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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Look Back & 2010 Resolution

2009 Review ...

  • I set my 2009 resolutions previously with 2 action items only
    1. Complete a Full Marathon (FAILED) - Completed 2 Half Marathon only
    2. Achieve 70kg body weight (FAILED) - reached 77kg from 98kg
  • Anyway, there are many good things happened in 2009 for me and yve
    1. BABY Dylan (biggest gift & achievement)
    2. New DSLR camera & new wedding photograpy online site for me
    3. Verve Suites unit
    4. Yve's new baby online shop
  • My dissapointment for this year are:-
    1. Lost Google Adsense income as being banned by Google :(
    2. Wrong investment decision into Wine

My 2010 Resolution ...

  • I set one resolution for myself ...
    1. Achieve 77 kg body weight and maintain for half a year.



reanaclaire said...

hey..Mr G also banned u? hahaha.. mine was in August .. i nearly reached 100usd and then they cut me out.. so frust..

Merryn said...

Oh dear.. Mr G left you ah? nvm.. can always count on Mr Nuff :D Happy New Year to you via :)

CH Voon said...

Why Mr G left you ??? Mr G why leave you without reason... some of my friend kena left too! mmmm macam ni not good friend with Mr G.

what is the distance for Full Marathon?....

98 to 77... very good reason oledi...

i think i have same weight like u... so i target to 72kg enough hehehe

Happy new year 2010 to you n FAmILY :)

Cath J said...

Happy new year bro!! and hope we can achieve THAT weigh issue... LOL!!!

Happy new year to Yve and Dylan too.. ^_^

Angie Tan said...

Hey... Happy New Year!!!

Those were some great achievements for 2009. I can't get Mr G to approve me-la.. *sigh*

May 2010 be a more fruitful year ahead for you & your family. ;-)

vialentino said...

reana: aihhh...same here... usd 120+ and they dun let me withdraw and just said i have violated the T&C

merryn: yeah, mr. nuff still the best ler...will be better if NN pays in USD...kekeke

ch voon: u looks slimmer and lighter than me bro ... i am much heavier than u now... the mr. G is sad case...said i violated their T&C...

cath j: yeah, i need to try harder this year ... without badminton, basketball and swimming ... hard for me to reduce weight.

angie: why cant mr. G approve u? urs is personal blog ... shud be ok one ler...

TO ALL: happy new year to u all

kenwooi said...

oh well.. i was banned from google adsense too.. dont know why... nvm la..

anyway, happy new year 2010! =)

thenomadGourmand said...

hhmm i wonder if its on purpose??
cos i read here so mnay ppl get banned jz as they wan to cash out!

well.. yr weight lose frm 98 -78 is quite an achievement itself!
no worries, i'm sure tis year's better!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hope u can achieve your goal in 2010 =) Happy New Year bro~

Anonymous said...

hope 2010 all what you fail will b fulfill, and whatever your resolution for 2010 will work out the way you want it.

may god bless you and your fam via :)

fann fann said...

what maintain only for half a year!! u shd maintain it forever and even better!

LittleLamb said...

so u finally decided to buy a unit???

smallkucing said...

Huh? You, kenwooi and Claire also having the same problem with Mr G?

I was banned too just when it was reaching USD100.

Conspiracy theory... hmm..

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