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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Away for holiday ---> Yogyakarta

Dear reader,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm currently away on holiday from 28th March 2008. I will be blogging back on 1/4/2008 (Tuesday). During my absence, I will have no access to go online. For any urgent matter, kindly email to me or leave a tagnote.

Best Regards,

Tips: Shiny hair: when washing hair add to final rinse 1 or 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Dry in normal way.

Inspiration: Life is not easy for any of us, but what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves.

Did you know: The memory span of a goldfish is only 3 seconds

Less MSN - Sorry + My holiday trip

MSN Chat
  • I's so sorry if i din reply ur messages. I am tied up with work before i go on holiday.
  • I am stuck in between 2 big projects and leading the testing now. My head also going merry-go-round.
My Yogyakarta Trip - 29th March to 1st April
  • Yve manage the itenary for this trip.
  • The name "Borobudur" is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit words "Vihara Buddha Uhr" the Buddhist Monastery on the hill. The Borobudur Temple was built in the eighth century by the Cailendra dynasty and is located at Magelang, 90 km southeast of Semarang, or 42 km northwest of Yogyakarta. Visitors have the option of going by taxi or public bus to reach this temple. One of the world's most famous temples, it stands majestically on a hilltop overlooking lush green fields and distant hills.
    Borobudur is built of gray andesite stone. It rises to seven terraces, each smaller than the one below it. The top is the Great Stupa, standing 40 meters above the ground. The walls of the Borobudur are sculptured in bas-reliefs extending over a total length of six kilometers. It has been hailed as the largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist relieves in the world, unsurpassed in artistic merit, each scene an individual masterpiece.
    The monument has been completely restored and was officially opened by the President on 23rd February 1983. The restoration took eight years to complete, funded by the Government of Indonesia with aid from the UNESCO and donations from private citizens as well as from foreign governments.
    The Borobudur was in danger of collapsing as its stone statues and bas-reliefs was affected by stone cancer, moss and lichen. A large parking area is available not far from the monument, so private cars and buses can park in this area. During the Buddhist festival of Waisak in May, processions start from Mendut temple. Public transportation is available from the bus terminal. From that point visitors can hire becaks or horse carts, or walk the rest of the way to the monument.

Grandma 92nd yrs old birthday

Note: Feel weird i write blog during this hour, my stomach was so full after the dinner. Better not to sleep.

Grandma Bday celebration

  • Rush from office to drive down to the restaurant (dunno wat is the chinese restaurant name) at Taman Paramount. Yve did not joined cause she got her own function.
  • Arrive 15 mins late cause of LDP jam.
  • The food was superb and nice.
  • I am happy to see my grandma staying healthy at the age of 92. Believe me, she eat what everyone eats:- prawns, piglet, chicken and all the dishes.
  • But I feel sad when I see my grandma condition .... when she is getting old and her eyes getting smaller. I looked at her as a grandson in the family, i feel sad to see my grandma in this way.
  • In all my life since kid till now, I never see her shout or scold her own childrens and no temper at all. When she fall sick, she keep to herself and don't want to trouble others.
  • Love my grandma so much....
  • Oh yeah, i met meowsou at the restaurant....tao pao food for netcat.

Hell's Kitchen

  • Just now at 11pm, watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen.
  • Was really thrill to know who is the winner .... i guess Heather will be the winner cause of her team members support and her leadership quality. Yes, she won it.
  • My tears broke down when saw her wins the competition....very touching moment...damn it!
  • At the end of the show, I like Gordon Ramsay quote before he signed off.... Thanks for watching and see you next season cause I gonna f-uck you all!
  • Don't know this series, click here to find out more.


  • One of my blog reader suggested to seperate my gender blog addictions to male and female.
  • Since it is a suggestion, no harm doing it for new changes.
  • I splitted to two sections:- SHE-FEMALE Addictions and HE-MALE Addictions.
  • Damn, i notice my links mostly female blogs and outnumbered the male's blog. Need to balance it up..... :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My site down

My domain down at the moment.....

Sorry, you will experience missing images, css stylesheet and background images in my blog due to server maintainance at my .com domain. The support people are working on it and this is the status update I got from them; they are perform some server recovery at their end and is 47% completed. Will resume in an hour later.

Happy Staff

Tried this new coffee
  • Saw this coffee from TV ads .... bought 1 can (RM 1.90) to try it.
  • Wow, this coffee is nice...strong one....i like it so much.
  • Taste like roasted coffee bean...good!

Reach office early
  • Hoping to see my boss this morning to collect my bonus offer letter.
  • Damn it, he still havent arrive yet.
  • Yesterday, I was in KLCC meeting and not in the office, so my boss distribute those letters to my colleagues which in Plaza Sentral.
  • After 7pm, few of my colleagues called and some of them sms text me to inform the good news. They got min. X months and min. X salary increment.
  • The best is my manager that he got the highiest bonus payout ... approx. RM50k - 60k+ .... i am going to ask him to belanja me.
  • Aiyoh, make me whole night cant sleep and thinking of it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Worth to Invest!

The Largest Bereavement Care Group
  • Got this link from Yve. After reading it, find it is worth to invest in this.
  • Click here to read more bout it.

My Life = Work depress!

Mi-Ni-Mai-Ni-Mo ... which meeting to attend?
  • Today I am so tied up with meeting and wonder which meeting I should attend.
  • This month, been chatting less in MSN...BUT still got time to blog...AMAZING rite!....maybe is my time can reduce stress. Another space to shout out all my tension and anger.
  • As well for emails, have replied 100+ emails today and pending 50 more...maybe tomorrow i will replied.
  • 6.30pm now and I am still in the office. Finish meeting with a Singapore vendor. Oh boy, I am so dead tired and wish to have a short nap.

Stuck in the middle of projects
  • Got a call from a product owner, mention that he needs me to manage his project testing for 2 weeks. He will send out an email to the top management.
  • After the call, he shoot out an email immediately and my boss got it. I don't have the time to discuss with my boss and he told me, why did not the Product Owner talked to him at first and not to broadcast to the top level.

My boss replied back:-

Hi Product Owner,

As spoken, I am sorry that I would not be able to dedicate Johnson fully to the Project X for now. He is currently also assisting me in the new Project ABC rollout and that is also being place as a priority project. Nevertheless, I will stop delegating new assignment to him for now until the Project X is over and I’ll cover him on other projects/tasks. I think the best for now, will have him allocate half day for each project and hope this will overcome the current constraint you are experiencing currently.

Hope this will help.

Rgds, My Boss


Product Owner emailas below:-

Hi Mr. [Johnson's Boss],

We are currently going through the UAT for Project X and would really appreciate if Johnson can be dedicated for this project in the next 2 weeks, as we need to resolve the issues arising from the UAT.

Appreciate your help in this.

Regards,Product Owner


  • Today lunch with Johny. Went to Uncle Ho foodcourt at Avenue K.
  • As usual, will order the Ma Lat Pan Mee, wanna eat spicy food.
  • Then Johny followed me to England Optic to fix yve sunglasses. The girl staff was so nice....charge me FOC. Anyway, it is just a small screw much can a screw cost?
Tips: Cough: cannot get rid of a bad cough? Drink freshly made Kohlrabi juice 2-3 times a day.
Inspiration: Every great achievement is the product of either great risk or great sacrifice.
Did you know: Hummingbirds are the only animals that are able to fly backwards

Barclay's Premier League - Manchester United

Yes - Man Utd trash Liverpool

  • Is an old story but got no time to blog bout it. While watching F1 race replay in Astro, i switch over to the live telecast Man Utd vs Liverpool.
  • Very happy to see Man Utd to lead 1-0 by half time and then whack liverpool with the final score 3-0.
  • Happy to see Mascherano sent off....stupid act from a professional footballer.

Mom still in Aussie

  • My sis told me that she will extend my mom visa to 6 months.
  • I wont be seeing my mom for 6 months more....wonder how my Dad can live without her and my younger brother.
  • To my younger brother, is a total freedom to him .... looks like it's time for me to be a responsible brother and bring him out to jolly....hahaha.
  • ANyway, met my brother at Velvet that night at 3am .... basket him!

Badminton Session

  • Yesterday I over played a bit.
  • Sprain my right ankle a bit....hopefully tonight can play too.

KLSE - Invesment for Jan and Feb hit RM 1.7m (Record!)

  • My remiser got my cross my personal target of RM 1 million mark of trading with combination of both trading months (Jan 08 and Feb 08).
  • Guess it will be a slowdown after this Month with the recent market condition.
  • Just trade with 18 counters only.
  • My Bstead still down .... RM 4.86!

Monday, March 24, 2008

BMW Sauber F1 Party

Mclaren F1 Party@ Centro Bar, KL Sentral

Pics - Coffee Bean Gathering

So called 'Bloggers Gathering'
  • I would called it much more to a bloggers gathering since everyone in there has a blog.
  • We haven't organize such a gathering since last year.
  • hey Brian, send me those pics from your camera.
  • Click on the image to view the full size.

Gathering + F1 Party Weekend

Via Gathering - Brian & Cherlyn
  • 21st March, Friday .... have a gathering at Mt. Kiara, Coffee Bean to meet up with Brian and Cherlyn who came back from UK for a short trip in Malaysia.
  • Ee Lain came from Singapore for the gathering too. Sam, Johny, Fanny, Dae, Netcat & Meowsou, Nicholas, Shirlyn, Yve and myself was there too.
  • Most of us arrive bout 9.30pm.
  • Thanks to Brian for import-ing my solar power from UK to here which I ordered from him.
  • We have a long chit chat and we left bout 12am+.

Mclaren F1 Party @ Centro Bar

  • 23rd March, Sunday ... arrived Centro Bar bout 12.30pm ...registered and have a buffet lunch. I just like their sea bass fish, chicken rendang and of course mushroom soup (had two big bowl of it)
  • This party was sponsored by SAP. They have F1 race simulator, original Lewis Hamilton racing suit.
  • The crowd was bout 100ppl ... we din stay long there...left at 2.45pm to BMW F1 Pit Lounge party.

BMW F1 Pit Lounge Party

  • Arrive there bout, me and yve was greeted when we walk in to register. So many leng lui at the registration counter.
  • Once we step into the hall, i was amazed by the crowd....the crowd was 10 times much greater than flow of soft drink, beers, and wines...much better than Mclaren.
  • We enjoy their food so much more than Mclaren....was served thru out the session with a huge live TV telecast.
  • Yve busy mingling around with her colleagues while me busy taking pictures and observe the environment....can see many kwai lou and ladies wore dress .... this is much high class party.
  • The crowd was cheering loud when Massa is out of the race and whenever BMW Sauber make a pit stop. I really feel I am in the F1 mood.
  • I was so full by end of the day that me and yve have maggie mee as our dinner.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Nephew Brian - 1yr old Bday Celebration

Sharing some of the moments of my nephew bday.

Notice the big lamb...15kg lamb...can feed up to 100 ppl and cost RM 700

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Bar Savanh

MDG at Bar Savanh

  • Look at Episode 4 - Part 1 ... click here
  • Wah, all very geng in dancing ler ...
  • Guys will like this episode ---> view Episode 4 - pArt 6 (Sexy photo taking)!
  • Natasha is of the girl predicted in my previous posting to be top 3 finalist in Malaysian Dreamgirl.
  • After viewing all the 6 episodes. My prediction that top three finalist will be Cindy, Hanis and Ringo. I find beauty is not all bout it but the attitude and character. They got all the values in them after wathing the online TV!

L-R: Cindy, Hanis, Ringo

Work & Work
  • Stress up this morning...just replying emails.
  • Compiling my nephew bday party pics....will post it up later on.


  • Today went to lunch with dato K, datin K, alvin and Johny at City Square...
  • Had the famous A1 Claypot chicken rice....
  • Taste yummy. After lunch, went for a tea drink at KGB.

Happening Wednesday + Zouk & Velvet + Movie

Happening Wednesday

  • 19th March, following Thursday is a public holiday.
  • Suddenly different friends call out for a meet up
    1. Fui Ling call for yum char
    2. Elllie call for clubbing at The Curve
    3. Stanley & Sharon call for yum char (Yve joined them)
    4. Vic call to go Velvet
    5. To meet Brian @ Puchong (didn't make it)

Velvet & ZOuk

  • At the end, I decided to go with Vic to Velvet and Zouk cause is my first time there.
  • Arrive there bout 11pm+ ... it was packed and crowded. I like the music there. We stay up until 3am where they stop the music.
  • This time din drink much. Arrive home bout dead tired....if come 7am, will be 24 hrs out from home and a day without sleep.

An Empress & The Warriors movie @ Pavillion GSC cinema

  • 20th March, public holiday....wake up at 9am+ few hours of sleep only.
  • Edison came and pick us up to Pavillion to watch movie at the GSC cinema there.
  • Bought tickets for the movie above.
  • Very very nice movie...MUST WACTH it!
  • From the beginning to the ending...very thrilling and nice....respect the director for this movie

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Maxis Still Going Strong Source ~ The Edge

It made perfect sense for reclusive businessman T Ananda Krishnan to order the RM16 billion privatisation of Maxis Communications Bhd last year as it is much cheaper to fund the group's overseas operations using its Malaysian cash-generating operations. And being privately held, it seems, has not hurt Maxis the least. In fact, some would say that a privately held Maxis has been a boon for the country's No 1 mobile operator in terms of growth.

"I would not say that going private has eased our management performance pressure or accountability. But yes, one would argue that onerous reporting of financials, which had occupied some of our senior managers' time before, has now eased. This frees up to spend more time on strategic issues of the business," says Sandip Das, who is currently in his 13th month as Maxis' CEO.
Whatever time they freed up must have been put to good use. For starters, headline numbers look great. Maxis, which went privately last July, is all set to acquire its 10 millionth mobile phone subscriber this month. To put things in perspective, rivals Celcom (M) Bhd and Bhd crossed their seven million and six million mark respectively last year. Maxis last year also widened its lead on its nearest rival Celcom by 27% to 2.52 million subscribers from 1.98 million in 2006.
Maxis made more than RM2 billion a quarter in Malaysia for the first time in the fourth quarter of last year. It was also Maxis that grew its revenue the most in absolute terms last year, although its 10.5% year-on-year revenue growth may look smaller than DiGi's 19% and Celcom's 13.1%.
However, due to its larger base, Maxis' share of the industry revenue pie slipped to 44.68% last year, down more than one percentage point from 45.86% in 2006. Only DiGi's revenue growth was above industry's 13.4% last year.

Is that a sign that Maxis is neglecting the Malaysian market? Will Maxis now concentrate on the booming Indian market and neglect its home market where mobile penetration has crossed 85%? Has Maxis stopped releasing its numbers because it does not want the industry to know it is losing ground in Malaysia?
These are among some of the queries that arose in market after Maxis disappeared from investors' radar screen after being taken private. Analysts and investors watching the telecommunications industry in Malaysia no longer have Maxis' numbers when evaluating the quarterly results of Celcom and DiGi. With Maxis having the lion's share in terms of both subscriber base and revenue in Malaysia, it is hard not to miss its piece in the puzzle.
"With Maxis holding more than 40% of market share, not knowing its numbers is like not being able to tell whether your baby is a boy or a girl because you don't have clarity, where it is needed, to know the gender," says one local analyst.

While it was never Maxis' intent to "hide" its numbers, Sandip says the fact that is now privately held means there will be changes to the manner its numbers are disclosed. He also says talk that Maxis has packed up and shifted its attention to India could not be further from the truth.
"We really treat Malaysia the same way as we have been treating Maxis the past 10 years. There's no change. The pride of the company is Maxis. Maxis is our mothership and we treat it very passionately. Anybody who underestimates our passion for Maxis is doing so at his own peril." Sandip tells The Edge.

While subscriber growth in Malaysia pales in comparison to the 100 million subscribers India is adding a year, Sandip says Malaysia is still a significant part of the group and Maxis sees ample opportunity to grow its business here.
"Never in our company do we make an analysis of what is the return on my expenditure made here versus expenditure made elsewhere. India is another country, it's another business. It's almost independently run. I oversee India purely because I have 13 years' experience in India and it would be silly not to use my experience. But the fact is, no distinction is made (between the two countries)," he says.

And contrary to what some say, Sandip spends most of his time in Malaysia running the Malaysian business with his team.
"Over the last six moths, we have built a strong management team in India. So now, at the most, I travel twice a month to India, for a day or two each time. All of us here are so focused on Malaysia. We are upping our spending on CSR, R&D, network. We're more aggressive on pricing? So I think any perception that we've diverted our attention outside Malaysia is off the mark. Look at our growth; we will have to be superheroes to get this kind of growth while neglecting Malaysia,"
Indeed, Maxis' growth last year was still enviable despite the fact that its revenue market share slipped the most among the three dominant mobile operators last year. After all, Maxis' growth was on a higher base and the company was going through myriad changes last year, both at management and shareholding levels.

"It has been a busy year for us. More things happened in the past seven or eight months in the company than had happened in an entire decade. New management, new shareholder, privatisation, stalwarts of the company leaving...So if you look at the entire turbulence of change, I think today at the beginning of March, I'm happy to say that the company really came through all that turbulence with a great deal of resilience. And I think it is really, a tribute to the management team and the entire staff of Maxis that despite all the distractions and the fierce market, we came out strongly," says Sandip.

But he admits too that "every year looks tougher than the previous one". So the question now is, can Maxis maintain its pace as it faces more challenges ahead, both from new players that are set to enter the market as well as from stronger existing rivals?
Many expect to see a rejuvenated Celcom emerging with input from former Maxis CEO Datuk Jamaludin Ibrahim, who has just been named CEO-designate of TM International Bhd. Investors also expect DiGi to continue being a formidable player in the market, with continued backing from Norwegian Telenor ASA despite the resignation of DiGi's charismatic CEO Morten Lundal at the end of this month. (Lundal will be replaced by his former chief financial officer and chief marketing officer Johan Dennelind.)

As the market leader, Sandip says Maxis intends to stay in the forefront in Malaysia, banking on the strong foundation the company is built on and the talent pool the group has.
"Maxis did not become the leading operator overnight. Behind its success is the underlying institution that has made it one of the finest companies in the region...I want to reiterate that we, as a company, believe that we have come this far because of some solid traditional strengths that we have and which we worked very hard at. It would be tough for anyone to replicate our efforts in the short term," says Sandip.

Maxis will continue to invest heavily in the Malaysian market, he adds.
"The 11.7% higher capex (capital expenditure) investment last year reflects our continued commitment to the Malaysian business. We invested close to RM1 billion in capex in 2006 and RM1.1 billion in 2007. In 2008, we will again spend in excess of RM1 billion here."
Maxis' overseas ventures in India and Indonesia are also off to a good start this year. As a group, Maxis already had more than 20 million subscribers.

More are expected to be added this year, with its 44%-owned Indonesian associate PT Natrindo Telepon Selular (Axis) set to launch its services in the second quarter. There is much catching up to do in Indonesia, but Sandip says the operator has aggressive plans in the market. Axis president director and CEO Erik Aas told the Indonesian press a fortnight ago that some US$500 million (about RM1.6 biillion) has been slated to expand its network to cover the whole Jawa as well as areas like Sumatra Utara, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara. Aas also reportedly said Axis aims to get two million subscribers by the end of this year.
In India, Maxis' 74%-owned Indian unit Aircel Ltd is in an enviable position, having been allocated both licence and spectrum to operate in all 23 telecoms circles on Jan 11 this year, incidentally Sandip's 50th birthday.

There's much speculation on whether Aircel, currently seventh largest operator in India, would roll out its national footprint on its own or agree to a synergistic merger with another player in India. Sandip gives little clue on whether Aircel's owners are mulling this.
"Companies grow organically as well as through acquisitions. How things pan out is really a shareholders' issue. The joint shareholders of Aircel (Maxis and Apollo Hospitals Ltd) are constantly examining the best way to acquire a national footprint? At this point in time, our priority is to strategise the best way to roll out nationwide in India," says Sandip.
The target is to have a national footprint by mid-2010. By end of this year, Aircel is looking to cover 60% of India's population from 23% currently, says Sandip. This year, Aircel will launch operations in four to six new telecom circles, starting with Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. It is also considering the state of Uttar Pradesh.
With things looking better, there will be people asking if the enlarged Maxis group would be heading to the equity market again. But indications are that investments will still be heavy over the next two or three year. In India, Aircel, which contributed about 17.7% of Maxis' group revenue last year, will need between US$3.4 billion and US$4 billion capex over the next 24 months, says Maxis' CFO Rossana Annizah Rashidi.

There's also the question of whether Maxis will expand into other countries in the region. In this respect, Rossana says the group has been "very opportunistic" in its expansion.
"Regional expansion is not only about acquiring an operation in another country, but also maximising value of that acquisition," she says.
But then again, one can never really tell. As Sandip points out, "Opportunities don't wait for you to complete a task".

"But I would say at this point in time, we have our hands full because we also want to make sure we create successful business and replicate our know-how and understanding that we've acquired in Malaysia to create a really strong and powerful Malaysian multinational," he adds.

Maxis' Aircel added 251K users in February Source ~ The Edge Financial Daily

NEW DELHI: India's leading GSM-based mobile operators added 5.9 million users in February, about 300,000 less than in January, an industry body said yesterday.
Bharti Airtel Ltd, India's top mobile firm, led the pack, signing 2.3 million new users in February to take its total to 59.7 million, data from the Cellular Operators Association of India showed.

India, the world's fastest growing wireless telecoms market, had 184.7 million subscribers on nine GSM networks by end-February the data showed. The figure does not include No. 2 operator Reliance Communications Ltd, which operates mainly on the rival CDMA platform but has a growing GSM customer base. The company releases its additions later.

Reliance had added 1.6 million subscribers across both platforms in January, lifting its total to 42.6 million. In February, third-ranked Vodafone Essar, a unit of Vodafone Plc, took in 1.4 million new users, swelling its subscribers to 42.6 million, the data showed.

Idea Cellular, the fifth-largest operator by subscriber numbers, added 918,871 users in February, taking total users to 22.9 million users. Aircel, controlled by leading Malaysian mobile phone firm Maxis Communications, added 251,367 users in February. - Reuters

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BMW F1 Party + So Sorry + Weight Loss

BMW F1 Party
  • I am going to Mclaren Party first before me and yve plan to drop by for her co. F1 party.
  • Will be held at BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lounge this Sunday from 1-5pm.
  • Cross finger got nice model there....i mean the F1 car model.

So Sorry

  • Yesterday night, need to reject two of my friend invitation. And I am so sorry bout it.
    1. May Wong - Buffet dinner @ Marche.
    2. CK - Beer drinking.
  • I've got badminton session that night and I need to lose my weight as much as possible.
  • Oh yeah, found my wallet in my badminton bag. Left it in there...luckily.
  • Last night, Daniel came to my place to borrow USB modem from me cause he left his in his office. His wife need to use it for conference call.

My weight loss programme

  • Yes, YES .... i've achieve my first target which is 85kg (nothing to proud off, still look big size for 173cm tall like me). Anyhow, took me nearly 3 months just to reduce 7kg.
  • Remembered, I did not DIET as I've been eating normally ....buffet, fried stuff, sweet drinks and etc. Thanks to the 'tea' I drink and of course regular exercise helps too.
  • My next target I set for myself is 82kg now within 2 months.

My Flexi Claim

  • Submit my flexi claim today....amount of RM 1.8k.
  • Claim all my supplements cause it is non-taxable.
  • Oh boy, dun dare to see my income tax / EA form. My company havent release out the staff EA form.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sneezing and flu + My Wallet


  • Yesterday, out of sudden during my badminton game, i start sneezing non-stop and flu keep on dripping down.
  • Been sneezing over 30 times.
  • I still continue to play for 2 hrs...very satisfy with the game.
  • When reach home, faster take vitamin c (1000mg) and guess wat.....the next morning, I've recovered.

Shucks - Forgotten 2 bring My Wallet today!

  • I've forggotten to bring my wallet today.
  • I notice it when i went to Isetan KLCC to buy salad for my lunch.
  • When just about going to pay at the cashier counter, can't search for my wallet.
  • Then i called Johny to the rescue. He came to meet me at Isetan and borrowed RM 10 from him.

Tips: Removing chewing gum, put ice cubes into a plastic bag, place on top the chewing gum to harden it and slowly scrape the gumoff.

Inspiration: Follow your dream; take one step at a time and, despite the challenges, continue to climb.

Did you know: A Duke is the highest rank you can achieve without being a king or a prince

Long Arguement with my Head Of Dept


  • Early morning got a call from my boss to discuss on one of the project I am handling.
  • Arguement heated up when my boss told me that I am putting excuses.... walaneh, this word heats me up directly.
  • Problem is related to system training cause my team will own a new system.
  • Obviously my consultants need to attend the training as they got 0 knowledge on the system. Thou we have very tight timeline to meet to migrate most of the portals...everyone is under pressure.
  • So i requested that training from the vendor is important where as my big boss saw that I am delaying it bcos waiting for the training in order to proceed.
  • I told him, even before the training....I am getting the user to prepare so that we can migrate. My big boss really dunno head and tail of the problem.
  • Luckily we are not face to face cause I am at KLCC for meeting and he is at Plaza Sentral.
  • After the call, my colleague called me....he told me that he heard the long arguement in the office. Hahahaha.....of course, need to protect my decision and my team, right? This is the first time I got a little mad in my whole career.
  • Anyway, i've scheduled a meeting with him and my team to discuss this issue and explain to him.

How to ask your Boss for a salary increase..?

- Got this from yve...very funny.

One day you send a letter to your boss asking for an increase in your salary !
Dear Bo$$,
In thi$ life, we all need$ ome thing mo$t de$perately. I think you $hould be under$tanding of the need$ of u$ worker$ who have given $o much $upport including $weat and $ervice to your company . I am $ure you will gue$$ what I mean and re$pond $oon.
Your$ $incerely,

The next day, you received this letter of reply :

Oh my dear:
I kNOw you have been working very hard. NOwadays, NOthing much has changed. You must have NOticed that our company is NOt doing NOticeably well as yet. NOw the newspaper are saying the world`s leading ecoNOmists are NOt sure if the United States may go into aNOther recession. After the NOvember presidential elections things may turn bad . I have NOthing more to add NOw. You kNOw what I mean .
Yours truly, Manager

Monday, March 17, 2008

NuffNang Pajama Party Gallery ~ Who says blogging is boring???

NuffNang Pajama Party 2008

  • Here are some of the highlight pics of the event. Can't attend this event last Saturday cause got CIO open house and Nephew bday celebration.
  • With some of the celebrity bloggers there .. kennysia, dawn yang, xiaxue, etc....
  • Grab this pics from kidchan studio. click here to see more

KLCC F1 + IBM Tech Forum 2008

IBM Tech Forum 2008
  • Went to One World hotel to attend this tech forum.
  • Was invited by IBM to attend this tech conference. Got a goodie bag when register ... then i lookout for the breakfast. The fried bihun and roti jala sucks!
  • Opening speech by the IBM Managing Director ... the ballroom was packed with people.
  • Din stay for the conference cause my bloody phone keep on ringing as few projects having problems and got on-going testing. So decided to go back to office to do my work.


  • Had lunch with Johny at Kim Gary.
  • After lunch, went to KLCC concourse and saw this F1 promotion.
  • Saw people taking pics with the show me and johny took the opportunity as well.

Ma Lat Steamboat - Super Hot n Spicy

Ma Lat Steamboat
  • Last Friday after work, plan to have dinner at Bdr Puteri. So driving around to see which new restaurant....then yve pointed out this ma lat steamboat.
  • We went in....i saw many china gals.... now i know this Ma Lat steamboat is very famous in China. Dip the food into the spicy soup which full of red chilli and pepper!
  • Is a buffet style...cost RM 18.50 per pax only. Have lots of variety. The food was ok and if u dunwan your bf or husband to know china beauty gals, better dun eat there.
  • Order a medium spicy soup...thought it wont be that spicy....damn, I was was bloody spicy .... imagine i can eat chili padi but i cannot eat this level of spiciness. Darn....burn my tongue and not able to enjoy the food.

CIO Open House

Known as Mahjong King
  • 15th March, went to my CIO open house at Bdr. Sg. Long last Saturday weekend. It was my nephew 1yr old celebration as well.
  • The food was good and enjoy mingling around with colleagues and manage to see my ex-boss Victor Lee...need to thank him as he recommend me for promotion.
  • Reach CIO house at 6pm ... cause all wanna play mahjong. It's been a year i din touch mahjong and therefore, told my colleagues that tonight I will be giving free tuition fees.
  • So without further delay...we setup mahjong player. Gosh, I am playing with the mahjong master which they been playing since they are kids.
  • I dunno how to read chinese, so I need to memorize the mahjong tiles but I have basic understanding of Mahjong rules and point calculation. Even I don't know how to count or which tiles to seperate after throwing the dice.
  • We decided each point is RM 0.20 sen and each Joker is RM 0.50sen.
  • First two round I lost....then all my Mahjong skills recall back and familiar with it already.
  • From there, won all the way....and just within 2 hr....won RM 52 dat night. Got once I am so lucky enuff to have the highiest rank in Mahjong and 'chi mo' sumore ...which I explode point and with 3 joker in hand...which cost my colleague to pay me RM 9.50 each.
  • Everyone was crowding behind me as my tiles is very good and excited to watch us playing. They label me as 'Pan Chu Sek Lou Fu' ----> english: 'Act like a pig and eat up a tiger' and telling them I dunno how to play. I admit that I was very lucky that night and not skill.
  • Today, my colleague demand me to treat them lunch.

Top L-R: 1. Me and Choy smiling away 2. Ah Loy thinking which tile to discard in order not to let me win 3. CK look so comfortable

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sooka Foodcourt

Sooka Sentral Foodcourt
  • Today went there to lunch to have a lookout at this new foodcourt.
  • All serving thai, malay and indian food but NO chinese food!
  • I have fried rice boneless chicken chop....taste so-so only and cost me RM 6.

Work Update
  • Been a while din update bout my work. Currently sitting at Sg. Besi office doing some testing with the vendor.
  • Yesterday was a tense and busy day for me. All my hour is to reply mails least 150 mailbox cause there is few projects concurrent running.
  • Blood pressure been going down slightly....maybe going less meeting and don't need to fire people or being fired back.
  • Tomorrow is my CIO open house at Sg. Long .... so will be going there. Will go there for shortwhile cause got my newphew fullmoon celebration as well.

Superb Internet TV show - Malaysian Dreamgirl

Malaysian Dreamgirl
  • Wow! it's was amazing online reality show and u can see all the beauties attitude and character in this online tv show!!....for guys, it was a dream come true to see all in one show.....can describe it was a hell better than those Miss Universe and Miss World pageant contest.
  • View the model photos and video episodes at this website --> Malaysian Dreamgirl
  • How i got to know this site....from Cindy Tey & Ringo (Cheeserland).
  • My picks as below to win the MDG title....

Coffee Bean @ Mt. Kiara + F1 Party with Mclaren

Coffee Bean @ Mt. Kiara
  • Last night after visit my grand-ma and big aunt at my parent house and pass allowance money to my brother.
  • Went and pick up James at Damansara Perdana.
  • Then drove to Mt. Kiara and have coffee there. Next to SOMO, a drinking place which is quite happening....suprisingly on Thursday weekday night sumore.
  • Thanks James again for the coffee treat again.

F1 Party with McLaren

  • Thanks to my dear yve for getting an invitation for me.
  • Will be held at Centro next Sunday 23rd March.

Tips: Add a little salt to edible vinegar and place it on the meat and it will remain fresh for a long time

Inspiration: Today I will do what you won't, so tomorrow I can do what you can't.

Did you know: That horses are basically color blind. They see black and white and some forms of shadowed outlines. They react to color as being light or dark

Sister decided to stay in Sydney

Hock Lye's accident news

  • Got this two links from my brother. The news was publish in the Sydney online news.
  1. NSW Police Force
  2. The Daily Telegraph
  • My bro-in-law will be dress in his racing suit for the last view before buried at Sydney this saturday at 7.30am (msia time). My sis pass-over the suit to the person who will manage the burial ceremony.
  • Most of my family relative already touch down today at Sydney and will pay last visit tomorrow morning. Aunty Grace arrive from Melbourne by train.
  • Got an update from my mom yesterday, that my sis decided to stay in Sydney and will settle the newly bought house by herself.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a useless son

Useless Son
  • Monday, my mom called me that she need to renew her passport and will be flying to Australia.
  • So i thought my parent wont be flying to there so soon.
  • Wednesday to my sis to console her. Then she say whether I wanna talk to mom. J: U mean talk to Hock Lye mom?
    Sis: Our mom!!!
    J: Huh? Conference call is it?
    Sis: Mom is at my place now.....
    J: WHATTT!! Since when she fly to there? Thought of visiting them tonight.
  • Show how useless I am. I told my mom, why she din inform me that she is flying to Sydney. My mom can't get a good sleep cause thinking of her own daughter situation and never thought of me at the moment....understood my mom situation.
  • My mom told me that my sis will still cry sometimes but getting better.

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

  • I saw when drinking at SOuled Out ... then i notice it at nuffnang site and then I was invited by Stephanie to go for this celebration.
  • My mind, I was wondering, is this a new celebration in Malaysia....which I never heard of it.
  • Then search in google bout it. Their Official Website .... related site --> Saint Patrick
  • Now i know.....everything need to be Green...hahaha
Why Saint Patrick's Day?

  • Saint Patrick's Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick's Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. So, why is it celebrated on March 17th? One theory is that that is the day that St. Patrick died. Since the holiday began in Ireland, it is believed that as the Irish spread out around the world, they took with them their history and celebrations. The biggest observance of all is, of course, in Ireland. With the exception of restaurants and pubs, almost all businesses close on March 17th. Being a religious holiday as well, many Irish attend mass, where March 17th is the traditional day for offering prayers for missionaries worldwide before the serious celebrating begins.In American cities with a large Irish population, St. Patrick's Day is a very big deal. Big cities and small towns alike celebrate with parades, "wearing of the green," music and songs, Irish food and drink, and activities for kids such as crafts, coloring and games. Some communities even go so far as to dye rivers or streams green!

Steve McMahon

  • Sorry for the poor quality pics...taken from my Nokia phone.
  • Still havent receive the digital cam quality from my colleague yet.


  • The bidder from lelong came to my place at 10pm to collect his owen.
  • Sold for RM 50.
  • I am curious that all bidder who came to my place, doesn't want to verify or test the item. We insist them to test and then only they will.

Yum Char @ Darulsalam, Subang

  • Yesterday night drove to pick up Vic and Daniel for yum char at Subang Darulsalam mamak stall.
  • Bring them for a spin with the Bas Mini Wilayah ... they commented the back seat cushion is hard.
  • Chit chat will 12.30am ....din realize the time.

Rule 1: The Boss is always right!
Rule 2: In the impossible situation that a subordinate may be right, Rule 1 becomes immediately operative.
Rule 3: The boss does not sleep; he rests.
Rule 4: The Boss is never late; he is delayed elsewhere.
Rule 5: The Boss never leaves his work; his attention is required elsewhere.
Rule 6: The Boss never reads the paper in his office; he studies.
Rule 7: The Boss is always chief, even in his bathing suit.
Rule 8: Anyone may enter the boss's office with an idea of his own must leave the office with the boss's ideas.
Rule 9: If, in your lamentable ignorance, you fail to grasp the truth, fear not; return to Rule 1.

Tips: For those who do not have a fridge but would prefer to store eggs fresh apply some ghee or butter on the eggs and set them aside

Inspiration: One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team.

Did you know: When a baby kangaroo is born it is only the size of a bee and stays in its mother's pouch for six months while growing

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi-tea with Steve McMahon + Lunch + Badminton Fall

KLSE Plunge on Monday

  • Din write bout stock investment cause still in grief over the tragic news.
  • I totally din bother or feel anything even the KLSE collapse to -120pts.
  • Bought 20 lot of BSTEAD on Monday at RM4.86 ...end of the day, fell down to RM 4.24....investors calling me and seeking advice and a bit worry and pressuring me. Manage to convince them and told them to hold it and it will rebound soon. Dat time losing RM 12.5k+ .... so no point cut loss and we are not contra-ing at all.
  • Today closing at RM 4.80 ....losing six sen.....= losing RM1.3k+ at the moment from RM 12.5k+ .... hope mkt will keep going up this week with the recent US news that Fed will pump in USD 200 billion.
Date Open High Low Close Volume
20080312 4.700 4.880 4.700 4.800 3,136,300
20080311 4.260 4.640 4.260 4.580 2,833,700
20080310 4.980 4.980 4.240 4.300 2,618,000

Hi-Tea with Steve McMahon

  • I am not a fan of Liverpool at all....thus enroll myself for this hi-tea session just to pass time and relax during office hour.
  • Don't know who is him? Click here to find out more bout him. He is one of the pundit in ESPN Star Sports show with Shebby Singh. Former Liverpool player.
  • Manage to take pic with nice if he is Christiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs....sigh.

Injured myself

  • Never imagine i could slip from a badminton court and get my knee bruise and cut badly.
  • Wrong stepping and cause myself to fall down. I was slowly looking at my knee and saw the bruise start appearing and blood appearing out.
  • With the tough heart I got and my objective to lose weight....i still play on and forget bout the pain. But when I reach home and rest on the couch. I start to feel the pain when my body cools down.
  • The worse injury i got from badminton was racquet hit to my head.

Buyer from lelong ffk

  • Supposingly meet a lelong buyer who bid for the owen. Last minute he send out sms that he couldn't meet us at 10pm and re-schedule it to 10pm.
  • After got the sms, went to look for Sai Bond and Fui Ling to yum char. Of course suprise them when they see a bmw park outside their house.
  • Will meet the buyer today at 9pm...hope he dun ffk this time.

Tips: Place a small piece of blotting paper inside the biscuit box and the biscuits will remain fresh for many days

Inspiration: Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Did you know: Carousels have been featured in such popular Broadway musicals as Carousel and such famous movies as Mary Poppins and The Sting.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BMW Review + Souled Out

SOuled Out
  • Find out that yesterday badminton session was cancelled. So drive back to Puchong all the way back.
  • Then call Johny to yum char...then we plan to go SOuled Out. Cause wanna 'lan-si' and match the status when driving BMW at Sri Hartamas. Another reason is free jockey parking there.
  • Miss the food there.

Whose monstrer truck is this?

  • Got to know this from my cousin, Michael.
  • Belongs to the SS2 murni mamak owner. It is special customized and send to Sabah purposely for modification. The truck cost RM40k but the modification cost RM 100k.
  • Don't look down on this truck, heard it is installed with Supra turbo engine.
  • Just ask the boss that u wanna ride his truck and he take u for a free spin.

In memory of Hock Lye - Will remember you always

Tay & Tan family in grief
  • Called my sis last night, she still crying when talked to her.
  • Yesterday, my relatives, sis friends n colleagues, mom-in-law went to the crash site and lay down flowers on the accident spot.
  • My parent will fly to Sydney this week cause their passport need to be renew.

Sis and Hock Lye

SIS, hope you are alright and please remember to eat and take care your health OK!

WHy do I blog? + Nuffnang membership status - Glitterati

Why do I blog?
  • This question brought up by my colleague actually. He asked me - why do I blog?
  • Answer: When I start blogging in 2002 (bravejournal) ... my intention is to write down my doings and daily life movement so that when I old, I will read it back and review my previous life. Maybe can share with kids and grand children in the future.
  • But now my blogging objective change dramatically that it is a good way to generate part time income by serving ads while I able to post my daily life experience as well. Imagine u earn 25 sen per clicks. Cool isn't it.
  • I hope my visitors who visited my blog will support me. With the money I earned, I will donate it back to the charity.
  • Hope this answer to the question.
Nuffnang - Official Glitterati member
  • I din know when my membership status upgraded till I login yesterday to view my payment and hits of my blog site.
  • What is an “exclusive Nuffnang blogger”?
    An exclusive Nuffnang blogger is a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog.
  • How do I apply for the Nuffnang Glitterati club?
    You do not need to apply and will automatically be included as a Nuffnang Glitterati as long as you do NOT have any ads from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia. Our crawlers will automatically include your blog in the club within 48 hours.
  • Many bloggers know that while banner ad campaigns earn a decent stable income, it is advertorials that pay the most. Each advertorial depending on the advertiser, commitment and traffic can earn a blogger a minimum of RM 50 to RM 1,500 not including freebies that may sometimes be included.

Benefits for exclusive NUFFNANGERS --> click the image for actual size

Monday, March 10, 2008

PC trade-in + Starbucks + Old Town White Kopi

7th March ~ Gathering at Old Town White Coffee

  • It's a group mixture of friends to hang out. At first, Ryan and myself made an appointment to drink tea.
  • Then i call some of my friends and Ryan called a ex-college mate from INTI as well.
  • Then we all met up and intro to each other. Coincidentally, most of us have facebook and the pics below, i just put Facebook and Blogger gathering....hahaha.
  • Those attend Daniel, Keen Yee, Ellie, Yve, Me, May Leng and Ryan.
  • So happy to meet Ryan and May Leng after few years of MIA since we graduated from college. May Leng was telling me that is was a decade since we graduated in 1999.
  • She opened a tuition center and congrats to her on her success. Same goes to Ryan, who run his own SAP consultancy. Glad to meet u all back.

Top Right: May Leng, Ryan and Via ~ Top Left: Via & Keen yee ~ Bottom Left: Daniel & Ellie

Paint - very canggih now
  • The last time I bought house paint is 3 yrs back. This time when i submit the paint code, they will do it on the spot as they don't have ready paint stock.
  • Wow, was really impress with this technology. I don't have to wait long....just 10 mins for the machine to get the formula and produce the paint.
  • I got mine 1 liter for RM 27 for Jotun. Cheap or expensive? I dunno....

PC Trade-in @ Plaza Low Yatt
  • Sunday, went to Low Yatt plaza to sell second hand PC, Monitor, Printers and keyboard+mouse.
  • We donated 2 monitor to the shop cause both also not functioning....sad cannot get RM 30 for each monitor.
  • Luckily the old PC is still working .... got RM 100 for it. We present the owner keyboard and mouse to him.
  • For those who own old PC's or hardware, u can sell it off for a good price as long it is workable. Go this shop at level 2 and look for this shop name 'VITAL'.
  • After dat, went to Starbucks to chill ourself with coffee.

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