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Friday, August 21, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet at Solaris, Mont Kiara

Expensive Japanese Buffet Lunch & not worth it
  • No doubt Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara is the latest craze in town for few months ago. It has been forwarded in emails, blogged by numerous food bloggers, and perhaps the most attractive thing about it currently is the buffet luncheon promotion for afforable price.
  • Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Solaris Mont’ Kiara, right above Cold Storage.
  • Previously people mention that Tenji served the best Japanese buffet compare to Jogoya @ Starhill. I have tried Jogoya before and it was one of the best Jap buffet I had.
  • Recently, I have read a few bad comments that they did not maintain the food quality and standard and has dropped ... so me and yve decided to go and try and review for ourself. We ajak along Johny, Dae, Wan Lin, Fanny and Lyn as well to join us for the lunch as they have not tried as well.

  • Oh yeah, it cost us RM 77++ each as we have it on Sunday lunch.
  • What I can say that the price we are paying for is not worth the food quality and taste we are served.
  • I don't have the 'WOW' experience when I dine at Jogoya ... seriously the food at Tenji really not that good and the only thing I enjoy is their fragrant coconut which I had more than 7-8 biji.

  • Dylan's Godmother ... Fanny ...
  • She complains arm pain after carrying Dylan ... hahaha.

  • Group pics taken and Lyn carrying Dylan for the first time.
  • Lyn, thanks for the wonderful gift.

  • I did not take much of the food pics .... cause hardly can eat much .... the sashimi is not that fresh .... and even the fried tempura is cold and not that crunchy when I had a bite on it.
  • The Oglio pasta is soupy and the taste of pepper is so strong .... darn, the worse pasta I had and even my own cooked pasta taste much better than this.

  • I would say the dim sum har gao and unagi roll is the food item i like there...cause is freshly made upon order ....
  • Frankly for Tenji to survive in their business, they need to re-look into their food quality and staff service. We had to carry the cleaning tray to our table and clean our plates by ourself .... gosh, can't they hire more staff to do this and do not let customer to do this kind of job ... we are paying RM 77+ mannnn ....
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