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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Windows 7 Consumer Launch at KLCC Convention Center

Windows 7 Launch ...

  • It was a wet morning ... rain early in the morning ... arrived at KLCCCC at 7.15am to avoid all the jams.
  • Everyone is talking about this Windows 7 and as you know, I did not bother as it is just another typical Microsoft OS.
  • But I was proven wrong when I saw their demo .... I was like 'WOW'.
  • It is so damn cool compare to Windows XP and Vista ...

  • I thought I am the kiasu one who arrived early ... damn, many people arrived earlier than me.
  • When I walk into the exhibition hall, it was almost fully packed ... I think more than 3k visitors.
  • The best thing to visit this kind of launch and workshop ... lots of freebies and shirts given out.

  • Just can't wait my company refresh the OS to Windows 7!
  • Find out more bout Windows 7 here
  • Anyone using Windows 7 now?...can share your feedback here


eugene said...

I heard Window 7 not much of a ho ha lah, just like Vista......

Hey on the kiasu part, you bet there are many people who would be more Kiasu than you, so dont worry,,,

You got come Penang or not, let me know if you do, we will meet up, make sure that adorable Dylan must be tagged along, otherwise no see you,,, take care now bro

chrisau said...

Windows 7 sounds cool to me but then, so as Window Vista when it first launch. It probably takes a while to really gauge its effectiveness or usability.

Lulu said...

IT dummy, my bf take charge of it for me...not my topics...

but u looks great in that suit! :P

Ashleyteng said...

i've got my new lappy installed windows 7 by accident hehe~ yes the graphic and everything is damn nice, just love it so much xDDD
u shud install this asap, via!! xD

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow, your company is going to refresh to Win7? Sure bo...license fee sure very gao le...I also wondering what so fantastic about it :)

kenwooi said...

wow.. cool... win 7..
till now i never experienced that.. =P

wen pink said...

u arrived so early and yet there were people arrived even earlier than u?????? gosh!! *faint*

Skeeper said...

i'm using windows 7 too!

it's so cool :D

well, you really have to try the ms office 2010 versions. the powerpoint's so cool and works well with windows 7 :D

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