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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hoi Gong Zhao and CK farewell @ Dengkil Seafood Restaurant

Like the Vietnamese Claypot Prawns ...
  • My boss suggested to have Hoi Gong Zhao dinner at this restaurant ... in conjunction to celebrate CK's farewell as well as he will be leaving SP team to another new team.
  • After work from DiGi office, we speed off to Dengkil from Shah Alam, luckily was no jam and we manage to arrive in 30 mins.

  • As usual, my boss will order the dishes ... we can trust his food recommendation 100%, no doubt on that ...
  • The dish below is steamed egg taufu ... there is a layer of steamed egg below the taufu ... very nice ler ... got mixed of seafood in the dish too. I will try and cook this at home one day when I am free!
  • We had frogs too 'tin kai' ... I love the tin kai here...lots of meat and they cook it very nice with kong poh style.

  • The big and main dish turned out to be the giant fresh water prawn cooked in Vietnamese style. Most expensive dish of all.
  • The huge prawns deep fried before mixing with the very strong tasting sauce that is spicy but yet unlike curry. Very yummy!

  • Guiness Stout pork ribs is a must! super kao in taste ... the chicken is very nice too!

  • We feel so full and satisfied ... another great recommendation from my boss ... more food post will be coming up soon.
  • Before we leave the restaurat, we took a SP family picture ... one happy family team.

  • I will bring Dylan to makan here ... I mean let him see I makan ... kekeke.


kenwooi said...

yummy foood! =D

-Teoh- said...

yes, I love their vietnamese prawn too! good recommendation by your boss.

fufu said...

bring me there also pls....

oh crabs.... i want crabs.... =p

smallkucing said...

aisay...morning morning already made my saliva drooling

Rose said...

WOw! You make me hungry. I want the crabs.

uLi.佑莉 said...

I thought which CK farewell when I first saw the post subject :P

ChrisAu said...

nice food! To me, Dengkil is known for its satay at the NE highway stop.

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CH Voon said...

i like the huge prawns look nice!

iamthewitch said...

Oh I think I'll love the frogs too! Hard to find meaty ones around...

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[SK] said...

wah, is this a super late post?? hoi gong jao?? already over for more than two weeks lor.. :p

i love the chicken, looks so yummy.. :)

thenomadGourmand said...

My, so this is the plc u must take me for makan whn we meet up ya! (prob nx year laa at the rate u going...)

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