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Friday, November 26, 2010

I was at the Shout Awards 2010 @ Bukit Jalil

Coolest Party ever ...
  • This was my first ever event that I attend with so many local artist pouring in, definitely it is an eye opener to me, which I learn a lot on our local artist and celebrity, cannot deny that it was another great event organized by Celcom xPlay.

@ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil ...

Was packed with people ...

The emcees – Henry Golding, Sarah Lian and Hafiz

I was really amazed with how grand the majestic the stage was decorated

Mizz Nina with her energetic dance performance!

Do you want to know who are the awards winner? Below are the list of it, and Congratulations to all of you for your best efford . . . .

Favourite TV Personality Award : Zizan Raja Lawak
Breakthrough Local Feature Award : Lagenda Budak Setan
Best Popstar Award : Yuna

Break Out Award : Yuna Ultimate ShoutAward : Yuna
Power Vocal Award : Faizal Tahir
Fresh TV Series Award : Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program Award : Showdown 2010
Music Video Award : Bunkface
Best Rockstar Award : Bunkface
Flava Award : MizNina
Hot Guy Award : Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award : Scha Al-Yahya
Coolest Radio Announcer Award : Phat Fabes
Favourite Radio Show Award : Hot FM AM Crew
Best On-Screen Chemistry Award : Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Mobile Artiste of The Year Award : Sixth Sense

Yuna was the big winner of the day. (which is certainly impress by her voice and got to know that also do play a few of her song which I just realise on that day itself)


HenRy LeE ® said...

bro, u went to the shout awards? cool... seems like it has been a hibernating month for me... yawn~ :(

reanaclaire said...

wow..i m very backdated.. the names sound so unfamiliar to me.. guess i should watch more local programmes..

Small Kucing said...

That is great!

eugene said...

Sometimes i just wonder why all these mega concerts don't come to Penang one,,sigh.....

I like Faizal Tahir after Amy search, i think he is so cool

eugene said...

And Mizz Nina too, since her departure from Teh Tarik Crew,,, she is one hot lad and powerful voice as well.

just wonder if Teh Tarik Crew defunct now?

WyYv said...

wahh.. look at the crowd.. got a lot of people huh.. it must be a wonderful event :D

Alice Law said...

I see... it was the Shout Award, no wonder the other day when we passed by Stadium we found a gigantour tent was put up in the carpark! We thought it was another 'heboh' sale...;p

Have a lovely weekend!

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