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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cowan Street Ayam Tauge BETTER than Lou Wong Tauge Ayam

Ipohians, what is your say....
  • After a very tiring and aching team building which end bout 10.30pm night.
  • With that, we get ready for our free n easy night session.
  • We have been planning to eat the famous ipoh ayam tauge and kuew teow .... our Hotel Excelsior is situated very near to this two local restaurant.
  • The famous and well know ayam tauge is the Lou Wong restaurant....but because there is one colleague from Ipoh, she highly recommend us the Cowan Street restaurant and compare with Lou Wong restaurant taste.
  • After our first makan session at Cowan St., then went to Lou Wong and eat again.
  • Here is the verdict of 6 of us to choose which is the best ayam tauge restaurant:-
    Cowan Street: 6 and Lou Wong: 0
    - The Cowan St. chicken is smoother and meat is soft, it is real soft. Meanwhile Lou Wong chicken, u feel the meat is much tender and chewy a bit.
    - Cowan St. Kuew teow soup taste good while Lou Wong soup taste more to MSG.
    - Cowan St. taugeh is much more crispy and fresher and the seasoning taste good and different.

  • The draw back of Cowan Street was the kuew teow food portion which is very little compare to Lou Wong. In terms of price...both equally match.
  • For those food hunters, try Cowan Street and see...

The Winner!...chicken really easy to suck out from the bone and soft....the kuew teow soup very tasty....

The Lou Wong chicken meat much harder to chew and not that soft...anyway, taste good too but not as good as the Cowan one...

1 comment:

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, is it? I prefer Ong Kee...

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