Killiney Cafe

Tea time at Killiney Cafe
  • Had my tea break at this cafe @ Sooka Sentral.
  • The price is bit expensive and the taste is very normal.
  • Rather eat at Oldtown White Coffee, cheaper and tastier!

Coffee taste normal.... nothing special...just out for yum char to relax our stress mind.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

CMO Office + Kung Fu Panda doll, cute ler!

Chief Marketing Officer Room
  • Had a meeting at CMO office this morning.
  • Day dreaming that one day I will sit in this room.
  • A dream which might not come true ... just love the leather sofa chair.
  • Free Kit Kat choc for all staff cause is EBD (Enterprise Business Division) Open Day.

Spacious room....comfy leather seat....nice view of klcc park.

Kung Fu Panda Giant Doll
  • Saw a big giant Kung Fu Panda doll at a colleague place .... very cute ler.
  • What is the frog name behind?

I am laughing at myself when I look at this bear....cuz of the huge tummy size...just like mine...hahaha

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Glenn's Farewell Party

One of the most charming guy in the company....Glenn William Nunis
  • It was a sad day to see my colleague leaving ... females staff did cry when he giving out his touching speech.
  • He was a joker and a good singer in the company. His voice sounds like Ronan Keating.
  • I know him when I send some document to Data Center for review. Then this name Glenn William Nunis, I was wondering what is his religion and the name sound like kwai lou.
  • He is a real 100% funny and friendly guy who I have known in the company. No one can be funny as him.
  • His last word and email to the people in the department.

    My ISD family,

    If I had maintained a timesheet since the day I joined until today, it would likely reveal that I had spent more time with you than I have with my family. This in itself in my opinion qualifies you as my extended family.

    It has been 11 years and 2 months of a very satisfying and fulfilling career for me here at maxis; and the day after tomorrow is my last day. I have known many of you for more than half of my adult life and am very grateful and bless'd that I have had the opportunity to work with all of you. Our journey together through 2 BSCS upgrades, 1 billing system migration, relocation from SHT to SGBS to Sentral and many more challenges that we have overcome through the years have transformed us from mere working colleagues into having a close-knit family-like relationship. These relationships knows no working scope or boundaries and it is in these relationships that we find ourselves going out of our way and beyond the call of duty in lending out help and support to our fellow ISDian whenever there is a need.

    Yesterday's farewell lunch was truly an unexpected grand affair for me. All the kind words, the gifts and your presence have deeply touched me down to my bone. Thank you for this lifetime memory. If there was ever a dream farewell for me, yesterday's lunch was it. THANK YOU!!

Gleen receives the latest Ipod as a farewell gift. Some of colleagues taking personal picture with Glenn.

Some group pics taken with Glenn.

Indian food caterer...the food was so damn nice that I have to go for 2 rounds. Shucks...gained weight back!

Another farewell gift...a Samsonite Notebook bag...

Over 60 people's attended his farewell lunch...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home cook steamboat....

Yummy Home cook Steamboat! by Chef Yve
  • Was delighted when Yve told me that she will do steamboat. I never thought of steamboat cause my house don't have a steamboat pot.
  • First time doing steamboat!
  • Using traditional way to cook steamboat - Rice Cooker.
  • The steamboat soup taste very rich (lots of ikan bilis, chicken bone, fish, carrots, corns and garlics)!

Fresh from the morning market .... like the prawns, fishballs and the homemade steamboat soup...very rich in taste!

I must admit that me and yve stomach was too bloated till our stomach got cramp and pain cause of too much food intake.

Monday, August 11, 2008

King Of The Road - Run of my Life!

KOTR 2008 - Dramatic Nose bleeding & completed 10km run under 60 mins!
  • Firstly, I am happy that I completed my run under 60 mins (57 mins). Way beyond my target which I set to complete within1hr 3omins.
  • I dunno where all my energy came from cause the day before, played 2 hrs of badminton. Leg and hand itchy and did not rest all.

I am happy I finish the 10km run, the weather was perfect and nice! My big achievement for my run of my life!
  • 4.30am, woke up and prepare light breakfast for myself.
  • 5.10am, before leaving my house to meet up with Vic and Alvin, decided to do last big business (pooh). Suddenly felt like water dripping out from my nose.
  • Thought it was a normal flu but when took tissue to wipe it off, it is BLOOD. Damn it, my nose bleeding. Thanks to myself cause of whacking durians for the last past two nights.
  • Quickly stuff tissue into my nose to block the bleeding and lie down on sofa for 5 mins.
  • Thank God, my nose bleeding stopped.
  • 5.30am, leave my house to Dataran Shah Alam.
  • 5.55am, arrived the starting point and do some light warm-up.

Over 1000k kcal burned off for 10km...Top left pic: For guys, you have the extra energy to run cause u got 'motivation' to run and go beyond your limit!

  • 10km race category started earlier at 7.05am...officiate by the Menteri Besar Selangor.
  • When the race started, everyone run and pass me very fast....fine, i am running at my own pace and conserve my energy.
  • I am at the mid pack of the runners till bout 4km after the first drinking station, manage to continue running and chase up the front runners.
  • Did my rest walk stop at 8km (Pasar Seksyen 6)....and continue running for my life at the end of the 2km.
  • This is how I able to complete my race under 60 minutes....a big achievement for me thou I did not able to make it within the qualification time which is 50 minutes.
  • After the run, we went down to USJ for breakfast and reach home bout 11am.
  • My Summary:-
    1. Do not eat durian late night if you don't want your nose to get bleed.
    2. Run at your own pace. Don't sprint or chase.
    3. Sometimes feel demotivated when u see female runners overtake you and in front of you. Yes, there are females finish ahead of me and really respect them!

Johny's Medal - Half Marathon Finisher

  • Congrats to Johny who completed his first half marathon (22.7km) run.
  • Don't think I able ready to join the 22.7km run.

Nice medal made from Pewter....Congrats to Johny...he is the one who introduce me this run. Now I am addicted to it and will joined the next 10km run at Padang Merbok, KL.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lunch at The Raintree Club

Old club house, food taste normal
  • Went to lunch at Raintree Club at Jln Ampang from KL Sentral.
  • Ordered a 8 course meal.
  • The food taste normal and nothing special bout it. Another traditional chinese 8 course meal.

Below right pic: I like fried asparagus....yummy and crunchy.

Below left pic: The fish head is huge but the meat is little ler...not enuff ler...

The people's who went for the lunch...partly was to celebrate Glenn's Farewell.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lunch at Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh

Lunch at Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh at Puchong Utama
  • Not going to elaborate this restaurant much, cause already introduce in my previous post.
  • Read here for more details.
  • This time brought my parent in-law to taste it. They love it a lot!

RM 43 for 4 pax with a side dish order! quite reasonable! The chef is a 14 yr old boy only!

Friday, August 08, 2008

King of The Road - 10km run

My D-day coming soon...10th August 2008

  • Suffer a neck sprain this morning...gosh, wat a last minute injury. Hope can recover within this 2 days.
  • Thanks to Johny for going down all the way to Shah Alam and queue up for 2 hours to collect the running shirt and number.
  • Not enuff training cause got few 8 course meals dinner and lunch to attend this week.
  • Wish me luck.

Very worth to join this run actually, paid RM 20 as the joining fee and can get the running shirt worth RM 59.90 and shower gel.

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