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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maxis IPO price at RM 5.20

Finally RM 5.20 a share ... sigh

  • Hoping for RM 5.00 or below for a Maxis share .... but would need to read the prospectus bout their strategic investment.
  • MAXIS Communications Bhd., Malaysia’s biggest mobile-phone operator, offered to sell as many as 212.3 million shares in its Malaysian unit at RM5.20 apiece to retail investors. The final price will be subject to the result of a bookbuilding process, the company said in a prospectus published on the New Straits Times newspaper in Kuala Lumpur today. - Bloomberg .


TheFonz said...

can buy already is it?

Jason said...

Finally is out to the retail investor. RM 5.20, seems a bit high. I will wait for the stock analyst report on this. Soon there will be lots of news about Maxis IPO.

Anonymous said...

simonsays: your news quite fast leaked out!

Clement said...

this IPO should be release end of Nov. Maybe that's why there's no annual dinner for Maxis staff this year end... hahha... this is be biggest door gift.

Get ready your money, people.

chrisau said...

wah...not cheap.

kenwooi said...

i dont know how shares work.. =P

Clement said...

Call a remisier, he will explain to you.

damn_him said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vialentino said...

imran: yeah...can apply dah.

jason: is exp but worth to invest one.

anonymous: morning remiser called me to inform me.

clement: yeah...big doorgift...maxis staff kaya again.

chrisau: yeah...but good for investment and dividen.

kenwooi: once u know, u might get addicted...hahaha....

clement: haha...u r rite!

The 8th Voyager said...

At the PE of 17, I won't buy.

Only be interested after it tumbles 2 ringgit down.

Elanor said...

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