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Monday, April 05, 2010

DiGi iPhone 3Gs 32GB with any iDiGi plan

For those who wants to get an DiGi iPhone especially 32Gb model with any iDiGi plan, do drop me an email at if you want a better deal. I only can offer ONE UNIT for staff deal. First Come First Serve basis. Thanks.


PeckWm said...

Any Digi iPhone road show in Mid valley??
Bro..may answer some of my question below? ^^ I can't find the answer in DIgi website >.<

1.The Lowest ALl-in-One price RM106per month package for 3 years, voice how many minutes provided? wat is the call rate per minute and sms rate? apply to all network? Internet usage?

2. iDigi 138,wat is the call rate per minute and sms rate? apply to all network? Internet usage 3GB, exceed this quota is Free?


Big Boys Oven said...

hahah I am looking forward for an Iphone from Digi, can? lol!

vialentino said...

peckwm: u can find the iphone details in ... yeah lowes is 106 per month. from wat i know if u exceed the quota, no charges and free...but u can confirm with the customer service.

BBO: which model u plan to get?

kenwooi said...

all the best to whoever gets it =)

c0co said...

how much how much???if i just wanna get the iphone itself can???

foongpc said...

Aiyo! Now only I read this! I just bought iPhone 16GB from digi!

vialentino said...

coco: reply u back in ur blog...kekeke...

foongpc: aiseh....aihhh...wasted

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

is your promotion still available? :-)


Shannen said...

Hello, I have heard of many scams whn buying the iPhone,16 GB.Can you please enlighten me and inform me more about the rm 106 plan? Is that the best plan?

can you please tell me more? As in,how much do I have to pay first,and what is EPP etc?

Anonymous said...

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