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Monday, June 30, 2008

Pork Mayo KatsuDon....homecook again....

Another homecook dish....
  • Lately notice, got lots of time to cook homecook dish after the petrol hike...hahaha
  • Wat a good excuse...riteeee....hehehe
  • Meaning of katsudon (カツ丼) is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments. Beef and chicken can substitute for the pork.

    The dish takes its name from the Japanese words tonkatsu (for pork cutlet) and donburi (for rice bowl dish). It has become a modern ritual tradition for Japanese students to eat katsudon the night before taking a major test or school entrance exam. This is because "katsu" is a homophone of the verb 勝つ katsu, meaning "to win" or "to be victorious".

  • Here is the outcome....another dish by Chef Yve.
  • Soon Chef Via will show off his lazy to cook but very busy to eat nia...

Simply Delicious, lots of rice under neath the tons of pork meat, ONIONS with thick gravy and seasoning....and yeah, lots of broccoli veges...

I am back in one piece + Morning department meeting

Finally I am back to the office and KL hectic life ... seriously, I miss the river and jungle so much.

Urgent Department Meeting
  • Yesterday Sunday, receive sms from my boss that our new Head of Department will hold a meeting to discuss on the re-organization chart.
  • Gosh, the meeting was schedule at 9am at Menara Maxis ... walau 9am! need to wake up early and cannot stay up to watch the Euro Cup Final between Spain vs Germany
  • Reach office bout 8am.
  • Shucks, got to know that I am with another colleague to head the SOA and Service Portal team. My life will be miserable....kns.
  • This org chart is to prepare for the new outsource structure.

Tip: For mirrors, spray the cleaner on your cloth rather than directly on the mirror

Quote: It's never too late to be what you might have become

Did you know: There are 40,000 muscles and tendons in an elephant's trunk. This makes it very strong and flexible, allowing an elephant to pluck a delicate flower or lift a huge log.

Chicken Teriyaki! this is homecook, not from restaurant!

ho JIAK! my Chicken Teriyaki
  • Did a finding on teriyaki meaning....cause sometimes I always order chicken teriyaki but dunno the real meaning of it...
  • teriyaki meaning :- a Japanese dish of meat or fish that is grilled or broiled after being soaked in a seasoned soy sauce marinade
  • The dish is cooked by Chef Yve....i just help by going to super market to buy the ingredients. The main ingredients is the Japanese Teriyaki sauce (Kikoman) to marinade the chicken.
  • Here is the outcome....

This chicken marinade kao kao and lots of stuff....that's the beauty of home cook...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sister In Law cooking

Assam Fish (real kao lat than mine) & "Leng Ngau" Soup
  • My mom always say the soup is Roda soup cause the thing look like a roda with many holes in between.
  • This time, my sis in law cook for me and yve....
  • Wah, I like the assam fish a lot...lots of ingredients in it especially assam jawa, serai, onions, tomatoes and etc .... taste so sour and spicy....I like it.

Mou Tak Teng ler! I sapu the assam fish soup finish....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Curry Prawn - by Sharon aka my neighbour

Lately lots of home cook dishes....
  • This curry prawn was cooked by my Sharon's mom who is my neighbour next door only.
  • Lately, lots of makan and makan sorry to my tummy....
  • This curry prawn is rich in prawn taste and lots of prawn....hehehe
  • Most of you all know I am Prawn King or Seafood King...hehehe....

Need to do cholesterol check up soon....i drink finish the curry!

Mobile Advertisement in Malaysia

Mobile Ads, 1st in Malaysia .... by Maxis & Yahoo!
  • This is one of the confidential project I am working on and which keep me busy on for the past few months after the SMS Message Plus and Wap Portal revamp launch. We wanted to be the No.1 to launch Mobile Ads in Malaysia.
  • Not many Telco company keen on Mobile Ads cause of the huge investment and uncertainty in the ROI to the company...finally, we saw the opportunity and go ahead with it.
  • Mobile Ads project, I've been going thru with different vendor from different countries for giving presentation on their mobile ads solution since last year... finally YAHOO! Inc. got the deal.
  • I would say their solution is ideal for Malaysia mobile business and of course the solution features they offered.
  • Given a month plus to deliver is not a easy project to handle....After rounds of technical discussion and conference call with Yahoo Singapore technical team... at the end, we able to deliver before CommunicAsia 2008 at Singapore for the Mobile Ads showcase. The best is we able to deliver few days ahead before the event too.
  • It's been great working with the Yahoo Singapore team especially Foo, Virginia and Prashant....
  • If you go to Maxis Wap Portal in your phone browser ... u can see the mobile ads running at the top of the page.
  • Thanks once again to my development team for supporting and committed in this project. Another great milestone we have achieved again.
  • NEW SERVICE WILL LAUNCH SOON....STAY TUNE!....related to Internet!

Maxis, Yahoo! bersatu dalam iklan mudah alih

MAXIS Communications Berhad (Maxis) menjalin kerjasama strategik dengan Yahoo! Inc, (Yahoo!) untuk membangunkan inisiatif pengiklanan mudah alih mulai Julai ini.

Di bawah kerjasama eksklusif itu, gerbang wap Maxis, Maxis WAP Portal akan diperkukuh dengan pelbagai pengiklanan bergrafik inovatif selenggaraan dan jualan secara eksklusif Yahoo!Ketua, Bahagian Pembangunan Produk dan Infohiburan, Maxis, T Kugan, berkata telefon bimbit kian menjadi media baru atau skrin ketujuh dalam terma pengiklanan dengan alasan ia adalah media peribadi sebenar.

“Dengan jumlah asas langganan terbesar (10 juta) dengan kadar penggunaan data tertinggi di negara ini, ia menjadi faktor terbaik kepada pengiklan Malaysia untuk mencapai sasaran pasaran dengan lebih meluas,” katanya.“Kerjasama dengan Yahoo! yang sememangnya peneraju dalam pengiklanan mudah alih, membuktikan komitmen kami untuk mempertingkat strategi dan meraih kelebihan yang ada pada kekuatannya bagi mencipta model pendapatan baru,” katanya lagi.

Pengiklanan mudah alih kini merubah pasaran dengan membenarkan pengiklan mencapai sasaran tertinggi kepada pelanggan menerusi peranti mudah alih, di samping menyediakan peluang untuk mengadaptasi kempen pemasaran unik serta inovatif menerusi pengiklanan bergrafik mudah alih.

Menurut Naib Presiden merangkap Pengarah Urusan Connected Life Asia, Yahoo!, David Ko, kerjasama dengan Maxis mempamerkan kesinambungan tumpuan Yahoo! dalam usaha menumpukan penyediaan peluang ‘mesti beli’ kepada pengiklan dan memperluaskan keterajuannya dalam pengiklanan bergrafik peranti mudah alih.

“Pengiklan dan rakan penyedia perkhidmatan telekomunikasi mudah alih sudah memperakui kemampuan unik dan nilai pengiklanan mudah alih. Mereka berusaha meletakkannya sebagai sebahagian daripada teras kempen digital,” katanya. Ketika ditemui pada pameran dan persidangan telekomunikasi terbesar Asia, CommunicAsia 2008 di Singapura, minggu lalu, David tidak menyangkal bahawa pelbagai pihak lain turut memperkenalkan inisiatif pengiklanan mudah alih termasuk pengeluar telefon.“Kami menganggap ia persaingan sihat namun yakin kerana Yahoo! sudah berada dalam industri ini lebih lama.

Ia juga boleh dicapai oleh semua jenis peranti mudah alih dan tidak tertakluk kepada model tertentu saja,” katanya lagi. Sebagai pengasas Internet mudah alih, Maxis dan Yahoo! akan menggabungkan kepakaran masing-masing dalam industri serta pengalamannya mengenai tabiat pengguna untuk membolehkan pemilik pelbagai jenama terkemuka mengiklankan produk menggunakan inisiatif yang dicipta khusus untuk persekitaran mudah alih.

Gerbang Maxis WAP Portal mencatatkan purata kunjungan melebihi 20 juta sebulan.

Yes, a month...we got over 20 million hits to the Wap Portal ... time to upgrade the hardware liow...hehehe

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beef Sirloin End Result

Home cook Beef Sirloin
  • The chef is Yve herself. Doing her first beef sirloin western dish for the first time.
  • Wow, taste good...the gravy very thick and taste is strong. Home cook is always the best!

Full of mushroom gravy...cover the entire beef meat, onions (my fav!)....ooohlala. I complaint that we should cook more beef sirloin ler...kekeke

Company teambuilding - White Water Rafting & Abseiling at Gopeng, Perak

I AM AWAY from 25th June till 26th June 2008 for my company teambuilding. I just can't wait to do white water rafting and roping activities which includes abseiling and flying fox!

I have done flying fox and abseiling in my previous teambuilding, it is so fun .... i was scared at first of the flying fox, but after I did it once, I wanna go for few more rounds. I am good at kayaking but for white water rafting, this is my first time experience and can't wait for the challenge.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La Mian or Hand Pulled Noodles @ Dragon-i Restaurant, Mid Valley

Best La Mian ....
  • Most of us know of this well-known restaurant Dragon-i ... they are famous with their la mian or known in english as "Hand Pulled Noodles" & also famous for their Xiao Long Bao.
  • So far, I like their XLB very much.
  • There is a sweet memory for me of this Dragon-i restaurant @ Midvalley...why SWEET?....cause it is Yve who brought me here first time during our courting time. Then it is first time we discover the La Mian was finally brought down from China to Malaysia.
  • History bout La Mian :-

    "La Mian" or "Hand Pulled Noodles" was first introduced in China over 400 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. Masterful chefs stretched and pulled the noodles repeatedly untul they achieve a unique texture that is soft, smooth and yet springy. People were so fascinated by the art behind preparing these noodles that it was soon presented to the Emperor. TheEmperor loved it and bestowed upon it an imperial name, "Dragon Beard Noodles" - as the grace and majesty of the divine Dragon was synonymous to the Emperor.

The noodles is quite big portion and the noodles is soft and smooth to eat. Only bad thing is the price per bowl which is from RM 15 and above. What I like is their XO chilli sauce...can sapu one bottle of it.

Their XLB is the best so far compare to Shanghai Ten....try and compare it.

Mobile Content Challenge 2008 by Maxis

Specially to those interested in Mobile Application Development...
  • Over RM 100k in cash and prizes to be won....
  • The objectives of the challenge are:-
    - encourage students development in the area of mobile content and application
    - identify and cultivate a creative mindset
    - nurture a community of young entrepreneurs
  • Visit this Maxis site to find out more ...

Verve Suites 3rd Phase - Private Viewing

Verve Suites @ Mt. Kiara Private Viewing
  • Got a special invitation from the Bukit Kiara Property ... they going to launch their 3rd phase of the Verve Suites.

  • Details as below:-

    Date : 28th & 29th June 2008
    Time : 10am - 6pm
    Venue : BKP Gallery, VERVE Shops, Jln Kiara 5
    ~Light refreshments will be served!

  • Come and join to see this property before unveil to the general public. If you interested, I can pass my invitation cause I will not be attending their launch.
  • The invitation comes with free 5 postcards ... very good service ler!

Very special invitation card and to my suprise, they attached some free postcards too....another marketing gimmick!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How I transform - Please do not laugh!

From age 7 to is how I move from small to bigger waist line!

  • Since I have got to know many new blogger friends .... but they complaint that they don't who i am, which one is me, how do i look like and etc.
  • With that, let me share with you all some of my pics from my childhood till my adulthood. So in future, you know who you are chatting with and the author of this blogsite.
  • Before proceeding to view my pics.....there is one rule = Please do not laugh ok! .... OK, go ahead and laugh as loud as u want cause when I see my old pics and compare to my current pics, I cant stop laughing as well...muahahaha.
  • I finally did REALIZE that i am HUGE!

Here I am when I am age 7 (Standard 2) ...looking blurr and untidy hair. My mom told me when I am small, when ever I went to see doctor, the doctor love to pinch my face and touch my skin...cause it is so fair and smooth and with my deep DIMPLE.

This is how I move forward to my secondary school days. I am age 16 (Form 5) when this picture was taken. Known as the 'Angel boy'...not really angel....just in front of teacher, very good looking boy...but behind it, always playing card and gamble in the school.

I would say this is my most peak season .... in other words, the most leng chai time of myself....sorry for my thick face and self promo but this is the fact proven and commented by my college mates...hahaha. This picture was taken during my 2nd year at college when i am age 18.....still pok pok chui!

When Yve saw this picture, she admitted that i don't need to pick up or 'kau' any girls during college time, cause they will die for me and fallen for me straight away .... kekeke...

Ps: Too bad, I am not a Playboy or Player during my college time. I just concerntrate on my study and sports activities.

Taken when age 21....when need to change and update my photo for new IC. Look a bit Ah Beng ...

My body still looks ok by this time....after money to enjoy life yet. This picture taken when I am age 20 .... my first job with my current company.

Remember during my 1st year at my company, lot's of women or female colleagues asking whether am I single or not. Some even bought me free lunch and buy my free ice cream...thanks a lot yeah.

Ps: Yeah, I was single that time but admit that I am attach. Cause wanna focus on my career and my job.

MY CURRENT LOOK with my big tummy and growing waist line. Pai seh and feel shy to elaborate more. Shucks....this is how I am now... :(

This is the image prediction which I will look like when I am age 90......

XO Sauce Spicy Fried Rice + Tong Shui + Beef Sirloin

All home cook ...
  • Recently there is time to cook some home dishes.
  • I am not the chef, yve is the chef who cook the fried rice and made the tong shui dessert.
  • Bcos of recent fuel hike, cooking at home is not that cheap also .... it is cheaper to eat outside.
  • Problem with the outside food is not that no choice... better eat at home.

One of my fav. tong shui....ok, i dunno the chinese name for this tong shui....

My all time favourite dish cooked by Yve....Fried Rice! I can eat 2 tong of rice which is equivalent to 4 people portion!

Beef Sirloin Steak

  • Another big home cook project ... BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK.

    What you know bout sirloin steak?

  • Each time when I go to Western Restaurant, i will see sirloin steak in the menu. I don't know what is the difference or anything special with Sirloin steak.
  • The sirloin steak is beef steak cut from the lower portion of the ribs, continuing off the tenderloin from which filet mignon is cut. Of the steaks typically considered to be premium steaks, the sirloin is the cheapest, because the muscles still do quite a bit of work.The sirloin is actually divided into several types of steak. The top sirloin is the most prized of these. The bottom sirloin is less tender, much larger, and is typically what is offered when one just buys sirloin steaks instead of steaks specifically marked top sirloin. The bottom sirloin in turn connects to the sirloin tip roast, which is generally considered to be a good, if somewhat tough, roast.

Above is the ingredients to marinate the beef sirloin....white wine a must to cook with it!

NuffNang Wild Blogging Party powered by Maxis Broadband

Another great NUFFNANG party to be miss
  • Gosh, every blog site I visited today, all I can see is the Wild Blogging Party pics. This party sponsored by Maxis Broadband...dats where I got the goodies from my company on the broadband especially the stickers and etc.
  • Feel so happy to see everyone is enjoying themself.
  • Share some party pics taken by Mike and Ren.

MDG Models there too ... Hanis & Adeline ... Mike must be damn kao happy dat night! 'kiap' between to hot models who are bloggers too.

Ren, u r lucky man!

Mike again...the 100% PIMP daddy....dun mess with him!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Anniverssary Dinner Celebration - New Tang Dynasty Gourmet

DainTi Hill @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
  • 22nd June, had my 3rd year wedding anniverssary celebration at this japanese mix with chinese cuisine at Pavilion. Delay our actual day on 19th June cause is on weekday and I got badminton session.
  • Just have a simple dinner at a restaurant.
  • This restaurant serve some nice and unique sushi and dishes.
  • The food was excellent and well presented. Bout the price...most of the dishes start from above RM 9. For 6pcs of sushi, will cost you from RM 22!...but is a fusion type of sushi.
  • Overall, it is worth while the money to dine in here.
  • Environment & ambience was well decorated with superb friendly and fast service from the service staff there. Food arrive in 5 mins!
  • We ordered:-
    1. Braised clamp & frog in hotpot ... normal taste
    2. Potato Pumpkin Salad .... cold appetizer and taste new to me
    3. Crab Meat Rice ... very normal dish and taste...nothing special
    4. Eel Meat Rice ... the eel meat really melt in your mouth...woola!
    5. Papaya n Chicken Soup (highly recommended) ... was recommended by the restaurant staff
  • Check out their website ...

Very nice ambience and dining experience ... those who still pak toh, bring ur love one to dine here...

Top: papaya n chicken soup...the best! ... Middle: Potato pumpkin salad, don't look like a salad rite ... Bottom: Healthy drink, Vinegar Honey....

Top: Crab Rice meat, full of crab meat and crabsticks ... Middle: Braised clamp n frog in hotpot ... Bottom: Eel Rice meat, as I mention before, the eel really melts in your mouth.

The Loaf - Special Ice Freeze Latte
  • After shopping at Pavilion, went to the The Loaf for coffee.
  • Heard they serve one of the best brew coffee in town.
  • I saw this The Loaf Special Ice Freeze Latte ... straight away order this coffee drink.
  • Came with two dark big ice cube ... thought is a wrong order to my table.
  • Then the waiter pour in hot milk and stir it. hmmmm, this was so creative and nice to watch. Now i know why it is called Special ice freeze latte.
  • The ice cube latte slowly melt in the hot milk.
  • KAWABANGA...was telling yve, this is the best latte i have tasted so far.

Best Latte in town ... is it true that this cafe is owned by Tun Dr. Mahathir?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maxis wins the award for Mobile Operator of the Year Malaysia at the Asian Mobile News Awards 2008

Maxis Communications Berhad (“Maxis”) clinched the award for Mobile Operator of the Year Malaysia for the third time at the Asian Mobile News Awards 2008, based on its sustained service excellence, business performance and innovation leadership in 2007.

This year’s award builds on Maxis’ reputation as Malaysia’s consistent top-performing mobile operator. At last year’s Asian Mobile News Awards, Maxis was named Mobile Operator of the Year Malaysia as well as Asian Mobile Operator of the Year. In 2005, Maxis also won the Mobile Operator of the Year Malaysia.

In its fifth year, the prestigious Asian Mobile News Awards 2008, held in Singapore on June 19, crowned the finest of Asia’s telecommunications industry.Receiving the award on behalf of Maxis at the awards ceremony was its Chief Operating Officer Jon Eddy Abdullah. He said, “There are many reasons why a company wins awards. For us in Maxis, it is our base of 10 million customers that spurs us on to meet their very high expectations.

Our customers are the main motivating force that compels Maxis to keep moving up the bar for innovation, service excellence and creativity. Therefore, I must thank our customers – because without them, Maxis would not have won this award tonight.”Maxis closed the year in 2007 as the market leader with a 41.7% share of the total Malaysian mobile subscriber base. Its net new subscriber acquisitions in 2007 alone were over 1.6 million, representing 43% of Malaysia’s total net mobile subscriber acquisitions.

Maxis was also the only operator who gained market share in both the prepaid and postpaid segments for the year. The impressive performance came on the back of simplified tariffs, quality network and customer service, as well as innovative products and services.Joining Asian Mobile News Publisher Tim Charlton, who hosted the awards dinner at Singapore’s Shangri-La Hotel, were 60 representatives from leading telecommunications companies from India, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and the United Kingdom.

This year’s winners were chosen after a stringent judging process by a panel of experts headed by Commsday CEO Grahame Lynch, Tony Poulos, Contributing Editor of Asian Mobile News and Tim Charlton.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home cook - Assam Fish

The assam very kao lat (powerful)!
  • Bought the assam paste from Tan Kim Hock when my trip to Melaka.
  • Then we got this fresh fish....shucks...dunno wat fish name liow... sorry ah, i just know how to makan and enjoy food nia.
  • The assam taste was strong. We plan to cook it next time again and this time will add tomatoes and lady fingers as well.

Just the assam soup and green onions....also taste good. Next time, will make it like assam fish taste with tomatoes, garlic, onion and lady fingers...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lunch with Jane

1st time meet after 7 years...
  • Since 2001, we known from the internet community. But we did not meet in real life before.
  • Until yesterday 19th june, Jane came down to KL from Korea for a short business trip. No matter how, we must meet each other. The funny thing is, Jane met my friend David's brother and sister when they both visit Korea.
  • So we decided to meet up at Kim Gary @ Avenue K for lunch.
  • She is a blogger too ...

Johny & Jane ....

IBM n MDEC Developer Workshop

IBM Workshop
  • Was invited to attend this workshop organize by IBM. Held at the Sheraton Subang hotel.
  • It is a brief summary talk bout their product such as Rational, Tivolli, Lotus Note and Websphere.
  • I enjoy listening to their talk and viewing their product demo.
  • Lastly, of course I enjoy their food as well.....

I don't like the smoked salmon in the bun...the salmon too salty like taking one spoon of salt into your mouth...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Healthy Food Party

Food Insect Party

  • Thanks to May Wong for letting me to share this ... I know i FFK them last minute ... not I coward for not coming to eat ... I am so eager to try insect food OKAYYy.
  • Just that night, got a call from my mom that my uncle passed away. Sad sad nite....
  • Anyway, let me share this interesting and yucky post.... May told me that the taste turn out to be good and this time, they wanna fried cicak! hahaha.
  • I won't elaborate more in here.... for more details and pics... please visit this site

Looks fresh and juicy....

This one a bit geli for me....

Nicely fried and crispy taste!

The so called secret recipe

Pizza Insect.....yum yum....


Take some polite picture first....

Now, who is your DADDY!!!

Melaka Trip - Nyonya Restaurant food

Restoran Nyonya MAKKO - name sound like BIG Brother...
  • There is another famous Nyonya restaurant at Melaka Ray which called Ole Sayang. But because of many local people prefer to eat at Makko which is nearby the Ole Sayang only.
  • They say the food at Makko taste much like the original nyonya taste.
  • We ordered a few dishes and Oooo La is too yummy esp the beef rendang, curry chicken and the fried kangkung....the price is cheap too...cost less than RM 48 only for 4 person!

Aiyoh, the beef rendang pic looks turn off...over expose with my fact, the beef was the best dishes among the food.

Chinese Melaka Food...
  • This is not nyonya style but is a chinese melaka cook style....
  • Before we begin our journey back to KL...stop by at this restaurant for lunch.
  • It is a normal chinese restaurant only. But their cooking style and taste is different from KL one.

The taufu in the dumpling basket is something new to me...with sliced of prawns, mushroom and vege with it....walaneh...awesome taste!


Today, 19th June 2008, is my 3rd year of my wedding anniversary.
To my wife aka Yve, may us keep swinging together for the rest of our life. I heart u.

Won't say all those sweet words in here which will make all your 'BULU ROMA' don't worry ok!
Share some edited design wedding pics by Sam....

Alamak, my face look so chubby one...don't fool by this picture ok! In real life, I am skinny, tall and handsome...ngiak ngiak ngiak...

Explosive Wedding picture leh .... this angle, my face look better...much yao ying and smaller...hehehe.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Melaka Interesting & Historical Places

Melaka Trip - Buildings, Tourist Spot .....
  • Seen enough of Melaka foods...time to share some nice places at Melaka.
  • It was a hot hot Saturday .... I am darker a bit now. And most the people will thought I am a Malay guy.
  • Parked at the Fenix Inn hotel which my aunt and uncle stay. We took a walk thru Melaka Equatorial hotel to the Red House....along the road, we can see many interesting and historical places at Melaka.

Saw some very nice antiques display outside the shop at Jonker Street.

The Red Square really looks like taken in the 50's .... probably is because of the old mercedes taxi.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Melaka Trip - Introducing The best food in Melaka Part 1

Melaka 100% Nyonya Laksa, PAI TEE, Gula Melaka Cendul and Popiah
  • This stall is situated somewhere at Jln is a stall under a very big tree. Many local Melakians, KL-ians and Singaporeans will come to stop by at this stall to eat.
  • Not easy to find cause it is situated nearby housing area and not at commercial area.
  • Came to this stall few times and they really maintain their taste quality and the price too.
  • If you want pure Nyonya local food taste...this is the best place to experience it!
  • Glad that Uncle David and Aunty Julie love to eat the nyonya laksa....imagine kwai-lou also just sapu the laksa soup!
  • For all this cost bout RM 17 only.

The popiah skin is normal from the not those popiah skin u can find at the market...this is more to like a pancake kind of skin. Cendul, one word...'BEST'

Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street
  • Then me and yve brought them to Jonker Walk ... since they heard bout the famous chicken rice ball at Melaka.
  • Non-other than this stall....we wanted to go to the original chicken rice ball (Opposite OCBC bank) but sold finish liow...
  • Anyway, this restaurant was recommend by Jason in the Astro Channel.
  • It was 3.30pm and was crowded with customer and tourist.
  • For half chicken n with 12 rice balls and drinks....just cost us bout RM 17++.

The rice ball a bit soggy and soft...anyway, the chicken was good. I would rate it as normal only for this stall.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Melaka Portugese Settlement - My Best Picture taken!

During my weekend, brought my aunt and uncle from America to visit Melaka. This is the best ever picture I took from my new camera (Olympus u1030) ... with night scene setting mode without flash.

Stay tune for more post on my Melaka Trip...PICS coming up soon....

Department Happy Father's Day Celebration

Happy Father's Day....
  • 12th June, my dept organize a father's day event to distribute balloons and Cloud 9 choc to those male staff who got children.
  • Went floor by floor to was fun and seeing some suprise reaction from them.
  • Anyhow, did not celebrate Father's day during the weekend with my dad cause was at Melaka.

Staff receiving the balloons...

What Father means?? read the card!....
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