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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dylan @ 4 months old, 9.2kg and 70cm long

Dylan says ... long time no see ... my daddy bully me, HELP!
  • Hahaha, I did not bully him ... he is the King of the house now!
  • Is another belated post again .... early week of November, send Dylan for routine check-up and vacinnation by Dr. Cheok.
  • Dr. Cheok told us that my baby is super extraordinary special (another words, big size and fat loh). She said Dylan's behaviour is advanced like 6 months old baby ... the size and the weight is like 1 year old baby ...
  • Agree with her, we are buying 12-18 months shirt & pants for him now.

  • Looks like the white Michelin man, right?
  • He still feeds on breast milk 100%.

Did not pamper Dylan at all ...

  • Most of you all see like me and yve are over pampering him ... in fact we did not. You will be shocked and might think we are abuser instead.
  • At 3rd months old, we sleep seperately from Dylan by putting him to sleep alone in the guest room. Of course, with the baby monitor turned on.
  • We want to train him not to be sticky to us and does not want him to sleep the same bedroom with me & yve when he grows up.
  • Now when he wakes up, he will talk to himself and smile ... which awake us at 6am sometimes.
  • Secondly, we did not buy him much toys. Dylan got few toys only which people present to him. He enjoys the swimming pool the most now.

  • His hair starts to grow back long already after bald him during his fullmoon.
  • So far Dylan is healthy & fine and he is the one bullying the mom and the daddy instead.


uLi.佑莉 said...

OMG! 9.2KG...very geng ar! Dylan is really cute now :)

vialentino said...

uli: this afternoon waiting for u to come over at 1.30pm to see him swim ler...mana tau u cant make it last minute.

chubby ler...

Lisa717 said...

Yayyyy~~ thanks bro for sharing on bb Dylan pic again!!! hehehe..frankly speaking and I want to repeat over n over again..viewing at his pic really make my day eh!!! yiiiiii..his face really chubby leh..hehehe..if i happened to meet him on the street, can i hug him??? hahaha..

anyway, he really superb big size eh..wish him stay healthy all the time ya~

btw hor.. i got a niece ar..when she was 2-3 yr old ar..she looked more like a michelin o..haha..i think i post her pic b4..let me check check my blog..if i found the entry, then i copy to ur cbox n share with u ya~

haha..looking forward to view more bb Dylan pics^^

eugene said...

Hey bro, please let Dylan sleep with the papa and the mama,you know this is the most beautiful time spent as a family. My two boys are sleeping with us until now, let them be manja lah.

i always like this song from Aerosmith, especially this line." I can stay awake,just to hear your breathing, watch smile while you're sleeping, far away from dreaming"
really i dont want to miss a thing, to enjoy the them whenever we could.

trust me,bro this is very good for Dylan, even if he grows up, he wil be very close to you, just like my two boys to me and my wife now. they allow me to kiss them in front of their friends and they feel proud

kenwooi said...

cute facial expression! =P

Lulu said...

yor....very "hang fok daddy" post lor! Great to know baby Dylan is healthy and strong~~

Big Clap for the 100% breast feed!!!!!!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

OMG Dylan is sooo cute! Same same breast feed 100% but my son is so skinny >_<

Anyway~ hope to see more posts like this, happiness!!!

fufu said...

i wanna pinch his cheekzzzzzzz now =p

CH Voon said...

wah really geng... 9.2kg! little giant

He follow whose DNA hehhehe

He look a bit cool and cute

Adrian & Aeiween said...

9.2 KG!!! are you serious? oh my god quite heavy lei.. when you carrying him will feel tire right? for me sometimes i carrying Enn Yin (my niece) also feel like want to cry~ because for me she is quite heavy weight.. :p

LittleLamb said...

I'm glad Dylan is still breastfed. This is the best gift a mummy can give to her child. Keep it up

annant said...

he's so chubby wei!!!
*cubit* :P

Lemonjude said...

Little super cute Michelin boy...will he become a fei chai as he grow? from his weight can read that he is a big size baby..

The 2nd pic, is he sitting in a stroller in olden days?

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