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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dim Sum breakfast @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Fresh steamed dim sum ...
  • This dim sum restaurant is situated opposite the PFCC (tallest building in Puchong) ... same row with Secret Recipe restaurant.
  • Was recommended by my friend - Louis who works nearby there ... so i went and gave a try ...

  • When I have the first bite of the dim sum ... I know it is own family home made dim sum ... taste differently from those restaurant ...
  • Something unique ... they invented a few dim sum type like the one below ... like dumpling in assam sauce ...

  • I love the har gao a lot ... big prawns inside it ...
  • I did not really enjoy the chee cheong fun ... not the best chee cheong fun I have ... the texture of it is not wat i expected and the sauce too.

  • The fishballs is good ... I don't mind order another one ...
  • Ok, the lotus leaf rice is not that good ... compare to the one at Nilai ... really miss that lotus leaf rice @ Nilai ...

My Personal life update ...
  • As you know that lately I not able to blog daily due to my tight schedule ... apologize for my slow slow response on ur comment ...


smallkucing said...

can see fromthe photo the prawns really big in the Har Gao

kenwooi said...

i wanna eat dim sum soon! =D

SimpleGirl said...

i also love lotus leaf rice...where in Nilai?? i want to try

vialentino said...

smallkuching: i think out so many dim sum type, i enjoy the har gao only ...

kenwooi: UK got dim sum also rite?

simple girl: the dim sum restaurant is at bandar baru nilai ... using the road to restoran loon sing one...there further down, there is shop lots or commercial zone. u can view here...

foongpc said...

I like the har gao! Yummy!!!

Oh, dumpling in assam sauce? Nice or not? Wanna try it! : )

How about the price?

uLi.佑莉 said...

I think the one you brought me that day nicer leh... ^^

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