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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Famous Ma Chai Chee Cheong Fun in Menglembu @ Restoran Ma Chai, Ipoh

In fact, I came here twice to look for Restoran Wing Kat Fong which is well known for their Curry Cheong Fun and failed to locate.

I did not know that they had renovated and changed the name for food hunters, do take note of this. Formerly known as the famous Twin's Chee Cheong Fun @ Restoran Wing Kat Fong, the resturant has just renovated and changed the name from Restoran Wing Kat Fong to Restoran Ma Chai (Twins)!

The famous Menglembu Twins Chee Cheong Fun – Even featured in 8TV’s Ho Chak before

The Twin's Chee Cheong Fun stall ...

They served many different type of snacks and even nasi lemak and their famous fried chicken.

Seriously, I love Chee Cheong Fun and enjoyed this dish very much. Recently I was introduced by my local Ipoh friend which he mentioned that the CCF stall at Restoran Hao Tack Fook served a better CCF than this. I went there and try and even blog about it before I can make my verdict. The truth is, the curry and the sambal at Restoran Hao Tack Fook taste stronger and aromatic.

Twin's Chee Cheong Fun @ Menglembu - a must order if you are in Menglembu Town ... I will come back again to savour this again.

Yve ordered wantan noodles which served with soup prawns dumpling... taste good actually. Ipoh version ... a bit wet!

The prawns dumpling is tasty and love the soft skin ... nice and delicious.

This is a must order dish - Curry Pork Ribs Wantan Noodles ... seriously tasty ... hardly can find a good one in KL!

The curry mixed with the black wan ton sauce is just a perfect chemistry ... love the pork ribs ... meat is soft and tender!

Location Address:-
36, Jalan Pike,
31450 Menglembu
Perak, Malaysia.

HP: 0125178068


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves chee cheong fun, keke...

Small Kucing said...

Mmm looks so good. Looks a bit like the Canning Garden one

ahem sure like CCF. The other day Ipoh CCF now Menglembu.

Taufulou said... still got blog 1 ha..kekek~

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