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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not EDGE, Not HSDPA but WCDMA DiGi Broadband speed at My Area

A Happy DiGi Broadband user ...
  • Finally, my area Taman Puchong Hartamas, postcode 47100 is WCDMA coverage or is it for trial? Hope not!
  • I was browsing the internet to login to and and I felt the page loading is extremely fast in a matter of seconds.
  • Thought it was cache from my computer and did go and see the DiGi Internet console and it shows I am on HSDPA & WCDMA network .... awesome!

Hope HSDPA & WCDMA broadband coverage stays in my area and I can blog online from home ...
  • I hope DiGi will keep on improving the coverage in my area especially broadband and network coverage to be upgraded to 3G soon.
  • With that, I can tell and share to my neighbours to switch back or subscriber to DiGi Broadband cause previously the broadband coverage is pretty bad.
  • My complaints is answered! Thanks to DiGi
  • Goodbye SlowyX ... Time to Change! ...


uLi.佑莉 said...

=) Good one!

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Oh so maybe next time i can ask my dear dear to change to DIGI also for our new place.. hehehe

foongpc said...

Is DIGI Broadband that good? Currently using Streamyx.

James said...

Great entry, I think you need to submit it at to qualify to win the macbooks :)

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