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Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Anne's Church at Bukit Mertajam + Bukit Mertajam Durian

Beautiful St. Anne's Church
  • Before leaving to Bukit Merah, stop and visit Bukit Mertajam.
  • Yee Wooi is our tour guide again and this is his hometown.
  • The church was beautiful with old roman architecture exterior design

Took some outside shot of the church surrounding....

Took some inside picture shots of the church...

Durian again!
  • Yes, we stop at a park at Bukit Mertajam.
  • Did not know inside got sell durian too.
  • Once we makan durian here, the best part is wash ur smelly durian fingers in the waterfall stream...very cool!
  • Oh yes, the people there is nice and friendly, they serve us tea as well while we eating durian there.

Durian here is not that cheap....the taste is so-so only...i prefer bitter type of durian taste!

Hard to do business with me - Autogate

Autogate System for my house
  • Finally, will install autogate system at my house this weekend....cause no space to park my car outside already. Both of my neighbours moving can't park in front their gate anymore.
  • Last Wednesday, the autogate vendor came over to discuss the price. My neighbour, CK wants to install too so CK came along too.
  • After an hour of bargaining and negotiating .... i manage to squeeze them to give me a good price from RM 2.4k to RM 1.9k which included concealed wiring, gate bearing, high-end copper gear motor and upgrade of the panel box which come with lightning surge protector.
  • Before I let him to gain control of the situation, I did actually give him a sales talk .... ok, i must admit I am a damn good "bull shitter"....hahaha.
  • The vendor came with 2 more guys.....suprisingly all is young fellas....this give me the advantage to talk cock to them.
  • For more details if you want to install autogate for your house.... you can refer to this website.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant at Gurney Drive @ Penang

Nice seafood restaurant N reasonable price
  • Firstly, thanks to Yee Wooi for treating us dinner at this seafood restaurant.
  • I think most Penang people will know this seafood restaurant.
  • The seafood price is cheaper than Melaka and KL definitely.
  • My digital camera ran out of battery this to take with my handphone camera. sorry for the bad quality.
  • We ordered mostly seafood such as 'lai liew har', crab, soon hock fish, prawns and etc...
  • After dinner, went to Batu Ferringhi night market for a walk...

This owner spent RM 10 million to buy the land and open his seafood restaurant. Located along the Gurney Drive somemore.

The seafood was fresh....was told that they order daily fresh seafood....yummy!

Dato K & Datin K nostalgia

So called love couple in my team
  • Let me introduce Dato K and Datin K in my team....firstly they are not the real Dato and Datin title holder....this nickname was given to them cause of their family name start with K only .... male is Kho and female is Koo .... coincidence right.
  • Dato K is a married guy already and Datin K got bf liow.
  • Sometimes he will naik miang too....and I got to stop and advice him and remind him that he is a married person in a kidding way.
  • Why they so-called love couple .... reasons as below:-
    1. When small or big meeting, Dato K will always get Datin K to follow him everywhere he goes. Sometimes boss wonder why need both people to attend meeting, kind of waste of resources.
    2. Lunch or dinner, they both will need to sit together.
    3. When they talk or chat, very hard for colleagues to interrupt like they are in their own world.
    4. Dato K will stay late in office when Datin K works till late evening.

  • 29th May, yesterday was my IT division communication session at Raintree Club ... so our team sat together in a table. As usual Dato K and Datin K will sit together .... even Dato K went to KL Sentral station to pick Datin K up....kanasai him, i stay so near also din offer me ride to the club house.
  • There is one moment when Datin K say wants to go to the washroom, then Dato K also says that he wants to go to washroom too.
  • Once they left the table, my colleagues and my boss was talking bout both of them....probably this is the last fling and 'relationship' they can have before the re-organization happens....we were all laughing and joking bout it...hahahaha.
  • They came back 15 mins it is not enuff time to do any hanky-panky stuff....too short time!....hahahaha.
  • Few weeks ago, few people from Product team came and ask me, how come now hardly see Dato K and Datin K I told them that Datin K have move to my team already.
  • Some even asked me "Are they both in love and love couple" i explain the truth...Dato K is married person liow. The people told me that sometimes they saw Dato K and Datin K shopping together at Isetan and was walking very closely to each other.....this one no comment from me.

  • Early May this year....Datin K transferred to my team....with that, our colleagues can see changes happened to Dato K.
  • Dato K can go home very early already ... cause no need to teman Datin K liow....
  • Dato K motivation and happy expression no longer there.

    Datin K Birthday
  • Few days ago was Datin K bday.....remember this when we were waiting for Dato K to play...cause we were waiting long for him to hang up his phone.
  • Mana tau...on the call with Datin K....kaneneh him....

While everyone concerntrating on the presentation in front...they both dunno doing and writing what....

Kanasai Dato K, at first his hand around Datin K waist so tight and Ivwas looking at the end, he is smart enuff to do the V sign shape....

Note: Hope you enjoy reading this story...anyway, nothing really happen between both of them. Just a close buddy in terms of work only.

So does your office have this similar kind of scenario? Thou sometimes you are close to your colleague, doesn't mean you like or have an affair.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
  • Stay a night here at this resort.
  • If you ask me, what's nice in this resort...I would just say the Eco Park and Orang Utan Island only. The rest is not really fun for me.
  • Perhaps this kind of resort is suitable for kids or family. Sure the kids would enjoy the Water park.

The crocs was huge...

Inside Eco is actually a mini zoo....

We stop at the road side for durian again....just after our fried porridge...CRAZY! Yve manage to win 3 small dolls from the machine while me and yee wooi enjoying playing snooker.

Orang Utan Island

Orang Utan Island @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
  • I din know that orang utan is so cute and adorable creature. They are friendly, shy and intelligent.
  • My first time encounter face to face with orang utan. The tour to the orang utan island were great. We were greeted by one of the ranger to guide us and explain to us bout orang utan.
  • This is part of my holiday trip and stay a night at bukit merah laketown resort.

Baby orang utan wear pampers (human pampers) and drink human baby formula milk...such a luxury life.

Took a boat to the Orang Utan island....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Indian Food treat

My treat to my consultants
  • First of all, would like to thank them for their commitment and hardwork effort in their job and supporting me esp recent projects SMS Plus and Wap Portal.
  • The Indian consultants are my Lieutenant Generals who helped me to deliver most of user business requirements to the market.
  • When we come to serious bout work, we work like a mad cow and till late morning. With that, took them to this Indian Banana Leaf restaurant called Vishalachi at Brickfields.
  • By the way, I am Indian Banana Leaf food lover .... just love the indian spices! soooO Yummy!
  • Thanks team...

Ooo, I look much slimmer in the picture...kekeke. The bottom right pic is the mutton...looks like some one just lao sai into that bowl right! Trust me, it really taste good...

Wat so special bout the Milo drink and Manggo Lassi? The milo is mix with cows milk and not the ordinary condense milk....100% pure milo cows milk! They say that this is the best manggo lassi in town....definitely IT IS! Milo Cows milk cost RM 2 and Manggo Lassi cost RM isn't it.

Lata Kinjang Waterfall

  • Stumble to this amazing waterfall .....
  • The pics below will describe it .....
  • Best of all very easy to drive to here!

Just pay RM 1 for the carpark....5 mins walk and u can see this amazing waterfall....

The water was very cooling...too bad did not swim there...

There is some built water slide at the corner.....

Some nature shots....
  • This is to test my photography skill in macro shots.
  • This pics was taken at random places.
  • Other than enjoying food and places....enjoy looking at some weirdo plants and flowers.

Jessie Wedding Dinner Reception

Congrats to Jessie n husband on their wonderful wedding
  • 17th May, Saturday .... attended Jessie's wedding dinner at Imbi Palace restaurant.
  • My 1st time to dine at this is fun to try new restaurant.
  • Nice to meet "long time no see friend" - daniel, keen yee, and meg.
  • I am trying to control not to eat so much during the dinner....cause the following day, need to go for my holiday .... mission failed....the food was too nice and yummy.

Yum seng and photo session

We ordered too many kind of drinks.... just love wedding which serve all sort of drinks...

Really enjoy eating the roasted suckling pig...the skin is so crispy and crunchy....

The exterior and interior of the restaurant....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Famous Fried Porridge + Gua Kelam aka Cave of Darkness

Famous Fried Porridge
  • I must say I am not a fan of porridge .... i eat porridge when I fall sick only.
  • I have tried most of the porridge include steamboat porridge but when I heard that there is a 'fried porridge'.
  • Yee Wooi plan to bring us there to try this fried porridge at Serdang @ Kedah....just 30 mins drive away from Bukit Merah.
  • This restaurant was visited by the famous Ah Xian from the Astro.
  • One big bowl just cost RM 9....the taste was too yummy and delicious, therefore we ordered another bowl of fried porridge.

Took us a while to look for this restaurant cause Yee Wooi can't remember the road. Got to see the Ah Xian poster, the owner put and hide in his restaurant....he doesn't want to show off.

The green wheat grass drink was good. Ooops, the main famous dish is the fried porridge...looks not so nice from the appearance...but once u take a spoon into your mouth, then you will know what I am saying...

Gua Kelam @ Perlis

  • In english term, it is known as Cave of Darkness. It is located at Kangar, Perlis.
  • This is one of the famous attraction in Perlis.
  • The cave was an easy hike for old and young people.
  • Very strong wind blowing towards you when the moment u stepped into the cave.

Very easy hike and u can see lots of nice craftly shaped limestone. There is a river running thru the cave.

Did not plan to visit this cave at first...but since in Perlis, this is one of the main tourist attraction. No regrets driving all the way up to see this cave.

Penang White Bak Kut Teh + Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice

Penang White Bak Kut Teh
  • Located along the Gurney Drive. This place was recommend by Yee Wooi.
  • The place was crowded with people eating the bak kut teh here.
  • It is called white bak kut teh cause of the soup color. The taste was nearly the same as Klang one .... just the Penang bktsoup does not taste heavy with the herbs fragrance.
  • Overall it is still yummy. I really like the clay pot fish slice.....that was very good and yummy. Another one is like a fried dumpling....packed with meat and seafood....taste very good.

Cannot compare Klang and Penang bak kut teh, overall, both taste uniquely and yummy! The only thing can compare is the price...Penang BKT is much much cheaper.

Bukit Mertajam Yam Rice
  • People say whenever you go Bukit Mertajam (BM), you must eat their yam rice.
  • Yee Wooi is from Bkt Mertajam and he knows the famous yam rice shop in BM.
  • Had lunch there. Actually I dislike yam stuff...cause it is slimmy and hard to swallow.
  • But once I tried this yam rice....woah, i just keep on eating and order more only. I must say that they had the best yam rice in Malaysia.

The rice really taste so good and the yam is cooked till very soft. When u eat, it just melt in your mouth only.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some places I visited in Penang

Interesting places in Penang Island

  • Not able to post all the pics...else my blog site will become my personal album.
  • Share some nice pictures with you all....
  • Sorry if the pics are too small and not that clear....need to resize and reduce the quality for faster loading.

Went to visit some temples and kongsi place. In Penang, there are too many temples and kongsi place till I don't know what's their just enjoy viewing the pics only!

Love this picture above where everyone is looking at different places and the facial expression....actually this is a candid shot taken by me.... they didn't know till they view this picture.

The top picture is taken at Kek Lok Si temple...they are building a new roof for the 'Goddess Kuan Yin'

I like the White it Majlis Perbandaran Penang?? forgotten the place name....

Note: This is a scheduled this time, I am doing house-cleaning...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Penang Road Cendol ~ Dim Sum at Old Winston Coffee Garden ~ Fried Koay Teow

Famous Fried Koay Teow (wearing goggles to fried) @ Georgetown City, Penang
  • This is another famous fried koay teow stall OTHER than the Sisters fried koay teow stall.
  • Eric recommend us this place for penang style koay teow.
  • Imagine they use a shop lot just for fried koay teow business and it was packed...we need to wait for 30 mins before our dish came.
  • What so special bout this the person who frying is wearing goggles...came out in newspaper before.
  • I would say the koay teow taste was nice but a little bit too salty. The prawn was huge in size compare to KL and PJ one.

Prawn was huge, lots of taiwanese sausages ... taste good...just a bit salty only.

Dim Sum @ Old Winston Coffee Garden, Penang
  • During my 1st day arrival at Penang, went for dim sum. Isabel brought us to this cheap and nice dim sum.
  • Thou this dim sum is not famous as another dim sum stall nearby .... but the crowd was huge....look at the pic and you would know.
  • I need to fight with other people just to take some dim sum dishes.
  • Took a bowl of shark fin soup too....taste not so nice cause it is a bit sweet. The rest of dim sum is nice....not so nice compare to Melaka ones.
  • Price is very cheap too....the amount food we ordered for 6pax...cost RM 55 only!

Shark fin not so nice....price is cheap and overall the dim sum taste not bad.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

  • Look at the picture below (1st one)....saw the small picture of Rossie and Phua Chu Kang at the stall signboard. They came to this stall and eat their cendol before.
  • Now I know why so famous and bloody crowded with people.
  • Those people is just pushing their way in to order their cendol .... people willing to stand at the road side enjoying their cendol while car passing by with their exhaust fume.
  • Too hard to resist not to i push my way into the crowd too....
  • One word...HALLELUJAH.... the gula melaka and the coconut milk taste....cant describe all worth while! Must admit...better than Melaka cendol.

Note: Using blog scheduled post

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hokkien Prawn Mee ~ Popiah Assam Laksa ~ Durian Relau

Durian @ Relau, Penang
  • Yee Wooi brought us to the famous durian stall along the road side at Relau.
  • I must say that those durian seller really slaughter people. For a not so nice durian sold there, they can open price RM 50 per KG.
  • Ok, we are not dungu ... so we din buy and eat at this place.
  • Funny thing there is two rival durian the bottom of the road, the stall name called 'Durian Cap Kaki' and further top, the stall is called 'Cop Tangan' .... one leg and one hand.

We nearly kena slaughtered ... RM 50 per kg! kanasai price

Popiah Assam Laksa @ Taman Emas, Penang
  • Eric brought us to this famous popiah assam laksa stall. RM 2.50 per bowl only.
  • Normally when I go Penang, i just ordered the normal assam laksa.
  • The soup was so not so sour as I expected but the soup ingredients is very 'kao' with the sardine meat.
  • The popiah was crunchy and fried freshly. Just dip the popiah into the assam laksa soup.... Ho LIAO!

Thou the soup is not that sourish, but I still drink the soup cleanly...hehehe

Hokkien Prawn Mee @ Georgetown, Penang

  • Meet up with Grace (long time internet friend and she is a blogger too). So she brought us to this another famous hokkien prawn mee stall in Georgetown.
  • Need to ask her where is the exact location of this stall.
  • My first impression of hokkien prawn mee is the fried hokkien mee in dark sauce in big wok! ...normally hokkien noodle should be dry one mah .... then when came this bowl of hokkien prawn noodles with soup ... thought i ordered wrongly.
  • Didn't know Penang style is the soup and with Penang local people favourite.
  • This is two thumbs up....especially come with Char Siew Yok in the soup somemore.
  • Grace want to advertise herself that She Is Single & Available!

HO CHAK! MO TAK DENG! .... just simply love Penang food taste!!

Bukit Genting Hill @ Balik Pulau, Penang

Magnificient Dining Place - A MUST GO PLACE!
  • Was suprise that some of my penangtee friends does not know this place at all. Nvm, let me share with you all my experience when I reach the top of the hill.
  • Yee Wooi brought us up to this so called Bukit Genting Hill at Balik Pulau. I was thinking this Penang Genting Hill .... is something like 'Small Genting' at Bdr Permaisuri at Cheras to see view from the hill expectation was just another normal hill only.
  • It took bout 15mins to drive up thou is short journey. The problem is the steep of the hill is 45 degrees vertical. No problem for kelisa and Myvi to drive up as there are many this kind of cars up there. Note: Don't drive sports car cause it will damage your car skirting!
  • Once reached the jaw was dropping .... it is just not an ordinary hill but a great dining place with very well decorated items and the view was just amazing.
  • This restaurant is manage by Thai people who knows how to speak hokkien also.
  • The food was cheap and reasonable price! Mainly they served thai food .... the taste was so yummy that I eat a few bowl of rice!
  • You can eat durians at there too cause it is a dusun durian too. Some tourist enjoying eating durians there too.

The view of the Bukit Genting Hill

Very nice landscape....good for photo taking

The thai dishes we ordered....very yummy....need to do early booking! else no place.

The price is cheap....we spent RM 120 only for 7 until full full somemore! Click the picture to enlarge to see the price list clearly

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Journey to the North - Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak

Food, Relaxation & Durian holiday...
  • Here is my West coast holiday journey from KL -> Penang -> Kuala Perlis -> Kangar -> Padang Besar (Thailand border) -> Alor Star -> Sungai Petani -> Bukit Mertajam ->Bukit Merah Laketown Resort -> Serdang -> Taiping -> Tapah -> Sungkai -> Trolak -> back to KL
  • It's a 5 days 4 nights trip and we drove bout 1600 km journey and spent less than RM 2k.
  • It is full of adventurous, exciting places, fun and of course food n relaxation!
  • Bad news is I've gain 3 kg! grrrr!#*#*#*#
  • This post section, will be my brief summary of my holiday in text. Will post more pics, review and recommendation in my next blog post.
  • If you find below too lenghty to read ... stay tune for the pics post!

18th May, Sunday - Day 1

  • Woke up 5 am and do my packing. Yve and my in-law are ready and we left our home bout 6am.

  • Have breakfast at Rawang (Rest & Service area). Then continue our journey to Penang.
  • Arrive Penang bridge bout 9am .... Yve called Isabel (Yve college-mate aka our Penang tour guide) that we have arrived Penang and on the way to Georgetown. Eric (Isabel bf) guided us the way to her shoplot house.
  • Isabel brought us to Old Winston Coffee Garden for dim sum. - Cheap & crowded ... will blog with pics bout it later on.
  • Then we drive to Bayan Lepas to check-in into our hotel bout 12pm.
  • After our hotel check-in, Yee Wooi (Yve college-mate & my old room tenant) joined us. Isabel brought us to visit some famous temples and we did visit the 'Sleeping Buddha'.
  • We visit the place where have this famous 'Lifting Buddha'. What so special bout this lifting buddha is your sincerity to ask bout your wishes.
    1. Once you wish or ask a question, if you able to lift the buddha statue, meaning that your wish/question is accepted by Buddha. If you not able to lift the buddha for the first time, your wish/question is rejected.
    2. If you able to lift the first time, then you would need to confirm your wish again. Normally, you would ask the Buddha, if you able to lift the buddha second time, means my wish will NOT come true and if NOT able to lift for the second time, meaning my dream will come true.
  • Don't believe this 'Lifting Buddha' right! Myself don't believe too...SO I TRIED it myself after yve tried it...... after I tried it, sometimes you got to just BELIEVE in MIRACLE! More pics and story bout it.

  • Time for lunch, brought us to Taman Emas for famous Penang Asam laksa Popiah.
  • I was curious, Asam Laksa Popiah???? Wow...taste good! Another great local recommendation. Pics will be posted up soon.
  • With my heavy stomach, time to do some walking to free up some stomach disc space. They brought us to Penang Youth Park. Spent most of our time walking at this wonderful park.
  • Dessert time after under the hot weather ... wat else ... the famous PENANG ROAD - Teochew Cendol. Bloody crowded with people snatching to get the cendol...MADNESS!
  • We round the Georgetown city after dat.
  • Then bout 5pm.... time to go to Genting Hill .... not Genting Highland. This Bukit Genting hill is located @ Balik Pulau!. Had our dinner at this place. There will be a special post and pics bout this amazing place!
  • After dinner, went to Bukit Jambul to see all the beautiful mansion in Penang.

    BY THIS TIME, MY STOMACH IS BLOATED...mixed with different food ingredients.
  • Went back to our hotel to wash up and refresh myself.
  • Bout 9.30pm, Yee Wooi picked us up from the hotel and went to Restoran Khaleel (mamak stall) to yum char.
  • Then Grace Lee (internet community buddy) joined us yum char too. Then we head for our food hunting again. This time is the famous Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee Noodle. More pics and review bout this place again.

  • We extended our stay in Penang for another night cause we don't plan to go to Had Yai cause is it Wesak Holiday and Had Yai will be crowded. Trying to avoid that.

19th May, Monday - Day 2

  • Happy Birthday to my lou poh :)
  • Early morning, had our breakfast at a foodcourt. Check out from our hotel and will be looking for a new hotel at Georgetown area. Went to a nearby new mall around our hotel which is called the Queensbay Mall.

  • Waited for Yee Wooi to meet us up and bring us for food hunting again.
  • This time he brought us to famous White Bak Kut Teh along Gurney Drive. Why called White bak kut teh? cause the soup is not dark and looks like a plain soup but still taste like Klang bak kut teh soup.....chun rite! A must try .... local people recommendation!
  • After our lunch, went to the Oldest Tau Sar Pneah (traditional penang biscuit) shop called Ghee Hiang. We did queued up .... quite a long queue....when bout reaching our turn to purchase.... the tau sar pneah is sold out! WTF!!!! Just 1pm only and sold out liow... we got Yee Wooi to buy for us tomorrow.

    I AM CURSING AT THIS SHOP ... thou YEE WOOI MANAGE TO BUY us 10 BOXES in the next day.
  • Then going for our second round of lunch at this Kafe Heng Huat. The so-called famous fried koay teow by a woman wearing GOGGLE when frying the koay teow....came out in newspaper before. The famous fried koay teow actually is by the sisters but the stall did not open that day.
  • We met up with Eric and Isabel at the Kafe Heng Huat.
  • Time to check-in to our new hotel. Yve spotted this nice 1926 cottage hotel.
  • Our agenda for day time is to visit temples and kongsi clan places.
  • It was a hot hot Isabel brought to this famous ice dessert stall around her area.
  • Then we drove to Relau for Durian hunting .... my stomach still very full ler!

  • Went to Kek Lok Si temple.
  • Time for dinner....went to this Bali-hai Seafood restaurant along the Gurney Drive.
  • After dinner, went to Batu Ferringhi night market. Bought lots of DVD, souvenirs and my sunglasses.

20th May, Tuesday - Day 3

  • Time to escape from Penang and heading to Perlis.
  • Had lunch at Kuala Perlis before driving to Kangar to visit the Gua Kelam aka Cave of darkness!
  • After the cave, we drove all the way up to Padang Besar at the Thai border. We did some shopping and we ate durian again.
  • On the way down to Alor Star, we stop nearby another durian stall and we ate again.
  • Drove down to Alor Star, Kedah and stay over a night at Alor Star town.

21st May, Wednesday - Day 4

  • Early morning, left Alor Star to Sungai Petani to visit the town.
  • Then we headed to Expressway for our next stop at Bukit Mertajam to meet up with Yee Wooi.
  • He brought us to the famous Church in Bkt Mertajam called St. Anne's Church. More pics and story bout it.
  • Then he brought us to a recreational park at BM. We ate durian again!

  • After that, time for lunch....such a short time only after durian....time for the famous bukit Mertajam 'Yam rice'. Is a must try famous local food whenever you visit Bukit Mertajam.
  • After lunch, brought us to visit the new development commercial area called Auto City.
  • Exit to express highway to go for our next stop at Bukit Merah laketown resort.
  • We check-in the hotel. Did some wonderful activities at the Bukit Merah laketown resort. Visited the Orang Utan & eco-park.

  • Dinner time .... Yee Wooi drove all the way from Bkt Mertajam to Bkt Merah just to bring us for dinner.
  • This dinner is very SPECIAL .... is recommended by Ah Xian ... is it FRIED PORRIDGE at Serdang, Kedah. More pics and story bout this.
  • After dinner, we stop at a road side stall selling durian.....ate durian again!

22nd May, Thursday - Day 5 ~ Final Day

  • Had breakfast at the hotel.

  • Check out from Bkt Merah Laketown resort bout 8.30am ... drove to Taiping to visit the Taiping lake.
  • Then exit Taiping and drove to the Lata Kinjang Waterfall @ Tapah....was an awesome Waterfall. You don't need to climb up the hill to see waterfall.
  • Had lunch at Sungkai and visit Trolak area.
  • Arrive KL at 3pm.

THANKS TO YEE WOOI, GRACE LEE, ISABEL & ERIC for their friendly hospitality & makan treat DURING MY TRIP .... make my holiday stay a memorable one!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

No email access, limited call network & sms coverage...I am away!

Malaysia West Coast Getaway & Had Yai holiday
  • Won't be blogging from 18th May- 22nd May ... I will be away for my holiday.
  • This time will travel within Malaysia at the West coast side and up to Had Yai.
  • Will be a adventurous car journey tour around the West coast.
  • Destination stop: Ipoh, Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Had Yai (Thailand).

Note: this is a scheduled post... by this time and day, I am playing badminton.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Not good to take long annual leave!

Sometimes it's not good to take long leave
  • Since a year back, my company came out with this policy that each quarter of the year, all the staff would need to clear certain amount of annual leave else it will be forfeited.
  • With this policy, u need to plan your leave ahead. Without this policy implemented last time, lots of staff taking a long one month leave at the end of the year only. This really impact the business and service to the customer.
  • This coming Sunday till next Thursday, I will be on vacation leave again. As again, probably not sure this happen to other as well or maybe is bcoz of my job scope nature .... ALWAYS THERE IS A LAST MINUTE SERVICE TO ROLLOUT to the market whenever I am going for vacation.
  • Thanksfully, I have applied my leave 2 months earlier else I would need to cancel off my leave which no way I am gonna cancel it.
  • I am envy at people which can take a long leave and feeling no worries at all. For me, I feel so worry cause you wouldn't know if out of sudden, there is problem with the application or the server crash down and causes revenue loss.
  • The worse is EMAILS! damn .....each time back from leave, need to take a day to read and reply back. I prefer to reply my blog chat box to my blogger friends...seriously!
  • Better not to complaint much, probably there is some people out there having a great problem than me to apply annual leave.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shop Lot Tenant Experience + Profit Taking especially Steel Counters

Shop Lot Tenant Experience
  • Yesterday, went down to Klang to meet up with a new property agent which he introduce me a Indian tenant. The tenant keen to see the 1st floor as the ground and 2nd floor been rented out already.
  • I was bit worried cause recently, there are many rob & kill cases happenning around. I am just scared when I show them around in the 1st floor and no one will knows if anything bad happen to me at all.
  • So did text sms to Yve to inform her that I'm meeting up this tenant.... in case if i dun come back by late night...then I am a missing person.
  • Really waste my toll and petrol and time to meet this tenant ... he will decide later on if he wants to rent it from me. He wants to survey around the area somemore. I friendly reply to him that "Go ahead, better to check out the prices around else you will regret later."
  • Actually i was hoping to conclude the deal on the day itself before going for my long holiday.

KLSE - Taking profit time

  • It's time to take profit .... don't so greedy. Steel counter been up since for past 2 weeks.
  • See LIONIND chart .... time for it to fall.

Tip: Before you lay a new tile floor (or new carpet), use screws to secure the subfloor to the joists to eliminate squeaks.

Quote: Don't waste time looking back - your eyes are in the front of your head.

Did you know: Caffeine interrupts our daily sleeping pattern by altering the chemical reactions in our brains

Playing Badminton with Land Slyde ~ ex-Poetic Ammo group member

Badminton partner experience with Slyde.
  • When I first joined this badminton group....saw there is one bald indian guy. He introduce himself as Slyde...i was thinking wat a weird english name ... din bother much and don't know who is he that time.
  • My first partnership with him in badminton, in fact, he was a good player but lack of stamina only ... while i have to do all the running, smashing and chasing, wat i experience when partner with him is that I AM DAMN BLOODY TIRED .... From there, he likes to partner with me .... and we win most of the matches.
  • Then until one day, when other pepople from other court came to him and shake hand with him, I was wondering...WTF .... i am a better badminton player than him and why people come and shake hand with him.
  • So I asked one of the player in the group .... then they told me...."You know Poetic Ammo group"....i replied "Yeah, i know cause I like the group". I been to their concert before too at Genting.
  • He told me that he is one of the Rapper - Slyde ... i was like stunt....u mean he is Land Slyde! .... gosh.
  • What I can seriously share bout him....he is a real nice and friendly guy.....a bloody joker too.
  • After leaving Poetic Ammo group ... he form his own band Dragon Red <--visit his band site
  • More news bout Poetic Ammo

Note: To my bro in badminton aka Slyde, if u ever read this post .... u owe me an autograph!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Auntie Grace Birthday Celebration + Stanley Mini Makan Session

Auntie Grace Bday Celebration
  • 13th May, held it at Restoran Golden Dragon City @ Tmn Paramount. My auntie & her kwai lou husband (Uncle Helmut) came back from Melbourne to celebrate her birthday here.
  • Is my time to meet up with my cousins too.
  • Another 8 course meal ... this month .... lots of dinner to attend.

The iPhone belongs to my cousin. Was playing solitaire with it. Very nice phone! My next wishlist.

Stanley & Sharon - Mini House Warming
  • After my dinner, went straight to join and warm Stanley house.
  • In fact Stanley and Sharon is my new neighbour next door. Small world again, he is yvonne ex-colleague too from HP.
  • Glad and happy that they both are my neighbour.
  • Sorry, did not take their home interior design cause my stomach was too full and lazy to walk.

Tip: Use baking soda as a scouring powder for countertops.

Quote: If there's something on your mind, it's going to stay there until you actually do it.

Did you know: Males and obese people have more problems with snoring.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My mother's day celebration + My new toy - Olympus u1030

Busy Morning - Receive call at 4am in the morning
  • I went to bed bout 2am after a tiring game of badminton last night which played till 11.30pm.
  • Middle of my handphone sounded, i thought it was the phone alarm which I don't bother to wake up as I see out from the window which is still so dark. I feel like i just went to sleep and how come so fast already morning.
  • Then handphone keep on ringing for another time.
  • I am still in dreamland at Tokyo actually .... then i starting to slowly awake and realize, how come my phone alarm turn to a very nice music by Nelly Furtado. Faster woke up from my bed and thought it was an urgent call from family.
  • Damn....saw the number is my colleague number.....and I look at the time...shit it is 4am ONLY!
  • Apparently there was a problem with one of the application. In my mind, since when I turn to a support engineer. Fine, he got trouble to contact most of the people, so I will help him out.
  • After 5.30am, went back to bed.....then my real phone alarm rang at 7.30am .... sigh.
  • Came to office, with my big panda eyes and need to attend few meeting this morning.

TMI Share - Finally sold & Maybulk Dividen

  • Last week, looking at TMI counter staying at RM 7.10-RM 7.20 ... never had the confidence it will rise back and profit. Bought at RM 7.30 and was losing over RM 1k that time.
  • Then yesterday, out of sudden, TMI shot up to RM 7.65 .... and my remiser sold it for me.
  • Went to bank yesterday to bank in the Maybulk dividen payment to my clients. Not bad for a RM 4k share to get RM 300 special dividen.

Mother's Day celebration at Oriental Pavillion @ Jaya 33.

  • 11th May, Sunday.... early in the morning at 10am, fearing most of the restaurant will be fully booked ... did a call up to the Oriental Pavillion restaurant.
  • Trying to book for 12pm lunch. The receptionist told that it was fully booked. Fine, then i replied "how bout 11.30am?"... got replied that "you might need to wait but i can put you in the waiting list". Gosh .... then I say how bout 11am ... and the receptionist said that "Ok, make sure you come on time."
  • Geee .... need to have an early lunch.
  • Eventually arrived there bout 11.20am .... the moment I saw the restaurant entrance...gosh, it was super crowded with a long queue. Thank God, I did an early reservation and it seems they are about to release my table and lucky manage to see the lady captain.
  • While waiting for the food, did ordered a few dim sum dishes.... YUMMY!
  • When ordering the dishes, we ordered two meat - Ostrich Meat and Venison Meat. The waiter look at us, and I replied back..."Why can't I ordered two kind of meat is it?".
  • Obviously, will need to ordered the Cod of their signature dish.....thou is bloody expensive!

The ostrich and venison meat was absolutely delicious ... u must try this out for yourself!

Olympus u1030 Digital Camera
  • Went to Digital Mall @ PJ Section 14 last Sunday. Yve and myself did not went there before other than Low Yatt mall.
  • Purpose to go there is to buy some empty DVD-R to burn some pics.
  • Then stumble to a digital camera shop. Wanted to see how much is the Olympus Camera which I been eyeing for quite sometime.
  • Then this sales man, was very good .... compare to the next shop.
  • I got a very good deal for this camera!
  • Anyway, bought this camera for Yve b'day present.

The camera picture quality was superb and functions was very user friendly to use. The only this I have not tested is the 2m shock-proof drop, and throw the camera into a pail of water to ensure it is water-proof!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ivan & Lily Wedding Dinner Reception

Congrats to Ivan and Lily...
  • 10th May, an auspicious day for wedding. Was invited by Johny brother to attend their wedding @ Renaissance Hotel.
  • We arrived early for the cocktail party. Johny did put a bottle of Chivas at our table.
  • I miss the Renaissance Fried Chicken with Thai sauce.
  • Funny Incident: There is one of johny mom's colleague was high on drink. Came over to our table and talked to Jun Ho. The words coming out from his mouth was funny.." I know I am very HIGH now n blah blah blah". Then the more he talked, the louder he is and his saliva keep on spatting to my face, touching my nerve and annoy me liow..... It's time to knock him out once and for all. I cheers with him and bottoms up....before that, get Jun Ho to pour more of his Scott Whisky to his drinks and we cheers. After I left, saw him still sitting there alone in his table.
  • The food was great.

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