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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Single Malt Whisky and Bamboo Charcoal

I was introduced Single Malt Whisky by Johnny ...
  • During Ivan's wedding (Johnny's big brother) ... his second brother brought a single malt whisky to our table to test it out. Straight away fall in love with the smooth taste of the liquor.
  • Yve brought back a big package after her company dinner ... wow ... saw this single malt scotch whisky .... ooo la la ... can enjoy drinking while watchin Astro.
  • Then I saw a Bamboo Charcoal products ... wonder what the hell is it. Yve told me got many usage and benefits to our body and environment one .... darn, I am so 'ulu'.

Where to find bamboo charcoal products in KL? For those who got sensitive skin or rashes ... it is very useful ... my rashes (due to over seafood consumption) healed in the following next day after washing with the bamboo charcoal soap .... AMAZING!
  • The following are some of the usages you may want to apply using a bamboo charcoal.

    1. Place some of sliced bamboo charcoal when cooking rice. Bamboo charcoal absorbs chlorine, bad odor and toxic substances from water. Mineral contents in the bamboo charcoal will be diluted in the water. The taste of the rice will be something you have never experienced before. Calcium-filled tasty rice will be on your dining table.

    2. If you submerge a bamboo charcoal in the hot oil, the taste of fried food will be so fresh with true aroma of the ingredients. Charcoal will clean the oil, too. You will experience crispier taste by submerging the bamboo charcoal.

    3. Bamboo charcoal will clean and ionize the atmosphere in your room and protect your TV, computer and other electronics devices. It is also effective for electromagnetic shielding and infrared emitting.

    4. Put bamboo charcoal in refrigerators to remove odor (it will work like a deodorizer). When placed in vegetable section, it will absorb ethylene gas and keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

    5. Use bamboo charcoal in purifying tap water. Bamboo is naturally an antibacterial and antifungal. It will transform tap water into a mineral water-like taste.

    Ratio of charcoal to water is 1:1 in weight is recommended. It will take about 4-5 hours before the water is purified.

    Water quality can also be improved when bamboo charcoal is used in cooking and boiling.

    6. Bamboo charcoal releases natural minerals in water, keeping your flowers and fish healthy. Since the charcoal purifies water, it will save your time to take care of your aquarium. It also exterminates vermin.

    7. Cigarette smell in the car and static electricity will be eliminated by placing bamboo charcoal.

    8. Bamboo charcoal will remove moisture and molds which produce unpleasant odor. It will keep your shoes and clothes dry and comfortable.

    9. Bamboo charcoal will filter the smell of chlorinated lime from tap water and of course, flowers in the vase will last longer.

    10. Bamboo charcoal will refrain some of insects and worms from crops you stock.

    11. Minerals from bamboo charcoal will make pickles and other food chewy and tasty.

    12. Minerals from bamboo charcoal will be melted in the bath. You can enjoy alkaline bath and it will make your skin smooth. Also, with infrared ray effect, the charcoal entirely warms up your body, easing lumbago, stiff shoulders, and poor circulation. You can enjoy just like you are in hot spring in a forest.



wow~ bamboo charcoal so useful ka?

SimpleGirl said...

i used bamboo charcoal soap, pillow and even undergarment as's really good.

eugene said...

never heard about it before, thank for the info, i will google it,,,, thanks again,,

chrisau said...

i love the bamboo charcoal breads...LOL

kenwooi said...

bamboo charcoal products?
black black ar.. lol.. never heard of them before.. =P

Lulu said...

I in in serious alcohol allergic...alcohol for me is a BIG no-no...

fufu said...

nowadays ppl misuse it to commit suicide in japan... ><

Cath J said...

Ow.. is it?? may be can try for my hubby who will get some skin problem sometimes.. ^_^

where to get ah?? ^_^

thenomadGourmand said...

I tried the charcoal bread & found it to be expensive and honestly had no taste at all!
Hehe.. nowadays can get it frm bakeries but tht's for baking cakes etc..
Not sure where to get the charcoal powder that is usable for the long list u mentioned above.

fann fann said...

aiyoo..i shd finish for you by drinking it when me at your house!! HAHAHA

iamthewitch said...

I did put charcoal in my wardrobe and fridge before.. even put it in my kettle for boiling, but I thought the fridge one didn't really work..

vialentino said...

fanny: better not ler...later dylan also follow u to minum together

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