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Sunday, November 01, 2009

My new swimming pool

How I wish the pool is for me and yve ....
  • Yippie, finally got a new swimming pool in the house and that is for Dylan boy ....
  • Me and yve wish to jump in there too but we are too worried if the pool will burst if not able to support our weight.
  • This post happened quite some time and have the chance to post about it.
  • Yeah, order the swimming pool from ... this is the pool I am aiming for cause of the depth of the pool and bout 4 ft x 2.5 feet size which is great enuff for me.
  • Comparing to the traditional, rounded and flat size kind of swimming pool which babies not able to float by themself ... this is the best one and highly recommended.

Quite safe at the below of the pool...there is a air cushion below ... do make sure clean ur floors and no sharp objects or stones underneath ur pool.

My personal experience to setup the pool ...

  • It took me quite fast to setup with the air pump which is included in the package, plus water temperature measurement and baby float .... u dun have to buy any accesories at all.
  • To pump the float it took about 10-15 minutes depending which level of depth of the pool you want it to be ... there are 4 levels. Then took another 15-20 minutes to fill up the pool with water depending on the water level you decide.
  • The temperature of the water must be right ... that's why the package provide u a termometer to measure the water temperature.
  • A dummy like me also will know how to setup this pool.

I am so jealous that I want to go for a swim now ... Dylan is so enjoying to swim and float in the water ... will buy him more floating toys soon.

Dylan's reaction ...

  • When we first put Dylan into the pool, of course we feel worried and many negative thoughts came across our mind that he will drown or he slide off from the float.
  • So as per instruction, do wear the safety float around his neck first. Don't worry that the float will suffocate and strangle his neck, it is air inside and do not scare he will slide off from the float ... there is a belt adjustment.
  • At first, when we put Dylan into the water, he was making ngek ngek sound cause it is something new and he feel the fear.
  • Wahsei, after few seconds and less than a minute, he starts to enjoy it and settled down. From there onwards, he kicks and move his hands around in the water .... gosh, he is so enjoying it!
  • After 10-15 minutes, we lift him up from the pool... and guess what, he wants it more and he cried. We couldn't let swim for too long as per the instruction. Else he will catch cold and fall sick.

Swimming pool package from ... delivered in a small box ...

  • If you are interested ... please do order from mybbshop ok! The seller is generous to give u a good further discount ... just mention u know it from vialentino's blog.
  • Remember swimming is good for baby development ... u will never regret it.

No need to buy any accessories at all....everything included ... just read the manual and u will have ur own pool in ur home but it is for baby! Easy setup too!


kenwooi said...

haha.. cute..
try getting a BIGGER one so that it can fit you and yve =)

Lulu said...

I must suggest this toy to my bf's sister! Her baby in around Dylan's age~~

Janice said...

so cutie!

Agnes said...

wow...he so cute!! i didn't know that when my kids was a baby..nvm just send them for swimming class. BTW my son school have swimming lesson every alternative free swimming lesson for him.

Medie007 said...

wahhh... swimming pool looks so cute... Dylan must've enjoyed himself to the max. :)

TZ said...

hmmm... so nice. Have personal pool that can do a naked swim :)

Adrian & Aeiween said...

whao~ i just realized baby can swim also! cool huh! But is it comfortable for Dylan? Because i see it from here like tie his head.. hehehee.. :p

Cath J said...

Awwwwwwwwww......... He is sooo CUTEEEEEEEE!!! *Pinch!Pinch*...

I will have this if I have another baby.. ^_^..

Ayoo NO video ah?? Sure cute.. ye!Ye! I can see Dylan's Tutttttt.... ^_^ (Hehehehhe... sorry Dylan.. auntie joking.. ;-p)

chrisau said...

what's the maximum age to use this portable pool ah? Tot of getting one for my 4 yr old kid.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow...Dylan zao hou la :) Wei, the safety float cute wor...can I just buy that safety float alone ar for my niece? :p but she is 2 years old le...

fann fann said...

this is too cool!! i want to see dylan swim also..

wen pink said...

LOL THIS IS SO CUTE!! at first the pool looks quite small.. but then after u put in dylan, it looks huge!!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Wah, so enjoy eh!!! Most babies would be feelin' scared or maybe cry...vbut your baby Dylan... really have potential becoming a pro swimmer!


woah~ tats cute :)
i remember i got 1 too when i was small ... i used to swim it together with my cousin sister

but u have to becareful, never let little dylan swim at there alone when u r not around

levian said...

the safety float on his neck is such a cool idea! i would love to have trained for something as cool since young. :)

CH Voon said...

i want one too!

Any bigger size? so i can jump in too.

Water you fill in is normal temperature???

thenomadGourmand said...

oh my gawd!! so cool!!
Lucky baby dylan! ya such a great dad! spoilt him rotten wei... ;p

vialentino said...

sorry for my late reply...was busy.

kenwooi: confirmed can fit one female adult and a baby...can support the weight.

lulu: yeah, baby love water alot actually..better train them at early age. dylan like to swim forward already...geng

janice: yeah....cute coz big size mah.

agnes: yeah, when baby small...u cannot bring to public pool cause of chlorine ler...

medie007: yeah...thanks.

tz: that naked pool, need to put inside house ler...

aeiween: can fit...need to secure their head...dats why looks tight but is air cushion one.

cath j: got video ler...but lazy to upload it in blog n youtube.

chrisau: the pool instruction is up to age 2....but can fit an adult person....but 4 yrs old is too small for them...cant swim.

uli: can buy seperately...but if buy the pool come with the float wor...lagi worth it.

wen pink: the pool is huge actually for baby...they can swim here and there.

christina: dunno far i saw all my friends baby, they like water a lot....some do fear and cry.

l2: sure sure....will never let him swim alone one.

levian: yeah...very advanced now...

ch voon: yeah...replied to u already. the instruction will tell u the exact teperature...but we put cold level 32-34 celcious.

thenomad: wei wei...this aunty ah....not spoilt him...dunwan buy him toys...this healthy exercise better...and he enjoys it.

foongpc said...

Now if only I swam in this type of pool when I was a baby, I would know how to swim now! : )

Cindy said...

Good for baby... I don't know that's such a DEEP pool for children!

vialentino said...

foongpc: yeah, thats why better train them to like water and swim at early age.

cindy: yeah, thats where i spotted this swimming pool type...

Farah said...

i like thattt i also want to have ma own swimming pool... lucky dylan :P

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