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Monday, November 02, 2009

John's Farewell @ Al Diafah Restaurant, Sri Petaling

The MYSTERY FOOD revealed ...
  • Relating to my previous mystery food post ... the answer is finally here. Do read on ...
  • As usual, my boss 'God of Food' brought us to this luxury Middle Eastern restaurant located in Sri Petaling to celebrate John's & Len Nee farewell.
  • The dining place is at first floor. The owner of the restaurant is from Jeddah
  • The restaurant is situated at Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur43-45, Jalan Radin Anum,Seri Petaling, KL It is located in Sri Petaling facing the Shell station. Its very easy to spot with the huge signboard and bright lightings.

Thumbs up for their decoration and ambience! Guess all the decoration money came from their oil business.
  • The first moment I walked in at their staircase...u dun find it likes an ordinary staircase but with the royal feeling walking up to the dining area. There is lift also but we did not used that.
  • The moment, we stepped into the dining area....we all were like 'jakoons' ... wow here and there.

Aden Tea ... something like our teh tarik or Masala Indian Tea drink (I seriously miss Sharon Soosay's Masala tea!) .. cost RM 10!
  • Actually it was my first experience dining and eating a middle eastern food. Cause I know their food is rice and meat and doesn't have any vegetables.
  • The price of the food in here are expensive. Per plate of an ordinary dish like lamb with rice is RM 35.
  • The menu below is for few paxs and most expensive package is RM 1000!

If u plan for a gathering ... 40-45pax... u can choose their pacakge of RM 950 ... eat till u drop!

  • Many new food items for me as I really don't know what is the best food. Of course we let our boss to order for us. Below are our orders base on his recommendation.
  • Bread with some gravy with olive oil ... i love their puff bread...damn kao nice...everyone just keep whacking it.

The Hommus (made from chickpeas) is a favourite of mine which is a must order with their pita bread
  • Our side dish ... Lamb Kebab! chun ler...not the ordinary kebab we eat...but their kebab is like made from minced meat .... taste good!

They make the lamb kebab like a sausage roll ... damn kao nice ler...

  • It is cosy with luxury decoration ... look at our dining area ... chun siul.

Mohd. Nor, John, Len Nee, Raymond & Kean Siang ... the pillar of SPMO

Mystery Food Answer ... Al Diafah Rice with Lamb
  • What so special bout it.
    1. The price itself RM 35 for this Rice and Lamb only.
    2. The rice is so fragrant with the lamb smell and taste.
    3. The rice type is long and thin and nice to chew and bite.
    4. The lamb is good and big portion.
    5. Can feed 2 pax actually.
  • I have skipped my dinner and the following day breakfast and lunch ...imagine how full and tasty is it.

Looks ordinary rite ... but once u taste the rice ... u will get addicted and remember the taste for life! Many good reviews from food forum and foodies blogsite.

Cam whoring session ...
  • I realize my face is so chubby now...gosh!
  • I must change my camera ... wrong setting again. Sorry yeah.

  • All the best to John and Len Nee ...

  • Another 1kg added up to my weight! It was a wonderful lunch experience!


thenomadGourmand said...

oh my..u really eat non-stop lehh!

chrisau said...

I been to a Middle eastern eatery's really meat and bread, meat and bread... LOL. Anyway, the meat taste great. Nice restaurant you have there in the blog. Keep posting all the good foods around, I can sample it when I come over to Klang valley.

vialentino said...

thenomad: dun mention liow ler....lately too many food and makan makan session.

chrisau: yalo...dats why i said is rice and vege one ler...but i like the lamb rice a lot.

reanaclaire said...

wah.. lamb in the rice cost rm35? gosh..must be really yummylicious.. i replied yr comment in my blog about the KKK/TBH..

iriene said...

Ur boss really knows where is the best food in town. Looks good!
Btw, nang Cathay-HK :)

Adrian & Aeiween said...

whao~ their restaurant look like so interesting lei!!! Nice! Your boss quite "Keng" can find this restaurant!!! hehehe...

Adrian & Aeiween said...

wah how come the rice like so expensive one? RM 1000???! ^.^"

Henry LeE ® said...

i think that lamb rice is the most expensive rice i ever saw selling in KL... HOAHHH...

theeggyolks said...

never thought that the food from middle east is soooooo expensive!

kenwooi said...

al diafah??
how in the world would anyone guess that?? haha..
anyway, new variety of food.. you eat alot.. got tummy anot? =P

uLi.佑莉 said... least my guess is correct 50%, I said is "Kambing" oh...:D

Lulu said...

walau....very special restaurant and dishes neh~~ Very jealous u can try those unique yet FOC foods! :P

I like the deco too.

foongpc said...

Wow! So expensive! Only meat? No vegetables? OKlah, once in a while, if everyday eat here, I'll go bankrupt and my waistline will expand! : )

vivi-angel said...

I love the food lol...*drool*

James Chin said...

Hey via, very good introduction. I did not know how Middle Eastern food looks like and taste like till I read your post. Nice food bloggie!

Dora said...

So my earlier guess was partially correct!

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