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Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute Collectibles Toys @ Coffee Chemistry Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall

Original Android Mini Collectible Series 02

Rare collectible Android Mini Series 02 figures by Google, Andrew Bell, Jeff Yaksick, Scott Tolleson, Doktor A, Gary Ham. It comes with 14 unique designs based on the Android mascot!

Ratio of Designs possibly included in a case:

•Greeneon by Google - 2/16
•Bluebot by Google – 2/16
•Hexcode by Andrew Bell – 2/16
•Iceberg by Andrew Bell – 2/16
•GD-927 by Andrew Bell – 1/16
•Racer by Jeff Yaksick – 1/16
•Blackbeard by Andrew Bell – 1/16
•Noogler by Jeff Yaksick – 1/16
•Bernard by Scott Tolleson – 1/16
•Rupture by Doctor A – 1/16
•Cupcake by Gary Ham – 1/16
•Secret Design by Jeff Yaksick ?/??
•Secret Design by Google ?/??
•Secret Design by Gary Ham ?/??

More details can be found at


Casendra said...

Hehee... this is cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

so nice so nice!!! :D

WyYv said...

cute android toys:)

Meitzeu said...

This is cute!

ken said...

yeap cute!

Setia Alam said...

Looks great, good for birthday present:)

Adelene said...

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AugustDiners said...

awwww cute! :D

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