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Friday, December 18, 2009

Grade A+ milk in the world

No other milks beats mom's breast milk quality!
  • The nursery caretaker told us ... Dylan's mom milk is the best ... why?
    1. Thick in color ... others mom's milk very transparent and watery.
  • We told Karen (nursery owner) that maybe we wanted to wind-off slowly on breastfeeding. Immediately, she said NO , and even if YES, she want us to supply for her daugther (in a kidding way).

Full of breast milk supply for a week ...
  • We will continue to feed Dylan with breast milk for 1 year. For mom out there, do continue to breast feed and give the best to your baby.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Breast feed is good, extra antibody for baby...good good!

CH Voon said...

keep it on... it is the best food for baby

Agnes Sim said...

wow..the milk really in thick color wo.. GOOD!! no wonder ur Dylan is so chubby...:p

Joey said...

wow! I kinda forget to snap a photo of my supply last time, shud have do so.

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