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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Behind The Scene - TGI Friday's Tex Mex

Awesome Media Food Review session @ TGI Friday's ...

  • Firstly, Happy Labour Day to all workers and employees ... enjoy ur holiday n weekend.
  • Thanks to Ken and Sidney for the invite for this food review session. Another media experience added to my CV ... hehehe.
  • Actually, I am excited and happy for any new review and most importantly is to hang out together with this bunch of foodies blogger ...

  • This is the event where Ken borrowed me his Nikkor 24:70mm F2.8 to shoot some pics ... truly like this lens but is so freaking expen$ive!!!!
  • Oh yeah, there is some other media members ( joined in for this Tex-Mex food review ...

  • I truly enjoy this Tex-Mex food served by TGI Friday's ... sure will bring Yve to try it out.

  • To show how full and satisfied we are ... you can see Saucer can hardly move n trying to smile ...
  • Thanks to TGI Friday's for the wonderful & friendly hospitality and the yummy-licious foods and drinks served by you ... JENG!


Alice Law said...

Ohhh... TGI famous with their super portion food!

Erm... why didn't you take picture with other fellow bloggers leh? Must be really intrigued by the Nikkor cam leh~?!

Happy labour day to you too!

LittleLamb said... food again...nice

suituapui said...

Been wanting to go to TGIF...but never got round to doing that. Don;t you think Saucer's putting on weight since he tied the knot? LOL!!!

email2me said...

Wah so fast done the review salute !!

uLi.佑莉 said...

email2me: salute leh....I also very salute him....hahahhah!

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