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Thursday, July 31, 2008

MyLife Talk: 10km Run, LRT Down, Bro Job

MyLife Talk:
  • 10km Run training progress, did not work out lately. The last training was running 7km for 1 hour.
  • This morning feeling piss off with the RapidKL LRT. Need to take a cab to KLCC from Masjid Jamek.
  • My younger brother got a job! Congrats to him....

Bali Holiday - Tanah Lot

Floating temple ....
  • People tell me that when I come to Bali, must go to Tanah Lot to see the floating temple. In my mind, I was thinking of a raft with a small temple riding on it.
  • Did not know it was a huge rock island and they built a temple on top of it. During high tide, you not able to walk to the temple.
  • Everyone will come here for the breath taking sunset view while enjoying beer and coconut at the sunset terrace at the hill top.

Top left pic:- Best sunset view so far I've seen! People even brought a huge video cam and canggih DSLR....paiseh with my small olympus camera Bottom right pic:- Yve daring to go to the edge to take the picture with the big wave hitting the rock behind her. I saw one person got drench by the way I am getting myself wet!

Is not expensive to order a coconut (RP 15,000 only) and enjoy the sunset view....Oh yes, if you want to buy souvenirs, buy at this cheaper compare to other places!

Bali Holiday - Uluwatu, amazing view!

ULUWATU .... another bali attraction that you must GO!
  • Went to Uluwatu during my 3rd day at Bali .... I thought it is just another temple.
  • Went walk further in .... WHOAhhhh! I am amazed by the cliff and the scenery.
  • The best part is, I manage to see dolphins jumping around....

Amazing the Australia Twelve Apostle's....

Now I know this Uluwatu place...always saw pictures in people blogs taking this picture. Finally I am here to experience the view by myself ....

When my next trip back to Bali, I will come here again .... even my tour guide driver say he love to come here with his clients .... enjoy the strong wind and the beautiful scenery. Oh yeah, do not wear your sunglasses at this place...beware of the monkey attacking you from behind!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bali Holiday - Half nude picture....XXX rated

Here I am before I gain weight....
  • Sorry to dissapoint that I did not take any nude babes ... in fact I was busy half nude walking along the kuta street back to the hotel.
  • Went to Segara beach early in the situated next to Kuta beach.
  • Planning to do some sun bathing at here.
  • Did some strectching and some light exercise to burn off some calories.

The wind was strong and cooling....many people went for jogging and bringing their dogs to play at the beach. Time to do some cam whoring before sun bathing....

Bali Holiday - Dinner at Dulang Cafe and Kuta Town Night Scene

Amazing night scene at Bali....
  • After a long stay at the Kuta beach and watch the sunset. Went for a walk along the Kuta street and to see the night life at Kuta.
  • The pubs and restaurants is packed with people drinking and dining.
  • Had my dinner at Dulang Cafe.

Ordered the famous Bali coffee, very kao taste and Yve love kao coffee! I just had the fresh coconut cooler .... their local curry chicken rice and fried rice noodle taste good. Finally we found a good local food which taste nice and yummy. The price for this kind of foods and drinks at Kuta is bout RP 150,000 inclusive 15% tax.

Here is pics of the Dulang Cafe ambience....

The kuta street is full of branded retail shops and coffee cafes. Took some night scene pics along the street. It was a chilling night at Kuta.

Bali Holiday - Kuta Beach & Kuta Street

Relaxing holiday @ Bali...
  • After check-in into the hotel, I can't wait to go to the famous Kuta beach.
  • Before heading to the beach, need to grab some food first. Went to Discovery Mall and hunt for some local foods in there.
  • My journey at Bali begins here....

We walked along the street to the Kuta Beach. Don't worry of walking along the street side, it is shady and windy and you don't feel hot at all. The only thing you need to worry is the pot holes and un-even side walks path. Oh yes, it is safe too!

This is the best part, the beach was packed with lots of people with sexy bikini babes and hunks, you really need to wear sunglassess to wash eye! The beach was very cold cause the sea water is coming from Aussie. My comment is that the Kuta Beach is not an ideal place to swim cause of the rough sand and the water is not that clear. But it is a good place for sun bathing and water sports activities.

We went for some window shopping for souvenirs. Just want to know their local souvenir price. Went to try their bali body massage...cost RP 95,000 for an hour. Is quite expensive cause after that, we saw there is RP 50,000 an hour massage. Went and check out the Bali Hard Rock cafe.

Took some pics of the hotel along the street, restaurant and the beach as well.

Had our first local food at Discovery Mall ... the Fruit ABC was too sweet and the ice is huge to swallow. We enjoy the western food much more to their local food. I would say their local food taste either sweet or salty only....Malaysia food is still the best!

Winner Result for Vialentino Give Away -Series 1


1. Cartier Soo (10th sms sender)
2. Ashley Teng (20th sms sender)

Note: The voucher is valid till 16th April 2009 ... enjoy your holiday!

Click here to read the contest post

My Great Vacation - Bali

Here comes my Bali holiday post....
  • Actually I don't know where to start. If start from departing till arriving back here, it will be a long long post.
  • Now I know why most people will say they will go back again to Bali. I totally agree with them, I looking forward for my next holiday in Bali again.
  • Weather was good (sunny and windy) thru out my 4 days stay at Bali.
  • Day 1:-
    - Depart from LCCT @ 11.25am and arrive Denpasar @ 2.10pm
    - Hotel driver took us to check-in into Green Garden Hotel.
    - Places visited:-
    1. Discovery Mall
    2. Kuta Beach
    3. Kuta Street

Superb and breath taking view from the plane inside. Manage to took some pics of some Indonesia island. Bottom right pics:- Nice top view of the volcano mountain...dunno what mountain name is this.

Top 1st row pics:- Cam whoring before leaving LCCT. Middle 2nd row pics:- Did not know the Bali Airport is next to the beach only. Bottom 3rd row pics:- The airport toilet is well nice decorated...u can enjoy looking at the fish aquarium while you taking a loo.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yum Char at Genting Starbucks

Chilling out at Genting, No Gamble this time, just purely drinking coffee only!

  • It was one of the weekend with KL hot weather, then me and yve planned to go up Genting for a coffee drink.
  • Ajak along Johny n Wan Lin as well.
  • Drove the beemer and tested the beemer on the Genting cornering...very stable and fast....taking corner up to 100km/h...this is my first time to overtake Genting Taxi when going up hill. Took less than 20 mins to reach the Ria Apartment from the kaki bukit.
  • Luckily Johny and Wan Lin doesn't feel dizzy. We stay up for 2 hrs before coming back down to KL.
  • Oh yeah, we did not gamble thou we got talk bout it.

Drinking hot coffee in a chill weather was a nice and relax feeling.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vialentino Give Away - Series 1

Genting Theme Park Hotel (2 days 1 night) @ RM 68.80 nett

  • 2 x Discount Voucher giveaway!
  • Discount Voucher Details:-
    - Superior Room.
    - Breakfast included
    - 2D 1N for 2 persons @ RM 68.80 nett per room/night.
  • Simple Entry Contest only. It is so simple as ABC to join this contest. You do not need to post any slogan or write an essay and wat so ever....just send me a sms and stand a chance to win this discount voucher!

    1. Send your Name and your blog url address to 012-2049325!
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    2. Will not entertain wrong format entry! Per entry for each blog url address only!
    3. The lucky 10th sender and 20th sender to my mobile number will get this discount voucher!
  • Terms & Conditions:-
    - Valid for Malaysian Bloggers only.
    - Contest closing date on 29th July 2008.
    - For non-Klang Valley bloggers, will post the voucher to the lucky winner at my own cost.
    - Results will be shown in my blog on 30th July (after my Bali trip) and will notify the winner via SMS.

Homecook dishes again - Pai Kuat, Chicken Herbal Soup, Fried Fish, Fried Vegetables

Yummy Yum - by Chef Yve.
  • Since nothing to do on the weekend, tried out some new recipe.
  • Not bad huh it seems...taste of course is nice....home cook mah.
  • Put kao kao ingredients for the taste and fragrance.

Mushroom Pai Kuat and Chicken Herbal Soup....

Fried Fish and vegetables...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm off for vacation...adios

Please do not disturb email and mobile network coverage!
  • Yippie, the day have finally arrive and I will be leaving to my holiday destination for 4 days 3 nights!
  • Yes, will be taking AirAsia flight to there.
  • I won't be able to blog and reply tags till next Wednesday...

This is the place I am heading to....BALI

I wish to see some greens and not tall buildings...want to be away from city life!

Wish I able to see some bikini babes or even nudies and just not the beach only as the picture shown above....kekeke.

Sunset view is a must for me ... want to test my Olympus camera to take this kind of scene!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Datin K promotion celebration

Chilli Espresso @ SOoka Sentral
  • Thanks to Datin K for the lunch treat. Congrats to Datin K on her promotion ...this is the main reason for her treat.
  • It's my first time to eat at Chilli Espresso since it opened. Can see their business is getting better than the Zen Restaurant.
  • The food and drinks was superbly nice and great...thou is expensive for the price.... RM 14.50 for the fried rice and RM 9 for the ice mocha...but the portion was huge.

The ice mocha is very the bitter mocha taste. The fried rice is nice except the fried ikan bilis, is like over nite kind of taste...not crispy and crunchy.

The ayam percik is a must try! ... and as well the banana honey smoothies....Yes, Dato & Datin K in action again...

Melaka Cendol & Nyonya laksa

My mind is on the food only...
  • I forgotten the name of the place and forgotten to take the pic of the stall and friends....mind mind me....The food just got into my head only....
  • This stall is located nearby the Jonker Walk .... I came here before many times when I brought my friends came down to visit Melaka.
  • Seok Yan suggested to have lunch at this stall for the Sago Cendol and Nyonya laksa....oooo, best ler, i drank the soup finish and the cendol as well.

Penang cendol could not fight with Melaka cendol version cause of the Gula Melaka.... I just don't know why Nyonya laksa taste better than KL Curry laksa?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The best Car Ad war in recent memory

Some information that you need to know before you see the Ads:

  • Follow the sequence...
  • 1. BMW started this Advertisement

  • 2. Audi Answered

  • 3. Subaru needed to say something

  • 4. Bentley Chairman wanted the last word

Sudoku Challenge

ISD Sudoku Challenge 2008
  • There will be 2 rounds of sudoku challenge....first 10 submitted correct answer, will move on to the Final.
  • 1st place winner will get RM 50, 2nd place winner will grab RM 30, 3rd place winner will get RM 20 and 4th placing will get RM 10.
  • 1st round, the staff able to complete within 10 minutes and few of them got it wrong.
  • 2nd round is tough, some staff quit half way and some people took more than 30 mins to solve it. The winner able to complete within 20 mins.
  • After the competition, I got to learn how to play sudoku and I'm hooked into it....shucks...

The finalist are required to go to the conference room to continue the Final round. Some of the staff watching the finalist cracking their head.

Top Right: CIO present RM 50 to Mr. Tee (Sudoku Winner)... I will get 50% of it...kekeke!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My IT Department July Birthday Celebration

Monthly Birthday Celebration
  • Makan-makan session again....told you that working in here sure gain weight one!
  • This party is to celebrate the staff birthday who born in month of July.

The cake was good....choc cake from Secret Recipe ... the fried rice was good, i got no chance to eat the curry puff and the kuih cause sapu habis so fast...

Top left: The bday's staff ....

Some random pic shots of my colleagues...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Giant farewell card for Jon Eddy

We'll miss you like mad!
  • We got a card for Jon Eddy with full of staff wishes and signatures. We present him a special present too which is a Cuban Cigar cause he love to smoke cigar!

Check out some of the funny dedicated messages from the staff itself....hahaha

Sayonara ---- :(

Jon Eddy Abdullah farewell party aka Maxis COO

Good Bye Jon!

  • A week ago, Maxis got a shocking news that Jon Eddy will be leaving Maxis to join a Pakistan telco as CEO.
  • He is one of the friendliest COO I've ever met and know ... he is married to a Malaysian and he loves Malaysia food and life.
  • Oh yeah, I hope he would sell his Ferrari for 50% half price and his Tropicana house!.....kekekeke.
  • ISD & NEO organized a farewell party specially for him at Plaza Sentral (Maxis Technology Center).
  • It was super packed with thousands over staff attending his farewell. And yes, the food was superbly yummy!

You got to wait 45 minutes before you able to take the food...long long queue. The best part is, comittee members got to eat first...ngiak ngiak ngiak.
  • Honestly I must tell you that working in 012 company, you will grow fat and fatter! This is for sure which I can guarantee of the best company benefit - gain weight!

I think every staff is enjoying the food more than the farewell, different kind of food served! Even Jon mention that it seems more like a birthday celebration compare to a farewell celebration...hahaha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Von La Restaurant - Vietnamese Foods

Yummy or not?
  • Here is the food review base on my vietnamese food experience.
  • I must say the price was very cheap compare to KL.
  • For the taste, it taste very normal and below my expectation.
  • The beef noodle soup got no strong taste of beef ... taste like normal kuey teow soup.
  • The only good thing which taste good is the vietnamese coffee!
  • Overall, we enjoy the friendly service from the boss itself.

The prawn spring roll was normal....can buy from Tesco....the paper spring roll rice was ok ok nia.

Thought it was a stuffed crab...but more to crab fishball kind...dissapoineted a bit. The scallop was normal and the fried seafood springroll taste nice cause got seafood mah! The satay lilit taste ok but not as good as the BumbuBali.

Von La Vietnamese Restaurant, Melaka + Dennis n Mei Chen ~ Newly husband n wife couple

First vietnamese food experience at Melaka
  • Thanks to Dennis and Mei Chen for introducing this vietnamese restaurant at Melaka. Normally, people will go for normal local Melaka food like nyonya laksa, nyonya food, chicken rice ball, satay celup and etc.
  • This time, we go for something which we can eat at KL too cause we are curious to know how is Vietnamese food taste like in Melaka. We are bored with local Melaka food at the moment.
  • Here Von La aka Vietnamese Restaurant located at Melaka Raya.

Price was way cheaper than KL. Beef Noodle only RM 5.50 but in KL cost RM 10.90! Yve was checking out the cool sunglasses from Dennis. Will comment the food later on in my other post.

Congrats to Dennis & Mei Chen and thanks for the treat...
  • Sorry for not able to attend their ROM last 2 we got to meet up when me and yve back to Melaka.
  • Everyone was happy that Dennis (Mr. Playful) finally settled down with a nice and loving wife - Mei Chen.
  • Dennis is Yve hometown friend...and he eventually became my snooker buddy.

Nice group pic, L-R: Mei Chen, Dennis, Yve, Seok Yan, Hwang Tai

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homecook Fried Kuey Teow

First time Fried Kuey Teow by Chef Yve
  • The cooking spirit is still burning....Yve trying for the first time to fried kuey teow.
  • The taste was nice and tasty....but probably we bought the wrong kuey teow type for fried kuey teow.
  • Nevermind, will try and fried till perfection.

I simply love prawns and lots of garlic.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Behind the scene...

Venue: Centro Bar, KL Sooka Sentral
  • Some notti scenes would like to reveal .... Dato K was not there to protect Datin K, therefore, Dato L taking advantage of it.
  • Don't know why Dato L keep on pouring beer to Datin K and offer to fetch her back....hehehe.

I just sit there and enjoying my drink and pizza and watching Dato L persuade Datin K to drink more!

At the end, the red devil fella manage to get Datin K to top up her beer and force her to drink....

Time to de-stress with beer and pizza

Centro Bar Drinking Outing @ KL Sentral
  • Thursday, after work 6.30pm....time to head for some drink to de-stress ourself.
  • Thanks to my ex-boss for treating us this round.
  • Bad news after this drinking session is I gained 3kg back....disaster!

We really de-stress ourself with few jugs of beer and stout!

The smoked salmon pizza with tons of mushroom and cheese and the Super Nacho's was extremely good with beer...ordered 2 round of pizza!

We started to be a bit high when we try to take head to head pose!

Cheers to you all...
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