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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Axian Dim Sum at Bandar Puteri Puchong, bad review a bit!

A slightly NOT so good food review ...
  • I have read many food bloggers comments commenting very good and tasty! Let's see my verdict and review base on my own taste bud.
  • For those who doesn't know, this restaurant is owned by Axian, with a couple of business partners.
  • Axian's name is Jason Yeoh (you can see his picture at the sign board) and he is the host for a few talk shows and food shows on Astro AEC. No doubt I love to watch his food shows.
  • This was my first time visit to this dim sum restaurant while was second time for yve. Brought my parent-in-laws for morning dim sum.

We reached there bout 8am ... luckily still many tables around. With the nice, cloudy and cool weather, decided to sit outside.
  • The steamed dim sum at Axian’s Dim Sum is generally good but comes with a more expensive price @ RM4.50 each.
  • It is the most expensive dim sum restaurant around in Puchong you can find. Maybe because of his name ... guess everyone will come here for his name.
  • The ingredients used were really fresh especially the prawns. So fresh and and the meat s bouncy when u have a bite on it.
  • It is said that Sakura Pork (antibiotic and growth hormone free) was used to produce the dim sum at Axian, which resulted in a healthier and better tasting meat. Errr, to me taste the different at all.

I am not sure what Pau is this called ... sound like 'Siu Lai' pao with the ingredients will spill out once you bite. This is not bad!

Food Review ...

  • Everyone say very good and tasty .... I would say some food is really tasty and some taste very normal only and some excellent taste.
  • If Axian is reading my blog for some bad comments, I hope he can improve some of the dim sum tasting cause I wish to see his shop will survive long enuff here.

    The bad stuff:-
    1. Most of the dim sum served are cold esp the fried radish cake, fish balls and some prawns dim sum dishes.
    2. Can see many floor serving staff which is good, but guess is the Kitchen process which is very slow and need improvement. I have ordered Xiu Long Bao which I have waited 20 mins and it doesn't came at all. Very fruzz with the waiting. I can see my next table, the customers left after paying bill and their chee cheong fun only came!
    3. Price is very expensive for this kind of dim sum selling in shop lot and in Puchong ... of course not comparing with Ah Yat, Oriental & Tai Thong dim sum price. Shud reduce cheaper a bit. I can see that people will come for the first time to try cause of his name ... if u tell me to come second time, I would think twice as there are many nice dim sum served in Puchong for a cheaper price.
    4. Please ensure the fried stuff and dim sum are kept heated and hot when served to customer. I hate to eat cold dim sum!
    5. Should improve the Siew Mai - when I first bite it, I don't have the wow feeling like it taste siew mai at all .. the taste is like less porky taste and plain. Secondly, is the fish balls, totally less fish taste and smell of it they mix fish and pork meat? I am happy they served very big fish balls and 3 pcs somemore!
    6. The Prawn Chee Cheong Fun ... RM 4.50 per plate fo the plain taste and small chopped prawns was way too expensive and not worthy. Furthermore, the soya sauce gravy is watery as you can see from the picture below.
    7. They doesn't sell Lotus Leaf Rice but they publish the food item at the roof stroller. If don't sell, then don't put it ... big dissapointment when I ordered that and is not in their menu anymore.

    The good stuff:-
    1. The prawns are very fresh! Must try and order their Har Mai (their signature dish).

The porridge was good. The fried radish cake is fried till perfection ... problem is I had a cold fried radish cake and not that fresh when I ate it. Maybe I am the unlucky who kena served with cold fried radish cake.
  • It is worth for the first time trying it here. Give it a try since it is very popular dim sum place in Puchong now.

Top pic: The Siew Mai is really so so only....doesn't have the wow effect when u first ate it. Need some improvement but read from some food bloggers, they commented it taste very good, you try and let me know. Below Pic: One of the prawn filling dim sum...delicious. I love all their prawns steamed dim sum.
  • Actually I have read many good reviews and nice dim sum pictures taken by food bloggers ... dunno that somehow it is over selling.
  • Anyway, there is way for improvement to make the best dim sum in Puchong. Overall msot of the dim sum taste good.

The Har Mai and Har Gao .... very fresh and nice...a must ordered. Thumbs up for this!

  • As I mention in my food review, not sure this chee cheong fun makes you drool a not. RM 4.50 per plate is way too expensive for this small portion and plain taste. With the soya sauce is so watery.

Prawn chee cheong fun is my favourite dish ... but when I ate it ... felt dissapointed a bit. The price and the taste is not worth paying for.

  • I will come back again if Axian improved some of the dim sum quality and reduce the price a bit. Else difficult for me to come for a second time unless I bring friends for their first time or someone treat :p
  • Anyway, don't because of reading some of my bad reviews on Axian Dim Sum, you don't want to go and eat ... do try and you may comment about it if you have the same expectation as me.


Adrian & Aeiween said...

Thanks to sharing with us! Lucky we haven't go there yet. I told my dear dear you are going to try Axian Dim Sum so i said i must wait for your review then only we go and try. So i think we might just go to other place to eat Dim Sum :p.

Lulu said...

U can b a professional food blogger liao lar~~ha!

TZ said...

hmmm... RM4.50 per plate. I rather go to Ah Yat coz sometime they offer 50% off all plates... and marco polo have all you can eat dim sum on Sunday too.

I heard not bad too. BTW, Axian recommended eatery place is not good at all. I once went to Penang for the seafood that he recommended... I would say it's the worst seafood i have eaten. So I don't think i will go to his restaurant... :p

thenomadGourmand said...

aiyo..atr marketing tool for his fame.
I wont go one loh!

vialentino said...

aeiween: u can try lah....their prawns dim sum really nice to eat. The har mai and har gao is really nice. the rest to me is normal and not worth the price.

lulu: cannot la, just my personal opinion only ler...

TZ: yeah, is a food show...sure will flatter the food until kao kao one. oh yes, i like ah yat dim sum...50% off on saturday...taste so nice.

thenomad: yupz...for sure is for his name who ppl went there.

Cath J said...

Mmmm... still prefer the dim sum at somewhere around Kuchai lama.. ^_^

But never doubt got a feelings to try this place.. ;-p

reanaclaire said...

so axian now has his own dim sum restaurant? i didnt know that.. thanks for sharing.. but as u said, the price is pretty high la.. for 2 plates almost 10rm? wow.. dotn think i will go for that.. anyway, dim sum.. once a blue moon ok la.. but give me noodles anytime.. :)

MiChi said...

hmmm... i think I will not want to try le... I don't go for name... This type of price, better eat in Kam Lun Tye

Adrian & Aeiween said...

OK! No worries as long as i order their prawns dish should be okay i think.. hehe because you said that their prawns quite fresh right? hehe

~dolly~ said...

wah.. the xiu lai bao..
i want to eat that!!!

Anonymous said...

jen loves dim sum a lot!!!
next time go KL, via be jen's tour guide ya..haha.

Mummy Moon said...

HMMM, I think I wouldn't go this place to makan after reading your post, LOL. Done :)ed

SJ said...

wow there're even ppl who sit outside and eat. must be popular! and yummy food.

From me to you, suejean =)

dhemz said...

am just drooling looking at those dimsum delish!

kenwooi said...

the food looks good..
but the review.. haha..
i also rarely eat dim sum.. unless got ppl visit i bring them go eat dim sum.. =P

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, an HONEST blog on Axian, restoring sanity to our insane food scene.

Taste wise is up and down, just like other dimsum joints.

Service wise, it ranks at the bottom, i have yet to go to one with worse service.

I went there 5 times already as I am mad about dimsum, but in all those visits, I only hated it mores.

foongpc said...

Luckily I am not a big fan of dim sum, so I will not go unless somebody belanja. Haha!

Errr... a bit outdated, don't even know who the heck this Axian fellow is! LOL!

Anonymous said...

it's Axian who bring in the crowd..
the service is super all time lousy..
the dimsum is normal...the lo ma kai n char siew pau is a biggest letdown...i wasted 2hours just waiting for dish to come one by one...sickening la...
if u think Axian is worth it then u go ... *no eye see*

Jassy said...

mr. via, good honest post there bout Axian dim sum. The price is super expensive and we are just eating HIS NAME. The Har Mai taste ok and fresh and other dim sum is very normal.

jessica said...

I tried last weekend, nothing special even the har mai. Furthermore, it is expensive and will not come to eat again. Rather eat dim sum in Ah Yat which got 50% off on saturday! Waiting service is a bit too long too.

ai wei said...

hihi, hmmm, i have have yet to visit here because i find the price is slightly higher... and... i dun feel food are good here. hehe, just no idea why :P

Anonymous said...

now is Axian dim sum, axian health juice, then will be axian moon cake, axian cili sauce ..etc
business tactics sigh…smart customers will know their dimsum are normal....

Michael said...

Expensive and normal!! That's what I can describe eatng dimsum at here. Nice foodie blog here!

Anonymous said...

try Wa Yan Dim Sum , Bdr Puteri Puchong..newly open... the quality better than Axian and much cheaper.. Lau Sa Bao, lo mai kai, char siew bao is among the best i have tasted..other are ok too

Anonymous said...

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