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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinner at Fu Gua Thong Food, Bandar Puteri Puchong

My second visit to this restaurant again ...
  • Splendid and simply delicious food served by this restaurant.
  • Since this is my second visit to here, ordered different dishes and taste not bad too.
  • Definitely will be a 3rd visit to try other dishes.

  • Even normal days also so pack with people ... damn ... this restaurant getting famous liow.

This is my favourite dish ... guess u know wat is this ...pork meat with lots of fats .... the fats really melts in ur mouth once u swallowed it ... with those thick gravy sauce ... yummy ler.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Potluck Brunch & Working @ Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam

Green discussion at Bukit Cahaya ...
  • Because that all the staff were not allowed to enter into DiGi last Friday before 2pm ... so my department decided that all the staff gathered and worked at Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.
  • The committee organize a potluck brunch also .... lots of food and I sponsored snacks which is my favorite.

Azian's nasi lemak is the main favourite food ... very nice green view at Bukit Cahaya
  • Been almost 10 years or more that I did not visited Bukit Cahaya ... the place looks the same.
  • Most of us car pooled and arrived at 9am. Then we start to makan and taking pics before the discussion begins.
  • It was not a working day as we did not bring notebook ... very relaxing and feeling fresh to have discussion in this forest reserve.

Not sure who will stay in this chalet ... the mattress is dusty and no mosquito netting at all.
  • We rent two chalets to have the discussion ... we were divided into two groups.
  • Compare to my previous working experience in Maxis, there was nothing like this being organized.
  • In Maxis, it was a very formal discussion but in this discussion, we can drink, eat and speak up anything we want....very very open!

Top pic: The Man In Blue ... our Head of Department ... came in shorts ... cool rite! Very good and nice HOD.
  • This is my department team members ...
  • I can say a very young and happening team

We were preparing for the discussion ... writing the main agenda to be discuss...

  • We took some pictures here for rememberance ...
  • Don't know when is the next time I will visit here again ... probably with my kid.

All smile please ...u r on camera...

  • We end our session at 12pm and we need to be at office by 2pm for the next event ....
  • STAY TUNE for my next event post .... PARTY ! PARTY !

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teaser Post: Forest Reserve & Heineken Beer

Imagine your department work @ Forest Reserve!

Imagine the company staff are allowed to come to office after 2pm because of Heineken beer!

Stay tune for my next two coming post on my company event! .... lots of pics ....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

KL Marathon 2009, Dataran Merdeka

My biggest challenge for the year .... KL Marathon 2009, 21km for me.

  • Last weekend was my first full training by my drill sergeant Mr. Johnybravo.
  • Followed Johny to jog from Lake Gardens to Jalan Tunku ... 11km + run with many up hills....damn kao suffering.
  • For my previous 20km Great Eastern run, I have trained hard for it and manage to complete 20km at the time of 2 hrs 15mins ...and for KL Marathon, my first serious training was last weekend only and I've gained 7kg recently!
  • I guess I need to prepare for the worse and ready to suffer the pain and 50% confidence that I can make it to the finish line.

  • The reasons are I've been busy eating with my colleagues and partying this week cause my company got a big bash party .... beers, fried foods and u will see once I posted it up. Stay tune!
  • Wish me all the best for my Half Marathon run this Sunday 28th June 2009 ...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, 'King of Pop,' dead at 50

I mourn and feeling sad :( ... he amazed me with his moonwalked move and since ever then, I am his fan since childhood

RIP Michael ...

Yong Tau Foo and Chee Cheong Fun at Melaka

Chee Cheong Fun with radish cake ... Melaka Style
  • Thought of ordering a normal chee cheong fun for breakfast ...
  • When Yve brought the plate over .... I asked how come you add radish cake with it.
  • Yve told me this is melaka chee cheong fun style that it comes with radish cake.
  • Taste good and cheap too...RM 2 per plate!

Wonder how it will taste with curry sauce

Melaka Yong Tau Foo ...
  • Difficult to find cheap & nice yong tau foo nowadays ...
  • Luckily nearby Yve's house, there is one stall selling fresh and yummy yong tau foo.
  • Early in the morning, the stall will be packed and by 10 am if u come more liow.
  • Next time will get the restaurant name and the location.
  • How cheap .... i think this cost less than RM 8 for 2 bowls of dry kuew teow.

You notice that Melaka kuew teow texture is different ....wider and thicker...

My cute handsome nephew ~ Brian ...
  • Must make him addict to cam whoring ...
  • First shot ... he looks to cool and blurr ...
  • Second shot ... tickle him a bit and finally he smile and laugh (forcefully)....muahaha.

Thursday, June 25, 2009 in Malaysia SME news

Congratulations to ... Google Apps Reseller in Malaysia
  • Firstly, I would like to congrats to the staff members in for providing this affordable and best solution to SME and Enterprise companies. With the hardwork, the company has gained recognition by appearing in Malaysia SME magazine and news.
  • They have setup a new company in China to bring Google Apps into the China market. A remarkable fast moving and growing SME company.

  • When economy turns bad and slowdown ... every company and business owner is cutting down their operation cost and for those who wanna start up business ... they have tight budget and risky to begin.
  • With Google Apps business ... it can solve your problem and you don't need to worry bout security, virus, support, licensing and software cost and IT infrastructure.
  • You can begin your business anywhere and anytime now with Google Apps for very very low price.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lunch at Pasta Zanmai, Midvalley

Lunch and gossip session with Alvin and Loke ...
  • One of the weekday ... a last minute msn message send out by Loke to have lunch.
  • Came from Shah Alam all the way to pick them up and have lunch and coffee at Midvalley.
  • Lots of thing to catch up and gossip ... hahaha ...

The June Special dish .... dunno wat raw fish ... kind of unique taste and taste not bad too.
  • We decided to lunch at Pasta Zanmai since it is my first time there.
  • I must say the food there is delicious ... thou it is small portion and bit expensive ... the taste is delicious and yummy.
  • The taste is better than Pasta De Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid.
  • Here are some of the food we ordered:-

The fried sotong / squid very good ... crunchy and fried to perfection ... the taste also not bad.
  • It practices open kitchen so you can see how your food is being served and it also serves a lot of unique and special pasta, with japanese flavor.

Top pic: very big fried tempura ... yummy and crunchy. Not sure the dish name but cost RM 26 Below pic: Asari to Kinoko no Cream SauceShort-neck Clam & Japanese Mushroom Cream Sauce Pasta , RM 26
  • After our lunch, we head to Starbucks for a coffee drink and continue our chit chat session.
  • Thanks for the coffee treat!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sexy white lady

Cool looking convertible BMW 120i ...

  • My first experience with a convertible car.
  • It was cool and awesome but somehow driving a convertible in KL roads are not advisable.

Too bad this sexy white lady is not belongs to me :(

  • It's elegant and stylish car where everyone will look at it when it is on the road.
  • Even at the police roadblock, they tend to stop and check for a long time thou the roof folded up.
  • One thing I like about this car is that it is spacious and comfortable seating for the back passengers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4th Year Wedding Anniversary

4th Year and on-going happily ...
  • A glimpse of an eye... it is my 4th years wedding anniversary with my dearest wife - yve.
  • We just have small celebration only .... food!
  • The picture below was me and yve when we are taking our outdoor studio picture at Melaka.

Me and Yve look so young ... omg, I am old now!
  • Dinner at Frontera at Jaya One.
  • We wanna go to Santini but already moved to elsewhere or closed down. Anyway, we saw this Tex-Mex restaurant - Frontera and give a try.

  • The boss was friendly and introduce us their speciality....
  • I would say, overall me and yve really enjoy their food very much

  • Best thing is that it is not that pricey compare to Chillie's and TGI Friday's price.
  • Big portion too!

  • Below is the fried cheese cake as dessert ... very nice... first time ate a fried cheese cake!

  • To my lou poh (wife) - Happy 4th Year Anniversary and looking for no. 5 soon ... love u very much.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mom's Chicken Rice & Assam Pedas Brinjals and Ladies Finger

My favourite mom's home cook chicken rice ...
  • If given the chance, I able to eat all the whole chicken cause the meat is soft and very nice home made chilli sauce to dip with it.
  • Don't mention bout the chicken rice as it is fragrant and strong in taste.
  • Even Chicken Rice Shop couldn't beat my mom's chicken rice at all.

  • The assam pedas brinjals and ladies fingers .... my another mom's favourite. She cooked it cause she knows me and yve coming to visit her.
  • The assam very kao lat and bit spicy ... just nice and balance it up ... spicy and sour!

  • Whenever my mom cook chicken rice, sure she will do the sauted cucumber ...

  • I am a chicken rice lover since school and college time. I don't mind to eat it every day for my lunch for a month time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Speak, Say, Shout, and Scream out your opinion

We need more Money, Naik Gaji + Kurang Harga Petrol & Tol

  • Who doesn't love money and need more money? Tell me if you are not a money lover! Tell me if you don't like to have your salary raised! Tell me if you like to see petrol and toll price keep increasing! ... do speak up if you love money and hope your company will raise your salary and pray that government will not raise petrol and toll price in future.
  • We know it is a bad and gloomy economy situation now. Therefore, we need more money to survive on our daily needs and to feed our family.

  • The statement above is my speak up as a citizen of Malaysia.
  • We can voice out in a smarter way than voicing out thru street protest.
  • How smarter way to voice out? Let me show u ->


  • You think I must be crazy to 'conteng' in a RM 50 note just to shout out my opinion ... you are totally wrong then! Instead I can be richer and stand a chance to win something
  • Don't trust me?
  • See below then ...

  • Smart a not? ... voice out thru DiGi MMS and not in a street protest! hehehe.
  • Very simple participation only ...
  • All you gotta do to take part in this contest is as simple as
    1. Snap a MMS about whatever you want to express and speak up to Malaysia in your most creative way.
    2. Send your entries to 016-6029788
    3. Now you are in the running to win fabulous prizes.

  • There are a total of 3 categories for this contest and let’s just say that if you’re a Nuffnang blogger, you’re eligible for the best prizes!

    Early Birds Category
    The first 100 bloggers who participate in this contest and blog about it will be rewarded with a pair of GSC passes to watch a movie of their choice!

    Be sure to send in the MMS to 016-6029788 and send an email to with the permalink of your blog post and the number that you used to send in the MMS.

    Most Creative Entry
    - Only eligible for DiGi users who have taken part in Early Birds Category
    - If your MMS and blog entry is deemed the most creative by DiGi, you’ll just find yourself RM3,000 richer in your wallet!
    - 4 runner ups will also be chosen by DiGi to win iPod Shuffles

    Public Category
    - Open to public (not necessary a blogger)
    - Just MMS your message to 016-6029788
    - There are 8 LG Cookie Touchscreen mobile phone to be won here!
  • For more details, click here to read

  • What are you waiting for ... Speak, Say, Shout and Scream via DiGi MMS and stand a chance to win RM 3k and fabulous prizes!
  • Time to Change Malaysia with your voices!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MYPO Orchestra experience at Philharmonic, KLCC

Youth Orchestra conducted by Kevin Field ...
  • Before me and yve going to the Orchestra, brought Yve to try the food at Shanghai Ten at Avenue K.
  • The food is similar to Dragon-I but I prefer Shanghai Ten food ... my personal taste. Dragon-I also taste not bad too.

  • With the strict rule of the orchestra where we need to be seated by 8.15pm .... we went and register after our dinner at Shanghai Ten.
  • We were guided to the Rebana Suite .... wow, nice room to relax before we are allowed to enter the Philharmonic hall.

  • When we enter the hall ... I was like WOW... din know Malaysia got this kind of hall ... awesome!
  • By the way, we are not allowed to take pics in there ...

  • I am still amaze with the hall....very chun ler!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Team outing at Tony Roma's and Movie at Sunway Pyramid

Outing during working day, wat a nice feeling ...
  • Came in at the right time to work ... hehehe ... was my first outing with my team for the first quarter.
  • It was my first experience to eat in Tony Roma's too.

I really enjoyed the food here and the chit chat session ... i can tell u it is hard to gather everyone here to attend this outing as we are all tied with projects.

  • Every quarter we were given a budget to spent for team outing. The other teams did went for Tenji Japanese buffet and had BBQ session at their HOS house.
  • My team organize a lunch outing at Tony Roma's and Night at the Museum 2 movie.

The movie quite nice to watch .... not bad and luckily did not fall asleep after heavy lunch.
  • Here is my the happening SPMO team ... oh yes, there is one female only in my team.

Boss 'sek san' came late ... dats why got two version of pics .... one picture without boss and one group picture with boss.
  • What I can say that we over ordered .... and luckily we manage to finish most of the food.

The tall burger ...very nice burger. The big full loaf of fried onions ... maybe next time u can order a half loaf of onion as it is a bit 'jelak' feeling when u tend to eat much more.
  • The corn soup is nice. My colleague recommend their lamb chop too.
  • We ordered all the type of desserts ... seems we are too over enjoying eating.

Don't envy on the desserts ... very yummy-licious desserts ... my first time to eat so much varieties of desserts.
  • The side dishes which ordered by my boss ... very nice fried mushrooms and salad prawns...very nice...must order next time if u makan at Tony Roma's.

The prawns is fat and huge ... cant imagine my cholesterol level now.

  • The famous Tony Roma's pork ribs ....definitely a must try.
  • What I had?
  • I had pasta with lots of prawns...kekeke. Tend not to eat too much as need to prepare for my half marathon.

I thought pasta is a small portion but quite huge portion with many prawns sumore!
  • After the heavy meal, I phone Yve and told her no need to cook dinner as I need to skip dinner!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DiGi Broadband Activated!

Full EDGE speed at my area ...
  • Finally, gotten my DiGi broadband modem. Tested at home immediately.
  • Too bad my area was not HSDPA or 3G coverage but browsing with EDGE speed was ok and fast too in my area.
  • Compare to my previous Maxis Broadband which is unstable and super slow compare to my internet browsing experience now. DiGi speed was way much better and stable .... connected for 12 hrs and no disconnection .... amazing huh!

With DiGi broadband, I can connect to MSN without issue compare to my old Maxis Broadband. Can watch youtube too! yippie....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lunch at Vietnam Kitchen, One Utama Mall

Vietnamese food craving for lunch ...
  • One of the day where yve and myself were on leave ... we went to One Utama for shopping.
  • Here is what we had for lunch since we are craving for some asian food and we aimed at Vietnam Kitchen.

The drinks not bad ler....very nice and refreshing drink!
  • The drinks like the blended red bean with jelly on the above picture was good. The basil (above right picture) was very refreshing and nice too.
  • The food was ok and edible ... in fact for me, it is not one of the best vietnamese food served at here.
  • The beef noodle soup is not that strong as I ate at Vietnam before.

The price for the food is fairly reasonable...
  • What I like is their noodles .... very nice texture.
  • Soup is something I am dissapointed at.

Beef noodle soup .... taste ok but not the best ...
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