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Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Lobster Dinner @ Kruathara Seafood Restaurant, Krabi

Best seafood meal in my life ...
  • This restaurant was hit by the big tsunami ... the meaning of Kruathara in English is After Tsunami.
  • I was thinking ... after tsunami, they can build and deco the restaurant so beautiful and cozy for dining experience.
  • This restaurant was highly recommended by locals and even in some food forum related to Krabi.

  • We took a tuk tuk from our resort to this restaurant ... is just about 5 mins journey only.
  • Oh yeah ... when we came to this was 4pm ... feeling hungry that time ... so we order some White wine and Black Label with coke to relax and chit chat. It is so cheap to drink liquor at here!
  • At 4pm, we are the only customer ... paiseh ler...all the staff is eyeing on us only ...

  • At 5pm, couldn't wait longer for actual dinner stomach is calling loudly!
  • We ordered their seafood salad .... is freshly made with the bowl ... like used to mix those rojaks. Excellent taste ... sour and spicy enuff!

  • It served very fresh seafood as well ... as usual i love their fried tempura prawns ... it is so fresh, CHEAP and crunchy ... cholesterol level!

  • Ordered some fried vegetables and fried venus shells ... taste good...just like Malaysia cantonese taste ... amazing!

LOBSTER - 1.2kg!
  • Then I told Yve, I have never ordered a lobster in my life before esp a one whole lobster and not those baby lobster.
  • Closing one eye and not to think bout $$$$ ... the moment I called the waiter, I want lobster ... the waiter also shock ... then all the waiters and waitress crowd around my table.

  • I think hardly people ordered lobster here I guess ...
  • Then I went to the aquariums to select my lobster ... picked one ... 1.2kg!
  • I choose bake with butter and garlic ... wanna taste the sweatness of the lobster meat ... so do not order fried cooking style!
  • I was shocked when they served the lobster to my table .... gosh, it is so freaking huge and wonder can yve and myself finish it? ... we did!

  • I also dun care about the price .... makan first and settle later!
  • It took me so long to eat and clean this lobster completely ... the meat is so juicy and nice....seriously enjoying makan.

  • At the end, I have to pay for the bill damage ... it is just RM 370+ for all the meals above + wine, liquor and hot tea pot! ... my eyes open big big...I thought at least RM 500-RM 600
  • It was a satisfying meal which I will never forget.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hong Kee Tim Sum at Bandar Puteri Puchong, lousy dim sum

Hong Kee dim sum ... not Hong Kong dim sum

  • Firstly, sorry that I have been away and not been updating my blog for 2 days. I am a Uncle to my newborn niece ... my sis-in-law gave birth to a baby girl early this week. That's why I don't have the time to update. Sorry yeah.
  • After so so dim sum experience at Axian Dim Sum ... my parent-in-law wants to try this Hong Kee dim sum which is nearby to Axian Dim Sum. We want to compare the dim sum taste within this Bandar Puteri Puchong area.
  • We thought it served Hong Kong dim sum but it seems like imitation and local dim sum taste.

  • In fact, nothing special to recommend cause the dim sum is not so good in taste.
  • Even my favourite Har Gao, it dissapointed me, the prawns not so fresh.

  • In terms of price...they are so much cheaper than Axian but in terms of taste, totally lost out flat!
  • I did not really enjoy eating the dim sum here.

  • No worries, many nice dim sum stall around in Puchong ... will go and hunt for them one day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Local Food at Beccofino Restorante and Sea Kayaking at Krabi

Local Krabi food @ Beccofino Restorante, Krabi ...
  • I am wondering why many people dine at western restaurant as those kwai lou can eat the same food at their own country. They should venture for some local foods.
  • Anyway, me and yve eager to check out their local food cooked in a western restaurant and compare the taste with the local restaurants.
  • The gap was a big different ... do read thru our dining experience.

  • The Tom Yam Kung seafood was sucky ... oh man, never order Tom Yam Kung in a Western restaurant ... lesson 1 learned.
  • Then we ordered the flower crab fried in curry sauce ... gosh, the crab meat was not that fresh thou is edible.

  • The only dish we enjoy are those two dishes above ... the seafood salad and the fried fish with asparagus.
  • Anyway, the meal here was quite cheap and reasonable ... I think I spent less than RM 60 for this meal.

Canoe Sea Caves @ Krabi ...

  • After visit from James Bond Island, our next agenda is to Sea Kayaking ... I can't wait for it actually.
  • Planned for this adventurous trip instead than going for snorkeling which is the same experience and thing when u snorkle at Redang/Perhentian Island.
  • Anyway, this was an awesome experience ... to canoe thru sea caves.

  • Darn, this is the place I kena sun burn badly on my cheeks and hands ... I am dark now but Yve said it is good for me cause my skin looks fair. She likes 'Man' type one!...eeee
  • Thank God, luckily I am not the one doing the kayaking as we got the tour guide to canoe for us.
  • I love to kayak and canoe a lot during my teenage time ... but this time when I tried at the open sea by beating the sea current, it was tough to control and tiring.
  • Maybe I admit I am getting old.

  • The tour guide brought us and canoe thru some caves when it is low tide. Damn kao nice experience in my life!
  • I dunno where in Malaysia can find this kind of adventure and scenery spot. Any ideas?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Windows 7 Consumer Launch at KLCC Convention Center

Windows 7 Launch ...

  • It was a wet morning ... rain early in the morning ... arrived at KLCCCC at 7.15am to avoid all the jams.
  • Everyone is talking about this Windows 7 and as you know, I did not bother as it is just another typical Microsoft OS.
  • But I was proven wrong when I saw their demo .... I was like 'WOW'.
  • It is so damn cool compare to Windows XP and Vista ...

  • I thought I am the kiasu one who arrived early ... damn, many people arrived earlier than me.
  • When I walk into the exhibition hall, it was almost fully packed ... I think more than 3k visitors.
  • The best thing to visit this kind of launch and workshop ... lots of freebies and shirts given out.

  • Just can't wait my company refresh the OS to Windows 7!
  • Find out more bout Windows 7 here
  • Anyone using Windows 7 now?...can share your feedback here

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dylan attending friends birthday party

Sean's birthday party @ KFC, Sunway ...
  • (Neighbour House No. 45)
    Dylan was invited by Mark and Mee Fie (Yve's colleague and my neighbourhood kawan) to attend Sean's 2 yrs old birthday party.
  • It was a long time that I did not attend a friend kid's birthday party @ fastfood outlet like McD's, A&W and KFC.

Lots of goodies, perfect place to host a kid birthday party ... I am considering it...
  • I think I enjoy more than Dylan by eating the fried chickens ....
  • Lots of food and variety of drinks ... eat until kao kao till no need to have dinner anymore.

Everyone just come and pinch Dylan's cheek ... kesian him until his cheek 'ang-ang' (red-red) ... wonder why all the kids afraid of the big KFC mascot chicken?

  • Look at the cute birthday boy - Sean .... adorable and leng chai ...
  • Got two birthday cakes sumore .... nice nice.

I like the 3D Bugs Bunny birthday cake ... looks so real...
  • Time for some cam whoring session ....

  • A group picture with the G's team ...

A family picture of the G's team ...

CK & Suan Ho Baby Fullmoon party ....
  • (Neighbour House No. 7)
  • It was my neighbour next two doors fullmoon party for their newborn son ...
  • He is so cute and adorable ler ... reminds me of Dylan when he comes into the world.

Melvin's & Wife Daughter 1 yr old party ...
  • (Neighbour House No. 8)
  • Back to back party and makan ...
  • It was a awesome birthday celebration and their daughter looks so lovely.

I am looking at the motorized car .... damn, how I wish I get one for Dylan ... too exp ...
  • That's all party for Dylan now .... the Daddy makan behalf of baby Dylan...ngiak ngiak.
  • Burpping now ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Krabi Beach Town and Sunset view

Krabi Beach town ...
  • The environment is almost the same as Bali street town ... here it is much happening than the Krabi City which I have posted up previously.
  • Walking here day and night, u feel much safer than walking in Petaling Street, KL. Seriously ... here you feel warm and people greet you in a friendly manner when you buy/view their stuff.
  • We even made friends with the Krabi local people ... maybe we keep on bargain on each stall and always walk up and down ... so they notice us been staying here for quite sometime.

The street is very clean ... seriously ... cause at 6am, I walk at the street, it was very quiet and bright ... the only person I saw is those road cleaners and sweepers.

  • Here you can find lots of western restaurant and some local restaurant too ....
  • They got 7-eleven, Burger King (24 hrs) and Haagen Dazs

At night, the street is so much happening than day time ... cause day time, everyone went for diving, snorkeling and visit those tourist spots.
  • During night, it is very happening .... behind the souvenir stalls .... u can see a small lorong leading to all the happening bars like gays bar and etc .... hehehe.

  • Along the street, you can see many nice and unique resorts...

Krabi Beach
  • Let me take u a stroll for a virtual tour on the beach side ...
  • Very happening beach for those kwai lou to sun bathing ... while those asians, will hide under the trees ...
  • I would say the beach is not the nicest one ... the sand like similar to the Port Dickson beach.

  • I must admit, their beach is very clean ... can't find a rubbish also.
  • During low tide, you can walk one island to the other island ...

Krabi Sunset view
  • We took a tuk tuk to the krabi beach to capture some sunset view scenes ...
  • Din regret it ...

  • Wanna share some amazhing sunset shots taken by Yve.

  • I dun mind to see this everyday after relax myself ... u feel so comfortable and tame down.

  • At least this Krabi post is not bout food only ... lots of Krabi post will be posted up soon. Just can't wait to post and share with u with my 1.2kg lobster dining experience !

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dylan @ 4 months old, 9.2kg and 70cm long

Dylan says ... long time no see ... my daddy bully me, HELP!
  • Hahaha, I did not bully him ... he is the King of the house now!
  • Is another belated post again .... early week of November, send Dylan for routine check-up and vacinnation by Dr. Cheok.
  • Dr. Cheok told us that my baby is super extraordinary special (another words, big size and fat loh). She said Dylan's behaviour is advanced like 6 months old baby ... the size and the weight is like 1 year old baby ...
  • Agree with her, we are buying 12-18 months shirt & pants for him now.

  • Looks like the white Michelin man, right?
  • He still feeds on breast milk 100%.

Did not pamper Dylan at all ...

  • Most of you all see like me and yve are over pampering him ... in fact we did not. You will be shocked and might think we are abuser instead.
  • At 3rd months old, we sleep seperately from Dylan by putting him to sleep alone in the guest room. Of course, with the baby monitor turned on.
  • We want to train him not to be sticky to us and does not want him to sleep the same bedroom with me & yve when he grows up.
  • Now when he wakes up, he will talk to himself and smile ... which awake us at 6am sometimes.
  • Secondly, we did not buy him much toys. Dylan got few toys only which people present to him. He enjoys the swimming pool the most now.

  • His hair starts to grow back long already after bald him during his fullmoon.
  • So far Dylan is healthy & fine and he is the one bullying the mom and the daddy instead.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Lunch at Restoran Sari Ratu, Subang Parade

A chit chat lunch with my big boss ...

Note: Firstly, would like to say sorry to all my commentors .... I have been MIA lately and not able to reply all your comments and cbox messages, I will do so this weekend. I was very busy at work at the moment...sorry yeah!

  • It was a team event again ... hehehe ... yeah, when I say team event ... sure makan-makan again.
  • This time my boss recommends to have the team lunch at Restoran Sari Ratu @ Subang Parade...
  • This restaurant was famous for its Indonesian authentic Nasi Padang ...

  • I would say the price of the food and drinks was fairly reasonable.
  • Have to tell you upfront, for sure will gain 1kg with the amount of food we have ordered just for 9 pax only.
  • When go makan with my boss, sure u will never lose weight one!

  • The chillies was splendid good ... we sapu finish all the chillies.

  • Must order their fried fish ... very crispy and the flesh is nice to eat. It is one of their hot and famous dish too. Taste yummy when u dip with the black sauce

  • I can't remember the drink name below ... it was their signature drink ... blended avocado with coklat! must try! taste good ler...

  • Team event ... meaning gain 1kg event for me ... anyway, it was a good lunch and a good chit chat session with our big boss. Thanks to my boss again for the treat.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wang Sai Seafood Restaurant @ Krabi

One of the best seafood restaurant ...
  • WANG SAI's location, directly on the beach, means it is on the pricey side, compared to our other picks.
  • However, it is probably the best seafood restaurant in Ao Nang and is not more expensive than any of the other places in the tourist centre.
  • For a special night out, walk from Ao Nang in the direction of Nopparat Thara. Wang Sai is located just across the bridge.

  • Tanks at the entrance to the restaurant are filled with four or five varieties of fish, as well as crabs and clams.
  • This is actually my first krabi food hunting. After checked into the resort, we proceed to have lunch. In my food hunting list, this Wang Sai restaurant was located near to our hotel only. It was just a 5 mins walk.
  • Very nice view of the beach and the sun too ... reminds me of my Bali trip ... dining at the beach and seaside.

  • We thought the food price is expensive at here but it is reasonable I would say.
  • For the fried shrimp tempura ... for that portion of shrimps, just cost RM 12 only.
  • Can't wait to try out their Seafood Pineapple fried rice ... good choice of order ... it taste yummy from our local Malaysian style. It cost RM 6 only!

Krabi Town area ...
  • It was a 20-30 mins drive out from the beach town to the main Krabi town.
  • It was just an ordinary town only .... not much of kwai lou there and also nothing much to see and shop.
  • We bought some of their local brand coffee to try ... not bad except was too sweet ... must remember the Diabetes World day ... reduce sugar consumption ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dylan's First YouTube video

See how Dylan swims like a pro ...

  • The first time we put Dylan into the pool ... he loves it. This is how excited he was when he starts swimming at 3 months old only.

  • By the way, this is my first YouTube video uploaded by me ... me damn kao outdated! hehehe.
  • What are the benefits of swimming?
    a) Swimming helps to develop the heart and lungs of the baby.

    b) Increase food digestion and absorption, increasing the immunity of the baby.

    c) Develops the neurotics and intellectuals

    d) Helps newborn/baby to develop regular sleep

    e) Reduce newborn/baby crying and improve relationship between parents and the baby.

    f) Develops newborn/baby’s motor skills and flexibility

    g) Swimming is not just about coming into contact with water, but it trains the sight, hearing, touch and balance of the baby.
  • How old can a baby start to swim?

    The babies starts to swim from 4-6 weeks. We recommend babies to start swimming after the umbilical cord drops off (after 4th week)
  • What is the best position a baby should swim in?

    A newborn less than 2 month loves to swim backstroke, they do not cry and feel very comfortable. If you take them out of the water they may even complain! Another position baby loves will be kicking of the water.

    Their legs will start kicking, their fist will be clenched and their arms will be rowing inwards. The movement of the legs is much higher than that of the arms. After 2 – 3 months, babies prefer to swimming chest down.

    Swimming will train the baby not to be afraid of water, and as long as they can play and stretch leisurely in water, any position counts as long as it is safe.

New order arrived ...

  • Yve got order from Canada and Perlis ... the furthest so far ... the power of online shopping via blog.
  • My house becoming a temporary warehouse .... time to deliver the new stocks away ...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ruen Mai Thai restaurant, Krabi

A Great Thai Restaurant in Krabi ...
  • Yve have gathered all the famous Krabi restaurants which food hunters must go and try. One of it was this Ruen Mai restaurant which was very popular in Krabi.
  • Ruen Mai Restaurant located in the southern town of Krabi.
  • The name of Ruen Mai means wooden (mai) house (ruen) and it was, in fact, located in a graceful older wooden house. We were charmed by the decor, which was understated and consisted of beautiful Thai objects.

  • The entrance to Ruen Mai is simple, just a little dirt road off the main road. It’s hidden from view, so entering into this restaurant made me feel like I’ve stepped off into some exotic oasis.
  • And yes, the roundtrip taxi fare cost more than the dinner ... the taxi fare was 700 baht (RM 70) and dinner cost 520 baht (RM 52)

  • It serves impeccably delicious food in a beautiful setting. Look at my dinning place ... big lantern light under the tree ... cool huh.
  • The only drawbacks of this place is filled with mosquito and it is humid cause there is no fan at all. I was sweating badly when enjoying the food cause there is no wind blow as well.

The food ...
  • The food pics quality not that good as takenon my digital camera and not the best of pictures.
  • The portion was huge ... esp the pork dish ... gosh ... not able to finish the meat at all. Taste nice, very alike like the Cantonese stir fried pork.
  • The fried asparagus with shrimp was my favourite dish ... the prawn is fresh and this dish is very cheap (RM 15).

  • This restaurant served one of the best Tom Yam Kung soup but in my later post, I will post the BEST Tom Yam Kung in Krabi!
  • It really taste spicy and sour ... very balance of the taste which makes u want to sip more even ur tongue feel spicy a bit.
  • The pork in black pepper was too spicy for me and yve .... they cooked in mild spicy only ... wahsei ....ear until my stomach feel the flame inside.

  • 315/5 Maharaj RoadMuang Krabi,
    81000 Thailand.
    Tel : 075-63179
  • If you're ever in Krabi, this is one restaurant you don't want to miss!

Plants & Flowers in Krabi ...

  • Not related to Ruen Mai food post above ... I just want to share some of the macro shots I took on the plants and flowers I came across in Krabi.

  • Very unique flower below ...

  • Stay tune for more Krabi post, this is just 5% of my holiday post only!
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