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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

8 Tips for Buying Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

Great Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

  • Sometimes me and Yve got hard time to think for a perfect gift for our friend's new born baby ... now I can share some of our experience + advice and the variety of choices for a perfect baby shower gifts.
  • Firstly, before ever buying a single gift for a baby shower, carefully go over these helpful tips: ask the host if there is a gift registry, consider giving disposable diapers, determine the need to give pacifiers and bottles, think of giving baby clothes, help increase baby’s knowledge by giving books and videos, include some fun gifts like toys, recognize the lifestyle of parents, and consider a practical gift for parents-to-be.

    Regardless of your experience in buying baby shower gifts, you can still give the best gifts for babies and their excited parents-to-be. You can surely come up with a lot of ideas suitable for them by simply following these useful hints:

    Ask the host if there is a gift registry

    Eager expectant parents typically register their baby gift choices in famous baby products shops. You can ask them or the host of the baby shower if there is any gift registry. You can ask for the store-in-charge to provide you with the registry sheets or browse the registry online so you know which baby items the parents want and need for their new bundle of joy. Checking the registry will also make it easier for you to identify the products already purchased so you can avoid giving a duplicate gift.

    Consider giving disposable diapers

    A diaper gift may not be the most attractive gift, but it is a very practical one. Diapers are expensive and babies quickly use them. Even parents using cloth diapers will still appreciate disposable diapers when they are traveling.

    Give pacifiers and bottles

    Find out if parents plan to use pacifiers and bottles. Some parents would rather not have them available for fear that pacifiers and bottles might hinder breastfeeding efforts. Others welcome these items and appreciate them greatly. As the expectant parents their preferences before buying pacifiers or bottles.

    Try giving baby clothes

    Baby clothes that a newborn can grow into are likely to be more useful than smaller ones. Refer to the due date of the baby so you can more accurately gauge the appropriate size clothing for particular season the baby will wear the clothing. You can also buy seasonal clothes that will fit the baby 6 months from its due date. Better yet, purchase a gift certificate from a baby clothing store. Parents can buy the clothes when the baby finally arrives to ensure the proper clothing colors match baby’s gender.

    Help increase baby’s knowledge by giving books and videos

    Studies show that music enhances brain development in babies. By giving educational music CDs you can help boost the baby’s brain potential. Classic books and educational videos are other great choices too.

    Include some fun gifts like toys

    Fun is always associated with toys. It is nice to buy baby shower gifts that the baby will use when he or she is a little older. By then, the toys will be appreciated much more. Buy age appropriate toys to prevent any choking hazards.

    Consider the lifestyle of parents

    If you plan to give the baby something unique, then consider parents’ lifestyle. There are parents who are environmental conscious and would definitely appreciate organic baby products. If the parents enjoy an outdoor and adventurous lifestyle, then they would surely welcome a bike trailer for their baby.

    Consider a practical gift for parents-to-be

    A gift certificate is a practical gift for babies and their parents-to-be. There may be items the parents would like to buy for their babies, especially larger ticket items like cribs, strollers, and car seats. some must-have gifts aren't given at a shower and a gift certificate gives parents a chance to buy these baby items later.
  • Normally what baby shower gifts do you get for your friends? Do share in here.


Angela said...

Great ideas for baby shower gift. Thanks for the sharing.

Cynthia said...

thanks for sharing.. one gift that I will usually buy is cloth diapers that comes with cute prints.. :D

vialentino said...

angela: sure pleasure.

cynthia: yaloh...many mommies love to buy cloth diaper now...yve also selling it now and good demand. DYlan also wearing cloth diaper now...very good and comfortable

kenwooi said...

if me i sure gift a baby set only =P

Anonymous said...

Baby stuff are very expensive now. For baby shower gifts, better asked the parents to submit the list of things they do not have yet and can buy for them.

xin said...

hmmm i think i have bought baby hamper with clothes and milk bottle. then i have bought a play mat, then a bag for baby stuff. and thts it :P

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

err... dnt have any experience yet. lol! but for sure special thing for the baby. :p

Mei Teng said...

There are really great looking cloth diapers which makes nice gifts and it's more environmentally friendly.

cheeyee said...

Ya, I like to buy practice things like disposable diaper, walker, toys or baby clothes. Usually baby clothes I buy for 6-12 mths - if big size they still can keep it. I hv some friends give me baby clothes which good for my children to wear it few times then cannot fit already.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Woooo....good info sharing ;)

ohmywtf said...

can we give ang pow ar?? i tot tats most practical lah :-)

smallkucing said...

All of the above .. but if know the parents financial situation then will give angpau.

foongpc said...

Great tips! Thanks for info : )

Quad Pushchair said...

Very nice article on buying baby shower gifts. I really enjoyed reading this post & it was quite intresting too. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The first step is as good as half over.


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