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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jogoya Japanese Buffet @ Starhill Gallery

Project celebration continues at Jogoya ...
  • It is time for the big celebration after the system has been migrated successfully. The team has worked hard and it is time to enjoy and laugh all out. The celebration venue was a big agenda in closure meeting ... at the end, the team decided to have our celebration at Jogoya.
  • It wasn’t that difficult to locate the restaurant, which is at the Relish Floor (Fifth, I think.) of Star Hill Gallery. However, before we even managed to step our foot inside the restaurant, we were required to pay first. Yes, pay first, eat later.
  • The price was RM78 for the lunch session, not inclusive of tax and 10% service charge. The price is different for each session, lunch, late lunch, dinner and supper, with the most expensive session is the dinner at RM88 per pax. We went for the dinner one!

  • Oh boy, we got a big dining room for ourself to cater 20pax! too bad for those who can't make it for the celebration.
  • Ambiance is nice and the whole restaurant is very spacious and huge. They opted for the open kitchen concept and you can see the chefs in action, from the first step like preparing the ingredients up till the dish is ready to be served. Basically, you just have to take what you want to eat and that’s it. For those that need to be cooked, place your Jogoya clip into the bowl and wait for the dish to be brought to your table once it is done.

  • There are many sections in the restaurants, mainly the Japan’s, India’s, Taiwan’s, BBQ’s, drinks, pastries, desserts, clay pots, teppanyaki and many more. You will be greeted with lots and lots and lots and lots of food.

  • I love the variety food served here especially their sashimi, shark fin soup and fragant coconut! Oh yeah, their white wine taste great too!
  • The crab was delicious ... it was fresh compare to the last time I came here. Damn kao huge baked cheese oyster too.

  • Did not manage to take many food pics ... mainly busy chit-chatting and sharing our past experiences and moments we experienced during the project.
  • Enjoy the pics taken during the dinner time ...

  • Pics and pics ....

  • Smiles and laughters ... we hardly see it during the project time ... imagine the stress and tireness we are facing.

  • Everyone wonder how we can meet the rollout date with the tight timeline given ... still a big question how we achieved that!
  • A toast to the team for their big contribution and sacrifices made ... hope we can get bigger bonus for this quarter! kakaka.

  • Finally, my life is back to my daily routine lifestyle. The biggest change is that I have been gaining weights from this particular project itself.
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