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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Famous Hokkien Food at Restoran Hua Xing, Sungai Way

Happy April Fools' Day
  • Careful of the person next to you, they might fool you today cause it is a April Fools' Day.
  • Where have I missing in action to lately? Sorry that I did not reply your comments for a week and really thanks for your support and ur comments ... did replied back some of it. Will slowly take my time to read and reply back.
  • Many projects running concurrently, therefore I am tied with it...wish I can split myself to 3 or more ... anyway, it is a good thing to make my day pass by so fast.
  • As summary, I am still alive and still busy ... Dylan and Yve is doing fine ... my weight is still gaining, u will know the reason why after reading my post below...
Another food hunt with my DiGi colleagues at a famous hokkien food restaurant ...
  • Thanks to my boss again for recommending us a very traditional hokkien food cook at this restaurant. If not mistaken, this restaurant was reviewed by Axian.
  • We arrived there bout 12.30pm and already full house. We need to wait about 20 mins before we got a table.

  • Let me introduce you their signature dish ... Hokkien braised pork (Fong Yuk Pork with Kan Sui Kow). The chewy white cakes which looks like sashimi but is not were an acquired taste even though you ladle loads of sauce and the fatty pork bits. Must eat together with it.
  • You can see every table ordered this dish!!! A must try!

  • Then we ordered some side dishes ... really taste good too ... worth the wait ... the curry mutton was good ... love their curry sauce and the soft and melting mutton meat.
  • We ordered the deep fried tofu - nice and soft with a crisp exterior, the beancurd was home made with a slightly unsmooth texture. yum yum!

  • The fish meat was fresh and love the sauce a lot ... sourish taste ... forgotten the name of the dish.

  • Below pic is another signature dish of theirs is the the Fried Crispy Brinjal. Addictively good stuff. You will love this dish a lot, trust me ... I will come back for this dish!

  • Once back to office, need to take a coffee break and a short nap to digest my stomach ... kekeke ... thumbs up to this restaurant despite the long wait for a table.


smallkucing said...

Lucky i makan-ed before i come to your blog else torture.Thanks. Will go and try out

uLi.佑莉 said...

oh...yummy food with big gang=) nice~

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is a great place to lunch! did uncle recommend you all their special noodles and chicken curry bread!...we shall meet up soon! lol!

kRaZy said...

looks really good! *drools* =D~

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