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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dylan admitted into hospital

Pneunmonia ...

  • After the sad news of my friend baby daughter passed away recently which is same nursery as Dylan ... the post mortem result of the death was Pneunmonia and we were all shocked that normally Pneunmonia will have symptoms but her's doesn't have any sympthons. Even the doctor can't explained.
  • We wanted to send Dylan for Pheunomia check up as advice by my friend Louis ... I got the sense that Dylan probably will be infected with Pheunomia cause of his phelgms when he coughed for many weeks and could not recover. So we decided to send Dylan's Paed (Dr. Cheok). This is the same Paed which tried to rescue my friend's baby daughter but it was too late. Dylan's Paed told us that everyone cried and the hospital staff were traumatized by the event. They like Jia Qian so much by looking at her as she is so pretty and cute ...
  • The Paed suggested for straight away admission after the X-ray examination ... Me and Yve feel so sorry for our little Dylan boy who needs to go thru the pain and sufferings ... just which it could happened to us and not him ...

We never thought that we will need to revisit and stay in the hospital ... pity Dylan that he is so restless. We were from the hosp from 12pm to 5.30pm before we check-in into the hospital.
  • Just share some knowledge to u about Pneunmonia

    Pneumonia is a lung infection which is caused due to bacteria, fungi and virus. This disease is very common in the babies. The babies can easily get pneumonia and have symptoms like cough, fever and even breathing problems. Sometimes it can be treated at home and if it is serious the baby can be hospitalized too. Pneumonia occurs suddenly in babies and can last for about one week to ten days.

    There are many causes of pneumonia which are caused by various micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and any other organism. They are:-

    Bacteria – The babies are affected by pneumonia due to bacteria which includes the symptoms like rust or green coloured phlegm.

    Viruses - About fifty percent of pneumonia cases are reported in babies which are caused by viral infections. The symptoms look similar like flu.

    Mycoplasma – It is a kind of bacteria in which babies get mild fever and the recovery requires a long time. The symptoms which cause pneumonia due to this micro-organism are nausea and vomiting, white phlegm etc.

    The various symptoms which cause pneumonia in babies depend on the cause and severity of the infection and age and they are:-
    - General malaise
    - Cough
    - Fever
    - Breathing problems
    - Chest pain and many more

    If Pneumonia is diagnosed, the best treatment should be given to the babies and immediately contact the doctor. If care is not taken then it can also lead to death. To diagnose pneumonia, doctor performs the following tests:-
    - General examination
    - Chest x-rays

    First of all, proper treatment should be done for the new born babies and extra care should also be taken to prevent them from bacteria and virus.

    The treatment includes:-
    - Antibiotics
    - Proper rest
    - Plenty of fluids
    - Medications
    - Hospitalization

    If pneumonia is caused by bacteria, then it is usually treated with antibiotics. The complete course of antibiotics should be given to the babies so that it should not relapse.

    If pneumonia is caused by virus, then they are treated with antiviral medications and doctors recommend to take proper rest and to take plenty of fluids.
    If pneumonia is caused by mycoplasma, it is treated by antibiotics. It requires long recovery in babies about four to six weeks.

    The mother should take the following preventions to prevent her baby from getting pneumonia and they are:-

    Baby should be prevented by avoiding contact with people who are suffering from some respiratory infections such as influenza and cold. The baby can easily get infection with such people.

    The baby should not be kept with the infected person such as suffers of measles or chickenpox as the baby can get infection and as a result he/she can get pneumonia.

    Proper vaccinations should be given to the babies at a right time. Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV) should be given to babies to prevent them from causing pneumonia.

    Pneumonia in some cases is considered as a short term and treatable illness. But sometimes it can be dangerous too and can cause serious complication in babies and death too.


smallkucing said...

Hope Dylan recover soon

Reiko said...

OMG!!! That's scary!!!
I'm so sad to hear that Jia Qian was gone... T_____T

Anyway, how's the check up for Dylan???
Hope everything's ok.

Aggie said...

Aww I'll pray for Baby Dylan to get well soon =(~

And I am sorry about your friend's loss

Medie007 said...

this is a new admission? i hope he's alright.

Angie Tan said...


My condolences to your friend. It's very hard to lose a child so young..

Hope that Dylan gets better too.

My niece Charlotte was admitted twice to the hospital last year, very soon after I was discharged from the hospital too.

Long story cut short but Charlotte spent around 2 nights at the NICU as her fever didn't go down. They had a specialist to come down to insert the IV on her tiny arm.

The situation with babies is that when they get sick, their condition can turn very quickly if we do not do something about it. Unlike adults who can "tahan", babies can't... So, good that you brought Dylan over to check.

cleffairy said...

Smallkucing told me about your blog. And my first reading was about your friend's baby's death, and i was speechless til i could not leave any comment. it is just so sad, and I can only pray everything will be well.

And as for Dylan, I hope everything will turn out right for you and your family. hope Dylan will recover soon and god will protect him all the way. I will pray for your baby's well being, and may god and His angels protect you and family always.

hEnRy said...

that's painful...
hope Dylan is fine

ChrisAu said...

Hope he get well soon. Take care man!

Alice Law said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Jia Qian... very sad!!T-T

Please take care of Dylan and yourself, and I personally suggest you to take Dylan for Pneumococcal vaccination... have a pleasant weekend!

Anonymous said...

simonsays : I hope Dylan recovers quickly. But, I think u hv 2 seriously think whether to continue sending to childcare, especially those nursery. The hygene in these centres are questionable. Those days, even my kids going nursery for pre-school, i refuse to let them sleep afternoon, wld rather hv them taken care by wife. Wife has to sacrifice work & care for our kids. These child care are full of bugs, mosquitoes & virus fr flu/cough, etc. And especially so when Dylan is still so small, shld get 1-to-1 child care instead of group childcare. Do consider, as we cant afford the little ones suffer while there are choices we can make. My 2 cents only. I like ur blog, Via. I stay in Puteri P.

Big Boys Oven said...

speedy recovery!

Andrew said...

All our wishes goes to Dylan for a quick recovery and to both you and your wife as this is a very tough time to go through.

Skeeper said...

prayers for the fast recovery of dylan.

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