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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inside Verve Suites, Vogue Tower @ Mont Kiara

Debt for life now ...

  • Yes, debt for life indeed and probably need to start eating bread and avoiding food hunt. Me & Yve never thought of getting and owning a property in a high class residential area such as Mont Kiara.
  • Last early December 2009, Yve purchase it for investment. Weeks later, we brought 2 of mine friends to view ... they are so interested and saw the potential of the area. Immediately, the following day, they went and made the booking and downpayment ... congrats to my friends. Hope another of my friend will buy soon too.
  • In fact a week ago, me and Yve went to meet a buyer from Sarawak @ BKP Sales Gallery ... who keen to buy over our unit for a RM 100k extra more. Negotiated for a long time but we rejected the offer at the end.
  • Actually, we don't plan to sell off so fast soon cause it is still under construction and only will be ready in 2011. We saw the potential and the value will increase by 2011/2012 by more than RM 100k once completed. We will treat it as a investment.
  • Even if we sold to the buyer, there is not much nice units left to buy and probably the new Vox Tower which will launch soon will be much more expensive. You are talking the location at Mont Kiara!!!
  • Lastly, the developer imposed a 1 year lock-in period to Verve Suites owners that owners cannot sell the property within that period in order to control the market property value price ... a smart idea indeed.

We choosed the Verdant Luxe design ... fully furnished with everything including Bosch fridge, 3 panasonic air-conds, curtains, sofa, coffee table, downlights, designer lightings, dining table, dining chairs, oven, 2 electrical hot plates, and all except tv, washing machine, carpet and mattress

  • VERVE Suites is an exclusive serviced apartment nestled along Jalan Kiara 5 in posh address of Mont Kiara. It is located right next to Hijauan Kiara. VERVE Suites is a freehold development on a 5.8-acre commercial land. It comprises of four 33-storey blocks, namely Viva, Vibe, Vogue and Vox.

    Besides that, this residential is set together with a 3-storey shopping centre that comprises of 60,000 sf retail podium.Viva Tower offers Vertigo living concept. There are 4 designs featured, namely City Sleek, Classic Chic, Fusion Chill and Urban Glam. There are a total of 881 units in the entire development. Also, residents is catered with a 6,000 sf penthouse called The Vertigo Lounge located at 35th floor that houses most of its amenities – a sky gymnasium, theater, indoor Jacuzzi and sauna, pool table, changing room and F&B facilities.

    Plus, there are sofa areas, reading corners and Wifi hotspots available as well.Each unit has built-up space from 633 sf to 1,213 sf. All units are fully furnished with designer’s appliances and furniture. There are several designs to choose from – City Sleek, Classic Chic, Fusion Chill, Urban Glam, Metro Bliss, Urban Edge, Centro Jazz, Cosmo Groove and Verdant Luxe.

    Each type has its own identity and concept, which are reflected on the interior designs and furnishings.

    VERVE Suites is strategically located just across Garden International School and meters away from Mont Kiara International School. Besides that, it is within close proximity to Plaza Mont Kiara and Solaris Mont Kiara. Plus, there are several highways nearby such as Penchala Link, NKVE and SPRINT Highway.

Very nice ID design ... in fact, no need to do any renovation anymore ...

Selling Price which I found from the net ...

  • Built-Up: 879 sq. ft.
    Asking Price RM 850,000
    Posted Date: 20/11/2009
    Asking Price psf : RM 967.01
    Bedrooms: 2
    Bathrooms: 2
    Unit type: Intermediate
  • My unit is a corner unit with built-up of 926 sqft ... facing Genting view.

Latest Rental Price which transacted by the owner who manage to rent out ...

  • Monthly rent: RM 3 800
    Bedrooms: 2
    Type: Apartments, For Rent
    Size: 879 sq.ft.
    Furnished: Fully furnished
    Facilities: Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Tennis court, Squash court, Covered parking, Playground, 24 hour security
  • Type : 672 sf
    Description: Fully furnished, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
    Rental Price : RM 2800
  • Mine unit is a 926 sqft , corner unit and rental price is from RM 4.5k - 5k ... can cover my loan including maintenance fee if got a tenant to rent ...

This is Yve dream kitchen ler, with oven and hot plates and nice table top .... I love their wooden flooring, better than my home one ...

  • I love BKP service, they can help the owners to search for tenants without any comission given to them. Normally agents will ask for 1 month rental as their comission.

The facilities is superb in here ... indoor and outdoor cinema, many sauna rooms and jacuzzi pools ... I can't wait for the Aqua gym to be ready ...

My dream bathroom with sunken bath tub ... wonder does the toilet comes with the air ventilator a not? else if I poo, how the smell will suck out?...

Splendid 360 degrees KL view ... can't wait to see KLCC fireworks from the roof top ...

The splendid Vertigo Sky lounge and the amazing gym facilities ... best thing is that all owners can use the facilities for every towers with a link bridge in between ...
  • What I can say, this is a great investment opportunity for everyone when property slump during the economy crisis ... property in Mont Kiara and KLCC have dropped and climbing back up soon.
  • Viva and Vibe tower already fully sold out and Vogue Tower already 80% sold out now ... very low downpayment and u get 5% rebate from the developer and I can say that the loan amount can be covered by the rental + earning sumore IF U HAVE A TENANT to rent from you ... you can sell your unit for a good price even before u serve paying ur loan.


Angie Tan said...

Wah.... I always thought of owning a piece of Mont Kiara property but then, prices have now sky-rocketed and so, can't afford it anymore.

Kekeke... Great advertisement on your blog. Hope you get a buyer/tenant when it is completed!!

Cath J said...

ow... yeaaaaa.... definitely a great investment Bro.. the place was wonderful!! ^_^. It's ok to eat bread for a while.. the return in future is a blast.. ^_^

Congrats.. ^_^

Keith Wong said...

Congrats to you. I'm an owner in level 15, which unit/level you bought?

So far, I have no regret buying this and yes, the value of the property there are up by 10%-15%.

I love the location there and one of my friend who move into the first block. He said very peaceful and love the surroundings.

Same feeling as you, my family can't wait to move in once the key hand-over.

Anonymous said...

always love the area but the price defly really high..just love it the look is soooo nice :)

kenwooi said...

wow so nice..
this is the place where it's advertised in the cinemas right, if im not wrong.. =)

[SK] said...

OMG!! this is really nice, how i wish i could own one unit!! but too expensive i cannot afford leh.. i love the jacuzzi and the gym, can see the city skyline from the glass, how relaxing~~

Anonymous said...

Hi Via Vialentino, saw you joined the Verve Suites fan club and got to know your site here.

Many proud owners gave a very good feedback on the ID and fully furnished where save them lots of renovation and furniture cost.

The value of the property are rising and Block A (Viva Tower)have their units rented out from RM3.6k - 4k per month.

I am one proud owner from Vibe Tower :)

Cindy said...

My hubby always keeping an eye at KL's property, but we stay in Ipoh, hard to notice any good deal la!

thenomadGourmand said...

smart investment dude.
hmm... whn r we meeting up for yumcha?
Would be good to talk to u

(no la..i'm not in property anymore & not lurking ard for anything) but u r savvy & I would like to chat with someone on topics otr than food la!

Agnes said...

wow..very nice ler...hope i also can buy one unit here..haha

Term papers said...

I really enjoy the beautiful photos on your blog. That is the best thing I have seen in a long time! So cool. And they look so pretty. Who would have though. Thanks for sharing those tips, they are fabulous!

agent said...

Luckily you did not sell for profit of 100k. Estimated profit value will be higher than that. Guess the buyer is smart enough to offer you that price. If you calculate Viva Tower (Blk A) which developer price selling @RM 400-500k base on sqft (400-500sqft) (single bedroom), the current selling price is RM 700-820k which the owner can earn more than 200k per unit. Anyway, not much of the owners are selling their property and most of them are keeping it. For Vogue Tower upon completion, the value will be much higher.

vialentino said... many comments, will reply back tonight.

by the way, got units there at 400-500sqft? i thought from 600 sqft onwards...

Aggie said...

OMG the place is such luxuriance!!! *_*

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow.....already got people approached you to sell off ya...great! Sure you can sell at higher price when the project completed ;) Make sure you invite me to the roof top there to view the fireworks from KLCC ...hehe!

chrisau said...

What a nice place man!!!

Mabel Low said...

Wah.......... *shuts my jaw*
Super nice man! *go stare at it again* :O

Anonymous said...

I wish not approve on it. I think nice post. Especially the appellation attracted me to read the whole story.

chia said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and info about Verve Suites with us! I have been looking for first-hand info on the place as I'm thinking of getting a small studio for investment purpose (prefer to go for a good location and small build up than large buildup but outskirts). Your post was very useful. Do let us know if you know more about the rental situation. With Verve Suites and Mont Kiara as a whole, I'm worried that supply is much more than demand!! I live in Europe so I can't see it for myself yet :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


muhammad ikram said...

im just wondering and interested about the vox tower which is not completed until can i make the booking..?


nilyvn said...

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sajid said...

Hi, can you let me know whether your apartment is north or south facing? How are the views from each? Also which floor is the apartment?

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